Epic Mickey Developer, Junction Point, Closes Down

By Ishaan . January 29, 2013 . 11:00am

Junction Point, the studio behind the Epic Mickey games, has closed down.


Following rumours that began yesterday, this morning, Disney, who are the studio’s parent company confirmed the closure to Kotaku and stated: “These changes are part of our ongoing effort to address the fast-evolving gaming platforms and marketplace and to align resources against our key priorities.”


Junction Point was started by Deus Ex creator, Warren Spector. Following the closure of the studio, Spector is no longer in Disney’s employ.


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  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Awwh, kinda sad. Neither Epic Mickey games were received well nor sold very well.

    • kylehyde

      Actually, the first Epic Mickey sold well and was more or less well received (on the okayish zone). But second was a flop in sales and ratings.

  • Hollowkoopa

    I saw concept art for this game and the original take on it was far more fascinating. I bet they could of sold well if they went with the more darker tone like it was intended to be.

    • I think the game would’ve worked out better, visually, had they gone the route of Rayman Origins/Legends. The concept art they had for the game did /not/ translate well to the 3D elements they wanted, and it was part of the hype downfall that it received as a result.

    • This. I always loved the concept of Epic Mickey, but the execution lacking. The CG cutscenes are great though.

  • It shows that just because Spector made the phenomenal mature RPG Deus Ex, doesn’t mean he can colourful platformers easily. Compare Epic Mickey 2 to Skylanders: Giants.

  • SirRichard

    Sad to see yet another studio close down, I can only hope the devs don’t have to go long without jobs.

  • Wondering where Warren Spector will land next, or what his plans are…

  • Haven’t played the sequel but I liked EM 1, kinda sad to see a dev team go.

  • riceisnice

    Are the makers of Epic Mickey 3DS okay? I loved that game!

    • kylehyde

      Don’t worry, the studio that make epic mickey for 3ds (DreamRift) is independent from disney. So I think that they are more than ok.

    • Elvick

      I want to love that game, but can’t. The tacked on drawing is terrible and ruins the flow of the game for me.

      Just when I forget about that bullshit, I run into a wall and then realize I have to draw something yet again. Bleh.


      • riceisnice

        Yeah, I didn’t like the drawing either. But everything else was so beautiful!

  • JMaster3000

    So….. does that mean Epic Mickey 2 PC version won’t come out?

  • Alphabet Soup

    That’s really a shame. There was so much hype for Epic Mickey and I hoped Warren Spector would be able to do something interesting here. Hope these folks can find new work soon.

  • brian

    Aww crap.

  • Tom_Phoenix

    While it’s always sad to hear of a studio closing down and I have a lot of respect for Warren Spector, it would be difficult to say that Junction Point had done nothing to deserve this fate. They developed a bad game that didn’t do anything to improve on the original.

    Frankly, I can’t help but think it was a mistake that they went multiplatform with the sequel. While keeping it exclusive to a single system wouldn’t have necessarilly resulted in a better game, it would have allowed them more time to potentially iron out the kinks that the original suffered from.

    Oh well. On the bright side, this might encourage Warren Spector to come back to PC gaming.

  • Wow. With all due respect, you kinda screwed the pooch on this one, Warren Spector. What now?

  • Phantom R

    Epic Mickey wasn’t my style, that’s for sure, but this is sad nonetheless since Warren Spector was so proud, compassionate, and happy about his work. Douche move, Disney.

    • CirnoLakes

      Epic Mickey was very much my style.

      But there’s no denying that they’ve been bad games. Which is really, really disappointing. Epic Mickey was set to be one of the most interesting things done in video games with Disney since Kingdom Hearts.

      The concept was great, but the gameplay did not follow through.

  • Elvick

    I think it’s sad.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Sad news for gaming industry here.T_T While Epci Mickey on Wii had some problem with camera, i actually really enjoyed the game here.

    Not to mention i just bought Epic Mickey for 3DS and that game is also damn fun even though it is too short.T_T

    Hope for the best for all the employees there. And there goes my dream for another Donald Duck game.T_T

  • Göran Isacson

    Ha ha, wow is this ever a strange article to comment on. Like, I’m glad that warren Spector got to try something very different and unproven, but the end results… Deus Ex, these games were not. Heck, even if I weren’t expecting them to be anywhere near as deep, they just didn’t seem to be plain well-designed and thought through. Am I a bad person for saying that I won’t really miss Junction Point? Like, I don’t wish for anyone to lose their jobs, but their products just weren’t very engaging.

  • Hound

    YES!! Thank you Disney. After Epic Mickey 1 and 2, I’m sorry to say, Junction Point had to go.
    Here’s hoping Disney makes some impressive games in the future
    The studio had some lovely releases in the past, but none of the Mickey games were anywhere near as enjoyable as everyone had hoped.

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