Capcom To Ramp Up Internal Development Staff By 1,000

By Ishaan . November 6, 2012 . 10:30am

As of September 30th, 2012, Capcom had about 1,500 game developers. Over the next ten years, they hope to increase that figure to 2,500, the publisher revealed at a recent investor Q&A.


Capcom say they will continue to allocate people to develop content in the “home videogame” sector, while recruiting and training more staff to develop mobile games and online PC games.


The goal of increasing the size of their development team, Capcom say, is to be able to developer a larger percentage of their games internally. Capcom hope to further improve the quality of their games by maintaining an internal development team.


This isn’t the first time Capcom have mentioned wanting to ramp up their internal development staff. In May 2012, Capcom’s Chairman and CEO, Kenzo Tsujimoto, revealed that he hopes to turn the company into the world’s #1 provider of digital content by 2022, and provided a roadmap for how this would be possible. Ramping up internal staff is one of the key parts of this plan.


Capcom have said that they will add over 100 developers to their internal team every year, in order to keep up with the demands of game development and to help nurture the next generation of developers.


Food for thought:

“Around 270 people” of Capcom’s 1,500 developers are employed at their Tokyo R&D department. Capcom’s main headquarters are in Osaka.

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  • KuroNathan

    Maybe they’ll hire inafune back and make more megaman games?

    … Please? ;-;

    • Symbol de Au

      Didn’t he quit? He’d have to want to go back but he did offer to colaborate on Megaman Legends 3 so maybe they could get his help on Megaman if they bothered.

    • Hidayat246

       is never going happen

  • xLogick

    So if this is western dev Doe that mean Capcom is in the process of building a solid team, let them spit out a few successes.  Then Japan takes over that team, it falls apart, they withdraw from western development, then 3-5 years later repeat the cycle?

  • Learii

    where is hard mode?

  • Never

    C-could it be true?
    Does this mean.. that there might be a slight chance Megaman will brush off the phone market cobwebs and rejoin the gaming industry?!

    No, no I must be overthinking things. Capcom would never allow that.

    • Godman

      You never know, the better they do the better the chance just keep the demand up

    • AuraGuyChris

      At this point, it teaches its new workers how to ignore the blue bomber and spy the FPS industry from a safe location.

    • Gigawings

      Keep hoping! keep the spirit alive! you must you must you must!

  • Godmars

    Considering rumors concerning how game designers are being treated, specifically at Capcom as well as elsewhere, well, its news.  

    • ronin4life

      Yeah… it seems like they want more people but they don’t want to lessen the work burden.
      I love many of Capcoms franchises, but the way they reportedly treat their employees is horrendous. This news doesn’t seem to imply a change away from this though…-_-

  • Does this get me closer to Onimusha 5 developed internally?

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    This would make the credits list a lot longer

    • Gigawings

      Maybe they want to get in to the video games Guiness book world of records as the longest credit in a video game?

  • SirRichard

    While it’s admirable to want to hire more people, especially such a number of people in this economic climate, Capcom in particular have horror stories about how they function as a company. I’d hope they’d turn that around before trying to reach that goal.

    But I also have to ask, what would they put the extra 1000 people to work on? Too many people on one project just bumps up the costs and slows the project down after a certain point, and if they’re bumping up the amount of stuff they put out, that can have the effect of over-saturating the market with your franchises.

    Still, it is providing work and they’ve got ten years to make it work.

    • Never

      By “horror story” could you possibly be talking about that one with the slag?

      • SirRichard

        Not sure what you mean by that, but there’s been instances of Capcom employees basically being pushed to the breaking point all the time. A woman basically got bullied by management and co-workers, Ono was overworked to the point of collapse and the second he got back they slapped him with a load of work, Inafune’s fighting with the upper management to get games even considered and so on.

        It sounds like a miserable place to work, frankly, even with the other terrible things you hear about some Japanese work places.

        • Gigawings

          Yep, also the sad story of someone who dreamed to work in capcon since he was young and when he finally accepted he had to face a very harsh work atmosphere and I heard he was let go now after getting too stressed out.

  • MagiusNecros

    After figuring out outsourcing was a mistake Capcpom decided to try insourcing before they figure out that won’t work either.

    • Gigawings

      And then they got stumped until someone throw something shiny in front of em.

  • Got some tip for you Capcom guys: MAKE TECH ROMANCER 2!
    We need more variety and MORE MECHAS in the fighting genre, so make it!

  • Joe S

    So this means Breath of Fire VI, right?

  • Domii

    What Capcom has to do is get with the times and start putting more games on PSN/Xbox live. I had this immense craving to play DMC3 the other day, but I didn’t want to hook up my PS2 or buy a new controller. So I looked up PSN, and to my surprise no DMC3 (actually no digital DMC games available except the stupid $30 pack).

    I wanted to fill my action game nitch so bad that I even decided to look elsewhere. But no Bayonetta, no Sigma 2, and definitely no Onimusha games. What a lost, because I was really looking forward to burning some extra cash that day.

  • Gigawings

    Talk big now eh capcon? how about using some of those possible 1000 to develop Megaman Legends 3 hmmm?



  • More Dragon’s Dogma would be great~

  • I hope they used their developer to develop more game. I mean Resident Evil 6 have 600 people working on it, I hope they only use 200-250 for Resident Evil 7 and the rest can develop other title from Capcom franchise like Breath of Fire 6 maybe :D

  • So…this basically means they’ll be buying ninja theory.


    If my predictions holds true and the bottom falls out of the home console market next generation then they’ll be more likely forced to fire the same amount of people over the same period.

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