Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories Headed To PSN As A PlayStation 2 Classic

By Ishaan . January 11, 2013 . 8:04pm

d2Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories is headed to the PlayStation Network as a PS2 Classic, NIS America have announced. The game will be available on January 22nd for $9.99.


Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories is a follow-up to Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, and stars a new protagonist, Adell, who’s on the search for an overlord named Zenon. While he isn’t the main character in Disgaea 2, Laharl, the protagonist of the first game, makes an appearance in this one, too.


Disgaea 2 was also ported to the PSP under the title Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days.

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  • DesmaX

    Hope they release Ar tonelico…

    • Spirit Macardi

      Same here, along with the Atelier Iris trilogy.

      • FetusZero

        I’m actually playing the Atelier Iris trilogy on PS2 lately. It’s the
        only “last gen” console I’ve always and still keep hooked up to my TV, right next to my current gen ones, and it will probably still be during the next one as well.

        They really should release Ar Tonelico though.. While I have them on my PS2, the first one remains my favorite RPG out there.

        • Spirit Macardi

          I own them too, but I would buy them again to support the series and so I’d have an excuse to play through them again. Especially the first Atelier Iris, since I absolutely LOVED Steve Blum’s performance as Arlin~

          • DesmaX

            I actualy only played the third one. I want to try out the other games

    • Yes! The PS Store needs a lot more RPG classics. PS2 is full of them.

  • AlteisenX

    This is awesome for anyone who doesn’t want to pay much to get into the series. I prefer the original’s story but this one is still well made.

  • BelmontHeir

    Awesome, but isn’t the PSP version generally considered superior? I’m assuming it has more content.

    • The PSP version has more skills, Magichange, an entire new mode (Axel Mode), widescreen, DLC (though buggy DLC and incomplete– still new characters though), more unlockable characters, and the sort. It’s really superior, but if you don’t have a PSP/Vita…

  • It’s just sad that the PSP version is probably infinitely better. But if anyone has only a PS3 they should totally give this a whirl.

    I’m half-considering picking it up purely as a show of support for NISA. Hopefully they cover other games in their library, too.

    • DesmaX

      Well, I see this more as to show people the series (I mean, it just 10 bucks)

    • Definitely agree that the handheld versions are the way to go. Still, if you don;t have a PSP and haven’t played D2, by all means.

      • Joe S

        I have a PS3 and PSP, but never played D2 (and would like to). What’s so great about the PSP version?

        Honestly, the only reason I have a PSP is for PSP exclusive RPGs. I prefer to play my PS3 with a big TV and comfortable controller when I can… what’s so special about D2 PSP that would change my mind? Someone posted below about some additional content, widescreen support (which is a moot point to me, I’d rather play the PS2 resolution on a big TV), etc.

        • Locklear93

          The PSP version has a second story mode starring Axel, magichange (a feature from Disgaea 3 added to Disgaea 2 to give monsters more utility), and DLC (one was free, IIRC), among other things. That they’re referring to this as a PS2 classic implies they worked from the original PS2 game, so it won’t likely have those things.

        • What locklear93 said, basically. The widescreen is a pretty big thing for me, it honestly looks great on the PSPs screen, and of course the additional content. All of that, though, is trumped by just having it on the go. I feel like Disgaea games are at their best when you can easily pick them up/set them down/take them with you. But, you might not share this opinion. I would still suggest the PSP version, but get whichever you think will be best for you.

        • OverlordZetta

          PSP version has additional story mode, more characters, DLC on top of that, functions and gameplay from Disgaea 3 added on, the works.

  • Hoshi星

    A PS2 classic worth it! *winks at the Dora/Diego games from this week*

  • Zonic505

    Should be mentioned that on the 15th, the original Disgaea will be added to PSN as a PS2 Classic as well.

    • SetzerGabbiani

      Which is significant because I literally couldn’t play it with anything greater than S-video back in the day; it always gave me a signal error with component cables. Hopefully it won’t look like crap with HDMI

  • AkuLord3

    Worth getting, a very good game even if its not the psp version. Already have/beaten the game but i wouldn’t mind supporting the series

  • Arc†icNinja21

    Looks like I might be buying this game for the 4th time.

  • juma086

    …why? we have the PSP version already…

    • Elvick

      Not everyone has a PSP/PS Vita, nor wants one.

  • darqred

    I’m still hoping soul nomad will take classics form, I still haven’t played it.

  • BadenBadenPrinny

    Hopefully Makai Kingdom follows

    • AkuLord3

      My god i would love that, i lost my old copy which sucks especially the hours i put in it

    • Kitestwinblades

      That would be…Freakin’ Badass xD
      I just wanna have a katana wielding hell cat again. That and use Pram lol
      The music was excellent too :3

  • kool_cid414

    I usually have a strict one play/one buy policy with the only exception being persona 3 (Bought the original then FES) but this is the game that got me into the series and made me play all the other games and also taught me to do my best to keep promises so it’ll be quite hard not to pick this game up again that being said I still need to finish Disgaea 4 and try to actually get a character to lvl 9999 a dream I’ve yet to achieve.

  • Interesting. Like others have mentioned, there’s little reason to pick up either Disgaea on PSN if you own a PSP copy. (MORE FEATURES + CONTENT!)

    On the other hand though, I may very well get these anyway. The ps2 classics line while growing, is growing VERY slowly. I’d definitely like to send support for the initiative and all my favorite titles that show up on there.

  • Lester Paredes

    While I think the PSP version is the better port (More battles to obsess over! and the ability to put it to sleep at any time and pick it up later makes grinding a pill much easier to swallow) this will certainly fit the bill for those that didn’t buy the handheld or it’s successor! Whoo-hoo for Disgaea!

  • ???

    Why not port the PSP version (complete with the extra storyline and tons of bonus content).

    • AkuLord3

      Because that’s not how Ps2 classics work :l, if you want the Psp version then get

  • ragingmerifes

    Yes. My favourite Disgaea. I spent much more time on Disgaea 1 because I couldn’t turn off the battle animations, but oh, how I loved Disgaea 2.

  • This was the only Disgaea I did not beat. I got bored with the storyline and most of the characters.

    Still, glad its getting released. Even though I didn’t care much for it, I still recommend the series as a whole to anybody I meet who like these kinds of games. Won’t be picking it up myself as I have all the hard copies of the ps2 and ps3 disgaea’s, and just got a PSP less than a week ago as a belated christmas present and may look into grabbing a few of the psp varieties instead of the digital only ones.

  • Mister_Nep

    Boobs on the right. Lack of boobs on the left. Brofist in the middle. Interesting cover art.

  • Spider-Man

    Awesome! I’ll stick with the PSP version, though.

    Hope Godzilla: Save the Earth makes it as a PS2 classic since War of the Monsters did.>_>

  • Riseabovethesky

    Rozalin <3

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