Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus Uses The Locker Room For Costume Changing

By Spencer . December 4, 2012 . 12:12am

imagePlayers will be able to change costumes in Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus. Dengeki PlayStation reports the game will have ninja clothes, cheerleading outfits, aprons (just an apron), and underwear outfits. Yeah, this is Senran Kagura.


Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus also lets players choose accessories and hair styles for the ninjas.


Marvelous AQL will release Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus on February 28 in Japan.

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  • almostautumn

    “Just an apron.” n~n

    Cannot friggin’ wait for this!

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Here, games require a pass from the ESRB. In Japan, they can’t get released until they pass a 50-point otaku fetish inspection.

    • If only THAT will replace ESRB lol

    • Tianyu Wei

      hats off to you sir.

  • ragingmerifes

    Is the Vita too heavy to be holded with just one hand?

    • Syn


    • Spider-Man

      I suggest you keep the wrist strap on. Don’t want to drop it.

    • psycho_bandaid

      just try not to have too much fun in public.

    • FitzpatrickPhillips

      made me lol at work

    • Brandon001

      best comment EVER

  • Himiko

    Aww yes!

    Going to have fun making my Otaku dreams come true with this.

  • Wow, Senran Kagura Versus sounds awesome. Might just have to import this one. I really hope the games will get localized someday though. I can’t wait for the anime to come out. Its going to be great lol =^_^=

    • Yuriangels

      I know Senran Kagura for life! (*^*)

    • Sorry to shatter your dreams mate, but this will never get localized. The puritans at ESRB would either refuse classification or slap an AO rating (which is basically the same result) on the cover. Go my LE pre-ordered a a while ago as this will never leaver Japan ^^

  • omeganeko

    I just woke up and it already looks like a great day.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      …….. which of you just woke up lol.^_^

      • omeganeko

        Lol I fell straight into into that one. Good show

  • I wonder what’s the chance for this to get localized? If there’s none I’ll definitely import it….

    • Is this a serious, genuine question? If yes than please read my answer to AzureNova. In short: there’s no chance it will ever get localized.

      • I’m really serious actually. But there might be a chance… I mean a game like Ar Tonelico 3 and agarest war can get localized, so why not this?

        • I guess this is too blatant. Fan-service and over-sexualization won’t be passed by ESRB. Remeber, they re-rated San Andreas after a mod, which implied “dry humping”, to AO. And quite honestly, Hot Coffee is harmless compared to Senran Kagura. An European release would be possible but an NA one is a pipe dream.

  • Spider-Man

    >Just an apron

    I’m importing this game so HARD. Jesus. If it somehow gets localized, I’ll double dip.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Apron……man’s dream?^_^

  • psycho_bandaid

    I will probably import. Hack n Slash is a lot of fun and boobs (with butts as well as the creators pointed out) are a nice addition to just about any game. Still I don’t really like it when a game features all female characters since I think it limits the design as far as art and story goes, but whatever.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    I love how underwear now is consider as outfits lol. They don’t even need to say bikini anymore lol.

  • neetyneety

    I’m sure most of us are gonna get this for the exciting “action”, am I right or am I right?

    Seriously though, hope the core game holds up. Sure staring at ridiculously-those-must-hurt-her-neck-heavy breasts bounce in the wind sounds appealing, but I’d like to actually have fun playing.

    • almostautumn

      Don’t forget that Marvelous are also Co-Developing Soul Sacrifice for Vita. Like everybody else who has seen it, it looks like the game of the friggin’ Gen (!), so I really doubt that they’ll screw up Shinovi Versus.

      • fyi1191

        They already screw up Senran Kagura Burst. Hope this one will be near crispy.

        • How did they screw up Burst?

  • Zonic505

    “Just an apron”

    Kenichiro Takaki seriously knows what the fans want. & I’m so thankful.

  • Tianyu Wei

    5 years down the road when we review the VITA again, and the western critics will wonder how the hell VITA ever come out of the slump…

    As long as CompileHeart and Marevelous is still making games like this for VITA, VITA will never die. Don’t ever underestimate the otaku legion!

    • I can imagine having more games in the library helping the console, but how could games that aren’t even likely to come out of Japan hope to sell the console in the West…?

      • flight2q

        The Vita is already selling fine in the west. Count on Miss Nisa to localize anything good from CH at least.

        • Kevin Tan

          The Vita is not selling fine in the West. : Even with COD and AC, it didn’t sell as much as it should’ve. :

        • That’s not the impression I’ve been getting, between the scarce software library and general lack of enthusiastic support from many developers.

          • Meh, sony always starts slow, just look at the psp… in japan, well, ps3 is a better more general example, hopefully vita wont get haxed or starts too late to get stuff and loses a lot of market like psp, not that i mind much lately since i can import, but the difference in price is way too big so it helps a lot for games to come.

          • Tianyu Wei

            by many developers what do you mean? Western Developers or Eastern Developers? PSP literally got killed by Piracy, and it’s doing fine just with eastern region gamers… so I don’t see your argument that these niche game won’t keep the VITA alive?

            In fact, PSP probably was kept alive by many niche games as well as a mega hitter like Monster Hunter. That’s like the only mega game PSP has, and dozens upon dozens of niche games.

          • You should re-read your original comment; your implication was that niche games like this would bring Vita out of its slump, not barely keep it alive. I’m merely asking you why you think a Senran Kagura spin-off and Compile Heart games – of all things possible on PSV – would be the ones to sell more consoles on a larger scale. I don’t think a few Otaku buying the console for a fanservice romp counts as the “game changer” Sony is looking for.

            Also, I think you’re stretching the definition of “niche” into an extreme. Monster Hunter is certainly popular, but that’s not the only best-selling game (series) on PSP, even given the platform’s situation. Even among “niche” games, there are well-designed games, and those that aren’t. Saying that PSP is sustained by “niche” games is a large sweep of generalization that misses the more important details.

            Not to mention that games that could actually suit PSV also seem to be avoiding it. E.X. Troopers went for 3DS and PS3 despite a PSV release also making sense; Monster Hunter 4 also shifted to 3DS. I don’t think it’s a mere assumption on my part that many companies don’t seem have confidence to make a game on PSV; or at least not ones aiming for ample returns, and certainly not a lot of new IPs that require a new audience more or less.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    I hope its actual underwear this time and not just bikini tops and bottoms like SKB. Yes there’s a difference!

  • PreyMantis

    “…the game will have ninja clothes, cheerleading outfits, aprons (just an apron), and underwear outfit.”

    Day one purchase.

  • Demeanor

    Naked apron?! Now I really want to see how the 3rd person perspective from the back looks… XD
    Guys, we need a new interview with the guy who talked about butts to ask for his thoughts and higher intents in including this new content XD I bet everyone agrees XD

  • alixraen

    My disdain for this series grows.

    • Hinataharem

      I respect your opinion and heartfully disagree

      • alixraen

        Appreciate it, though I didn’t really share an opinion XD. The game’s just not for me.

        • Hinataharem

          That’s understandable. It really is in-your-face fanservice. I will give the series credit as it actually has good gameplay to merit playing it.

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