Developers Pick Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F As The Best PlayStation Game For Girls

By Sato . January 3, 2013 . 1:30am


Weekly SPA! magazine asked Japanese developers on their top three recommended PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita games for girls. Here’s what the developers picked.


1st Place – Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA f (PS Vita)

20130102_ps3_vita_17 20130102_ps3_vita_20

The Vocaloid Miku we all love, sings and dances in the latest installment of the cute pop rhythm action series. Project DIVA f appeals to girls who play games on a casual level and to the everyday gamers. The customization options for costumes and accessories add a unique touch to the game, as you can play as your very own Miku and see her in action in your own music videos. What more could you love?


2nd Place – Okami HD (PlayStation 3)

The beautiful artwork of Okami HD is definitely worth noting. The original Okami on the PlayStation 2 sold very well to the female audience, mainly for its unique art style. With an even better HD version, it’s definitely one of the most recommended games.


3rd Place – LittleBigPlanet 2 (PlayStation 3)

Many developers chose Little Big Planet 2 for its fun characters and stages. The “pop" look to everything is another great appeal. The simple gameplay makes it easier for just about anyone to enjoy.

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  • ragingmerifes

    No. Project Diva is the best for all sexes.

    And I just say that because I’m a guy who plays the hell out of it.

    • Same here. I’m still playing it even though I already got the Platinum trophy for it.

      • Kai2591

        wow. HARDCORE. haha.

    • almostautumn

      Damn right dude. 22 years old now, starting playing them when I learned about PD2nd; amazing series, and just so enjoyable. Girl or guy; doesn’t matter. Good game = good game.

    • Visa Vang

      Yup, playing it and proud of it. But man, their “Normal” is like hard for us lol.

      • ragingmerifes

        Yes. In the PSP version, I thought Easy would be easy and went straight to Normal. I played the whole music thinking I was going well, and the game said I failed.

  • Nemesis_Dawn

    Come to think of it, out of all the women I have on my PSN list, all but two of them did download Okami HD, so I guess there’s something to this.

  • harmonyworld

    Funny, I played Asura’s Wrath last year and liked that more than these.
    Although, I did buy Okami HD, but I’ve always wanted it since it first came out.

    • Boba Bob

      Cuz Asura’s wrath be full of badass. and you like badass.

  • What!? Okami’s much better than Project Diva.

  • zephyrsword

    I can’t really say much for Japanese games since half of them never make it to European shores, but Okami is a fun play regardless of gender. I was late into buying it because of various factors, but it appealed to me because of the Sumi-e art style and old eastern demons.

    Hatsune Miku I’m unsurprised about, I don’t even know who she is (I guess she’s some sort of virtual idol that’s seen everywhere in Japan) but the game genuinely looks like fun and I can see why people would like it.

    However, I wish we weren’t segregated into categories just because of our gender. Guys like to play ‘girl’ games and girls like to play ‘guy’ games more often times than people consider.

    • Boba Bob

      i don’t think guys like to play “girl” games (Not that i’ve seen or known of), but some girls definitely do play “guy” games.

      • Rayshawn Davis

        Unless the girl games have a lot of action in them, or if the girl lead character, or female character cast look sexy, unless it has those traits with some enjoyable gameplay, then chances are in most cases guys aren’t going to bother with girl games. At least from what I’ve seen most of the time in recent years. Yes, I’ve seen guys play girl games that weren’t “M” rated games, or never it such a rating. But apparently boobies + Hot female characters + good gameplay = interaction and sales from guy gamer community most of the time.

        And if not that, then its Cute girls + decent gameplay + interesting story = sales from guy gamer community.

        • Boba Bob

          What you said is pretty much true Davis, it wouldn’t make sense if a guy for example plays an otome game and if there is such guy then it’d be one in a billion, now it’d make a bit more sense if that otome game had attractive female characters and interesting minigames that guys can enjoy, i wouldn’t be too surprised if a male gamer played that.

          on the other hand it’s pretty easy for a girl to enjoy “guy’s games”.

  • Boba Bob

    I thought Vocaloid was alot more popular with male otaku, and i have no doubt that it still is, but damn man, this actually restores my faith in female otaku, i thought most of them play nothing but otome games, but when i saw in this article that Okami sold alot to female audience, i was surprised, in a good way, looks like there are “normal” girls too in the fandom after all.

    • ninjamitsuki

      And what the hell is wrong with playing otome games?

      How is Vocaloid any more “normal” than otome games? Especially when you’re talking about otaku?

  • komiko12

    Still. This kind of poll would be more credible if girls themselves would pick what are the games they think would be suitable for them.

    • Boba Bob

      That’s true, though they did mention Okami sold very well to the female audience ;p

      • Nightmesh

        Not gonna lie. My cousin didn’t like playing games but she saw me play Okami one day then ask to try it and boom now she’s hook on them. She’s got a vita and now waiting for a Wii U. Black of course.

    • Pretty much, since we’re asking a male group of people what they’d think it’s best for female gamers. Granted, they assume a advantageous position in the industry and they sometimes HAVE to decide how to make their games more attractive to both sexes (or just one) when making them, it’s still not a very good source of information I’d say.

  • Demeanor

    A girl I know on PSN likes Tekken Tag 2 and the Yakuza series, guess she’s attracted by cool, strong men XD quite far from the devs choices

    • Boba Bob

      Naturally most women are attracted to cool, strong men, Kiryu be making them drool lol.
      and Tekken has many badass characters, sooooooooo…

      • brian


  • AndyFe

    Damn I must be very girly then because I really like those games, hell I’m still playing Project diva f to death, eh whatever I’m going to play them some more

  • Go2hell66


  • Muddied_Waters

    I wonder what the answers would be if this was asked of Western developers. In any case, I have Okami HD myself, and that’s because that’s an awesome game that deserves its praise. It’s also nice to have an awesome female protag to play as, whether she’s a wolf or not.

  • But I love the Project Diva games, and I’m a guy.

  • Luna Kazemaru

    Well it did sell more to females but I think the game is like by more genders.

  • Kaihedgie


  • Woah talking about sexism

  • Settsuo

    I’m a women?

    • Kaihedgie

      No, you are the demons

    • ElRobotico

      No you are not?

      • Settsuo

        Last time I checked I wasn’t, but I’ve been playing Diva F and Okami almost religiously for a while. So had to be sure.

        • ElRobotico

          Good for you.

          • Settsuo

            Satire, not a lot of people can comprehend it…

  • Minos

    Yeah, because it were women who bought that Vita with Miku on the touch pad.

    “Zettai Ryouiki” at its finnest.

  • Hey! Im a guy aand Im okay with this actually.

    They are saying it’s the fav choice for females, not that it’s exclusive for females, it’s all based on stadictics durr.

  • Wait what

    It confuses me that people are still treating male and female like different species. Guys wonder why girls complain about how they are treated in the video game community, this here is one of the problems. A game is a game. “Girls” don’t like cute games like Project Diva anymore than they like RPGs or action games or shooters. People are people and each individual person has their own unique personal taste.

    • Suicunesol

      Statistics. They show that males and females as a whole gravitate to different kinds of games. I’m not saying that there isn’t an overlapping gray area where males and females play the same games. There definitely is, and this area is usually sizable. I don’t know how the developers picked their choices, but it remains true that as a whole girls prefer some games that guys don’t (and vice versa). This isn’t sexism. It’s just… the way it is, for some reason.

      • Societal norms really influence this kind of thing.

  • StarWarudo

    I didn’t even know girls liked video games.

  • Neophoton

    Female here, I wouldn’t get into Project Diva (or rather, can’t, it’s not my thing), but I’m more for games like Final Fantasy, Okami, Uncharted, Persona, Street Fighter, etc. Odds are I’m probably in the minority when it comes to females in gaming, however.

    I’d say Okami is more deserving, but once again, that’s just how I feel about it in that Project Diva is definitely not something that suits my fancy.

  • M_A_K

    Project Diva f? Heh what f? I’m still stuck on clearing Gekishou on Extreme in Project Diva 2nd.

    Yes, manly tears was shed due to this single song.

  • TheSwordUser

    Wait…it’s a game for girls? I..uh, er….um…that’s…um….what?
    (I’m not really serious..however I do still think that this game was made with Big Otaku Milking in mind)

  • Actually, I do think Project has been increasingly thought for guys and played by them btw. Look the Cero rating has shot up to C that’s no coincidence!

  • Kuro Kairi

    Strange that girl gamers get special treatment, I’m pretty certain that they have as much varied tastes as anyone, some wouldn’t play these games some would.
    Miku is overally very popular and LBP is marketed as a family game (both gender neutral fields) so it doesn’t surprise me that a lot of both girls and guys play it. Information about gender of the buyer is hard to come by (this is japan exclusive list anyway).

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