Atelier Totori Puts PS3 Downloadable Characters On Cart

By Spencer . November 12, 2012 . 3:40am


Atelier Totori Plus has three extra characters that were paid downloadable content in the PS3 version.


Iksel Jahnn the fired up chef from Atelier Rorona is ready to serve up HP recovering meals.

attotori_vita_01 attotori_vita_07


Totori’s motherly sister Ceci joins Totori on her adventures instead of waiting at home.

attotori_vita_03 attotori_vita_06


Cordelia, one of Rorona’s closest friends, joins Totori too.

attotori_vita_04 attotori_vita_05


The Orthogalaxen dungeon from Atelier Rorona is a post game dungeon in Atelier Totori. This area has narrow walkways which makes it difficult to avoid enemies. Even small fry monsters are tough in Orthogalaxen, but if you can defeat them you’ll get top tier materials as a reward.


attotori_vita_08 attotori_vita_15 attotori_vita_13 attotori_vita_12 attotori_vita_11 attotori_vita_10 attotori_vita_09


Atelier Totori comes out on November 29 in Japan.


attotori_vita_28 attotori_vita_29 attotori_vita_30 attotori_vita_22 attotori_vita_21 attotori_vita_20 attotori_vita_16 attotori_vita_25 attotori_vita_27

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  • Peeka Chu

    The one thing that always turns me off this series (I’ve bought every game but have yet to finish any of them), is how only recipes and money carry over to a NG+. I see mob grinding as a necessary evil, but I don’t relish doing it more than once in a console RPG just to see everything that the game has to offer. 

    • FitzpatrickPhillips

      You don’t need to play the game more than once to see everything it has to offer. You also should NEVER mob grind in the Arland series, you’re doing both things very wrong.

      • Peeka Chu

        That’s not true. To do certain dungeons you need to grind, whether its mats of mobs. I’ve checked out the trophy guides too, so I’m not doing anything “wrong”. I’m also not into that whole multiple save managing that is required for 1/2 the trophies.

        • Mr_SP

          I admit, the split save can be difficult to manage at times, and I don’t really like that, either…

          But… No, not much grinding, really. Sure, you need to go back to areas to get more materials at times, but you don’t need to grind enemies, and I’m not sure collecting something from a location counts as grinding, considering you can easily dodge monsters, and there’s no random battles.

          Not to mention… There’s a time limit, and grinding is probably going to unnecessarily take up that time.

        • herolove

          That wasn’t fully true fore me, I mostly focused on quests and I platinumed Totori on my second play through, but you will have to grind a bit if you want to fight alternative bosses or finish Mimis ending.
          Then I don’t remember any recipes caring other, in Totori its munny and equipped items (it gets very easy with the best ones). In Meruru its only equipped items but Development Equipment like Secret Bag counts.
          Edit: And the Level cap is 50 in Totori that’s not that high.

          •  If you don’t do Mimi’s ending you don’t get the true ending. Should I assume you never actually saw the game’s true ending? Personally I can’t stand games that makes you do triple-loops in the air just to get the real ending.

          • herolove

            I just said I platinumed it soo yea I saw the true end. I only had too grind a bit in the end of the game go get it, the hard part was getting the money fore the wealth ending criteria.
            Edit: I actually meant the ending criteria as most will know all ending creterieas neded fore the true end. But I didn’t write that so.

      • >JRPG
        >Not mob grinding
        Huhwha?  I’m confused.  I thought the two always went hand-in-hand

        • Peeka Chu

          I never said “no grinding”. I said “no grinding TWICE”. There is a difference.

          • Mr_SP

             Er, no, you never said “twice”.

          • Peeka Chu

            FROM MY ORIGINAL, UNEDITED POST: “I see mob grinding as a necessary evil, but I don’t relish doing it more than once in a console RPG just to see everything that the game has to offer.”

            Where in that statement do you find the inference you’ve come up with? More than once, means that I only like doing it well, once. I implied I do not like grinding a second or further times. TWICE, if you will. That was not implicit, I suppose. At this point you’re just mincing words. I’m a busy, married man, I don’t have the 200 hours to sink into a console RPG like I used to. A carry over of stats that I’ve already sunk my time in to achieve and that will make subsequent playthroughs a breeze isn’t asking for much. Tales and almost every other NG+ JRPG do this brilliantly. Almost every series except for Atelier does.

        • Mr_SP

           Uh… Not if they’re doing it right. By and large, you should be strong enough from fighting every enemy encounter in front of you – once each – to tackle the next story boss, all the way up to the end of the game. It’s true that there’s some of that in Ultimate Secret Dungeons, assuming that the game in question actually has that, because they want you to go from final boss level to maximum level in one dungeon, and that’s a lot of levels, or if you want really, really nice equipment with a really low drop rate, though the second-best equipment is usually enough. There’s far more grinding in MMOs than most JRPGs.

          In Atelier games, equipment and items are much more important than levels. Not to mention, it’s heavily anti-grinding, because you have limited time to work with. Getting your Ultimate+1 Armour of Near-Indestrucibility may take a little grinding, but there’s always someone who’s worked out a relatively simple method… even if it’s, like, 20 or 30 steps. In any case, I usually have most, if not all, of the ingredients necessary, and it’s just a matter of keeping track of things.

          •  Excuse me but I’ve played Rorona and Totori and there is no way you can “do things right” on your first playthrough of Totori. Totori has time specific character events that you will never know about if you don’t use a walkthrought. And unlike Rorona in Totori you need to complete ALL the character endings to get the true ending. You don’t have to grind like normal RPGs but you do have to level up again from scratch at least once so I do consider Totori at fault here.

          • Mr_SP

             …I find it hard to justify the concept of starting with all your levels *and* equipment on a second playthrough, with no difficulty increase. (Though I believe Tales’ Grade Shop is the best implementation of such things, it has little bearing here.) Equipment alone will make you exceptionally strong. At an absolute minimum, you can skip the weaker enemies and fight ones 10 or 20 levels “stronger” than you as soon as you want with no problems. If they let you keep all your levels, they might as well just *give* you all the endings.

            And “do things right” is a statement of general game design and the mathematics of experience gain. Grinding is the act of forcing yourself to stay in a single location for an unusually long period of time, not normal game progression. You’re just complaining about the concept of a second playthrough being a *playthrough* and not a freebie, even after they throw you a substantial reward for completing the game. I’m surprised you’re not complaining about how you have to meet objectives and go to places in order to see the other endings. If you really don’t want to play the game twice, it’s all up on Youtube.

        • CirnoLakes

          >I thought the two always went hand-in-hand
          Not at all. There is much more to the jRPG than that. And many jRPGs do away with even the ability to “mob grind” as a way to even efficiently become stronger. If anything, mob grinding is more of a sad trope of the MMORPG than the jRPG.

          And many jRPGs that haven’t done away with mob grinding entirely, severely restrict it. For Chrono Cross only allows it possible to mob grind for a couple of levels, and then you lose exp. gain entirely and must progress the plot in order to start gaining levels again.

          To be honest, while I wish more jRPGs would experiment with making grinding utterly impossible. It certainly isn’t so much of a thing in jRPGs that the two go “hand-in-hand.”

          And even in games where grinding it possible, it is usually only a crutch and an option. Most jRPG battles are intended to be won by strategy.

    • Mr_SP

       That depends on the game, actually. Though I don’t think any of the Arland series carry recipes over. In Meruru, equipment that you’re wearing carries over, including the equipment of your allies. If you make some really nice equipment with good traits, nothing in the first 80% of the game will be a challenge to you. Surprisingly, this includes development equipment, so you’re using less days traveling, and getting more materials at once, though that’s uncommon.

      In Rorona, it really was just money, IIRC.

  • Prinnydoom

    EDIT: I think you mean Atelier Totori Plus 

  • Rihawf

    No wonder the monsters were tough, 80 hp on Totori and Rorona? :0

    Joking aside, I wish more new game bonuses were given with those super rare materials..

  • りんごタルト@エスカのアトリエ

    I want Totorin in a Sunday dress.

  • I still have yet to play any of the Atelier games, and I feel kind of bad about it.  I should try and track down some of the PS2 games one of these days, and go from there.  They look pretty good.

  • Xerain

    I just might have liked this game enough to buy it and play it a second time.

  • Spirit Macardi

    I’ve thought that Iksel as an adult looks like a red-haired version of Lelouch from Code Geass. When you then consider who voices Iksel in English, this becomes doubly funny x3

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