Monster Hunter 4’s Naguri Village And Goa Magara In Screenshots

By Ishaan . November 8, 2012 . 9:30am

Capcom have updated the official site for Monster Hunter 4 with new screenshots pertaining to some of the details shared in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine, as well as some new ones. First up is Naguri Village, which is an underground village in Monster Hunter 4 populated by a tribe of mole-like people. Capcom first revealed this at TGS back in September.



As previously reported, Monster Hunter 4 has multiple villages, and you travel between these via caravan. The first village in the game is Barubaré, following which comes Naguri. Each village has its own culture and chief. That last screenshot above is the chief of Naguri.


Next, we have screenshots of one of the newly-revealed monsters for the game, Goa Magara:



And finally, here are a couple of screenshots of Tigrex infecting a player with the Feral Wyvern Virus:



Monster Hunter 4 will be released in March 2013.


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  • Z3

    Goa Magara really looks menacing and dat rabies-infected Tigrex

  • Marik78


    Challenging or Annoying ? That’s the question.

    • Peace Legacy

      That’s completely subjective

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Waiting for comments about how bad the graphics are lol.^_^

    Joke aside,The new monster head looks kinda like Alien lol and Tigrex with T-Virus? It is not like the original Tigrex is easy and now they add more hazards facing it? I wonder i will be able to solo it again here.T_T

    • Abend

      doesn’t help the screenshots are tiny but yeah the shots are awful its really hard to see what is going on with some of them.

    • Elvick

      Only thing that really bothers me is some of the ground textures. Character/monster models look great.

      • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

        Yeah. The textures too zaggy there.T_T But i would love to see the game on my 3DS screen first as i have learned from the old batch of screen shots for 3DS, screen shots always deceiving in quality.T_T

  • Goa Magara looks awesome…looking forward to wearing his skin.

  • Horiku

    I’ve always been interested in the series, but never really got into it, so I’m really looking forward to Monster Hunter 4! I’ve played a bit of Monster Hunter Tri G before, and it was great fun. 

    Above all, I’m looking forward to the online multiplayer. I keep being let down by local multiplayer features in games as of late, so I’m ecstatic that Monster Hunter 4 will be online. Importers rejoice! I love multiplayer games, and who doesn’t want to hunt a Tigrex with random strangers?

    The Feral Wyvern Virus is very interesting, I think. I love how the virus turns them into an unpredictable rampaging mess. A true monster! I wonder, though, if the virus would alter some of their physical traits. Like being able to climb, and jump father than before. 


    Challenging or annoying?

    Well, I think that depends on the player. Obviously the idea of a Tigrex rising from the dead in a rabid onslaught may not sit pretty with some people, but I welcome the challenge!

  • $30632660

    Goa Magara reminds me of Acnologia from Fairy Tail.

  • Pedro Magalhaes

    The dark night Goa Magara – YES
    The Wyvern Virus – NO


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