Persona 4: Golden Tips To Make The Most Out Of Your Life In Inaba

By Spencer . November 21, 2012 . 5:00am


Atlus added new content to Persona 4: Golden, but it’s possible to miss some key items. Since we’ve been playing the Vita version for a couple of weeks here are some pointers for Inaba 2.0. There are some spoilers here, but we’ll try to keep those to a minimum.


Fuse Sarasvati

At level 19, Sarasvati learns Invigorate 2, an invaluable ability that allows that automatically recovers 5 SP per round. Once you have this ability you can go to an earlier dungeon like the Castle and guard to recover the main character’s SP. Persona 4: Golden lets players choose which abilities a new persona inherits so you can pass Invigorate 2 for the entire game or until you learn Invigorate 3.



Marie is a new character in Persona 4: Golden. She works in the Velvet Room copying and selling skill cards. The protagonist (Yu) can also develop the Aeon social link with Marie after visiting the Velvet Room. Marie will wait for Yu outside the Velvet Room entrance in the Shopping District. You need to max out the Aeon link to open up a new dungeon, one of the key features in Persona 4.





Yu can also bond with Adachi who holds the Jester Social Link. Adachi is usually at Junes by the elevator, but other times you have to meet him in the Central Shopping district at night. He’s tricky to find so you might want to consider spending time with Adachi whenever he is available. Get Adachi’s social link to level 10 and you can unlock a twisted persona.


New Ending

Persona 4: Golden has a new ending, but it’s fairly well buried and easy to overlook. Let’s just say you have to do something "unthinkable" to see it.


Ride your bike

Yu gets his scooter early in the game, but you need to ride it around the neighborhood a few times before you can visit Okina City. After you reach Okina City, you need to take the scooter on long trips to unlock the beach area. I suggest riding the scooter on rainy days since most social links are unavailable. Riding your bike also increases your courage statistic.




Okina City

Originally, a place for Social Link event scenes, Okina City is now an area you can explore in Persona 4: Golden. If you rescued whoever is trapped in the TV you can watch movies at 30 Frame. Occasionally, a character will call Yu up and say they want to see a film. Invite them along and you can improve your relationship.

Cafe Chagall lets players extract a skill card from a persona for 5,000 yen. Let’s say you have Raja Naga, one of the Aeon personas in Persona 4: Golden, you can pull Fatal End off and give that to another persona. Skills that can be extracted have a tarot card icon next to them in the status screen.

Croco Fur sells costumes, but most of these are really expensive. Other costumes the protagonist’s magician outfit are earned automatically through in game events.


Shichiri Beach

You can’t walk around Shichiri Beach, but there are three new things to do here. Swimming increases Yu’s courage and if you swim on a rainy day you level up understanding too.

Gazing out to the sea gives one persona a new skill. Unfortunately, you can’t choose the skill or the persona that receives it.

Shichiri Beach has a fishing spot with new fish to catch.


Bug Net

Persona 4: Golden has a new bug catching mini-game, but you have to find the net to play it. Visit the shrine at night with something fishy to acquire it. The bug net lets players catch bait for the fishing mini-game.




Shiroku Pub

The item store turns into a bar at night. Yu can exchange gems earned from fighting shadows for weapons here. Most of the weapons are joke items like a flying disc for Yukiko and a fish sword for Yu.



Planting seeds improves your relationship with Nanako and Dojima plus yields items. Here are some of the items you can harvest:


Cracked Wheat – is a chest key
Tiny Soul Tomato – recovers 20SP
Return Daikon – lets you return to the dungeon entrance
Hiranya Cabbage – heals all aliments for ally other than KO
Paprika – gives fire, ice, electricity or wind resistance depending on the color
Tetracorn – creates a barrier that reflects one physical attack
Makaracorn – creates a barrier that reflects one physical attack
Scapegoat Eggplant – absorbs an instant death spell
Bead Melon – fully restores on ally’s HP and SP

You can purchase seeds from a woman in Junes and in front of the Dojima residence in the morning. When you see an icon above the blue pail it’s time to harvest the crops.


Petting a cat actually levels you up

When Dojima isn’t around Yu can sneak out of the house at night and build social links. You can hang out with friends or ditch them to spend time with a cat which increases your understanding.


Social Link skills

Persona 4: Golden rewards players that build Social Links with party members with additional skills. Social Link skills are unique to each character, but most character get an ability to evade their weakness at level 10. For example, Yosuke gets Evade Wind while Chie gets Evade Fire. Yukiko also learns Mudo and Mudoon through her Social Link.


Bike Skills

After everyone gets their moped license, you’ll see your teammates hanging out by the gas station in the afternoon. Character learn different skills, usually abilities that make them more versatile in battle, when going on a bike ride.

Yosuke can learn Megido and Diarahan.

Chie gets magic skills like Hama, Hamon, and Bufudyne.

Yukiko gains useful abilities for a magic user like Spirit Drain and Mind Charge.

Kanji picks up healing magic like Media and Mediarama.

Teddie acquires a mix of skills like Mustard Bomb and Evade Physical.

Naoto develops Bufudyne, Ziodyne, Tetraja, and Angelic Grace.


08 (2)



Rise is much more powerful in Persona 4: Golden. After you start her Social Link Rise helps out during all out attacks. You can increase the damage Rise does through bike skills. Rise also learns Full Analysis which reveals enemy skills and Stamina Song that restores 10% after each battle through her Social Link. The most useful thing Rise does is she randomly shows up and buffs the party.


Team Attacks

After doing an all out attack your party will automatically do a team attack if you have the right combination of characters. Consider bringing characters that are buddies like Chie and Yukiko…


Third Persona

All party members have a new third persona. You can get this persona by maxing out their social link by January. Third tier personas still have the same weaknesses, but gain resistance toward one additional attribute and can absorb another element. Atlus also created new powerful skills for third tier personas.

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  • samim2357

    Wait, third-tier personae? I didn’t know that, that’s awesome!
    I’d love to play it now but I want to support the european release, even though it’s kinda stupid to push it back to the end of febuary… But what can you do. Still better than that Arena-crap.

  • amagidyne

    “Croco Fur sells costumes, but most of these are really expensive. ”

    Does this mean I get the protagonist’s dress from the beauty pageant? DOES IT?

    • NekoDraga

      From what I’ve read elsewhere, yes. Yes you can.

      •  You get the drag costumes for Yu, Yosuke and Kanji after the contest, if I remember right. I don’t remember having to pay for them.

        You also get the towel costumes for them after the Amagi Inn segment.

      • Honestly, the Alice costume would be the first one I’d get.

  • Barrylocke89



    • I thought that was a spelling error until I looked back through the article again.

      Dat pun!

  • Setsu Oh

    are the jp voices in there?

    • Triplicity


      • Jesse Thompson

         That’s too bad really, the new Chie still makes me want to stab my ears with chopsticks.  I zoom through her dialogue to hear as little of it as possible. :-/

        • SerendipityX

          Its so weird though. The new Chie was great in the anime but in the games she was just so off, its ridiculous.

          • Berialos

            That’s your opinion, I thought Erin Fitzgerald did great in Persona 4 Arena.

          • SerendipityX

            I didn’t think she was terrible like @google-517b11ea6a559da64bc57b8651f9a0d2:disqus but she sounded so different in the games that I thought maybe it was a different voice actor.

  • Costumes, extra dungeon from social link, and skill transferring? I was going to play the game in easy so I didn’t have to grind as much because normal mode was still hard for me, but it seems like they are providing more options to make grinding easier.

  • PersonaBull

    Ah, I didn’t really look into what changes the whole bike thing brought it. Nice to know, since I was going to dump time into that anyway! Time to get back to playing~ Thanks for the tips <3

    PS Still way too excited about Marie. Only just met her and she's already fantastic. I'm such a sucker for tsundere-types it's ridiculous.

  • Just got the game yesterday and absolutely love it. I’m probably going to save this article so that I can keep access to this information for use while playing (any tips for upgrading courage is appreciated… couldn’t figure it out in P3P so no Fuka social link for me). 

    • Enma_Kozato

      Check the fridge for funky leftovers and science projects to consume. The janitor job at the hospital raises courage too.

    • Daru Titor

       You could always try Wild Duck to raise courage in P3P.
      There’s also the arcade.
      (Persona Stat increase/MC Parameter increase)

  • Chris Yuen

    Gardening improves relationship with Dojima? 
    *Imagine if he’s saying the same thing as Nanako…*

    Dojima: We got veggies!

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    Some curious stuff:
    *Boss theme song “I’ll Face Myself” gets two remixes for two unique occasions: an 8 bit remix and a more orchestrated one.
    *New bad ending.
    *Post Christmas there are some St Valentine events involving the player’s girlfriend (only one at a time!) and you can even reject them
    *Teddie has a minigame where he makes the player questions.
    *”Snowflakes” replaces “Affection” during Winter.
    *Izanagi-no-Okami was improved
    *Margaret now fights a bit like her sister with consecutive turns (FFFFUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!)
    *You can… hit on Teddie o_O
    *”Never More” has a remix during the credits.

    “You can hang out with friends or ditch them to spend time with a cat which increases your understanding.”

    What a boss XD

    • Nitraion

      How Izanagi-no-okami improved? now he has special skill like arena?…
      i was pretty disappointed on ps2 version…the skill is so lame after I put a time to make it…

      • OatMatadoQuatro

        He automatically has 8 skills when fused.

        • Nitraion

          Kinda wish he has Myriad Truth skill that will be Game breaker XD
          So 8 skill same as Ps2 version? or Random skill like orpheus Telos now?
          Or there is new skill…Sorry so many question i just want to know :P

          • OatMatadoQuatro

            I think it’s random skill like Telos as the fusion options have been improved to fulfill Margaret’s requests in a faster way. Myriad Truths would be really cheap “ala SNK or Capcom’s superbosses”. Or it would be confusing for the final fight.

    • Nyandroid

      I’m so ditching my friends to spend time with the cat! XD

  • benhofb

    Muahahah. I got this game yesterday. Have my vita currently plugged in and strapped to my lap; some water and chips nearby; a bucket for my business. It is going to be a pleasant next few days…

  • Is the protagonist now called “Yu” in P4G? Don’t see the reason to refer him by that name if he isn’t called that.

    • OatMatadoQuatro

      No. But it’s easier to understand if we have a name

    • Sakurazaki

      The Yu in P4 vanilla and Arena also didn’t have friends with 2nd tier Personas while my [insert Brotag name] had Max Links.

      I just like to think of it as an alt. universe.

    • Xerain

       They needed a name for him to be able to market things better. While P3’s protagonist was widely referred to as Minato, it was only used in the manga I think, so it was never confirmed as being canon. I believe the P4 protagonist had a name other than Yu Narukami int eh manga as well.

      However they obviously needed a name for him in the anime, which is where “Yu Narukami” comes from. And they used the same name for him in P4: Arena.  As it’s now appeared in the direct sequel, its’ become harder to deny it has some level of canoncy.

      However, despite “Yu” being a Japanese name, I can’t help but believe it is an intentional pun on the English word “You.”

      • His name in the manga was Souji Seta or is it Seta Souji? Japanese names a re kinda confusing.

      • I know his name is Yu in the anime and P4 Arena. I guess it makes sense to call him Yu if P4 Arena is canon.

    • Tien Ron

      yu narukami is a pun on you but that name has sort of become official 
      just like minato has kinda become official i believe that when the p3 movie comes out that will most likey be his name 
      plus p4 name is YUUUUUUU :D

  • All cool stuff that makes me want to play P4 again, I gotta admit. Kinda sounds like they made the game a cakewalk though…

  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    Just started, thanks for all this stuff Ill have to note this down since I think the faqs written for the game are still incomplete.

    What is the suggested difficulty, I started on Hard 

    (oh and Nanako is pretty annoying, do I really have to spend time with her?)

    • HOW IS SHE ANNOYING. she is adorable hope my kid is like her.

      • XYZ_JolteonZ980

        She does nothing of significance, ads in no way, has an awful character design, awful appearance, and is just in the way. Pretty useless character.

  • Nitraion

    Hope Izanagi-no-Okami actually have decent skill now like P4 arena one Lol…
    PS2 version is sooo disappointing…

  • darkfox1

    Still no Vita…. I… I think I’m gonna cry ;_;

  • Nyandroid

    Oh wow. I didn’t realise just how much they added to this game. I might have to go out and get it before Ragnarok Odyssey.

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    King Moron: The only guy who saw Yu Narukami’s true intentions

  • Tom_Phoenix

    Are all of those tips specific to The Golden or are any of them applicable to the original Persona 4 as well?

    • Brandon001

      only golden man

    • The first tip is still applicable, but yeah the rest of these are for P4G. Some of the new stuff is too easy to miss.

  • Xerain

     I think you could avoid the biggest potential spoiler by changing the word “twisted” to something else like “special.”

  • Eilanzer

    Wow that´s a LOT of new stuff in the game o.o
    Unfortunately my wallet is empty this month…I hate/love you steam sales ¬¬

  •  I think that makes this even more of a must-have! Can’t wait to buy a vita and play this game!

  • Impossible2beat

    some of the things are incredibly great to know, thanks :)

  • XiaomuArisu

    If I only had a vitaXD
    Reach out to the Truth!

  • LovesJapanManga1

    For those of you who owns or rents this game – How is it? Is this game a must have game?

    • Asanti Jackson

       It is a must have game. After only 6 hrs I’m hooked.

      • revivegamesrise23

        i really wanted to play that game since i saw Persona 4 the animation! damn it, i need a vita

    • John Krauss

      I played it for 75 hours and I still want more.

  • still a big shock that adachi is voiced by ichigo’s VA

  • In the Social link Skills, you put that Yosuke learns evade wind, you mean evade lightning right?

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