Pre-Order Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate From GameStop For A Strategy Guide

By Ishaan . February 25, 2013 . 12:00pm

Pre-ordering Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for either the Nintendo 3DS or Wii U from GameStop or EBGames will get you a bonus item along with your copy—a digital version of Brady’s strategy guide for the game.


The guide will be 250 pages in length and you’ll receive a code that lets you download it for free. According to Capcom’s Christian Svensson, Brady’s guide is based on the original Japanese guide for the game, which was the size of a phone book.


While Brady’s guide won’t contain all the content from the original Japanese guide, Svensson says it is a “major undertaking” for them.


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  • ffboi7

    digital only!!! eh i’ll take it

  • vanhyde

    why only Gamestop ?

  • Haseyo

    Doesn’t hurt, I guess.

  • Edzo

    you lost me at digital

    • MediaMindControl

      A digital guide won’t do me any good while I’m out in the world slaying monsters. Sure I could try burning my eyes trying to read it off a smart phone or something but I try to have as few things(devices) with me as possible at any given time.

  • Letiumtide

    Pre-order here and you’ll get something of $0 monetary value or any value and it costs nothing to us!

    Sorry, digital just isn’t worth a pre-order.

    • ErhmagerdWerds

      The value of a book, or game, isn’t just the paper, or disc, it’s
      printed on. The content needs to be created by someone, the designer,
      the editor, the writer, the studio, etc… Content doesn’t magically grow on
      The fact that people seem to think that way, if you
      can’t touch it it cost nothing to make, is why piracy runs rampant- “Its
      just a file man, it’s not like I’m stealing a disc or like a real game
      or anything”. And that piracy in turn is cutting into legit profits
      which stops companies from being able to afford to do things like, say, give a free hard copy book as a preorder bonus.

      • Letiumtide

        Just because I’m against digital media doesn’t mean that I’m a pirate, please don’t suggest these things.

        In fact, I support physical media distribution for that exact reason.

        I do however still think, regardless of your own opinion, that digital media is worth far less than physical. Certainly, somebody had to design it (I’ve done Graphic Design, I’m aware) and content had to be created, but that doesn’t mean that at the end of the day that it adds any value whatsoever to this game as a preorder bonus, which was my point, it completely lacks in any value. That’s not a shot at the GD or the person who wrote the walkthrough, the point is that digital media is restricted based on your ability to access it. That is to say the file might disappear, the format might change, it will become unavailable after a period of time.

        It doesn’t EXIST, really, it fades more readily with time and unlike a physical walkthrough, unless I have an ereader/tablet (I do not) I cannot simply pick it up and work through the area I am in along side it. I have to separate myself from the game to do so. Which is why I was upset when Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood had the manual on the disc, you had to exit the game to access it.

        It defeats it’s very purpose of being on hand as a walkthrough.

        • It defeats it’s very purpose of being on hand as a walkthrough.

          Umm, what? The game is on a 3DS. You could just as easily open the walkthrough up on a PC (like you would do for most games) without having to exit the game at all. The fact that it’s digital also means you would have an easier time searching through it.

          • Letiumtide

            From this very article, it claims either the 3DS game or the WiiU game? Am I wrong?

          • ZEROthefirst

            It means you get a digital download for the guide regardless of which one you pre-order. It’s the same guide for the same game.

          • Letiumtide

            Right. My point therein is that Ishaan only referred to the 3DS game, for picking it up to go to the PC without addressing that somebody playing on the WiiU wouldn’t get to do that.

          • ZEROthefirst

            You can still do that with the WiiU version. Chances are that you download the actual strategy guide on a computer because I don’t know where you would be viewing these on the 3DS/WiiU versions without some sort of reader program. If it is on the 3DS/WiiU themselves though then I don’t see how that would benefit anyone, especially the 3DS since it basically requires you to close out of any game to open something else up.

          • Letiumtide

            Clearly nobody is reading what I am saying at all or is just misunderstanding everything I say. So I’ll just say that, no that’s not what I meant.

        • ErhmagerdWerds

          Okay first I can’t believe I just read a GD saying that digital content is worthless. The entire realm of design is based around the notion that content defines worth, if you designed a flyer for someone but they never printed it, would they not have to pay you? Or if you did web design, well it’s 100% digital, not getting paid again! I am so depressed to hear someone in my career group say that digital has no worth, holy crap I just don’t even.

          Also the idea that digital content is somehow less permanent also is just insane in this day and age. The fact that we’re having this conversation means you have access to the internet and some form of computer which I’m going to assume can also read some form of files. Yes file formats get outdated,but unless you’re trying to read this guide 30 years down the road on an iPad 30 I’m pretty sure for the duration of this game’s average player base file formats are not going to suddenly change to the point that old formats aren’t supported. I mean MP3s are the current format for music most people use, but if I want to I can bust out a wav from 1993 and still find a program to read it.

          As for people not wanting to “break the experience” by looking at a digital FAQs on another device while playing, well, honestly if that was such a big deal I’m pretty sure GameFAQs wouldnt still be running strong. Looking at a screen or a book page, either is gonna require looking outside of the game. I agree the ACIII faq on the disc is a bad idea, on disc manuals DO require you to stop playing to look things up, but I dont recall them saying this was an on-disc bonus, so that’s really neither here nor there.

          Would I prefer a book version of this, or really any game guide- Yes. Of course because it is nice as heck to hold a pretty book in your hands, but the content of the book is the same printed or digital, the actual worth of the information is still there.

      • Sylveria

        Oh don’t try and feed us that. You know they’d never give away a book of this size as a pre-order bonus even if there was never a single case of piracy in the whole of the entire freaking universe, especially not as a hard-cover. That’s a $30-40 value easily.

        Though I do applaud you for saying “Cutting in to (potential) profits” instead of “costing them money.” At least you’re not using their misleading language.

        • ErhmagerdWerds

          Actually no, some of the preorder bonuses I’ve gotten in Japan rival a 300 page hardcover in production price. Because here people are regularly spending upwards of $100 USD on a new release, even PSP games are around $80USD new (tho exchange rates are in flux ATM). So yes, if a company can make enough profit they can in turn give back to the consumer. And “profit” isn’t a bad word, it’s what companies exist to do, they’re a business! Whenever people complain that a business wants to actually make money it boggle me!

  • Shadowman

    Why does it have to be digital? Whatever ill take it.

    • 250 pages, man. They can’t just give that away for free as a physical copy. Printing and shipping costs add up.

      • Shadowman

        Yeah. I guess your right, ill pre-order and be happy with it.

  • Jesse Torres

    even though i want hardcopy paperback, i know that they dont have the money to give away thousands of guides with 250 pages, one can only dream.

  • I’m excited to have this available. If the digital guide works on my android tablet, then I’ll be ecstatic. So glad I already preordered MH3U. Very excited for its release.

  • Rudy Soto

    Not good enough to cancel my WiiU+3DS pre-order on Amazon frankly.

    • Edzo

      im considering doing that but i dont think i would ever play the 3ds version.

  • konsama

    Lame, i was expecting a little rathalos figure or something, not a digital guide for info that most players already learned and researched by all these years, and for a game that is actually 1 year old. Oh well.

    • J_Joestar

      There is still quite a bit of data that has eluded the western fanbase, stuff like hitzone data, specific elemental resists, etc…
      Sure it is really just the stuff for the ultimate min/max player looking for perfect speed runs and stuff like that.

      • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

        What are you talking about, all that is well known–you sir are ignorant of MH lore. And this is a really sad preorder incentive, granted I grew tired of MH Tri a long time ago–no MH satisfied as little as Tri did.

        • J_Joestar

          got link to a Brachydios hitzone chart to show us then?
          I never said it was a great incentive, but it is just a free extra that they didn’t really need to include in the first place.

  • neo_firenze

    To me, digital guide doesn’t beat $20 off buying the Wii U + 3DS versions on Amazon. I could buy the physical guide with my $20 if I want.

  • MarcSK

    Well, I already preodered at Gamestop, so I guess this is a bonus. Maybe I can put it on my phone or something.

  • dahuuuundge

    oh come on, we don’t even get physical goodies anymore?

    • Tylor Boreas Makimoto

      Not at 200+ pages, no

  • Sylveria

    Oh. It’s digital? I was about to curse Capcom for baiting me in to pre-ordering it cause I’m a sucker for books and stuff. But, Gamestop is shit. Every time I’ve pre-ordered through them I’ve had problems plus they charge for shipping, which Amazon doesn’t for an item of this price. I’m not going to put up with Gamestop and pay extra just so I can get a prettied up Gamefaqs guide.

  • Not getting at Gamestop, but I will buy that guide from them!

  • And meanwhile I didnt get any bonus when preordering this game because i didnt live in US, why cant everyone just be thankful that you can get a bonus at all >.<

  • manowaffles

    Pretty sure I’d be happier with the 599 points in my Nintendo Deluxe Digital Promotion for downloading the game right onto my system.

    Besides, I really want a physical copy of this guide. A digital copy of the guide and a physical copy of the disc just arn’t the same.


    Isn’t the point of Monster Hunter to learn about the game by playing it? to create strategies to take down the monsters by actually fighting them? Doesn’t a strat guide kind of defeat the purpose of playing the game? just my two cents…

    • Knowing where to hit an angry Deviljho and actually hitting an angry Deviljho are two different things. :P

  • xXDGFXx

    > Preorder …. for strategy guide


    > a digital version …

    oh… could I exchange that for a discount code for the physical guide…?

  • TiredOfMyOldUsername

    Well i don’t care for a strategy guide even if it was physical since i wouldn’t use it, but it’s better then nothing and i think a guide like this can help thoses who are new to Monsters hunters

  • Tails the Foxhound

    Noap, if it was a physical one, I’d go for it.

  • ZEROthefirst

    I like how everyone has gotten so spoiled with pre-order bonuses lately. Honestly, some of you guys including myself are getting a free strategy guide for a game just for pre-ordering (granted I don’t think I’ve used a strategy guide since I was 10 and playing Golden Sun: The Lost Age). If this guide tells me where I can find some materials or what monster drops a specific thing without having to look online or call up a friend then cool, but if not then oh well, I got it for free so why should I complain about it?

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