Digimon Adventure Lets You Make Choices During Event Scenes

By Laura . November 20, 2012 . 10:50am

New information on Digimon Adventure is out via V Jump magazine and a new trailer for the game. A subbed version of the trailer can be seen below (courtesy of the WiththeWill forums). Be warned that the trailer contains spoilers for the anime series! You can click the “CC” button for subtitles.



As previously reported, all of the old cast is back, and the entire anime will be covered—up to and presumably including the Our War Game movie. Voiced scenes are voiced by almost all the original voice actors and battles will be turn-based. Not all of the scenes are voiced, but judging by the trailer, it looks like the major ones will be. The original series’ director is also on board.


The trailer also indicates that you can modify the childrens’ partners’ stats through using equipment on a hexagon grid system. In addition, during the event scenes, you can choose responses. V Jump reports that what you choose will actually affect what happens in that episode. For example, one choice (presumably during the SkullGreymon episode) will result in Taichi and Agumon fighting together and another will result in the two separating. We’re currently unsure how these change of events will actually affect the outcome of the story.


There are also sub-quests that you can accept, and during these, two of the children (and their Digimon) may strike up a conversation. These conversations will deepen the bond between the characters. The dialogue and scenes will be original to the PSP game. It is currently unknown how the bonds will affect gameplay.


More information has also been released on the special episode that results in Taichi being tossed into a green-and-black matrix dungeon with the rest of the series’ Goggle Heads (and honorary Goggle Heads). In celebration of the series’ 15th Anniversary, a new Royal Knight has finally been revealed—Gankuumon.


Gankuumon is a Digimon admired by many who has been wandering through the Digital World. He is currently training his heir, the one who will inherit his name, Hackmon. Hackmon is a Beast Digimon who is also a descendent of Gankuumon and possesses extraordinary battle skills. In the dimension between worlds, Taichi and the others are trying to find Gankuumon, who holds the key to getting out of the dungeon.


Finally, V Jump also confirms that the previously reported limited edition pre-order Digivice ver. Portable is indeed a Digivice V-Pet on your PSP. The download code is included in the box. Digimon Adventure will be released Jan. 17, 2013 in Japan.


Food for thought:

1. The voice actors who are different thus far are Takeru’s and Devimon’s (may he rest in peace).


2. It appears that the attacks of the Digimon are the same ones that appear on the cards.  Agumon’s are Baby Flame, Spit Fire, and Sharp Claw.

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