Monster Hunter 4’s New Insect Weapon In Screenshots [Update]

By Ishaan . September 6, 2012 . 8:30am

This past week, Capcom revealed the new Monster Hunter 4 weapon that Nintendo teased last week. Today, they’ve released a batch of new screenshots showing it off, and you can view them below.


As detailed in our earlier report, the new weapon lets you control insects. It’s called the “Souchuukon”. The insects are described as mobile drones that can get to areas that the player can’t, and have the ability to extract energy from a monster and bring it back to you. Depending on its colour, you receive various benefits. White increases your speed, red increases you attack, green increases health, and orange increases your defense.



buki_01_img05_l buki_01_img06_l

Monster Hunter 4 will be released sometime in Spring 2013. Other features that are new to the game include multiple villages and smarter monsters.

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  • Lιβεr LεγιΣ

    This make me think…is only a staff for all the game or we can find/buy/make better version of it?

  • Paradox me

    It really doesn’t look too bad to me. Environments are barren, but I think the real damage comes from an ugly color palette. That’s just not easy on the eyes. I’m really interested in seeing more areas though. It would be strange to place emphasis on larger areas and then not populate them with.. much of anything. 

    Capcom’s put on quite a show on the 3DS so far, so I look forward to the final product come Spring.

    • malek86

      Well larger areas don’t just render themselves. I think MHF was already pretty taxing on the PSP even with its small areas. If MH4 will be seamless, I think even the 3DS might have trouble keeping up with making it a hugely detailed world.

      Aside from that, most of the trouble comes from the color palette (which does look pretty bad) and the use of mipmapping, which can be seen in the blurry ground textures of some pics. The PSP games didn’t use it, but I guess the 3DS has more video memory so it can afford to. But as you can see, it comes with its own set of problems.

      Also I hope those spots in the screenshots are just compression artifacts and not dithering.

      • One thing I will say is that the geometry in this game looks more interesting than anything that was in Tri or Freedom Unite. I like the way a lot of the landforms are shaped. I know I’ve made this comparison before, but it really reminds me of Xenoblade, where it wasn’t just an even landscape all throughout. 

        • malek86

          It reminds me of Myst (especially the Selenitic Age), which could be a good thing or not, I guess.

    • ronin4life

      It looks better than the video from… last year I believe.

      I actually think it looks pretty good, and expect it to look better on an actual 3ds screen.

      I hope they will put the tgs demo on the eshop ¤.¤//

  • HassanJamal

    IMO those screens arent good as compared to other 3DS games.

  • kazdamaz

    hhmmm…. seems like Capcom are using the bug-spear as a  substitute to magic as is something the devs said was taboo to include in MH, in their illustration book interview though early idea may have included magic IIRC. I’m still undecided but it’s still in development and we might not even get this game.

    I agree with Paradox me the palette used is just off, Tigrex looks good though.

  • Beta Tabe

    The areas look a bit jaggy to me. But I can’t say for sure until I saw the ACTUAL game on the 3DS screen. I had the same feeling with Kid Icarus, but it looked a lot less jaggy on the 3DS screen itself.

    • Vyrus

      Agreed. It does kinda look jaggi from these screen shots. I hope they’re not really great jaggi when the game comes out. I also hope there’s no LAGriacrus when playing the game. I would GObul DEVILjho if those framerates go and becomes a nuisance.

  • KotaroInugami

    They are really thinking outside the box with this one. Interesting. Altho I wouldn’t mind something like the bladed whip in the manga. :)

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Odd but awesome can’t wait to see it in a video 

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    This weapon looks really unique here lol.^_^ Can’t wait for people trying this game on TGS there.^_^

    Capcom, don’t dissapoint us.^_^

  • woah! new weapon class.

  • midgard229

    wow the graphics look like crap…..why isn’t it on the vita or ps3/360 or wii-u?

    • Tatsumarii

      Graphics don’t make a game.

    • Sheimi12

      Its not on those systems because of Vita sales and japan preferring MH on portables besides after 3G the user base is on the 3DS

      Lets not get into a console war OK?

      • PoweredByHentai

        No, not quite.  3G and MH4 were announced for the 3DS before the Vita even came out.

      • midgard229

        sorry, didn’t mean to compare consoles. It doesn’t hurt if i want it in HD though :(.

        either way, it is fun and thats what mostly matters

    • No complaining about consoles, please. Read our posting rules before you leave any further comments:

    • It is also still possible that the background graphics get improved as the game is not yet fully finished. I suppose adding some more detailed textures or something happens during one of the later stages of development…?

    • konsama

      MH has NEVER been on graphics, this isn’t an FPS, this game comes all down to game play.

  • PoweredByHentai

    Hey Ishaan,

    How long do the power ups last?  And can you mix and/or stack the power ups?

    • None of that info has been announced yet.

      • PoweredByHentai

        D’oh.  >_<

        Man, they are really drip feeding us the info.

        • Yeah, I expect we won’t start to see the steady stream of info until January or so. Portable 3rd and Tri G’s info stream both kicked off just a few months before release.

  • I love interesting weapons! So it’s a buffing weapon, right? Is it actually ranged? >__> It looks like a short range weapon, but it can go where you can’t go?

  • Interesting radically different take on the traditional weapons, it just make me wonder how they got the inspiration to came up with that.

  • French

    What is the actual appeal with the franchise ? I dont understand what is it that makes special ? Someone fill me in, I want to enter the series with MH4

    • Vyrus

      What’s not appealing about fighting gigantic monsters?
      This game is hard to describe to those who haven’t played any of the games in the series. Playing it is the only real way you’ll understand.

    • Marcelo Henrique Chaves

      Well the appeal of this series is by far the replayability. You can spend months or maybe years with one MH game.

      And the is kind like Dark/Demons Souls, where you have to be careful around the enemies. A single mistake can terminate your life, since the majority of bosses can kill you with one hit, and they will.Another thing is that this game is actual a hunting game. Where the first time you encounter a new enemy you don’t know how he moves and attack. And of course you don’t know how to react to his movements.And after some kills you can kinda read the enemy movements. Well, at least most of the time.
      The game is not a hit here in the west because it’s not for anyone. It’s not newbie friendly. And it’s not easy, especially playing alone.
      BUT is by far the best IP from Capcom, and it’s the IP that i love the most. Too bad the love is not reciprocate.

      Anyway, there’s no harm in trying it. I bought my PSP because of this game and after 600 hours on Freedom Unite and 480 hours in Portable 3rd, i still want more of this franchise.

      • tubers

        LOL I thought I was crazy when I thought it had some sort of Dark Souls feel to it.

    • One other major appeal is that you use body parts of the monsters you slay to craft new armors and weapons for yourself which resemble the original monster’s designs (and some of their attributes). You’ll end up collecting tons of scales, talons, horns, bones, pelts and other things so you can make new gear for your ever increasing wardrobe. So beyond the challenge from combat, you might also get hooked on the collecting and dress-up aspects. Multiplayer is very enjoyable too and it makes the more difficult monsters easier, but it’s harder to come by other monster hunters in your area – unless you live in Japan.

      • GOLD

        But its rarity in the west in my exp has led to instant bonds when i meet other players.
        Mon hun is one of the few games that envokes true feeling from the player that primal feeling of him or me when going head on against a monster is priceless.

    • konsama

      Well at least from the past games, you’re playing a game where you NEVER level up, you fight stronger and harder monsters as you progress, but your character is always the same, so you have to get armors and weapons to do more damage and stand it. 

      It all comes down to your own skill, how you learn the patterns and to adapt to the monsters, you can take advantage of traps and flash bombs to take down easier the monster, or just go all man vs monster. 

      As you do this you have to cook the raw meat to maintain your stamina on the quests, you can gather herb, shrooms, bugs, you can mine, fish, and more stuff.

      You also have to learn where to attack monsters, you an hit them anywhere, but only on certain parts you do decent damage and in some you could even end up bouncing that can be very punishable to you if the monster counterattacks in that small opening.

      The monsters deal great damage to you so you really have to learn the patterns and how to avoid the attacks otherwise you’ll end up carted by the cats in no time. 

      And best, some monsters can be hard as hell at start, but nothing beats the sensation after killing that thing, cuz you didn’t level up and cheesed it, and you didn’t have OP weapons by then, it was yourself that really learned how to kill it.

    • $30632660

      I never understood the appeal of it either.I went into Monster Hunter Tri thinking I’ll have an epic adventure hunting monsters while making my character more powerful along the way.

      But nothing even close to that happens.It’s just a big grind fest where the only reward is armor and weapons.The character customization was useless .Helmets rendered the choices i picked in Character Creation useless, I couldn’t even zoom in to see my character in better detail.

      Monster Hunter Tri was as repetitive as a Dynasty Warriors game, only slower paced.

      Monster Hunter 4 seems to want to change things.I want to see if it stays the same grindfest experience or actually has that adventure I want.

  • I see they also added the Gao Magara to the official website, though without reavealing any new info whatsoever…
    Misaomushi Cane (or rather “Sochukon” as the furigana-pronounciation suggests) translates to Controllable Bug Cane, but that doesn’t really sound very cool. As the bugs are named Hunting Bugs on the site, it’s probably gonna turn into “Hunting Bug Cane” if it gets localized.
    What I’m glad about is that the armor designs from the earlier updates apparently weren’t just tentative concept art! Awesome!

    • Ah crap, I didn’t even bother looking at the yomigana. I’ll fix that right now. Thanks for pointing it out.

      • Now that I’m reading the descriptions more carefully too, you might as well add that it’s a light weapon for consecutive clobbering and cutting attacks and that it can also be used for pole vaulting moves which may be chained into a jump attack. The effect of the bug’s extraction is determined by which body part of the monster you were aiming at, and I’m slowly suspecting that you only have this single one huge bug that rests on your arm?
        Idk there’s some newish info here and there all over the site but nothing too important anyway so whatever.

        • Saving that for a separate post. Spencer’s been busy with other stuff, so I’ve had to man the site by myself for the most part this week. Didn’t have the time to dig through all the info! We’ll try to get the weapon stuff up later today. Thanks for trying to help. :)

  • konsama

    The mosnter and the hunter sure look better than that dreadful first trailer, tho the areas still look in development, or at least i hope so.

    Also that weapon looks quite interesting to use, the insect sounds fun, but i have yet to know if the buffs are only for the user or you can use them on your teammates too.

  • kazdamaz

     Some of the more recent pictures look like drop attacks from Dark Souls

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