Ragnarok Online 2 Open Beta Is Region Locked

By Ishaan . January 2, 2013 . 10:00am

Were you looking forward to trying out the Ragnarok Online 2 open beta this week? If you don’t live in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand or Vietnam, you’re going to have to wait a little longer.


A day before the Ragnarok Online 2 open beta kicks off, the game’s publisher in South East Asia, Asiasoft Online, have revealed that their licensing agreement with developer, Gravity Co., limits their game service to the aforementioned locales.


“These aforementioned licence terms will take full effect from the start of OBT tomorrow and we deeply apologise for any inconvenience caused to players,” Asiasoft Online posted to the game’s Facebook page this morning.


Ragnarok Online 2 will be made available in other countries, such as North America and the Philippines, later this year, however. Gravity have plans to make the game available in these territories in the first half of 2013, so U.S. players may not have long to wait.


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  • Luna Kazemaru

    Apparently the WarZ scam got to everyone’s head and now everyone trying to get everyone to report the game as a scam while claiming the whole thing is racist and a crime….What?

    I can agree that it was kinda a bad move to wait to last minute since other MMO’s have explained things like this from the start. I’m pretty sure even if this reason was legit or whatever people would still be lynch mobbing it that’s the internet after all.

    • Yes we would because Asiasoft used RO2 to get our personal information. It is pure fraud to offer a service and request your personal information credit cards and all for those that purchased @cash to be ready for something that was never planned to be available to us. When you lie to get someone to provide information, it is PURE FRAUD and is no different than any other Phishing site.

  • phangtom

    What about Europe?

    • I believe Europe should be able to play it, not totally sure though. Either way don’t listen to “The Wind”. The ignorance is strong with that one.

  • XypherCode

    Crap I just finished downloading it the other day. xD

  • Filipinos got trolled!!!

  • Meaning proxy users will be going full bore.

    It’s not like it’s the first time that’s happened with MMOs and things of that nature.

  • That’s fascinating since the first OBT – you know, the one that got postponed – said absolutely nothing about a region lock even after it was supposedly open.

    Not that I’m complaining though – with AsiaSoft’s track record for massive fuck-ups, I like it better if they’re not the ones handling the international version.

    • IIRC the North American version is being handled by WarpPortal, which I think belongs to Gravity, and the European version is being handled by Gravity Europe.

  • eilegz

    epic failure, this its dead on arrival

    • Luna Kazemaru

      ‘Ragnarok Online 2 will be made available in other countries, such as North America and the Philippines, later this year’

      ‘Gravity have plans to make the game available in these territories in the first half of 2013″

      It will be fine lol.

      • it’s not about they would launch another server in PH or NA it’s all about the repercussion/s that the game publisher has made… that’s the reason many ppl are angry

  • Go2hell66

    i got to play it for 5min during the stress test.

    probably the 1st and last time i’ll ever play the game

  • LostRock

    I was their guinea pig for the stress tests, and now they have thrown me out

  • From my understanding this game doesn’t bring much new into the MMO world, my guess die hard fans from the first game would be the only guys buying this.

    • yeah, if this game has no ‘Ragnarok’ title, people will throw it under ‘another WoW clonce’ label

      admit it, people want to play this game because of nostalgia value.

      • Sakurazaki

        I like priests <.<

        That's my reason, heh.

  • ZeroWalker

    “Gravity have plans to make the game available in these territories in the first half of 2013”

    if I understand it correct first half of 2013 means sometime in June |because if u say half a 1 year that means 6 month out of 12.

    So when they say first half of 2013 that means in June so well US have to wait 6 month and because Eu is always last on a game release we have to wait 7 to 9 month.

    • And that ONLY if you’re lucky. Knowing Europe and publishers we’ll be getting it sometime 2014 or 2015.

      • Naux

        Mark his words!

      • ZeroWalker

        True that I would almost bet 2014 if they do like they did with the first game.

        2002 in Korea

        2003 in USA

        April 25 2004 in Europa and in December 2004 in Australia.

        So we can be lucky and only need to wait 1 year instead of 2 >.<

  • Chiupon

    I had just downloaded this, too. Oh well :X

  • Oh wow, screw that.

  • Even though I live in North America it’s still kinda messed up. I mean come on guys, let not make this a trend please.

  • I didn’t even know that this was a thing, so I can’t really say I’m disappointed.

  • Maria Garcia

    god dammit!!!!

  • Naux

    The game didn’t strike me as anything extraordinary from just the trailers, but since I had a long history with RO1, I intended to try this one out. Too bad, I guess. :(

  • Lucky, I’m in Vietnam, but the whole region lock just annoying

  • KittenLatte

    I don’t understand why we were allowed to be in the closed beta and stress tests if they planned on doing this to us… They should of told us they were doing this from the start…

  • Esperia Lastfold

    I downloaded, Installed, Updated, Supported and Hyped the game only to get a “region lock” slaped in my face?

    Uninstalling the game and cursing gravity for eternity with all my might right now… What a waste of time…

  • Jezzy

    Looks like they kept the regionlock secret just so that they could get their 100k Likes in Facebook. How could they possibly not know the terms of their license till the very last day?

  • Isaac Newton

    So Philippines is not part of South East Asia?
    So just where on the friggin part of Asia are we??

  • theoriginaled

    Haha oh my lord. Hasnt RO2 been in beta for like 6 years now?

    • you meant RO2: Gates of the World. it’s screwed up version that Gravity itself scrapped it.

  • Learii

    so NA can’t ply with other country? like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand or Vietnam

  • this is the worst last minute decision happened in online game history.

    for one month, they ask people to try the CBT, like their page (we were promised reward), put every country RO2 fanpage, stress test.

    then BAM! “no more game for you, the rest of the world” they said.

    but.. on the bright side, they known as fucked up publisher, so I already expect fucked up OBT.

  • Rolling Guy

    Philippines? WTF? So we’re not a part of SEA now?

    • d19xx

      The countries mentioned have Asiasoft as a publisher. Publishing rights of RO in the Philippines belongs to Level-Up games. It’s possible that the publisher in the Philippines may be having licensing, financial or whatever issues to distribute RO in the PH.

      Simply put, it’s costly and a pain is the ass to beta test a game. If you’re a publisher it’s safer to put your money on a completed game.

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