Dreamfall Chapters Has Three Playable Characters; Zoë Is One Of Them

By Ishaan . February 8, 2013 . 11:00am


Red Thread Games are working on the third game in The Longest Journey adventure series, titled Dreamfall Chapters. The game is in development for PC and is being independently funded by Red Thread. Zoë Castillo, the protagonist of Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, will be returning as the game’s lead.


Red Thread provided a few details regarding Dreamfall Chapters today. The game will include both familiar as well as new locations, ranging from a dystopian cyberpunk future to a dreamlike Storytime to the magical setting of Arcadia. While Zoë will be the lead, you’ll get to play as three different characters. Here’s a full story summary:


The last time we met Zoë Castillo, she was in a deep coma. She had saved the world from the ghost in the machine that had taken residence in the ethereal realm of the Winter, but in the end Zoë was betrayed and left for dead. Her body is now in a hospital in Casablanca, watched over by her father, Gabriel.

Her mind, however, is elsewhere.


Trapped inside the mysterious Storytime, Zoë must learn to control the very fabric of dreams and confront her own past, before she can resume her life.


In Arcadia, we witnessed April Ryan mortally wounded by one of the Azadi, fundamentalist foreign invaders of the Northlands. Kian Alvane, a holy assassin working for the Six who rule over the Azadi nation from the capital city of Sadir, has been captured and sentenced to death for treason. He now awaits execution in the prison tower of Friar’s Keep.


Back in our world, Stark, the multi-planetary corporation WatiCorp has released the Dreamer to a ravenous audience. Half the world is now hooked up to the eponymous dream machine, and society is slowly crumbling around them. And in Arcadia, the Azadi are cementing their power once more, while their mystical tower in Marcuria, capital of the Northlands, continues to harvest dreams.


Unless something is done, unless our heroes can awake and be reborn, the future looks bleak. What is WatiCorp planning? What are the Dreamers for? Who is the Prophet? What is happening in Arcadia, and how are the Azadi involved?

And where in the world is Crow?


Since Dreamfall Chapters is being funded by Red Thread and series creator, Ragnar Tørnquist, the studio has set up a Kickstarter campaign where supporters can contribute funds towards the game’s development. So far, the Kickstarter has raked in $165,270 in contributions. The goal is to reach $850,000. You can watch the Kickstarter pitch above.

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  • Rohan Viajar

    I was hoping April Ryan would be the lead again.

    but nevertheless, I am still super excited for this game! (been waiting far too long)

    • One of the other two characters has to be April. There’s no way they won’t bring her back.

      • landlock

        You could have put a link to the kickstarter in the article aswell. Anyway I’m keen to surport it.

        • Ah crap, I meant to but I guess I forgot. Fixed.

      • Wtv

        Since they will reveal the other two lead before the game launch, I doubt it will be April. That would spoil the surprise.

        But on the Kickstarter page they say other games for the series will be made. I remember Ragnar saying that he would make Dreamfall Chapters as a sequel to Dreamfall and after that, he would make a sequel to The Longest Journey.

        I believe a sequel to TLJ will be with April.

        • Oh… that would be interesting. I prefer April to Zoe myself, so I’d really like another game focusing on her, too.

      • That’s kind of a plot spoiler though.

    • nitronite

      Well… It’s been a long journey

      (so sorry)

  • Take my money! Oh wait I already gave all :D

  • Chipped in enough to get the Boxed Edition. Nov ’14 can’t get here soon enough.

  • Göran Isacson

    Ooh man, think I’ma have to chip in on this, I do like me some Dreamfall and Longest Journey. Just one little thing Ishaan- the link to the Kickstarter only leads to this very article.

    • Grrr, WordPress. Fixed! Thanks. :)

  • Welp. Looks like I’m popping my KS cherry, ’cause there will be corpses if I don’t get to play this game.

  • HassanJamal

    The character they’ve been showing off…is that Zoe? If it is, I dont like her new look. That mole/nose ring/thing feels out of place.

  • Fairlee

    This and Syberia III. I guess at last adventure games are reborn.

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