• Kenny Loh


  • Neutron15

    I thought it will have Jill costumes

  • Cazar

    Those are some nice costumes. As much as I want to hate this I’m starting to feel tempted.

  • Spirit Macardi

    First of all, Ohatsu is from Onimusha 2. Second of all, those characters are SO NOT her and Akane…

    Seeing one of my favorite game series reduced to this is like a punch to the gut.

    • Göran Isacson

      Welp, I heard a rumour that Ninja Theory had pitched an Onimusha reboot to Capcom, describing it as “Okami with more guts and blood”, sooo… I dunno, does that possibility make you happier?

      • Spirit Macardi

        A reboot wouldn’t be a bad idea since the Sengoku Era only lasted for so long, but dear lord keep NT the hell away!

        • Sylveria

          Now why do you say that? NT has shown nothing but respect for Asian culture and we know how they like to endear themselves to a series’ existing fan-base… *cough*

  • http://twitter.com/12423451243 Lilith

    I’m also a Valentine Lilith!

  • Just Tim

    I hope we’d see more non-licensed cameos (Jean Reno = Jacques and Takeshi Kaneshiro = Samanosuke, remember?) *coughSoukicough* and a tag-team between Souki and Morrigan, Tatsunoko vs Capcom castmates.

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