Falcom Expands Into Smartphones And Tablets With New Video Game Studio

By Spencer . February 13, 2013 . 2:48am

image Falcom, the maker of Ys and the Legend of the Heroes games, develops games for PCs and consoles. They licensed their IP like Trails in the Sky and Sorcerian to Aeria Games who are bringing those titles to smartphones.


Falcom will continue to released packaged game software and Innovation Unit, a subsidiary of Falcom, will leverage the company’s series and tech for new platforms. Innovation Unit will make games for smartphones, tablets, PCs, and other networked devices for Falcom fans. Masao Ishikawa who worked on Grandia while at GameArts and later the Tetris series at G-Mode is leading Innovation Unit.

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  • Go2hell66

    i was actually kind of happy when i heard aeria was bringing the trails games to smart phones and in english too, thought’d we’d finally found someone to just get the localisations over and done with before its too late

    like a year+ later no news whatsoever

    • Aeria took nearly a year before they were able to start showing images and stuff of the iOS Sorcerian port after development. So it’s probably still in the oven, seeing how it was before.

      Also, they aren’t ports of the Trails games. It’s a social game based on the Trails series. Many sites misreported it after AndriaSang reported it as such. They had never said that it was a port in the original press release.

      I posted an interview with the lead of the development team on my site:

      I’ve also been unable to shake an answer out of the US Aeria Games on whether or not a US localization will be seen. Afterall, Sorcerian has yet to be released in English.

      • Go2hell66

        they may be adding social elements but i don’t think you should classify it as a social game, i don’t think theyd spend over a year on it if thats all it was. still disappointed its not the same game as the psp releases though

        • We can’t say either way on it. There’s not enough information to say if it’s a game with social elements, or a social game. The only time that can be said, decidedly, is when Aeria finally gives us the announcement for it.

          It might be kind of like with Falcom, except in Falcom’s case, they don’t announce until they have a good idea of when something will be released- which is a little more like XSEED, actually. Aeria announced it as soon as they had acquired the license, which means that a lot of legal work, pre-planning, and development still needed to happen.

          Falcom typically has long development times, though. Trails in the Sky FC and SC were in development together at the year 2000, according to dates on early artwork in one of the books. FC didn’t get released until 2004 and SC didn’t get a release until 2006. 3rd was in 2007, and Zero actually started development BEFORE 3rd right after SC, then got put to the side so that they could make 3rd.

          Zero was then released three years later in 2010.

          The only time Falcom’s announced something super super super early was the Ys VII Multiplatform Project they announced back in 2009- which I firmly believe was only done to stall the backlash of people reacting negatively to Falcom abandoning the PC. I’ve yet to see anything in either way on whether or not it’s still in development. …but from what I’ve seen of them? It is. And Falcom probably never intended to actually announce it that early in its lifespan.

  • Awesome. If they’re going to do anything like Kemco is doing on Android I support them 100%.

    • PABLO Rapetti Perez

      I just with to have Android to try the Kemco old school RPG offerings. Yes, my comment is out of topic.

  • ElAbuelo69

    As long as it doesn’t become the next Square-Enix, fine.

    Trails in the Sky: All the Bravest Social Game

  • Barrylocke89

    I could easily see the bump style Ys games working very nicely on iOS/Android.

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