PlayStation Vita Getting Red And Blue Colours In Japan

By Ishaan . September 18, 2012 . 9:51pm

New PlayStation Vita colours are headed to Japan. Sony just announced Cosmic Red and Sapphire Blue colours for Japan. both models will be released on November 15th in Japan.


Additionally, Sony also announced a new manga reader app for the PlayStation Vita. You can use this in both horizontal and vertical orientations. Sony showed off turning pages, zooming, rotating and more. The app, along with a Reader Store, will launch in Japan next month.

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  • Those pictures are all in Sapphire Blue

    •  why the pictures are Blue-ed?

      • I know, weird right? I think it was because the blue light from the huge screen was too bright. All the pictures taken from this show came up that blue lol.

      • Sakurazaki

         My guess is that it’s because the images were from a projector.

    • piichan

      haha yea, i thought i accidentally highlighted the pictures. It’s hard to appreciate the red color with the blue tint.

  • We don’t need new systems. We don’t need new COLORS for our systems. We need games.

    • Rohan Viajar

      though I agree with the new games thing.
      I kinda want the orange color they showcased along with the other colors wayyy back when. :3

    •  More colors means more potential buyers of those who like said color.  It is still a beneficial tactic.

  • Sakurazaki

    … and I was about to get excited that this was going to be that light blue from E3…

    Oh well.

    Sweet mother of Sony, that is a sexy blue…

    •  Woah.. I haven’t seen that color of blue on a console before!~ :O

      • Sakurazaki

        Actually a PSP was released with a similar light blue as “Vibrant Blue”. I hope Sony follows their PSP colors and eventually gets to this for their Vita color line-up.

        It’s not THAT similar, but it is indeed a nice blue that I’d rather take over the ones just announced.

  • negineBIT

    White is definitely the best imo :3

  • Xmas Lopez

    I want a red one. I seriously, honestly want a red one. How long until we get more colors here in the states? And I’d also like to play Chrono Cross on my red vita, Sony.

    • PoweredByHentai

      I think you would love to have a red Vita in this color.  I know I would.

      • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

        Lol……. i thought that symbol from a far is Zeon mark there lol.^_^

  • idofgrahf

    As a vita owner (who’s vita has been sitting on my desk with no play time because of a lack of interesting games) I want to say that the system needs more games, instead of these color scheme’s that sony hatches up, they need to spend more time to get their act together and put out some more games or else the vita is doomed, you can have 24 different color’s of vita but no games = no sale for a game console, come on sony its not rocket science.

    • xavier axol

      may be if you actually try to look at the psvita line up this fall starting with littlebigplanet, ragnarok odyssey, littleking’s story, silent hill book of memory, assassin’s creed liberation, playstationallstars, and dokuro. you will find enough content for the rest of the year. also how could you said that when gravity and sound shapes came out for the system (yeah.. no games).

      • idofgrahf

        this in comparison to the 3ds line up is rather slim, no? go to any game news website, check the line up for vita and then check it for 3ds then you tell me which has more games coming up. Yes 3ds came out first but thats all the more reason to have a larger library if sony wants to compete. That and I can get littlebigplanet on the ps3 and psp, I can get playstationallstars on the ps3, 
        dokuro is a puzzle like game hardly triple A, given how craptacular the recent silent hill has been, I’m not holding out too much hope for a handheld silent hill, littleking’s story is interesting but its a re-imagining of a wii title and online distributions only, so yeah, no games.  

        • Sakurazaki

           In the Vita’s defense at this time during the 3DS’s timeline (7 months after release), it didn’t have as many great games as the Vita has now.

          Coming 2013, the Vita is going to get better, and hopefully, better.

          • idofgrahf

            That’s not the issue, 3ds came out first and since vita is playing catch up, it needs to have a stronger lineup than the 3ds instead of these color schemes and probably a price drop. Yes 3ds had a pretty bad line up 7 month in, but 3ds did not have any competition at the time either (unless you count the ds but they are both Nintendo) Since vita is the late comer and its more expensive the only way its going to compete is to have a better library than the 3ds which is not happening right now as sony is too busy wowing people with different colors.

          • The problem is more that a year’s worth of 3DS games were announced on the very same day that the system was revealed, from Resident Evil to Kingdom Hearts to Kid Icarus. 

            Even when there was a lull in between releases, there was always the promise of guaranteed support in the future. Then, when Monster Hunter 3/4 were announced just 5-6 months after release, it was basically assumed that the 3DS would have the core games market in the bag.

            This is an assumption we’ve seen mostly coming true. While 3DS support still isn’t at the level one would hope for given its sales in Japan, there tends to be a big new game announced for it every couple of months that people want.

            The problem with the Vita is that there’s barely any worthwhile support now, and there doesn’t look to be much in the future either, aside from simultaneous releases of PSP games with a few graphical updates. 

            TGS was supposed to be Sony’s big chance to show that there’s a big push behind Vita. Instead, the biggest news out of the event was a port of a Wii game and a port of a popular PSP game.

          • Sakurazaki

            I see. It seems that I made my judgement without looking into it. My fault entirely.

            The Vita does need more games, we can all agree on that, but I do like the games that it has out and planned; Project Diva f, Ragnarok Odyssey, Soul Sacrifice, P4G, Gravity Rush, and Senran Kagura. Not to mention the ports of God Eater Burst and Murasama, which I personally find to be exceptional.

            I feel like this lineup has clouded my view of the 3DS, because, well, I don’t have that many games for it, and personally don’t like many of the games out on the market right now. Did not look at a larger picture, basically.

            Unfortunately, other than (maybe) P4G, these games aren’t going to give it much push, and some of them will probably need to be imported.

            I, like others, would love to see the Vita do well, but I guess it’s not something that can be defended right now. That is all.

          • @Sakurazaki:disqus No worries. It’s partly looking at sales numbers (both past and present) and partly having sat through every single 3DS and Vita conference to date. Kind of a mix between real data and “you had to be there” experiences. :)

        • xavier axol

          i don’t get it, if you are saying that littlebigplanet vita is the same as the ps3/psp version. then i could say the same thing about mario, but i’m not that ignorant. also if you don’t like the vita’s line up then there’s something wrong with you, either that or you’re just hating. as for comparing the ps vita content with the 3ds, their games varies depending on territory. japan doesn’t equal the rest of the world, and there’re 3ds games that had not come out of japan. again you’re comparing apples to oranges (you can’t compare two handhelds that came out at different times), also persona4:golden, sly cooper 4 and rachet&clank frontal assault are other games that i would be happy to buy for my vita.

          • idofgrahf

            I’d hardly say let say paper mario is the same as mario cart, but I can say littlebigplanet ps3 is like littlebigplanet vita. Also great argument, if you don’t like vita then there is something wrong with you. Got any proof the back it up or are you just making these statements because you have nothing else to argue? Not sure what you mean japan does not equal rest of the world, of course its not, but then again vita’s sales are not surpassing 3ds in the rest of the world either. Yes I can compare two handhelds that came out at two different times because they are meant to compete with each other. since ps vita came out late, it needs to catch up but sony doesn’t seem to be interested in doing that right now. Its line up is dry compared to its competition and it vita came out later than 3ds, if anything its line up needs to be richer than 3ds to compete. 

          • xavier axol

            and yet what’s the line up of the 3ds this fall/winter? you see i have a list of both, but for me the vita games this fall is actually more enticing to me than the 3ds. although i’m looking forward to luigi’s mansion2 and paper mario for the 3ds ( the original)

          • ryunosuke kagiyama

            Most of the reason 3DS is having more sales than PSV is it’s user friendliness. 3DS games are so easy that it can appeal moms , dads , toddlers , girls etc. Whereas PSV games takes awhile to adapt , thus most of the hard looking games (most are on the top sold games) discourages most of the consumers , bottom line : PSV is most usually for the real “Gamers” and not those who just play their console when they are bored. True that hand-held consoles are suppose to be devices to use when you’re free , but you can never experience the joy of having to play games that are almost on the par with ps3 with 3DS , and on the go , plus , the features are outstanding , and i had alot of complaints regarding the off-game features but they fixed most of it via their updates etc.

      • Herok♞

        The thing is the games that you can only get the experience on Vita is small at the moment, I won’t make any claims that the games are the same in the case of some like LBP, but if you want something completely unique your out of luck. So far the only games that do that for vita are Gravity Rush, Ragnarok Odyssey, Dokuro, and Silent Hill: Book of Memories. Only one of those is out worldwide (GR) which is a major problem, so yes the Vita has no games if you own a PS3 and other consoles because you can play all the other games in some form outside of vita. You can’t ask people to be happy with only one original game, I am not, yes 3DS also had a rocky start but you knew that things were coming and not going to let up, with Vita as a current owner almost 8 months later I don’t see anything past the end of the year to look forward to excluding Soul Sacrifice.

        • xavier axol

          ok..i think, i see what you’re saying. you don’t what the vita be like the psp, were lot’s of people claimed that most of it’s games had been just ports of the ps2. but then what about locoroco, patapon, lumines, killzone liberations and mgs peacewalker? (which to me were the best shooting mechanics for a system that had one nud) these games were never mention because of sony bad marketing.

          the ds games however people were more enticing because they felt “unique” (which som–most were). now fast foward and here we are, what games does the 3ds games feel “unique”? mario had been done for the ds, resident evil revalations had the same shooting problems that most psp shooting games had (and were implement first). the ds didn’t had a joy stick but rather a dpad which make it unique in contrast to the game cube and wii. unlike psp that wanted to be the ps2 on the go (which i prefer a hundre times). the 3ds games use more and more the nuds more than the d-pads (something the psp had done, only difference is the second screen that the ds had “done”)

          my point is this, i don’t see those unique games the 3ds have (which you so claim). or is it that if nintendo does it will make it more unique? is funny you mention gravity rush because that game have a unique gameplay mechanic (which isn’t perfect, but follows what locoroco and patapon had done), but what about the 3ds games? what about a game that truly utelizes the 3d or d-pads, or uses the second screen like the legend of zelda phantom hourglass.

          p.s. i hope you answer those questions (actually i really want ishaan to answer me those questions… if only i could get a hold of him)

          • Herok♞

                    The 3DS has one really unique game for me(its my second favorite 3DS game), since most of the games I have on my shelf are new entry in series I liked prior, which why I am not saying anything bad about the new entry’s in series’ for vita( or including them for the sake of having a discussion on pure uniqueness, since I didn’t include the new entrys in the vita entry. But even then 3DS has more new entries in old series then the Vita). However the 3DS has a bit of unique games, some I won’t mention because they are Japan exclusive and others I  won’t include the ones that you can play something similar on a older system.

                 First I would like to highlight the Eshop games because I think all of them are currently new ips like Mighty Switch Force, Pushmo, Sakura Samurai etc. Next we can more on to the very unique retail games available in America, like Rhythm Thief, which I say is really really good from what I have played on top of being a new Ip. furthermore we have Steel diver which was different to say the least even if it wasn’t the most amazing game. Next we have Theaterhythm:FF which takes the music from Final Fantasy and places it in a new way to enjoy it. Lastly on the available games front we have Kid Icarus: Uprising, which is easily the system’s most unique game, that makes good use of all of the features the 3DS offers if you can get used to the controls, which were always comfortable for me even without the stand. Also in the future we have Castlevaina:LoS MoF  which counts in the same way the new vita silent hill does because they both offer a way different experience then series norms and if we want to include things currently not present in this current generation as unique then that expands the criteria to Luigi’s Mansion 2, as well as previously released games like Shinobi, pilotwings, etc.

            One last thing is I only wish for the best with Vita seeing as I have one and want it to do better game wise, since its currently lacking since outside of imports and gravity rush, I don’t see unique new games that are worth getting more systems into people’s hands.

          • xavier axol

            kid icarus, theaterhythm:FF, paper mario and luigi’s mansion 2 are not only unique but the best 3ds games among the rest. still the line up of the vita is on par with the 3ds this fall, that’s all i’m saying (it just needs more marketing from sony)

          • Herok♞

             The fall does look good for Vita what I am worried about is what is coming out afterward, since the only 2 2013 game we know are Soul Sacrifice and Tearaway, hopefully its a new ape escape game.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Lucky i haven’t bought Vita here.^_^ With this, i will surely get the blue color here.^_^

  • Covnam

    That blue does look nice from what I’ve seen. Hopefully it will come to the US… and sony will release enough games to make it worth getting or drop the price… but anyway, yay, metallic blue!

  • If only they copied the price instead of the launch colors of the 3DS XL :p

  • Please make blue available in the west, if I were to get a Vita I want that color!

  • Ben Sylvia

    Darn it! I can’t wait 2 years for the red version to get a Vita!

    Curse you Persona 4 Golden!

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