Disgaea Dimension 2’s New Female Heavy Knight And Water Loving Monster

By Spencer . February 7, 2013 . 2:02am

Being a direct sequel, Disgaea Dimension 2 has a lot of familiar classes like Magic Knight and returning monsters like the Dragon. Nippon Ichi Software added some new jobs for this game like the female Heavy Knight. These units are like a living fortress that cut the amount of damage they take from enemies and can protect allied units.


heavyk dosd2-07 dosd2-08 dosd2-06


The brawny Heavy Knight class is good at throwing units. If you land on top a monster you’ll face the same direction as the monster.


dosd2-25 dosd2-26 dosd2-27




The Ice Dweller is a new monster in Disgaea Dimension 2 that usually lives underwater. Don’t be fooled by her cute appearance. These monsters control water and create blades that slice through enemies.


dis2f dosd2-17 dosd2-30 dosd2-29 dosd2-22


The Samurai, Ninja, and Magic Knight classes are also in Disgaea 2 armed with new techniques.


dosd2-10 dosd2-11 dosd2-16 dosd2-24 dosd2-21 dosd2-53 dosd2-52 dosd2-51 dosd2-55 dosd2-54 dosd2-40 dosd2-56


Remember any of these guys? You’ll see them in and out of battle. Disgaea Dimension 2 lets players walk around Laharl’s castle to talk to different characters including monsters. Disgaea Dimension 2 comes out on March 30.

d2p1 d2p2 disp1 disp2

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  • Ayaka

    [Don’t be fooled by her cute appearance.]

    I tried. I failed. The new content seems even more awesome with every update!

  • Oh god, female Laharl and now this Heavy Knight..if for nothing else this’ll be the best entrance in the franchise for those two alone~

    • Demeanor

      All-female Netherworld Army!!! ^ ^

  • BadenBadenPrinny

    Yes, the shark is back!

  • Just when you thought Disgaea couldn’t get any better! Oh! Welcome back sardine thief.

  • komiko12

    Oooh.. I never used Heavy Knights but I like the design of the female one. And hooray for the ice dweller! I’ve been wondering about mermaids in Disgaea for some time and it arrived.

  • Pockystix

    neat, gotta love Disgaea~

  • Follower_of_Pram

    I’m having problems even thinking of a reason to be unsatisfied with this upcoming game. The purple hair looks lovely on these new armored beauties. Not a fan of the pink on the ice dweller, but eh its color will change. Seeing those ghost knights again will be a hit of nostalgia for sure though.

  • Göran Isacson

    Oh man. Land sharks. Riding a land shark. That is all I ever wanted from a game.

    • Akimitsu

      Only thing missing is lasers on their head…

      • Shinigami__san

        just use a laser gun and ride the shark =D

        • Göran Isacson

          This idea is a good idea and I support it.

    • MediaMindControl

      street sharks. the only way to name your land sharks. Ripster, Jab, Big Slammu and of course Streex. Oh and if you are out of names there is always killamari

  • juma086

    female heavy knight looks hawt.

  • OverlordZetta

    Loving all of those classic monsters coming back. Hopefully they’ll STAY this time.

  • Pasterzio Turulli

    I love those little guys and their feeding habits.

    It seems the male heavy knight’s missing this time around, which is a real shame. More generally, I don’t understand why NIS would get rid of human classes they had already implemented in 4. There’s already HD sprites for them, and it’s not like they need a new moveset either!

    • Locklear93

      Probably the same reason they decided to drop classes that were in 3, when they went to 4. Cost of making them was part of it, yes, but the reason they stated was that there was just too much duplication, and not enough reason to use them all. They either had to come up with meaningful evilities for all of them, or face the “this class is worthless,” complaints, or else they could’ve duplicated the male/female functionalities and heard complaints that everything was too generic.

      I’m kind of with you, though–I’d rather have more male/female options than fewer, even if it means the male and female versions are carbon copies of each other in terms of abilities. I especially want my gunslingers back (Disgaea 3 female gunner).

      • Sylveria

        I’m of the same opinion. I’d rather have a choice of gender and some redundancy. Well, if nothing else they’ll probably do what they did with 4 and put the stuff up as DLC.

      • Pasterzio Turulli

        Redundancy between classes is a possible reason, yes- then again, the addition of a male Cleric and the reintroduction of both male and female brawlers shows they may have changed their mind on that matter.

        I actually don’t care that much for male/female duplicates, and would take brand new classes over them in a heartbeat. I just really liked the male heavy knight design, not to mention I feel they make a lot more sense as a male class (I can’t quite picture those scrawny arms having a 6 base throw!).

        @DesmaX:disqus Everything points to them being taken out, from the game cover to their utter absence in all the screenshots/trailers released so far. And your other claim sounds pretty implausible as well, for obvious reasons (although that’d be pretty cool!).

        Placing my bets on male Angel being the new Majin, btw.

        • Locklear93

          Regarding scrawny arms, to be fair, almost all of the characters are pretty scrawny and can still lift a stack of 9 other characters. I don’t think muscle mass has much to do with physical strength in demons. ;)

      • Raharu95

        You Know I just don’t see the Reasoning behind that Reasoning. Every Class Had a Different Main Evility they could call their own in Disgaea 3. So why not in four? I think it was just that there was not enough of time to make Hi Res sprites for everyone more than anything else. Plus, in both Disgaea 3 and 4, everything just devolves into brute force by the end game, so Classes become meaningless by then, except for the Majiin’s Violence evility and other evilities that increase stats that everyone could use unless is class specific ones.

        • Locklear93

          The did each have their own evility, yes, but I guess NIS wasn’t happy with the uniqueness or usefulness of each. I’m working from memory I’m afraid. The story that mentioned the cut down in male/female threads was here on Siliconera, but it was so long ago I’m disinclined to hunt for it.

    • DesmaX

      But they didn’t take the Male Heavy Knights off this game. Every human class will have their male/female counterpart in this one

      • Locklear93

        Have you got a link for that? I’m not saying you’re wrong, but it kind of opposes the attitude they displayed when moving from 3 to 4, where they didn’t want to make duplicates because they weren’t interesting enough.

        • DesmaX
          • Locklear93

            Ah, yeah. That doesn’t actually say “every human class” will have both, though. You’ll note that we’ve seen samurai and ninja (above), and no male samurai (though they existed in the past), and no female ninja (though kunoichi are staples of the series). The link you gave just showed classes that DO have male or female, but you could selectively pick classes from 4 that do that, too (warrior, mage). So… I’m hopeful, but I wouldn’t call that proof that every class has both genders.

          • DesmaX

            Well, maybe I’m wrong.

            But the Male Heavy Knight sprites were already made for Disgaea 4. I don’t see any motive for them to throw them alway

          • Locklear93

            That I agree with. I don’t see a good reason for their removal either, and would prefer more options over fewer.

          • GibbRS

            I’m sure every gender they don’t put in Disgaea D2 will end up as DLC at some point, unfortunately. Being the sucker that I am, I will buy them up with a “Yes Sir!”

            Kunoichi weren’t in Disgaea 4 until they showed up in DLC. Can’t remember if any other class genders were DLC tho.

          • Locklear93

            To the best of my knowledge, kunoichi were the only ones they added a missing gender via DLC. I’m just as much a sucker. I look for reasons to buy more from NISA.

  • Jordan Ortiz

    Sweet the serpent class returns!

  • natchu96

    I love how wearing armor that’s just women’s underwear with steel plating over it in design actually helps in defense at all.

    Lategame in Disgaea, everyone is a glass cannon, so why defense really . . .

    • zferolie

      Maybe they are going to make Defence more important? I think making it quite important end game would be very interesting, and also make more classes, weapons, and characters viable. I mean, one shooting everything in one turn gets old. Make some of those late game stuff have some strategy too.

  • Nipah_Monster

    Is it possible with these high-res sprites, it can be ported perfectly to the PS Vita? =)

    • AkuLord3

      The Vita is powerful enough, i don’t see why it can’t

  • Himiko

    So more waifus? excellent.

  • Calintz YT

    Looks like Dishitya is Loli only now.

  • Kevin Lor

    I want this game so much!

  • Demeanor

    I never figured out how to use the Magic Knight…

  • zferolie

    I can’t wait to ride that Ice lady ;)

  • AkuLord3

    One of the new (well same but genderswap) Human classes. New monster with some old classics? OOOO I can’t wait to pre-order and play the heck out of this >3

  • SetzerGabbiani

    So, following up on a previous comment, Snoo Snoo will INDEED commence with the female heavyknight.

  • Yuriangels

    shut up and take my HL dood!!!!

  • Damn can’t wait, the female heavy knights looks gorgeous. Wait march 30!?1 Jap release right?

  • xXDGFXx

    Did they ever have a yuki-onna in this game? That’d be sweet…

    I was expecting the heavy knight to be the loli from the artist’s manga T-T

    • komiko12

      I also read that manga… I think that the female heavy knight is more similar to the one with royal blood.

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