Sting And Compile Heart Working On Date A Live Video Game

By Spencer . January 14, 2013 . 1:46am


After releasing Knights in the Nightmare and Gungnir, Sting has been working with Idea Factory. The two companies formed Super Sting, which created Generation of Chaos: Pandora’s Reflection. Sting’s next project appears to be a video game adaptation of the anime/light novel Date A Live.


A Date A Live teaser site is up, which credits Compile Heart and Sting as the companies working on the title. The copyrights also attribute Date A Live to the author Koshi Tachibana, illustrator Tsunako, and publisher Fujimi Shobo. The Date A Live anime begins airing in April, so we’re guessing this game is slated for spring 2013.

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  • Kevadu

    Sigh, another game based on a popular light novel turned anime..

    …wait, *Sting* is doing it?! What the..didn’t see that one coming. Now how do you turn Date A Live into a complex SRPG? ;)

    • malek86

      Sting also worked on the PSP port of ToHeart2, so I guess they have some experience on the visual/light novel field (kinda?).

      Well, given that we haven’t heard anything about them doing this game before, and they are only listed in the credits for now, it’s likely that they are just working on the technical side of it.

  • malek86

    Ok, guess at this point we can safely say Sting’s deal with Atlus is over, perhaps it already was one year ago after they released Gungnir.

    But now I have to wonder if they signed another deal with Idea Factory, or if these are just occasional colaborations. Well… most likely the former.

    • Ladius

      I think the issue here is that without a publishing partner Sting won’t be able to release any more games (aside from smartphones one), and if Idea Factory is the only one willing to support them they don’t have much choice on the matter.

      Then again, given they created a joint label for their collaborations I would imagine the Super Sting deal was made with more than one game in mind.

      • malek86

        Problem is GOC6 didn’t exactly sell a lot either. Is Sting cursed to have low sales in all its games? If we assume that Atlus interrupted the deal because sales weren’t high enough, then I don’t know if Idea Factory will be terribly pleased either.

        To be honest, in light of this news today, I wouldn’t be surprised to see IF eventually “acquiring” Sting and incorporating them into Compile Heart, so as to make the team bigger while still retaining its more famous name (right now Compile Heart is seeing decent success).

        • Ladius

          While GoC6 sold badly, I think it was hardly unexpected, not to mention its production values were actually inferior compared to previous entries and previous grand-strategy IF games (Spectral Force Legacy, for example), so the game could have been profitable even with sub-10k sales, just as the Cladun games.

          That, or IF signed the Super Sting deal for multiple games since the beginning, and can’t back up on the agreement in spite of poor sales.

          That said, I think you’re right on your last assumption: Sting could work very well as an IF subsidiary, like Design FactoryOtomate and Compile Heart, even if I suspect much of their previous IPs could pose licensing issues depending on Atlus’ role.

          • malek86

            That is possible, but I think if Idea Factory acquired Sting, they would probably dismantle them and put the members in other teams, or at least change the name into something else. The Sting name is probably synonimous with “complicated and unapproachable stuff” right now, and I think IF wouldn’t want that anymore if they are hoping to increase their sales.

          • Ladius

            I don’t think that would be the case, or they wouldn’t have let Sting develop a sequel to one of their old key franchises with the same bizarre gameplay twists previous Sting games were known for. Of course they may use them for multiple projects, and not all of them could be suited for Sting’s usual approach.

          • malek86

            That’s the problem ,they let them try, and it sold pretty bad. At this point, and given their previous games performance too, I think IF is starting to get a hint.

  • gangrelion

    main character seems worthless! I will not play this!

    • MrTyrant

      If I can take better decisions than “him” it mite b cool he.

  • Neko Kawaii


  • raitouniverse

    Gosh darn it Sting, just make Dokapon Kingdom 2!

    • Visa Vang

      Playing that game online?! Count me in!!

      • Are you kidding? Playing Dokapon locally is the only way to punch your friends when they Darkling-steal your castles or summon a monster to fight you while you’re in the middle of fighting the boss.

        • Visa Vang

          Of course, that too.

  • Kai2591

    Kinda fitting, since Tsunako designed the characters for both Neptunia and Date A Live light novels.

  • Please be a good and enjoyable game, please be a good and enjoyable game~ Dx

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    “After releasing Knights in the Nightmare and Gungnir, Sting has been working with Idea Factory.”
    Still hurts

    • Ladius

      Well, Generation of Chaos 6 is in line with previous Sting games despite it being an IF collaboration, if anything we should be happy someone is still supporting them, given Atlus seems uninterested in further deals and Sting games are low-sellers even among niche jrpgs.

      • Sting games are low-sellers because they can’t seem to break out of their mindset and make games that actually appeal to a broader selection of people. I like Sting, but the simple truth is they were unable to expand out and shacking up with the fanservice brigade is their backup plan.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      yep end of your world.

    • I played like 15 minutes of Spectral Force Genesis and it made my brain hurt and not in a good way

  • TiredOfMyOldUsername

    I like the light novel, but i don’t see how this could become a good games, well not that it really matter since it won’t make it to NA.

  • Ladius

    Glad to see the Super Sting deal continuing, especially since it’s probably the only chance to see more Sting games on handheld and consoles. Generation of Chaos 6’s western release is near, I’m really curious to see what they did with the franchise (even if I would have loved to see another traditional grand-strategy GoC).

  • Prinnydoom

    Looks pretty good and damn i felt that ball shot that had to hurt. Hurt so bad his next of kin felt it.

  • Sergio BriceƱo

    Whenever I have two girls offering me food they made… I definitely DON’T put on that face. It’s more like this face:

  • Sigh. R.I.P. Sting.

    • At least the latest Generation of Chaos game on PSP seems to carry the unorthodoxy of the Dept. Heaven games. I actually wanna try that.

      • Quadsdat

        I’ll save you some trouble and just tell you the game isn’t good at all. No where near as fun as the other Dept Heaven games like Yggdra Union.

        • Hm. I heard it has some RTS elements in it, so I wanted to see. Thanks for the info, in any case.

    • Luna Kazemaru


      • Come at me, bro.

        • Luna Kazemaru

          No I’m having fun watching you cry a river

          • Who’s crying? If Sting want to throw their souls away and join the moe fanservice brigade, that’s their choice. We still have other talented JRPG devs like Atlus, Square, Intelligent Systems and Monolith to fight the good fight. :)

          • Luna Kazemaru

            Their selling their souls now? Really…REALLY
            I don’t even know if I have a lol gif for this :D

          • Ladius

            I’m sorry, but I really don’t know how anyone can fairly accuse Sting of “selling their souls” or joining the “fanservice brigade” just because they made a publishing deal that, so far, has involved a single, fanservice-free game.

            If you look at Generation of Chaos 6 you will see how that
            game retains the same traits of previous Sting games without any resemblance to Compile Heart games (it should also be noted that the GoC series itself had nothing to do with that kind of character designthemes, like all the old IF jrpgs set in the Neverland world).

            We don’t even know which role they have in this new project, nor which kind of game this is gonna be, and even if they were the only development team (which doesn’t seem to be the case, given they’re one of two teams credited and they could have simply helped with programming, tech or debugging) the trailer shown in this news is the anime’s.

            I know you dislike Compile Heart, but there’s no reason to drag Sting (or Idea Factory as a whole, since they have other subsidiaries that have nothing to do with CH, like Design FactoryOtomate) in this.

          • You want me to believe that a collaboration with Compile Heart won’t involve a heavy focus on fanservice? When the anime series’ PV (to which the game will undoubtedly be connected) has a very prominent panty shot less than 30 seconds in? Really? :P

            At this point, Sting have something to prove. They’ve done nothing but mobile and iOS stuff for a year or so now, and their first comeback into traditional games is a partnership with a company that sells itself on cutesy fanservice. They aren’t stupid. They know full well the message they’re sending out.

            And I don’t buy the “Super Sting or shut down” argument for one second. Plenty of smalltime developers have managed to branch out and expand their audience while retaining what makes them unique. We’ve seen numerous examples of this, from Atlus to From Software to others.

            At this point, I’m more inclined to believe that Sting have given up doing what they were known for, for the most part, and are looking for an easier way to make money. And that’s fine. It’s their choice and I respect that. I just personally won’t be interested in them any more.

            edit: On the GOC6 point, I see what you’re trying to say (and yeah, I know the game is fairly recent), but that game bombed like mad. :P

          • Ladius

            They haven’t focused only on mobiles this past year, though: Generation of Chaos 6 was released in Japan just six months ago, and it was as far removed from a fanservice-centered game as possible.

            I think this kind of output is reasonable when you consider the size of this developer, especially when we don’t even know how many projects they can actually fund at the same time. That said, I agree about Sting not being able to expand their audience in the past, but it’s also true no one ever gave them the resources to do so: when the best you can do is an extremely low budget tactical jrpg it’s very difficult to obtain anything but niche appeal.

            Regarding this new game, the news itself states that Sting is in the credits, but they could very well end up having a minor role, or simply act to support the technical side of development. I don’t think it’s fair to overdramatize things before we have actual infos about the game or its development.

            I don’t know anything directly about the licence and so I can’t really comment on it, but I think its anime trailer doesn’t deserve to be put in the same category as fanservice-driven animes, considering nowadays most animes will have some fanservice elements regardless of their quality or narrative focus (BTOOOM, just to name one I saw recently).

          • I agree about Sting not being able to expand their audience in the past, but it’s also true no one ever gave them the resources to do so…

            This is 100% untrue. Atlus have given them chances. Hexyz Force isn’t a low-budget SRPG, it’s a regular 3D JRPG and is on par with your average PSP role-playing games in terms of production values. It sold 11,000 copies at launch.

            11,000. That is abysmal.

            I can completely understand why not one single publisher would want to touch Sting after seeing their games sell like that. I wouldn’t blame Atlus for the low sales either. Atlus received the pitch for Radiant Historia from a director who didn’t even have his own development studio, and they turned that into a successful game all by themselves. Clearly, they weren’t the problem.

          • malek86

            Hexyz Force was also their most “normal” game of the last 10 years, and still has only sold roughly the same as their other non-normal games. Actually even less (KITN was around 20k).

            At this point, I guess the problem is the name: people just automatically stay away when they hear “Sting” because they are too used to them making weird stuff that very few people like.

          • Yeah, pretty much. I like Sting and but they did this to themselves. When you’ve got so many bombs in a row and don’t do anything to address the issue, this is how you end up. :(

          • Ladius

            I wouldn’t really say Hexyz could have given Sting a chance to break free from its niche, at best it would have helped them carving a new one (provided Atlus gave them enough funding to make a franchise out of it).

            We should consider that Hexyz was the only traditional jrpg in their recent lineup (aside from their new mobile game) and, while its production values were indeed superior to their tactical games, it was still a low key release that, exactly because of its genre switch, ended up being unable to keep the same kind of unique appeal their tactical games had in the crowded PSP jrpg scene.

            The fact that it was so different from the Dept. Heaven games probably meant that part of their usual fanbase, the only niche that was aware the game existed, ended up avoiding it, as shown by its disappointing sales compared to the Dept. Heaven games (aside from Gloria Union).
            In a sense, Sting’s own reputation could have damaged them in pursuing a different venue, even if at the same time it’s unable to keep them afloat without a partner to support them.

          • That’s precisely what I’m saying. If it was Sting’s own reputation that did them in, they have no one else to blame for this sorry state of affairs.

            I know you’re usually first in line to defend Idea Factory and Compile Heart whenever people give them heat, but I’m sorry; I just personally really dislike the idea of a good developer having anything to do with these two studios that have proven themselves incapable of developing successful games without the fanservice factor pushing them.

          • Ladius

            Again, my issue with your attacks is that you’re assuming lots of things about Sting’s future, while apparently disregarding what Super Sting has actually done so far. We have a single game to judge the Super Sting collaboration on, Generation of Chaos 6, and that isn’t a fanservice game by any stretch of imagination.

            If they turn themselves into a fanservice-driven developer things will obviously change, but so far there isn’t anything to imply such a development, nor is there a reason to consider this new game anything more than your usual anime tie-in so far. We don’t even know which role they have in this game, nor if they have another “traditional” Sting game in development.

            Also, if I end up defending IF and CH (just as I defend Namco, Koei, Gust, XSeed, NISA and other developers and publishers when I think they’re treated unfairly) it’s only because they’re often attacked with factual inaccuracies or generalizations: I imagine you’re well aware that Idea Factory can’t be reduced to its subsidiary Compile Heart, since they developed countless jrpgs in the Neverland world with little to no fanservice, not to mention the slew of otome games put out by their other subsidiary, Design FactoryOtomate, far outnumbering Compile Heart’s output.

          • Have any of those series been relevant in years? They haven’t.

            Generation of Chaos 6 came out and bombed. No one cared and 99% of people don’t even know it exists. Meanwhile, Spectral Force as a whole is virtually unheard of and no one cared about Genesis.

            You’re only as good as the last products you released, and Idea Factory’s last recognized product in this regard was Trinity Universe. Boy, that was a real bastion of quality, wasn’t it?

            You’re cutting these guys way too much slack. Their otome market efforts are the one thing I will genuinely give Idea Factory credit for, but outside of that, they have absolutely no clue what they’re doing.

          • Ladius

            No one is saying their series are particularly relevant in the industry at large, my point was simply that IF can’t be reduced to Compile Heart’s games, since they are actually a small minority of their lineup, and their other series are vastly different in target, gameplay and art direction. Otome games alone are far more, and they’re probably the biggest players in that niche, with anime and manga adaptations for licenses such as Amnesia, Hakuoki and Hiiro no Kakera.

            That said, they’re as relevant as lots of other niche publishers and developers covered on this site, and I would argue they know what they’re doing, since they weren’t only able to survive for almost 20 years by funding their own efforts, but they also grow esponentially (they currently employ more than 110 people, for instance), and they’re still making new partnerships and slowly upgrading their technologies.

            No one is saying people can’t dislike them, but I think sound criticism needs to take account of reality: if you want to criticize CH because of the fanservice in some of their games there’s no need to mix them up with the rest of IF’s subsidiaries, or Sting.

    • I wish they would stop making fanservice games with dating elements and go back to making games like Riviera oh wait

      • Not sure what your point was.

        • I’m saying there’s definitely a precedent for this. Riviera was one of their bigger titles and it was pretty heavy on the sim and fanservice elements.

          • Sure, but a title having fanservice elements is very different from a title that’s being pushed primarily on its fanservice aspect.

  • RoxasTheUnknown1

    Looking forward to it.

  • Noooooo, Sting, you’re better than this! Ditch those losers and go back to making super-technical RPGs!

    The only reason I didn’t buy Gungnir is because my PSP got stolen! I swear!!

    • Ladius

      Those “losers” are the one that are helping Sting survive since Atlus ditched them, and the only collaboration game they’ve done so far (GoC6) is in line with Sting’s previous efforts in terms of bizarre, apparently complex mechanics.

      I would also add that Idea Factory itself has made some really complex jrpgs, starting from their grand-strategy jrpgs (some of the Spectral games and all the Generation of Chaos ones before the one made by Sting). Try Generation of Chaos or Generation of Chaos Aedis Eclipse on PSP, for instance.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        It’s also worth noting that Sting wasn’t completely immune to whatever ‘sickness’ folks want to accuse CF of. In Riviera you could get involved with a girl clearly on the younger side of 18 (and likely 16) and both it and Ygdrra had ‘hot springs episodes’.

        • The dating-sim aspects in Riviera were cute though, and supported an actual (good, fun) RPG with good graphics and music. This just looks cheap and gross.

          • Luna Kazemaru

            SO Date a live is a gross anime/LN now?


          • Ladius

            I’m sorry, but judging a game we don’t know anything about by using an anime trailer makes absolutely no sense.

            We don’t even know which genre this game is gonna be, nor do we have a single screenshot, and I doubt many of us are familiar with the light novels and can give a sound opinion on their plot. We don’t even know which role Sting will play in its development, for that matter.

            Hating for the sake of hating, even when there isn’t anything to support such an attitude, isn’t a particularly useful way to debate things.

          • Himiko

            You judge this by a teaser shot? and of a Light Novel/Anime you know nothing of aside from a 3 minute trailer? Bravo.

      • malek86

        I should also point out that, given Sting’s previous track record compared to Idea Factory games, we europeans are probably much more likely to get Sting games now. I was pretty surprised by GOC6, considering we didn’t get anything in the last 6 years.

    • Luna Kazemaru


  • I like both company’s products. Really looking forward to seeing what they come up with. My guess is a dating sim with strategy game elements, featuring tons of fan service and a stylish yet overly complicated user interface.

  • ragingmerifes

    Dept Heaven + loli dating = True perfection

  • darkbartz

    Real life version of Fall in Love: My Little Shidou.

    Aside from the panty shot at the beginning, I don’t think Date A Live has that many fanservicy moments though. I would more describe it as The World God Only Knows, but instead of girls with spirits inside of them, it’s girls with power levels that would make Bleach characters look horrendously weak.

  • Kevin Lor

    hehe I already like the red hair girl with the pantsu ^^

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