New Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Screenshots Show The Mysterious Lumina

By Spencer . January 17, 2013 . 5:46am


Lumina is one of the new characters in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. She appears to be a playful girl and at times Lumina guides Lightning. Other times, Lumina distracts her. What is Lumina thinking and why does she have that sly smile when giving Lightning advice?


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Lightning’s role in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is to save the world and find her sister Serah.


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Square Enix gave Lightning different outfits like Shadow Dust (left) and Dark Muse (right). Wearing garb does more than alter Lightning’s appearance. Lightning’s parameters, magic spells, and abilities change depending on what weapon and garb Lightning has equipped. 


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Players can switch between three sets of garb during battle. Lightning’s default set of garb is called Equilibrium and has a balanced set of parameters.




Here’s Lightning using the Dark Muse garb.



Lightning’s Shadow Dust garb gives her new abilities like a spell that can banish multiple foes at once.


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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is set in Luxerion. The downtown area near the south station is lined with shops like restaurants and inns. The south station plaza is packed with people visiting the divine city of Luxerion if you visit during the day. After sunset, the graveyard becomes vacant. Square Enix added a clock to Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII which changes events depending on the time of day you visit a location.


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Players can take on quests like monster hunting missions by talking to NPCs or reading message boards.


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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is slated for release this fall on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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  • Christopher Abraham

    Lumina’s sister will also appear, whose full name is Nokia Lumia

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Lol. Thats probably one of the best joke i have heard today.^_^

    • LustEnvy

      Boss form: Chevy Lumina

    • Sergio Briceño

      Ultimate attack, “not quite XIII megapixels”

    • Lim Ching Ern


  • negineBIT

    the big question is… of all types of hairstyle out there why the heck Lumina decided to do a side ponytail like Serah? lolol

    the alternate costumes are nice :>
    Shadow Dusk costume image made Light looks like a fallen angel.

  • Oni123

    Well i think we may have found Serah =)

  • Rob Hestar

    I know alot of people hated the first two games, but I loved them and can’t wait for the 3rd!

  • Henrique Melo

    Ahhh, Lightining’s armpits… <3

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    So lightning now can change her skill parameters depending on the costume she is wearing?
    ………. i wonder if swimsuits costume will allow her to charm her foes lol.

  • Masa

    thank God this will be the last in this horredous FFXIII saga which damaged the fanbase so much, along with FFXIV…….SE have alot of work to do on FFXV to win back the millions of fans they lost.

    • Josh Strange

      FF13 is a filler series just to give FF players something to hold them off until SE is finished with Versus13

      • Chiupon

        if you think that this isn’t going to set a precedent for their future releases, you should probably just give up. Unrealistic expectations much?

    • j-j-j-j-j-just w-w-w-what? ah screw it I’m not bothered.

    • OathkeeperSoraXIII

      actually the fanbase got more damaged from the fact it was announced to be multiplatform.

    • QBninja01

      More like it brought out the anger in fans wishing for games that aren’t xiii

    • Herok♞

      Honestly, the “fanbase” isn’t ever going to be something to worry about since everyone is different and will like different games. I liked 13 can I say the same about certain other entries no not all, you can replace 13 with any other one you like and it will be the whole fanbase in a nutshell, since I have never met someone who loved or hated all Final Fantasy games.

  • Shirogane Takeru

    changing garbs in the middle of battle?

    sounds like X-2

    • FFmax

      Oh god it does. This is basically the dressphere system again.

      • Kaihedgie

        Yey :3

  • Göran Isacson

    Can’t say that Dark Muse does much for me (camo-shirt + chaps =buwhaaat?), but Shadow Dust… I kinda like it. It’s shabby and dirty, almost like a post-apocalyptic outfit. It’s not as busy and crazily detailed as usual, but something… something about it kinda works. Also- she seems to change weapons depending on outfit, wonder if that means you can’t swap weapons without swapping outfit? ALSO also- barcode tattoo on her thigh? Whut?

  • Nicolas Vasquez

    thats clearly the girl fron the second, at least give her a ball mask or something.

  • Nickie

    As long as their is a happily ever after where LightningxHope and SnowxSerah then all is good in the world.

  • Lumina is probably some yuel soul or something taking the face of Serah or young lightning.

    • Priscilla Tang

      If that’s the case (Yuel+Serah), prepare for the massive shipping with Noel.

  • gustinex

    FFXIII-IV : The life of lumina

    • vespe

      FFXIII-V: saving lumina and serah again

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Where are people getting she looks like Serah from. Her face is completely different. They’re similar in hair though.

    • Tien Ron

      also if you look at her clothes they share similarities to serah’s clothes in 13

  • Sly Smile huh? I think the more important thing is YTF does she look like Serah?

  • I think the pink hair ratio in the Final Fantasy 13 games is a little too high.

    • Steven Lamphere

      What? Three? Perhaps I am not looking closely enough but I was under the impression that the only pink haired characters were Lightning, Lumina and Serah…and I highly doubt that Lumina having pink hair and in a [vaguely] familiar style is coincidental

      • Ehren Rivers

        Actually, in XIII there were a number of people you could see during the Purge or when you’re running through Palumpolom as Snow that have pink hair. In XIII-2 people with pink hair are especially common in New Bodhum 3AF, both male and female, and they appear in several other places throughout the game. Furthermore, the story behind Lumina and the murders in Luxerion (some of the details were revealed earlier today) is that young women with pink hair are being killed. The women are supposed to resemble Lightning, and it is thought that the people who oppose Bhunivelze only have a vague description of what the Liberator looks like.

        The problem is, I think, that people are only thinking about the number of main characters with pink hair which is pretty high to be fair. Three now, and if you count Vanille (whose hair is a deeply saturated orange-pink kinda like grapefruit) it’s four. The rest of the characters have slightly more even spreads of color; Silver is fairly common, but people have grown used to this in Final Fantasy games already. Most of the other ‘unnatural’ hair colors in the XIII games belong to important characters and are only used the once, even though it is implied that all the colors you see are pretty much ‘natural’ for that world/setting.

  • Leo121

    What’s up with Nomura. His character designs and outfits keep getting ridiculous.

    • Chiupon

      There’s probably a reason they’re letting an actual fashion designer do the costumes for Versus…

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    Lightning: I just want to save Serah… again.

  • Lightning’s Shadow Dust outfit looks, dare I say, dirty lol, I like her Dark Muse outfit though. Now on to the real point.

    Lumina looks great, and it’s like you can tell how she’s going to be like from her expressions, poses, and what she says in the screens.

    Also, what Lightning says about “Saving Sera” kind of makes me feel like she’s somewhat going down the Noel route like how he wanted to save Yuel and came from the future. I mean they did already tell us that it’s been 500 years since the events of the last game.

  • Kevin Lor

    Reminds me of Serah. That’s a good thing for me hehe

  • Chiupon

    Lumina seems mysterious enough, and a lot of the quality of the writing is gonna be derived from her role in the story/identity— I never had much gruff with 13 in the first place considering everything generally displeases me, but I feel as if a lot of the future of the series is riding on this. They’re trying very hard to redeem themselves overall and improve the quality of their games, and I think whether versus blows or is actually good is gonna be dependent on if this game is… quality. :V

    like really if it sucks don’t expect much from Versus. just sayin’

  • Dyne1319

    no more ff13, new franchise please

  • eilegz

    lets hope this time they bring back vanille and fang ;o;

  • Tianyu Wei

    she even has Sera’s ponytail….

  • I like Shadow Dust and Dark Muse better than the default muuuch better.


    Lumina gonna be voice by laura bailey, i am already calling it Kappa.

  • Steven Higgins

    Hmm. I wonder if there’ll be that magical girl-esque transformation sequence when you switch garbs like the Dresspheres in X-2.

  • SuperSailorV

    Lumina probably doesn’t look exactly like Serah, but if you don’t think that’s deliberate and there won’t be a connection, then…. lol

    The Shadow Dust costume reminds me of Summoner attire.

    • Scrooge_McDuck

      Indeed. Lumina doesn’t look like Serah in the same way as Roxas doesn’t look like Sora.

  • God I hope Lumina doesn’t turn out to be Serah… Or an alternate Lightning.

  • revenent hell

    I quite like the alt costumes and the idea of the dressphere consept I liked FF10&10-2 though I know a great many did not.They where fun games and the ideas behind them where solid to me.
    Lumina reminds me more of Noel than Serah…The nose and whatnot reminds me of how his face looked in a few of the cut scenes in XIII-2(I realy need to finish this game at some point) So to me shes not a good match for Serah facial feature wise but who knows she could be made from an aspect of Serah’s spirit/body/whatever or some such nonsence.
    I realy do think she has a great deal to do with Serah though

  • Maumac77

    So her multiple garbs as well as her weapons have an influence on her parameters……this sounds a tad bit like Erza from Fairy Tail. Cool

  • Kai M

    Please Sqaure Enix, give us a wonderful Collector edition like you did with 13-2.

  • Detrimont

    am i the only one who thinks she actually looks different, except for the hair

  • WyattEpp

    “…why does she have that sly smile when giving Lightning advice?”
    Brace for shipping!

    …oh come on, you know it’s going to happen.

  • PersonaBull

    Is it really just me that sees Lumina as a blend of Serah/Lightning and Hope? Her face looks exactly like Hope’s to me, especially in that second picture.

  • NightzeroAX

    Lightning y u have no ass,

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