This Is What PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Looks Like In Live-Action

By Ishaan . October 22, 2012 . 9:11pm

Sony have finally revealed what their recent teasers have been hinting at. As some suspected, the tease was related to PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale—specifically a live-action short inspired by the game that you can watch below:



PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is slated for release on November 20th.

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  • MrRobbyM

    I gotta admit, that was pretty cool. Sackboy was cute, Cole was cool, Drake was hot and Kratos was awesome. I would have liked to see Spike in this though. Just to see how they would portray him in real life.

    • xavier axol

      Played the beta and i kinda like it, but we need more characters like solid snake, lara croft, cloud, crash bandicoot and spiro. (now i know that these characters are from third party and sony don’t have a saying in this matter, but if battle royal is a celebration to playstation life then these characters have to appear in the game one way or the other). gosh even sony could put kat from gravity rush, the wander, ico, the guy from the legend of dragoon, the main characters from the darkcloud serie, the chimeras from resistance, the thing from journey, shaun from heavyrain, dollface, the girl from folklore, and the guy from white knight chrinicles. there a bunch of characters there that sony could use to put in the game, but we are only limited to 20 characters (i hope for dlc later down the line and see some of these characters).

      • MrRobbyM

        Yeah, if they’re going to put Big Daddy, Dante and Raiden, they might as well put more third party characters , especially ones that made the PS1 and Ps2 so great. I hope there are a few DLC characters but more should have been in the game initially. There are a few characters already in the game that nobody really wants anyways.

  • Wake

    Well that was beyond awesome. Now I’m really hyped for this game.

    • Asura

       How do you get hyped off a game from a commercial that shows no game mechanics…?

      • MrRobbyM

        Well, judging from @Wake:disqus ‘s comment, he/she was already hyped for the game. This commercial was awesome as hell so it made he or she even more hyped. That’s how.

      • Wake

        Pretty much what MrRobbyM said. They already gave a glimpse of the basic mechanics of the game and they have Seth Killian helping with it, so that’s something. Plus I’m a Smash bros. fiend so it’s easy for me to get hyped about a game with similar qualities.

        • I do hope you played the beta.

          • Wake

            Unfortunately I haven’t. So what’s the consensus on it so far?

          • im not so bothered retyping so check out my twitter. I had a conversation about it with 2 other people here.

        • Asura

           I don’t see how this can tickle your fancy if you’re a fan of Smash… they aren’t remotely related enough where if you like on you’ll like the other.

          This looks more like Digimon Rumble Arena than Smash.

          • Herok♞

             Actually when you get down to this like Brawl if you were to play a points battle with only final smashes so there is some overlap.

          • MrRobbyM

            Do you really have a problem with someone getting hyped for a game that you apparently don’t like? Leave it be man.

  • Diolan Manibert


    • Really? you came here just to type that?

    • MrRobbyM

      Oh. I didn’t know this was youtube. The comments here don’t even move fast enough for that to mean anything…

    • Zero_Destiny

      It rhymes with turd! 

    • M’iau M’iaut

      No more of this please. Please note our rules.

  • That was pretty lame.

    • Christian Wright

      very. i was expecting something completely different

  •  I’m trying really hard to not be negative about this, but that was just silly. I guess I didn’t realize how much Sony is pushing this one.

    • Christian Wright

      you’re not the only one

    • Agreed.

  • topdog2007

    hell if i saw a guy like kratos i run like hell from him 

  • Muffum

    It’s probably only for people already hyped for it; to me, it’s just like a “COMING SOON” promo/reminder/whatever. I say this largely because I’ve seen hype from people who are looking forward to the game, but as one who’s neutral to it, I felt nothing from that trailer. Not much happened, it wasn’t particularly cool or funny, and the effects weren’t that great.

    I hate drawing comparisons to SSB, since I fear the ire of Sony fans who have long gotten sick of such comparisons, but it reminds me of the commercial for the original SSB. I feel, though, that SSB’s commercial was funnier in that it was both cheesier, in which it revelled, and more to the point.

  • Draculoid

    What the hell was the point of that chick there at the end?

  • Suicunesol

    I kinda liked it. Nathan Drake’s actor looks just like the real thing. It’s just that the beginning didn’t make much sense.

    I think there’s too much emphasis on the realistic, human characters though, and not enough emphasis on the non-human characters. There was Sackboy, but he hardly got any screentime.

  • Godmars

    Okay, so I was the only one hoping for a Micheal reprisal with villains.


  • RmanX1000

    All that hype for a commercial? A lot of which was just chunks of the teasers? A bit underwhelming if you ask me. Was honestly expecting a big reveal of some kind.

  • Godman

    Drake looked so awesome in live action.
    This commercial pretty much had my most favorite characters X)

  • Xekyo

    That was pretty cool.  Like everyone else tho, i was suspecting something a bit more exciting.  

     Although, I still think SSB is better, I’m not hating on PSAS like most SSB fans are.  I found it pretty enjoyable getting top score.  Getting 12 kills 1 death felt pretty good.  lol but it was EXTREMELY ANNOYING going against Radec players that spammed the side + triangle (sniper) move or when you know the game is really close but then you lose connection to the server.  I lost connection to the server after getting into double overtime.  >.<  

      I like the game nonetheless.  I'm excited to play as all the other characters.  From the 6 players they have in the beta, playing with each one feels fairly unique compared to the next.

  • PreyMantis

    So much for the hype… Well, at least it’s not as bad as the TWEWY tease.

  • They left out Lambert getting sued.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    My predicition does spot on again lol.^_^ And, while yeah this is a bit underwhelemed, seeing Nathan Drake in RL there looks awesome lol. As his worried face and uppercut looks a lot like the game ones.^_^

  • MrJechgo

    Nariko should have been there instead of Sackboy; he just cam eout as a sore thumb, especially for a live-action teaser.

  • eilegz

    so they tried to use a “michael” commercial which its one of those good hits from sony to try to push ps allstars battle royale…. but everyone knew what its coming so really no one its impressed or hyped for this

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    That was pretty epic, kratos should have killed that guy at the end 

  • alixraen

    This reminds me of the old 90’s PS1 commercials, where they all used to be live action…ah, nostalgia’d.

    • omeganeko

       I was thinking that as well. I miss those lol

  • Göran Isacson

    Ha ha, neat that they actually included the “Michael” character in the end. That aside this was an alright-ish commercial, kinda like a more grim and gritty version of the original Smash Bros commercial. It passes, not offensive, not exalting.

  • ZBaksh386

    kratos looks funny in live action.

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