Armored Core: Verdict Day Announced For U.S. Release; Here’s A First Look

By Ishaan . February 22, 2013 . 11:00am

Following yesterday’s EMEA and Australasia announcement, Namco Bandai have confirmed Armored Core: Verdict Day for an American release this Summer. You can read up on further details of the game in this previous report.


Namco have also released new screenshots for the game, which you can view below:



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  • Jungo

    Looks fantastic! Granted, AC5 already looked fantastic, so I really want to get my hands on this to see what, if anything, differs, aside from the multiplayer mode.

  • Juan Andrés Valencia

    Day-1 purchase for me.

  • Godman

    Had no doubt it would be localized. I loved ACV, so I’m definately picking this up

  • Setsu Oh


    assassin’s creed sells more than ever and from software STILL thinks its a good idea to make more of those?
    again, japanese devs unaware of the rest of the world: three robot games
    during the era of Assassin’s Creed. and here i thought they got OVER
    their cluelessness….

    • fisico

      I don’t even get what you’re trying to say

      • Setsu Oh

        i put it there just to see if anyone would find what i was talking about. AC>stealth>tenchu>stealth>money.
        see people already forgot they have the licence! acquire made a perv game, from makes robots while it is obvious people love stealth!
        they don t want money.

        • heartless141

          don’t know about you but AC is anything but stealth lately. i simply just jump in and counter hit everyone.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Classic AC was always IMO spend an hour carefully crafting that special mech — then see it die in minutes.

          • heartless141

            sorry for the confusion :P i was talking about Assassin’s Creed

        • Calintz YT

          Are you allowed to handle sharp objects?

          Just searching “Top selling games of 2012” shows a mix of non-stealth oriented games, so yes, you can be successful without making stealth games.

          • Setsu Oh

            u really dont get it do you? it is not about the most popular but about what licence From has that is the most likely to surf on the wave of what people want. which is stealth regardless of what those games have become they are still based on stealth(mgs, acreed). acore is a niche product.

          • MogCakes

            You are sorely mistaken. Armored Core has been a thing since 1997. LONG before Assassin’s Creed, and it has maintained a core fanbase, which while relatively small, is consistent. It has never been about stealth, and no one in said fanbase wants it to turn into a stealth game. Get your facts right before spouting off. If you’re just trolling, I sincerely hope you get banned.

          • Setsu Oh

            DAMN i really have to mince it MICRO for some people!!:
            These years, eco crisis worse even in Japan>
            better to make good money than a few bucks>
            Acreed=millions, Tenchu maybe a quarter of ACreed’s profit, if handled well and promoted weel(Acreed set in japan was one of the if not THE most wanted destination for Acreed 3 before the team claimed that destination ‘boring’ in an interview. i doubt the gamers care they do>
            ACore=potentially less money than tenchu nowadays because of how popular stealth(or ‘action stealth’..) is AROUND THE WOLRD>Acore is worth less bucks than Tenchu these years.
            even the borken AC3 sold millions. double digits millions.

            it is weird how people who don t even take the time to read my stuff correctly wish me ill and bad stuff. on a whim it seem.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            So they should be spending all their time with Tenchu? Playing in the mass market action ‘niche’ is about as an expensive and cutthroat area as we have. A company whose claim is knowing its small market and playing to it doesn’t have the resources. Even for a game costing a quarter what it took to bring Assassin’s Creed to market.

          • Setsu Oh

            ‘all their time ‘ is too much. i m saying that between acreed1 and 3 there wasn t one tenchu game made.
            they are not trying. they are not taking risks. the tenchu Z they made was too out of the bounds of tenchu itself.

            there is a story, use it.

            capcom took two risks sf4 and ddogma. sometimes like tenchu z or front mission ‘action’ the risk doesn t pay because they try to use the franchise name to cater to a completely different demographic.

            stay in the franchise wheelhouse, try new things like with tenchu 4 without getting out of the bounds.

            you want to add customisations? add it to ayame or rikimaruor even yummy rin, but do not give players a bland diy ninja(tenchu z).
            like golden axe: you loose the bounderies of the franchise you loose everyone.
            i am using a general ‘you’ i m not saying you miaumiau make the games or something. i talking about and potentially to those companies with no shame about selling out their franchise rather than catering to them specially when a genre is appreciated and in high demand. btw sonic is successful now because there were no shenanigans in both th latest titles: colors and generations. no werewolves no side character to hate.

          • MogCakes

            I’ve read all your posts and understand what you’re saying perfectly clear. I just happen to think your opinion is rubbish, and have given my reasons why. On the bright side, it would seem you aren’t trolling after all, so there’s that :)

    • Ferrick

      sooo AC automatically means assassins creed ? great logic you have there dummkopf. Its because of people like you that we gamers can’t have nice things

      • Brion Valkerion

        hilarious that the whole giant robots thing wasnt a tip for him.

        • Setsu Oh

          i dont understand what u meant.

      • Setsu Oh

        i thought it was clear enough by associating a word that doesn t belong to acore , that people would know i m talking about acreed, specialy with tenchu involved! great logic you have there dummkopf. Its because of people like you that we gamers can’t have nice things

        • Ferrick

          when you say people, do you mean the ones in your head? Because your logic is pure ignorance, and fun fact, ACore has been there for a longer time than ACreed, AND, AC also means Air conditioner. Brains, have them, use them.

          • Setsu Oh

            i m sorry i overestimated you, of course, air conditioner>stealth >tenchu yeah, really, i m so sorry i did. such mighty logic. such potent resoning.

          • Ferrick

            and AC means ace combat too.

            but seriously, The hell do you mean with your original statement, what are you trying to gain by comparing a mech genre game with an action genre game, atleast comparing assassins creed and tenchu would make abit more sense, but Armored core and assassins creed? that’s just stupidity + ignorance at best

          • Setsu Oh

            ace combat? from from soft?….

          • Setsu Oh

            it is about making money not content.
            my point is:
            ACore=way less money because niche
            Tenchu=potentialy more money because succcess of ACreed, so why dev TWO ACore games back to back while there were no Tenchu game in the whole time Ubisofet has been pooping ACreed games?
            whats more: people love that tenchu era and place because it was the first sought after environment for an ACreed sequel, Ubisoft even talked about that(denying the possibility of an ACreed in japan because it is boring to the devs).

            read well my post there is no comparison between the games.
            i am voicing my disappointment at the announcement of yet another ACore game when i haven t had a tenchu in years.
            by a catering to the many instead of the few(hence niche) they would cater to my needs AND get more money doing it!
            win-win as ACore player already had their moment with the latest installment.

            NOW another point i brought up:
            the latest ACore game was made with bringing more people than before, and thus included more new-user friendly content.
            what if they continue doing it and dilute more and more what makes ACore, ACore? the first thing i m thinking about is the difficulty, then a more simple story…anything more simple for a game like ACore would dilute like in water, the appeal that franchise has on its fans.
            if they cater to my tenchu needs, first ACore remains untouched by ‘casual(i mean non-ACore players, but still, core gamers, not soccer moms, ok?) gamers’-friendly politics, and From gets more money that it would have gotten with diluting the so appreciated ACore mojo with ‘simplicity’.
            (i really hope it is clear this time) and again! what ignorance?
            ppl throw that word around with no arguement whatsoever!

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Things like that happen when going off topic and not on the subject at hand. Folks came to this thread to talk about a series that is about building and wrecking mechs. An Armored Core thread is not the place to just start talking about other games from the same dev or publisher. Think before the original post and it doesn’t happen again.

          • Setsu Oh

            …..and the discussion doesn t happen because the subject is tenchu nd there is no tenchu games….conundrum?

    • Barzh


      • Setsu Oh

        what what?

    • Calintz YT

      I find it funny how Ishaan and crew are fine with Japanese developers getting trashed on these forums, but never American devs. I suppose it’s ok to be racist against some groups of people, but not others.

      I mean, Setsu Oh has either got to be a troll or. blind. I mean, on just the first page of this site you have Japanese games about mechs, shooters, Digimon, etc. To state Japanese devs are unaware of the rest of the world, when a Japanese company purchased Tomb Raider, hands over Japanese franchise to western devs in order to broaden their appeal, etc tells me the writer is profoundly stupid.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        The community has already responded in quite direct terms. Our folks know who the trolls are and have the right to express what they feel about such behavior. All we can do is delete the stupidity. It’s not that we condone one and not the other, but while uninformed, the poster (this time) did not add much beyond their ignorance.

        • Setsu Oh

          wat ignorance? have you seen a tenchu game? i doubt it would cost them as much as an ACore one:
          they do not need crowd control contrary to acreed,
          10-20guys per stage, 20-30 closed small houses per stage, something that resembles good animation for the kills, a good story, beautiful graphics but nothing fency: it all happens at night anyway, same music composer, add to that a nice bonus section with light documentation on clothing items weapons (anything appearing in the game) of those times like acreed did for the game locations and characters, ….did i forget anything?
          well my preference: 3 chars with three interacting stories like the two in kurenai, rikkimaru, ayame and rin…..
          no big city to render, no daytime stages to put details in, no big crazy realistic Xplosions systems to create, ….

          tenchu would cost less, be catering to the ones asking (and i hear it was the first location asked for by some of the MILLIONS of Acreed gamers) for medieval japan in acreed, and be the first real hd tenchu to come to xbox and ps3.
          now i am curious about that arguementless ignorance claim of yours.(really i am. seriously.)

      • Setsu Oh

        oh, let me precise it to you: japanese devs >THOSE ONES. as in From. not japanese devs in general. some years ago there were westerners involved with japanese developpment saying that the people they were working with didn t care about playing western games existing within the genre those companies were dev ….anyway i.e.: a racing game making jp company didn t know about forza.
        that was YEARS ago. now it is clear that they have turned their eyes to the west for many things: knowing what worsks and what doesn t n the western fields, what is need what is in high demand etc….
        now what i hear is (some) jp devs turning their eyes back to japanese markets saying that they rather do what they know best and (include some things for westerners?)instead of venturing into completely foreign ventures. at least that is how i took the info in those interivews.
        now, i believe that From can make a good tenchu.
        if acquire isn t available and rather make more of this silly stripping game (i wonder who it is catering to…..i see what their priorities are, huh!) they still have the wireframe of tenchu 4 and the previous.
        acreed propsed a nice duel fighting element tenchu lacked(because they cant do it, or did they made it cluncky on purpose, stealth being the genre of the game?) i would have liked to see what they came up with. t have paid an ip and not creating stuff on it for years on end….
        my point is they seem to be satisfied with their punny Acore benefits compared to what tenchu could have made.(a good tenchu).

  • 3DBudgie

    Hope they remove server region lock… Europe server died in less than a month in ACV.

    • AntonioPeYangIII

      I hope so.

      I loved the gameplay mechanics (post patch 1.03 at least), but I hated the fact multiplayer felt so limited, and single-player so short.

      Having a minimalist storyline approach may have worked for Dark Souls, but I honestly think that AC V’s plot needed a different treatment. Something in the lines of Front Mission 3.

      • MogCakes

        AC has always had a very off-hands approach to plot. That said, ACV’s wasn’t off-hands, it very much told you what was going on – but the plot itself was incoherent (at least to me…) to the point that the player stopped caring (or never gave one in the first place, having never been given a reason to care). The TERRIBLE voice acting and dialog did not help it. Compare it to the voice acting in the previous two games, it’s like night and day. Hopefully that will be addressed this time around.

      • LynxAmali

        There was a plot in ACV?

        Could’ve fooled me. If there was, sure wasn’t as enjoyable as 4’s, 4As, or Last Raven.

  • From a design standpoint, I’m a little disappointed that AC’s have become less sleek and more chunky; lowering their height to 5 meters shouldn’t necessarily mean messing with their proportions. That said, I’m just nitpicking, overall the changes to the formula is very much back to the series’ roots.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    That skinny mecha.O.o

    • neogeno

      Yeah, its legs are nothing but twigs. If it wasn’t a giant robot I’d want to feed it something.

  • Just a heads up—this isn’t an expansion like some folks are assuming. We asked Namco about that, just to clarify, and they say it’s a completely new game that shares some things with AC5.

    • MrTyrant

      Well I hope they’ll improve this game, not only the multiplayer aspects but the single player campaign as well and the gameplay mechanics.

    • Ferrick

      Overed weapons from ACV are still usable ? =D

  • Hossi Blumengaarten

    Armored Core 4, FOREVER. if only they had improved on the story they already had an amazing premise !!!

  • Visa Vang

    It’ll be nice if they put FA White Glint in there.

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