Wii U Sysem Updates To Reduce Load Times, Virtual Console Coming After Spring

By Ishaan . January 23, 2013 . 6:15am

Two significant system updates are coming to the Wii U in the spring and summer, says Nintendo president, Satoru Iwata. Among other features, loading times on Wii U for launching software will be improved incrementally in both updates.


Additionally, the Virtual Console service will launch on Wii U after the spring update. The entire lineup of Virtual Console games will not be available at launch, but Nintendo will prepare a selection of NES and Super NES games for its launch. Other platforms such as Game Boy Advance will be released in the future as well.


You’ll be able to play these Virtual Console titles on the Wii U GamePad, as well as access Miiverse communities for Virtual Console games, since the Wii U versions are being developed separately from the original Wii versions.


Finally, if you bought these games on the Wii Virtual Console service, you’ll receive a discount on the Wii U versions.


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  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Gameboy Advance VC. ALL MY MUNEYYYYYY!!!!^_^

  • Tails the Foxhound

    Only a discount on the Wii U version and not y’know free? Sometimes, Nintendo, sometimes…

    • DiosFancifulRomp

      it’s not like the games are even that expensive. we don’t know how big the discount is, it could just end up being a buck or two for gamepad support. if it isn’t worth what they’re paying, don’t buy it. simple as that.

      • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

        It is a buck for NES game and 1 and a half buck for SNES game so……it is quite cheap.^_^

      • Tails the Foxhound

        The thought of having to pay again to play something I purchased digitally from a company doesn’t sit well with me, not even for less than $2 dollars.

  • Nasser Al-Ojayan

    Wait we have to rebuy our games?

    • DiosFancifulRomp

      you’re rebuying for features, wii VC is still there. there’s no “we have to” anywhere.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Game Boy Advance awesome!!!! can’t wait to see what games they put on it

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      U want some Advance War?^_^ or………..Gunstar Heroes Advance?

  • s6_miller

    Apparently if you already own the game on the wii’s virtual console than the price is reduced. I think it’s $1 for nes games and $1.50 for snes

  • Zonic505

    As great as it is to hear GBA games on VC, this hopefully means we’ll see them on the 3DS eShop.

    Also, Super Metroid on Wii U VC will be 30 cents in May. Amazing deal right there.

  • Spirit Macardi

    You know, I don’t think I mind having to spend a little extra to be able to use the game pad, and It’s not like the original Wii versions that I have will vanish so there’s a decent trade-off. Certainly far better than Sony’s policy of: “Up yours, pay full price again if you want to play your games on the new system :B”

    And GBA titles on the Wii U’s VC? Hell yeah!

    • Wait what

      But that’s not Sony’s policy… any game your purchase on the PSN is free to download on any system that has the PSN on it. The only time someone would have to buy twice for a game is if they bought the physical copy and decide they want the digital one now. Which is way better than what Nintendo is doing here. What are you talking about?

      • Spirit Macardi

        You said it right there, buying physical games again in download form. The Vita can’t play physical PSP games, so if you want to play them on the new system you need to buy it again from PSN. Not only do they not give you a discount, but a lot of games still go for their original asking price. Not exactly a business strategy that encourages customer loyalty…

        • Wait what

          How is that worse than what Nintendo is doing here though? Again, if you bought the game DIGITALLY on PSN you can play it on any system that supports PSN (and supports the game in question). PSP, Vita, PS3, etc. This goes for PS One Classics too. All digital PSP games can be played on Vita. Here, Nintendo is saying that you don’t get those digital games for free, just a discount. Discount seems worse than free.

          I mean, of course the Vita doesn’t play UMDs, it’s a different format. You wouldn’t complain about the Gamecube not being able to play physical N64 games. The fact that they let you download your digital purchases on any system with PSN while Nintendo is making you pay for them again would put Sony at the better deal here.

  • Tom_Phoenix

    How about implementing an account system and not having the VC games be tied to the hardware, eh, Nintendo?

  • Cool. Now just let me redownload all my old Wii purchases from my dead console to my Wii U and we will be all set. Oh and fix your craptastic DRM that locks content to your console and not to an account so that I can purchase from your eShop. Kthxbai!

  • Faster loading huh… That oughta take some of the wind out of Microsoft and Sony’s sails come E3 ;)

  • Wait what

    I’m a little confused. I don’t have a Wii U, but am looking to get one, so could someone clear this up for me? I was under the impression that if you bought games on the Wii’s Virutal Console, they could be transferred to your Wii U in that giant “put all data from Wii onto Wii U” thing you could do. Is this not the case? Do you really have to pay for them again?

    • Enzo

      You can transfer them to your Wii U, yes. However, if you want to upgrade them to the Wii U version (which will feature optimization and gamepad-only play) you have to pay $1 if NES, $1.50 if SNES.

      • Wait what

        Thanks for the info.

  • Have they made an update for all the freezings that everyone was getting? My Wii U froze every time I signed in (during the white loading screen right after signing in) so I decided to pack it away until the problem got fixed. I read that it was internet related, so I thought “turning the internet off would take away so much of the use of the console…”, so I decided it was better to just play other consoles for a while. After today’s news, I’m seriously hoping that the next time I plug in my Wii U, it’ll work fine…

  • Aoshi00

    Improving load times on the Wii U is welcoming news. Believe it or not, sometimes I don’t want to fire up my Wii U is because of the dreadful loadtimes.. there’s loading before and after everything, games, e-shop, Miiverse, etc. I only have Mario though, stuck at one of the Bowser stages at the end :(… plus Windwaker remake, Bayon 2, & new Xeno, things are starting to look good :) would be perfect if Ninty could just squeeze in accomplishment lol..

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