• http://epiclyamazing.wordpress.com/ AzureNova

    I don’t even have a 360 anymore, but I want it lol

    • ArinoSeb_GccxQc

      You can always go buy another X360 y’know

  • Christian

    does anyone know why Cave only puts their games out on 360?

    • neo_firenze

      Easier to port to than PS3 (a big deal for a small dev with limited resources), lower royalty costs for a small publisher, and in Japan pretty much every fan of the genre has a 360.

      Doesn’t matter that 360 isn’t popular with the mainstream in Japan, it is widely supported among the niche audience of hardcore shooter fans. And yes, these games are niche even in Japan.

      It’s also a bit of a chicken and egg scenario – early in the generation the first major shooter releases were on 360, so the fanbase got built up there. So later when a publisher wants to release, they look at where the fans of the genre are and decide that it makes sense to release it to the system they all own. It’s not just Cave, look at others like Moss (Raiden IV, Caladrius), Qute (Eschatos, Ginga Force), Konami (Otomedius), 5pb (Daioujou/Ketsui ports, Bullet Soul), G.Rev, etc.

      • Höhlenmensch

        Don’t forget that Sony doesn’t even allow these kinds of games on the PS3.

        • zero254

          What is gundemonium recollection, soldner x and oh i give up.

        • neo_firenze

          Where’s your proof of that? Internet rumors and conspiracy theory. Ask yourself what really makes more sense:

          1) Small developers find it easier to port arcade games with niche appeal to an easier/cheaper development platform which already has a strong fanbase for the genre; or

          2) Platform owner is engaged in nefarious conspiracy to keep publishers from releasing games on their system.

          And as the other responses note, “these kinds of games” actually already ARE on the PS3 (for instance, G.Rev’s Under Defeat and Mamoru-kun – both of which were released at retail on both 360 and PS3 in Japan).

          • Höhlenmensch

            Huh? Afaik Sony doesn’t allow non widescreen retail games on the PS3. I think Cave was even the one who gave us that information.

            Under Defeat and Mamoru-kun were widescreen remasters.

          • zero254

            Except all of these games are exactly what you just stated.

            Gundemonium games aren’t widescreen.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            It seems we were supposed to recognize it was only ‘US retail shooters released for PS3 in non-widescreen’ that was being considered ‘these kinds of games’. It probably wouldn’t be worth mentioning the multiple non-widescreen shooters that were released at retail for both the PS1 and PS2, either. It’s the same as old arguments regarding what SCEA ‘banned’ for which exceptions could always be found.

    • Repede91

      My guess would be that Cave chooses to go with 360 because it’s a more friendly development environment. They can also reasonably assume most of their fans are crazy enough to buy a 360 just for their games.

      • superdry

        Also, Microsoft also helped subsidize some development costs early on with JP developers to get them on board with the platform.

  • Zonic505

    Wow, the fact you get some gamerpics, themes, and the music makes the package more worth it. A shame it’s so expensive & some of the content is region locked.

  • No

    If I didn’t already own ALL of these, I would get it.

  • superdry

    Typo? Dodonpachi Daioujou should be replaced with Dodonpachi Resurrection since Daioujou and Ketsui were released by 5pb.

  • Strain42

    $312. 11 games. That’s around 28 bucks apiece, since it comes with DLC, I’ll just round down to say 25 or so…I dunno, call me cynical but from what I’ve seen of these games, I don’t think the cost is worth it. That’s just my take though. (Of course I dunno what these games cost when they were first released. I suppose if you didn’t own any of these games and wanted them all this could be a great bargain)

    EDIT: Ignore me entirely. I didn’t even catch the part about soundtracks and CDs lol Yeah, this probably is a good deal for someone who doesn’t own any of these.

    • Aoshi00

      It’s a very very good deal. I bought most of them for around $100 each (regular ed cost around $70-80, there have been subsequent Platinum re-release that cost cheaper), LE w/ soundtracks were especially more expensive. And here you get all the games in one giant bundle, w/ DLCs on disc (which were first print pre-order bonus before), gamer pics, premium themes, and soundtracks. Getting these separately would’ve cost about $1000 or more before. If I hadn’t spent so much on the individual games before I would be totally getting this :(…

  • neo_firenze

    Hmm.. stuff I don’t have:

    * Akai Katana, Daifukkatsu and Espgaluda II superplay DVDs.

    * A physical disc with all of the DLC (though I do have all of it downloaded on my J-360)

    Yet I still kinda want this! It’s actually not a bad price at all for 11 games, 10 soundtracks, and 7 superplay DVDs. Maybe I’ll buy it and sell some of the single games to cover the cost.

    Or maybe I’ll keep it sealed and sell it for $1000+ to some equally insane Cave fan in years ;)

    • AweOfShe

      I may sell my individual copies, and go for the convenience of having them all in one neat little package (with DOJ, SDOJ, and Kestui on the side, hahah).

  • neo_firenze

    Minor correction:

    DoDonPachi Daioujou is NOT included, that should read DoDonPachi Daifukkatsu (aka “Resurrection”).

    This set contains all of the shooting games that Cave published in Japan for the 360, which includes vanilla Daifukkatsu and the separate Daifukkatsu Black Label release. It does not include the two games Cave licensed to 5pb to publish – DoDonPachi Daioujou Extra and Ketsui Extra.

  • David Bruno

    Want this so bad!

  • TrevHead

    No doubt this will sell out fast, which is a shame because I’d probably buy it later into the year when I’ve the dosh.

  • thaKingRocka

    I just bought the reissue of Pork & Pink. I have almost everything else in this package. It really is an incredible offering.

  • Mantiskilla

    If I didn’t already own all these I would jump all over this. Matsuri download for MMP/PS and Futari Ver. 1.01 DLC is pretty cool that only came with 1st print of the game so thats a nice bonus

  • Ashurei

    Damnit Cave, stop TAUNTING ME. I don’t need a 360! ;____;

  • zero254

    I’m really pissed about region locks.

    I was opting to import the 360 version of mushihimesama to have both on one console. I’ll be sticking with my futari on 360 and my mushihimesama on ps2.

    • TrevHead

      Yeah it sucks that Mushi 1 is locked, as Futari is my fave shmup. I was secretly hoping RSG would localise it with Futari and all the DLC, sadly it wasn’t to be.

      • zero254

        At least the iOS port of 1 rans smooth as butter and looked good. Unfortunately there is no joystick support.

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