Project X Zone Is Basically Super Robot Taisen OG Saga With Crossover Characters

By Spencer . September 21, 2012 . 5:35pm

I played a demo of Project X Zone at Tokyo Game Show which started with Batsu Ichimonji from Rival Schools running into Tekken characters Xiaoyu and Jin in a Ghosts ‘n Goblins map. Batsu was in Roppongi before he was warped into the crossover world. “Oh? Were you on a date,” Xiaoyu asked.


Project X Zone plays a lot like Super Robot Taisen OG Saga where timing attacks is critical if you want to impact the most damage. One “attack” has several hits, kind of like a canned combo. The trick is to keep the combo going by catching an enemy with a second chain of attacks to juggle them. While Project X Zone has some fighting game elements, all of the moves are done by pressing the A button and moving the circle pad in a different direction to change attacks.


Keeping a combo going also fills your super gauge and when it’s over 100% you can press Y to do an ultimate attack. Units in Project X Zone are actually a pair of characters. You can add solo units too to create a three character group, but solo characters like Batsu only come out for one attack.


On top of the Tekken team, I had Dante + Demetri, Pai + Akira, X + Zero, and a trio of Tales of Vesperia characters. Flynn is a solo character in Project X Zone. My fighters were hopelessly outnumbered by Mets and other ghoulish enemies. I’m not sure because this is a demo, but there were roughly 20 enemies I had to defeat. When enemies retaliate you can either block, counter, or nullify damage. I always chose counter, which gave me a chance to strike back with one more attack.


One of the main strategies in Project X Zone is placing your units close together. This allows Dante and Demetri to call in X and Zero to extend a combo even further. Support units are also useful for dealing the final blow to enemies with just a little HP left. At most, you can have five characters – your pair, a pair of nearby support characters, and a solo unit – on screen at the same time. Things get a little crazy with Virtua Fighters and Dante jumping all over the place, but Project X Zone, at least for the TGS demo, didn’t have any slowdown.


I wish I could say I cleared one map within the ten minute time limit, but I wasn’t close at all. My character units didn’t take much damage – there were simply too many enemies to kill including a shadowy creature that ran on the screen after I defeated the first Met.

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  • Give it to me.  Localization.  I want it.  I need it.  I DESERVE it.

  • So the gameplay on map is kinda like Namco x Capcom, while the battles itself are OG saga, god this game is mocking me…

  • pgover

    So, it plays like OG Saga huh? I’m down with that! I loved OG Saga’s battle system. So hoping it gets localized for NA.

  • Godmars

    No! Really?!

    Still wold get it if it came over here. 

  • Rafael Budzinski

    …as it was expected, OG Saga’s system is basically an upgrade of Namco X Capcom’s system. I just hope this gets localized…

  •  Does it get rid of the terrible over world and random battles?

    The fact that this is a SRPG and not a traditional JRPG already makes it better than Endless Frontier.

    • LynxAmali

      It doesn’t have Saya, Dorothy, Suzaku or Aschen, therefore making my interest drop like a brick.

      They made EF.

      •  This isn’t Endless Frontier or a sequel to it though…

        • Lightthrower

          I don’t know why people are speaking of Endless Frontier in this thread instead of Namco X Capcom. It’s much more NxC than EF!

          •  Well the header mentions it…but I agree. This is an SRPG like NxC and the combat is obviously very similar.

          • It’s pretty even if you ask me, battle system and graphics are like EF, SRPG and big crossover is NxC.

        • LynxAmali

          -This isn’t Endless Frontier or a sequel to it.

          It sort of is. The whole premise of EF before was multidimensional shenanigans.

          Who to say this couldn’t be adapted as part of the canon?
          But that’s not here or there.

      • MrTyrant

         Saya y Suzuka please. One a sexy foxy girl antagonist and the other a sexy oni-princess who dance with her mech.

  • ThatAzure

    Sounds cool. The characters looked they came from Endless Frontier so I imagined it would play like it. Selvaria beating up Dante is awesome :P

  • Hoshi星

    If only Atlus could have localized OG saga 2 =( The battle system is what I liked the most in this game.

    But yeah, Project X Zone seems godly.

    • I made a thread to try and get interest on the sequel to OG Saga Endless Frontier but sadly I guess they decided to give it a pass. I still play the first one from time to time.

      • Hoshi星

        Well, some guy did translate the basic menu, skills, enemies, items, etc of OG Saga Exceed but he never got around to fully translate the story =/

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Nice on trying the game there.^_^ This makes me keep thinking whether i should just went straight to import them or not wait for some confirmation whether it is coming here or not.T_T

    • ShawnOtakuSomething


      • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

        Umm, Bamco has already said there that if the Japanese release does well, they are going to bring the game here though. My only concern is whether the game can do well in Japan or not there.T_T

        • ShawnOtakuSomething

          Yeah its going to sell like hot cakes in japan

  • This game is friggin amazing. I hope it gets localized as well.

  • Raiyu

    I really hope this game comes over. Endless Frontier is my favorite game on the DS so I’d love a game that plays like it, especially since Haken and Kaguya are in this game.

  • Budgiecat

    Its a shame if they won’t localize it. It’s not like those characters aren’t loved by gamers around the world too besides Japan….

    • I’ve been hearing on that Namco would consider a localization if the game sells well but, that’s not a flat out guarantee. Maybe we have an even greater chance since NISA was able to acquire the rights to localize Cross Edge awhile back.

  • Visa Vang

    Bring it in already!!!!! Geez, I’ve been playing OG Saga ten times in a row already…

  • IshimaruKaito

    i imported Mugen No Frontier Exceed a while back and i am on my 5th playthrough i play this game like everyday (i may be a lil obsessed) but that just shows how good the game is…….now i heard that they may be considering localizing this game (just a rumor) but im not sure how i feel about that cuz wat if its not too popular in japan then wat??? are we just not going to get it? that would mke me ONE SAD TROOPER. sooooo wat im basicly saying is *PLZ CONSIDER BRINGING THIS GAME OVER CUZ WE NEED THIS IN OUR LIVES!!!*

  • Tom_Phoenix

    I’ve mention this many times before, but one of my biggest concerns is that the gameplay will be as slow and clunky as the one in Namco x Capcom. 

    Unfortunately, the last part of the preview does not instill me with confidence that they adressed this issue.

    • Saint_Stahn

      Don’t worry, they actually did. I saw a private video a while ago about the TGS demo. It looked pretty damn decent, fights are extremely quick and the map is not as cringing as in namco x capcom. I really is like Endless Frontier but EVEN BETTER. The ability to use ”Cross Hit” stops the enemy in its tracks which allows you to combo much better despite the weight of the enemy, unlike frontier that when you brought support units you still had to wait out there attacks before continuing your own combo so you could get in more hits. Adding to the sweetness, the fact that enemy turns go super fast except when they use multiple assault specials or special finishers, which you see in battle mode. I personally thought Exceed was as good as it could get, but I was wrong and this game far exceeded my expectations.

  • Covnam

    Hearing that it plays like SRT OG saga makes me want it even more. Still hoping Exceed will make it’s way here.

    • Jesse

      I imported Exceed, it is great and have completed it with no japanese knowledge. With enough practice you learn the moves and characters by shear memorization. Although i did not get the story the visuals were enough for me.

  • The map view feels like those FF Tactics kind of game while the battles are an improvement of Endless Frontier.

    Hope they port it to PSP or PS Vita :P

    • Adrián Alucard

       Monolith Soft is a Nintendo first party


      • Argh…

        Ok I’ll settle with digging up the plot of the game from the internet and watching Youtube vids :P

  • ShawnOtakuSomething
  • Le sigh. More awesome information for a game we won’t be getting. >__<

  • IshimaruKaito

    i have no clue at all how much work it takes but….even if this game isn’t localized couldn’t namco just make the game itself region free??

    • PoweredByHentai

      No.  Because the 3DS hardware itself is region-locked.

      • LynxAmali

        I heard it was the games that had the lock.

        Is it really the system itself?

        • PoweredByHentai

          To date, there isn’t a 3DS system that can play any 3DS game from any other region.

          The older DS games have no such region-locking capability and neither did the DS nor the DS Lite support such functionality.

          The DSi, however, introduced region-locking with DSi-enhanced games.  Some of those games can still be played on the Fat DS or the DS Lite, but cannot be played on a different region DSi.

          • IshimaruKaito

            but i believe they can do it though because didn’t they do it with persona 4 arena??

          • PoweredByHentai

            No.  Region-locking on the 360 and PS3 are up to the developer/publisher.

            Region-locking on the 3DS, however, is mandatory and enforced by Nintendo.

  • Ace


  • I know it!!!

  • well it was obvious from the beginning

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