Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix Compacts 358/2 Days Into 3 Hours Of Video

By Spencer . January 22, 2013 . 10:40pm

khm1 Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix has two playable games and videos that summarize the story of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, the interquel story that focuses on Roxas and Axel.


Famitsu explains the Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days part is 2 hours and 50 minutes long. The magazine also says there are rearranged songs that were supervised by serious composer Yoko Shimomura.


Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix comes out on March 14 in Japan.

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  • Rick R

    Glad to hear the composer was serious.

    • DudeOnly

      Why so serious ?

    • AnimusVox

      Super serial!

    • Crevox

      I was about to post this, haha…

  • :| I think that was meant to say… series. Though she is a serious composer.

    • AnimusVox

      Haha yeah. But she is an amazing composer.

      • I totally agree. I have her placed as my #1 composer (Uematsu who?) after listening to her Dramatica album.

    • Guest

      She’s probably my #1 right now, too. Followed closely by Motoi Sakuraba, even if he does tend to rip himself off >_<

  • Elvick

    I still don’t know how well this will work.

    • LustEnvy

      Did it with Xenosaga II. You get the whole first game’s cutscenes on a disc.

      • Elvick

        That has nothing to do with my point. Just the CG cutscenes probably won’t be enough to properly tell the story of the game.

        The impact it had was because of getting to know their relationship. I doubt this will be remotely comparable to what it’d be like to actually play the game and actually experience the entire story.

        • Haseyo

          I believe KH 1.5 assumes you’ve played the games, just wanting an HD collection of the first few ones.

          Also 358/2 can be summed up in just a few sentences, it’s really not that complicated. I read the story first before playing it since I didn’t have the game yet and I felt no different after playing it knowing the story beforehand. Not really any scenes in combat that change anything.

          • Elvick

            That makes no logical sense.

            You don’t get the same experience out of something when you read about it first. :/ Since you already friggin’ know what’s going to happen.

            Yevon help us. I won’t argue with you.

            Days story is meaningful. A few sentences does not begin to touch on it’s story.

          • Steven Higgins

            I think the reason the story is so compacted is because they probably left out all the cutscenes that take place in the Disney-based worlds so all we’re left with is TT, CO and TWTNW. Out of those they probably only kept the ones they felt were “most pertinent to the overall plot of the series.”

  • They might as well have just made this into some type of OVA thing like with Last Order: FF7.

  • Gonna say this is safe experiment by SE by making 358/2 Days a movie, it will not blow the cash if it’s get negative reception since it’s already part of the

  • s6_miller

    Kind of a shame that they didn’t have the time/resources to do a proper remake, I’m sure it would’ve great.

  • Anime10121

    Wonder if when it releases in the west, if it’ll have all those cut-scenes voiced in the west. Hayden Pennettiere is busy with her new Nashville show on the CW, so she may not be able to voice Xion as she did in BBS and DDD, they may have to return to the original VA Alyson Stoner for this game (which I honestly dont mind, as Hayden is perfect as Kairi and a beautiful Xion, but Stoner did a fantastic job as Xion too)! Whatever the case, I cant wait for the inevitable announcement!

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    They better leave the Stick Master storyline.

  • Adam Bell

    I have to admit, that while it would be nice to have had 358/2 Days remade, it really wasn’t necessary. The game is still accessible on the current gen handheld, so remaking it wouldn’t be providing us with accessibility, just an updated version.

    Now, Birth By Sleep on the other hand? I feel they should definitely update that game for play on KH HD 2.5 Remix as the only system you can play it on is the original PSP since there was never a downloadable version released (which my then-girlfriend-now-fiance bought the PSPGo specifically for). Original PSP systems aren’t the easiest to come buy in good condition and the stores around me have stopped carrying them in favor of the PSVita, which you again cannot get BBS on.

    Here’s to hoping they do the fandom right and include BBS on the 2.5 Remix. =)

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