DmC Devil May Cry Video Shows Off New Weapon, “Dante Must Die” Difficulty

By Ishaan . November 27, 2012 . 10:18pm

Capcom have shared an entire hour of DmC Devil May Cry footage, showing off the difference between the game’s normal (Devil Hunter) difficulty mode and the “Dante Must Die” difficulty mode. You can watch the video embedded below, under which are a few notes that we observed while watching it:


Watch live video from Capcom-Unity on TwitchTV

A few notes from the video:

  • A new weapon, Aquila, is shown off in this video.
  • Aquila has throwing blades, and you can upgrade their range.
  • Hitting the launcher button with the new weapon in the air makes you dash.
  • You can combine this dash with your regular Angel Dash for extra distance.
  • On the ground, using the launcher button will fire a projectile that continually hits away at an enemy.
  • This projectile can be charged up.
  • Enemies can block your attacks in Dante Must Die.
  • You need to use Ebony and Ivory to knock them out of block stance.
  • Enemies can also activate a Devil Trigger of their own in Dante Must Die mode, when there are only a few of them left in the area.


DmC Devil May Cry will be released on January 15th on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, with a PC release to follow.

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  • Robert Leonardi

    yo dawg, i heard you liked devils so i put a devil… inside your devil ? hmh.. seems legit @[email protected]

    • what?

      • DRocks94

        Devil Trigger is supposed to be Dante or Vergil turning into their Devil Forms. So to say Devils have Devil Triggers means Devils are turning into devils. -Captain Away-

        • oh right. Seriously why am I getting downvoted for just saying what? oh you dmc fans.

  • Godman

    I’m getting pretty psyched about this game, the demo was intense.

  • safeto20scroll

    Devil Trigger… for enemy demons? oh lord, sounds exciting!

    Yeps first day buy for me.

  • SMT

    DMD always had DT enemies,it’s not exactly new :P*
    Also I dont really appreciate how little damage the enemies do on DMD..

    • Kris

      On the plus side, the chainsaw things take like three segments off of the health bar per hit and enemies are looking to be damage sponges. I can dig it. Hopefully it’ll be a bit more manageable to get to S-rank off of one enemy without abusing Rainstorm/Demon Dodge on DMD. It’s still tough for me given how quickly they die in SOS.

      Speaking of Demon Dodge, this gameplay still had it giving a huge attack/style boost. That needs to be fixed. :P

  • Fr33Kingdom

    Another new weapon and they confirmed that the weapons do all have upgrades and you can use all of them at any time!!! He switches between the shotgun and ebony/ivory and Aquila and the scythe. Also another enemy type. My worries about getting bored with a limited numbers of combos have been eased for the most part. Also they showed a bit of the bill o’reilly type character after beating under watch, which oddly enough gives me a better idea of how they’ll handle structure and the boss’s presentation. I’m glad you’ll likely won’t be ridiculously detached from the bosses and that they will actually be a part of the story from early on.

    I do still seriously worry that the dialogue will be so bad it will prevent me from getting into the story or actually disliking or liking the characters i’m supposed to.

    • GreekGod88
      • Fr33Kingdom

        I honestly don”t know if i can sit through all this…Complaints about glitches don’t really mean that much to me right now. I played the demo an inappropriate amount of time, on ps3. I came across one gameplay glitch, and some weird visual issue. Still loved it. Complaints about gun damage also don’t really mean that much when they are upgrade-able. I did notice i rarely found myself using them that much in the demo. Yea i definitely know i’m not able to sit through this. How well it replicates the old games experience is not a measure of quality. If you want the old games more power to you, and HD collection exists. There’s nothing wrong with putting the game under great scrutiny, but I just want a great game.

        • Robert Leonardi

          for the gun damage part, i don’t think you got the point, the guns on DMC3 weren’t upgraded either, its still in default stats (and no, its not fake because i tried it myself too) and it took few shots to kill first level enemies, as for DmC, the demons were bullet sponges, the difference in damage is too much

          gameplay glitches are okay, but when they break your game and asks you to hard reset the console to reset the game, that’s saying something

          its not my place to predict on how this game will go (because its still in demo), but from how things are going with this game right now and on how NT is much more focused on bashing fans, i don’t think this will be the “great game” you’re looking for

          • Fr33Kingdom

            I played the demo A LOT. I came across one gameplay glitch. And how could NT be much more focused on bashing fans? Because tameem didn’t respond well to 2+ years of negativity?
            Do you really think they sit around all day badmouthing fans and then forget to actually make the game? lol. Tameem has been a lot nicer about this than i would have been.

            I don’t know if the game will be great. I though the demo was great. And nothing some guy on youtube says will change that, i’m sorry. I like it. And yea, the gun damage is what i’d classify as a “minor” issue. Especially when they’ll have to be prioritized when enemies start blocking. I played the game, experienced how weak the guns are. Even if they stayed that way, I really wouldn’t care that much, because there’s so much else i like.

        • Guest

          Uh-oh, you complained about the haters complaining. They don’t like that… They won’t like what I’m saying either.

      • Asura

        Okay, I was actually neutral toward the game and really hoping it would be great, but this video pretty much sums up most of my complaints while playing the thing (ignoring the PR or marketing or whatever, just speaking solely about what the video said about the gameplay).
        I hated the demo. I’m not even a good DMC player by any standards, I’m barely competent at the harder difficulties, and I still disliked nearly everything about my experience.

        • GreekGod88

          i consider myself a good Dmc player but the game has too many issues..
          biggest for me:
          Difficulty is laughable even on SoS mode
          NO LOCK ON
          Broken style meter

          as you see in Evenstatus video Tameem even insulted me on twitter!
          DmC is not getting a dime of my money

          • Fr33Kingdom

            Maybe it’s just me but except for the lock-on those seem like minor complaints….I mean no lock-on isn’t really a negative either, it’s just different. If those are your only complaints then the gameplay is looking pretty good…I mean a broken style meter seems like a small enough issue to be fixed with relative ease….and i didn’t even find that many problems with it. I did notice it’s based a bit too much on damage since an axe pause combo brings it up a few letter grades easily.

            I didn’t think the difficulty was laughable in SoS but that’s just me. To be fair, not only is it a demo, but why not just play on Dante must die instead? Or Hell or hell? Would they both be so unbelievably easy that they game should be skipped? If those are your biggest issues man, then i’m impressed because those are pretty minor. It’s definitely slower than devil may cry though! But like i said, if you’re measurement of quality is how well it recreates the old experience, then the HD collection is still out there. I may have had fun with it, but you don’t have to play.

            I mean complaints still seem to amount to “IT’S NOT DEVIL MAY CRY 5”, which to that i have to say…so? At least complaints about dialogue make sense…

          • Asura

            If you read my other post in this comment section, you will see that I found NOTHING salvageable about this game. I was not impressed by anything the demo had to offer – it left no impression on me, nor was it fun to play. Even the look of the world which I initially thought looked really promising from the released videos ended up being a major disappointment when you play through it.

          • Fr33Kingdom

            I wasn’t replying to you. It’s absolutely fine if you don’t like it. And i’m sure people who hated it from day one will be glad to hear you didn’t like it, but that’s not my point. You disliked it. I really liked it. The end?

          • Heh, I thought it was you. Yeah, you really didn’t deserve that. I just can’t get over Tameem BS behavior and sarcasm. How come he talks smack to you while appreciating the discontent of others? Just look at his latest tweets. lol

            And it’s his unwillingness to fix the game that causes me to wait to buy the game when it’s cheap or used, which is one of the best ways to exploit pre-orders.

          • GreekGod88

            ha was wondering about that too xD
            But whatever thats not like adults should behave shame on him :) im getting this maybe too some months after release but only used!

      • ahhh event status, love this guy. quite passionate. been following him for a year now

      • John Diamond

        event status… classy

      • Nitraion

        I watched to video to its end XD
        this guy is no kidding about complain he had valid points
        and your tweet is mentioned….. wow some adult reply….
        you just asked politely then he answer like that just wow

        • GreekGod88

          I know right ?! xD

          • Nitraion

            The thing that funny somehow i want to play DMC 3 & 4 now…
            even though i already finished that game….
            just Wow…

  • I know! They could give Dante better dialogue and voice acting as a reward for playing on “Dante Must Die” mode! Brilliant!

  • Ben Tan

    son of sparda mode made me rage, dayummm cant wait to rage more when i get this game haha…good ole’ classic dmc rage

  • Asura

    I just played the demo and felt totally let down. I was feeling completely neutral toward it prior to actually playing it, but it just doesn’t seem to be my cup of tea. Combat just lacks that oomph factor for me, and as I feared the effortless near endless air time feels like it invalidates reason to try at the game.

    Also, the dialogue from the demo is just awful. It feels like it was written by somebody still in high school, or a talented junior high kid. The voice acting is hit and miss, but there seems to be no saving that script.

    The visuals on-screen even let me down, and the 30FPS definitely feels and looks very different from the fluidity of DMC4.

    And then the feel of the whole thing was just… I dunno, bland I guess. I had no real impression left on me. I remember the first trailer ever made for the game, and while it still upset countless people, the feel that trailer created (mostly via that awesome unreleased song, but still) was leagues above what the demo did for me.

    Definitely skipping this. Biggest disappointment I’ve felt from a demo since Dragon’s Dogma.

    • GreekGod88

      agree with everything you said

    • CudaBiro

      I have to ask, was the dialogue and story that much better in previous DMCs? I only played the first one too completion but from what I gather none had particularly compelling stories or scintillating dialogue.

      • Asura

        If you really want to know, the VA work was more consistent, and the dialogue didn’t make you embarrassed to be listening to it (it wasn’t anything special of course, but at least it didn’t make you wonder how the writers could possibly be hired). The story was garbage, but I don’t know who played DMC for the story.

      • gold163

        It’s not that it could objectively be called “good”, but they didn’t swear every ten seconds just to seem edgy either. Devil May Cry was always goofy and never took itself seriously. It didn’t try hard to be cool, and that’s why it was. The characters were interesting precisely because of their unrealistic reactions to story events that don’t actually make any sense.

        Have you played Bayonetta? It’s got a similar attitude to the old DMCs.

    • ZEROthefirst

      This post “smells of sick” lol

      Have to agree with everything you said there about the game/demo
      Edit: (although it looks like some people didn’t understand that quoting the new Dante wasn’t an insult to Asura, and just an attempt to poke fun at the game’s dialogue).

      • Draculoid

        What does that even mean?

        • ZEROthefirst

          The boss must stink, and it’s Ninja Theories attempt to make this Dante somewhat witty like the original I guess.

    • xAKUM3TSUx

      Dude this explains exactly how I feel. U read it right off my mind. I wont say the game is horrible but I played DMC4 right after this to make a comparison I can say that everything looks and feels fine tuned in the previous

      No i’m not trolling although I’ll admit I was one of the skeptics on the first ever trailer. In the gaming world i have one rule to games of my interest: to give any game it’s chance and i wont judge the game until i i play it. I played the **** outta this demo 6 times over and while I cant say the combat is horrible (cuz compared to most games you wont see anything better) I will say that it’s okay for the type of game this is. I just cant say that it’s polished or even more better towards its approach than the previous.

      In the end it boils down to taste, and after eating my soup i realize the broth is too thick to settle my thirsts…maybe nxt time.

  • CudaBiro

    I just played the demo and preferred it to the demo for DMC4. That’s just me though. They were both easy, most likely to being demos, but I think I actually preferred combat without the lock-on. A dedicated launch and dodge button made the fighting more fluid in group confrontations. I wish they had a quick turn camera button. I also really liked the pull mechanics of the scythe and axe in combat. I pretty much never used the guns as they were more or less worthless.

    Also, I think I actually preferred the 30FPS of DmC, but I think that’s because that’s closer to cinema speed (24FPS). It may also be due to most games I play holding around 30FPS.

    I think it could be a good game, but it didn’t thrill me as much as when I tried the Bayonetta demo, which was more intense.

  • Nitraion

    Hmm my suspicion is now clear….
    weapon split to 2 mode left and right…
    suppose left is light,fast and not so damaging weapons
    while right is heavy,slow and hard hitting weapons
    it will be clever if they add down button as a “Style” changer as in DMC 3 or 4
    just saying….

  • Göran Isacson

    Okay, SO. Watched this in school so I had no sound, so pardon if some of these questions were already answered. At around 16 minutes, Dante seems to do a sort of Trickster style dodge related to him wielding an angel weapon- is this possible in the demo? It would explain why it’s Devil Dodge that gives the style multiplyer (anyone else who thought Bayonetta when they found out about that move?) and not both of them, if Angel Dodge has a different property to it. And on that note- how do you pull of Stinger/Million Stab and that move where you spin around in the air while firing E&I? I heard that you Sting by doubletapping the button, and some say you press back, forth then attack ala DMC4, but I haven’t pulled it off yet. And has anyone found a reason to use the Rebellion air combo that is attack, attack, pause, attack etc? It knocks the enemy up instead of away, but it seems to do less damage and have less use beyond general hang time, and if I want that I can just use the regular Rebellion air combo and Angel Grip the enemy as it flies away.

    Fist weapons seem to function the way they do in regular DMC games, that’s neat. Nice that you can also fight the big Tyrants without being forced to pull them down, too. Over all it seems that you’d cycle through angel, devil and firearms by pressing up, left and right on the D-Pad, at least that’s what the HUD would indicate to me. Works for me. Just wonder if there will be more than two weapons, and if cycling through them all will get complicated or if Dante can only pick a limited loadout like in DMC3.

    26:37- Kablooey Darts. That’s a… memorable attack name, I guess. Aquila seems VERY good at crowd control, almost a little too good. But that may be because I’m seeing an experienced player use them. Question- does Dante do the ‘get over here’ attack if you simply do a Angel/Devil Grip and then DON’T hit any attack buttons or move the stick? And was using the guns to break enemies blocking present in the demo as well?

    At 37 minutes in, are those the “red” enemies that could only be hurt by Devil weapons? Seems they decided to nerf them, which I am grateful for. Don’t really cared much for that kind of “Ikaruga” gameplay in my DmC… ah no wait, there they are. There’s just a neutral version of them now. Presume the enemy Devil Trigger are when they start glowing yellow?

    And finally, because I am curious and haven’t seen it yet- on one status screen tip they say that enemies and bosses can be “parried”. How do you pull this off? Do you hit their attack at the same time or something? Is it like DMC4 where you can use Nero’s buster to cancel an attack or “grab” it, in order to turn it on the enemy? Because I tried doing that tons of times during the Boss fight in the demo and nothing really happened.

  • SolidusSnake

    The haters are completely insane, in my opinion. Unless the demo grossly misrepresents the actual game, new DMC is gonna be godlike. I’d say the gameplay easily feels more fun than any game in the series aside from 3.

    I can understand that some have an issue with “white trash Dante,” but honestly I don’t mind him any more. Yes, the dialogue is “immature” and goofy, but so was surfing on rockets and beating enemies with motorcycles. Personally, I think the over the top, I don’t give a fu** style Ninja Theory took with the story and dialogue suits the series just fine.

    • malek86

      I actually liked the demo a lot. Combat felt very fluid, and the lack of lock-on meant I could take a more free pace. There’s also lots of fun to be had in the different weapon styles. Platforming could use some slightly easier controls and locking on ledges, but I got used to it after a while.

      I also really liked the colors and art direction in the training level (while the boss level was more generic). And the game felt a bit more welcoming to newbies than, say, the DMC4 demo.

      Sure, I guess it could have done without the swearing contest and all that, but overall I’m very pleased with what I’ve played. Pretty sure I’ll eventually pick it up – it would be my first DMC game.

      • how much you want to bet that you get above 5 dislike?

        • I bet 10 Pounds on dislikes exceeding 5.

          Not even an attempt to talk out or reason about the disagreement, and downvoting any positive notion about the game. This is seriously pathetic and narrow-minded behavior.

          • *shrug* can’t be helped. They simply don’t like the game and will go through any chances to dislike someone who actually does.

            I can’t really say much of the game itself since I’m playing the HD collection of DMC so please don’t go saying I’m a DmC fanboy. Also one of the issues people were having with DmC is the lack of lock-on which results in less combo variation which really doesn’t matter much to me since I wouldn’t buy the game to do all those fancy combos you see on youtube. I just want to play the game, finish it (while enjoying it of course), and move onto the next game. There’s one thing I wish NT would do to DmC, make it more difficult and rebalance the weapons. Oh I’m rambling here so I’ll just stop.

          • malek86

            Yeah, I had fun but I won’t say it’s perfect. Weapons in particular would need to be rebalanced. I won’t complain too much about the difficulty though, cause even the DMC4 demo (the non-boss part at least) was very easy.

        • malek86

          Well, looks like you got it right. Congrats.

      • British_Otaku

        It’s a shame. You may believe it’s ridiculous that I’m going to be a “Stop Having Fun guy”, but here’s the thing. I love a number of franchises, Ninja Gaiden is one of them. I would never recommend Ninja Gaiden 3 as the first game you play.

        DMC Demo Analysis:

        Have fun with your first DMC game though it’s a stretch to include it in the franchise just going off the things missing and different. Just know, that you had fun with something surpassed by games from a decade ago from the original DMC titles to Bayonetta.

        • malek86

          But NG3 wasn’t just inferior compared to the previous games, it also sucked even when considered as its own title.

          As I’ve never played Devil May Cry before (except the DMC4 demo, which I didn’t like much, so I guess it’s at least better than that), I can’t make such a comparison – but I can say that I had fun with the DmC demo, something I did not have with the NG3 demo. So I guess it’s already above that level, don’t you think?

          People are telling me to try the older games, and I’ll definitely do it once I manage to find a copy of DMC HD for a good price. But even if I did play them and liked them, that wouldn’t change the fact that I found the DmC demo fun.

          Everything else is up to taste. If you didn’t like the demo, well, that’s normal – not everyone will. But someone will.

          • SirRichard

            “and I’ll definitely do it once I manage to find a copy of DMC HD for a good price.”

            Just a heads-up: it’s pretty cheap on Amazon (UK, at least) right now, £16 new on PS3 and £17 new on 360 if you’ve nothing better to do with the money.

            EDIT: Of course they make up for it in the postage, the crafty gits. £16 new on PS3 directly for Amazon, about the same counting postage from others.

          • British_Otaku

            NG3 did have a few people who seemed to be interesting in the game as it was looking more cinematic and was apparently easier. I can definitely see a niche for people who may enjoy a Dynasty Warriors type game where you mow people down though yes, it is a terrible game. I think the game shines as a terrible experience the most when you compare it to the prior games, with that it becomes clear that NG3 is not the norm to say the least.

            Many reviews choose to reference NG3 being different to the originals as a core problem… QTEs (the original games didn’t do that and demanded quick action), few weapons (the original NG games had no shortage of weapons), killing people is wrong (aside from the narrative never using the concept, prior games invited killing in spades like most games) and so on. These elements would be fine in another game, not even necessarily another genre.

            DmC is a similar case, though it looks like it will be decent albeit not “worthy” of being part of the DMC line up.

            If you didn’t enjoy the DMC4 demo in the past, I encourage that you follow SirRichard’s advice and hope into the series with HD Collection. Then come back to DMC4 (which is dirt cheap as well).

        • Well, that’s the perspective of people who compare this game to older ones. He’s picking up this game as his first; doesn’t necessarily mean he’s gonna identify the series by this one.

        • “Just know, that you had fun with something surpassed by games from a decade ago from the original DMC titles to Bayonetta.”

          We can argue the exact same thing for other “legendary” franchises like Mario, Zelda, Prince of Persia/Assassin’s Creed, every FPS, and ALL the games inspired by these franchises. And you know what? Darksiders 1 and 2 aren’t as good as DMC or Bayonetta or Zelda (maybe Zelda…) by any stretch of the imagination, but I had fun with both those games, so who cares? lol

          I’ll say this: everyone knows this isn’t the DMC we used to know from the very beginning. No s***, this isn’t DMC. This is DmC. A reboot of the franchise. It won’t be as good as DMC3, but what matters is whether or not it can stand on its own. As of now, I’m going to wait for this game to get cheap. Thank god pre-orders last forever.

          • British_Otaku

            Every game should have as I see it has it’s own “charm”.

            I don’t go to Oblivion expecting a complex combat system, or to Devil May Cry to expect to be able to read every books on every shelf.

            Darksiders as such has the “charm” of not being any of those games and being something with elements which build it’s own idea.

            When something decides to take a franchise name like Mario, I expect Koopa shells, a cheery air and “It’sa Me”. This isn’t quite separate enough to be called “DmC” and applauded for trampling over advancements and concepts when it has the same publisher, “Devil May Cry” in the title, the same genre and all.

            If someone thinks Darksiders needs to surpass or even with Zelda/DMC in every field, nope, that isn’t a reasonable suggestion at least in comparison to comparing DmC to DMC.

            It will be a “standalone” title when it chooses to have another name, doesn’t backtrack on the original trailer/concept and doesn’t depend on Capcom and the DMC franchise for the core.

          • Here’s the thing: Not every company treats a particular franchise of theirs the same way. Nintendo maintains the style of Mario games because, setting aside the public perception of iconic value, that’s how they want to keep it. Even then, there has been various branches like 3D platformers or even sports games. Shin Megami Tensei also experimented with different mechanics and styles; Persona 4, one of its most popular entries, is quite different from its origins (and I hear some old-school SMT fans hate it, unsurprisingly). Many franchises go through updates, changes or overhauls; it’s not a new situation by any means.

            Capcom made it pretty clear that they wanted to take a new direction. I’m not gonna debate on whether that direction is “right” or “wrong”, but that’s how they regard the franchise as now. Capcom considers this game part of Devil May Cry, so that’s what it’s officially gonna be. How a series “should” be isn’t defined by any individual consumer; that’s company’s decision. Remember that they own the franchise, not the consumers. If they decided to restart the series by taking some old names and elements, that’s that.

            I might be too blunt here, but I think it’s pointless to force a personal definition in this situation.

      • Same here. I like the new game, so I’m preordering. I hope it does well.

    • I think it’s pretty obvious at this point that some people have convinced themselves (or decided to insist) that the game is deplorable on every level. No point trying to explain to them.

      Personally, I’ll give the demo a try, and if I like it enough, I’ll get the game, maybe after a price cut. I’m not a fan of crude language, to be honest, but then again, it’s not like the way the old series sexualized itself (Nevan, Echidna, Gloria, Dante’s Pandora scene, etc.) is particularly more mature either; the way I see it, they traded one juvenile appeal with another for what is merely a fractional element of the whole game.

      • Asura

        Some people like me, who were immensely hopeful, found the game deplorable on pretty much every level after having had played the demo.

        • I also hear from some people that they genuinely liked the demo. And I’m not sure if “deplorable on every level” is an accurate description, if we’re gonna look at it fairly. (From what I see, it’s not that bad a piece of software or even as an action game.)

          Of course, I don’t find the vulgar language particularly desirable or contributive – and that seems to be one thing many people seem to agree on, whether they liked the demo or not.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      shhh don’t say that you will be called a fanboy

      • SolidusSnake

        It’s too late for me, save yourself Luna!

        Rest in Pieces, SolidusSnake. He was a 1337 kewl d00d…

  • All of these comments, and that EventStatus vid I saw down there… have convinced me not to preorder and buy the game, but to wait for a lower price. If the reviews + reaction turn out decent enough, I’ll buy a pre-owned copy. If not, then I guess I won’t be playing DmC at all…

    I loved the demo, doing combos and all of that stuff. But I can’t ignore GOOD complaints, even if they can be annoying (…which, they really are, you can’t go anywhere and NOT hear bad stuff about this game). They make a good point, however.

  • Di_Elle

    I went into this demo with very, VERY low expectations. Unfortunately, I have yet to play any other Devil May Cry games, but I was right there with all of the fans as information leaked out about this game. I felt that the westernization of the series was completely absurd, the retconning unnecessary, and Dante’s new look just a little overbearing. It basically symbolized all that is wrong with Capcom these days: complete westernization of established series and trashing of series that can’t fit their new criteria.

    Having played the demo, however, I have to admit that I had fun with it. Sure, if you take even a quick look at it, it’s a victim of westernization: random framerate drops (because for some reason aesthetics are more important than fluidity, right?), regenerating health, lacking difficulty, and probably a plethora of other things that I would be more apt to point out had I played any of the other games. But I can’t get over the fact that I did enjoy myself while playing this game, and I’ve found that as I get older and video games become less and less of a priority, FUN is what really matters.

    Some folks – some dedicated fans, that is – have some good points. I know what it’s like to see a series you enjoy go down the completely wrong path because a single game in the series became popular and influenced every future entry. Those on the other side of the fence need to understand that many of these fans use the harsh language they do simply because they’re frustrated; and why shouldn’t they be? They’re seeing a series they love being torn apart by the ignorant masses who purchase every game with a mass marketing campaign behind it. To you fans, all I have to say is keep up the good fight. I may be a hypocrite, but I’ll be enjoying this game just the same.

    • People are free to like or dislike as they will, but to call this a “good fight”? This isn’t a campaign against breach of human rights, you know; this is about a piece of entertainment data. Turning this into a fight of “Right VS Wrong” is just a tad overselling it, don’t you think?

      As I’ve mentioned elsewhere in this thread, Capcom willingly chose to take this path. Whatever positive or negative consequences that will come of this path, only they will be the ones to bear those. The “worst” that can happen to fans of the old series is that they don’t get more entries developed in a formula that has already generated 4 titles, one of which they already consider to be nearly impossible to top. (With that in mind, I do wonder whether they’d be satisfied if Devil May Cry 5 actually came out instead but doesn’t quite live up to 3.)

      Franchises changing directions is a common (and predictable) occurrence in the industry – I think that’s something everybody who really, really loves something should keep in mind. Pointing fingers and perpetuating the hate over it is not a mature way to deal with reality.

      • Di_Elle

        If I am overselling this problem, then I’m afraid I think you’re underselling it. Many issues become trivial when you view them in terms of the “big picture,” but are we not allowed to be passionate about the things we enjoy? If everyone had the same attitude, all video game discussion would be cut short by, “well, it’s just a video game, so who gives a damn?” Sure, video games aren’t important compared to a human rights issue, but we are posting on a VIDEO GAME WEBSITE, and in that context, video games are the most important topic of discussion. I think it’s assumed that no one here debates something and then fumes about it all day while they’re going about their lives.

        Entertainment is an extremely important part of the human condition. Do I agree with the methods of some of these die-hard fans? Of course not, but I do understand where they’re coming from. The idea of “buy if you like, don’t buy if you don’t, and shut up,” is laughable because it is clear as day that some games will sell well regardless of whether or not the actual fans buy it. So what do they do? Head to forums in an effort to convince others not to buy it. It’s in their best interest, so why shouldn’t they? Unfortunately, most people on the Internet don’t respond to civility and respond poorly to flaming, so of course many of these fans would become frustrated. And then, of course, the video game community has never been a place where mature discussion is rewarded, so their frustration is conveyed through anger.

        Trying to preserve something you love should not be considered futile, and these folks should not lie down and say, “well Capcom is gonna do this anyway.” Money talks, and if they can convince people to not buy it, then it’s a victory for them. I don’t really care either way; I don’t have much time in my day to devote to video games, so I personally like to focus on what I enjoy and not what I hate. Everyone prioritizes different things, though, so I don’t think the controversy surrounding this game is unwarranted at all.

        • Being passionate about something is understandable, but there’s a threshold before it degenerates into obsession. I’ve already made it clear that people are free to like or dislike as they will; the problem arises when one side attempts to discourage the other side for the sake of its own benefit. Even in this thread alone, any negative notion about the game is upvoted and any positive notion is downvotes, regardless of reason. They can justify by “passion” all they want, but when it comes down to the core, what they’re doing is trying to silence people who feel differently from them in hopes of steering the outcome in their favor. It’s that blind desperation (with justifications appealing to emotion) that I’m not tempted to sympathize with.

          For those who don’t like the game and don’t buy it, they’re already sending the message; no need to go around harassing people who do like it or trying to sabotage potential sales numbers, because that, on the other hand, is selfish. The sales failing doesn’t guarantee that they’ll get their DMC5; DmC selling well doesn’t take away anything from them at all either. Even if Capcom moves on with the new direction, their beloved old series won’t become any less significant, even if Ninja Theory ends up making something better in the future. (Also, they seem to be forgetting the possibility that among new fans of the new game are potential newcomers to the old series who want to track back to the source, thus expanding “their” community.)

          Recreation is an important factor of the modern lifestyle, true, because it reduces physical and mental stress. Outrage over something that doesn’t take away what one already has, on the other hand, is completely missing the point of recreation.

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