A New Shark Dragon Monster To Be Hunted In Monster Hunter Frontier G

By Sato . February 26, 2013 . 4:01pm


Capcom recently announced an upgrade for Monster Hunter Frontier G and revealed a new shark-like dragon monster with a saw nose.


Here’s a look at Anolupatys, the new monster, which will terrorize Hunters in world of Monster Hunter Frontier G.

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Not much is known about Anolupatys or its habitat, but judging by its mixtures of dragon and shark features, along with the background seen in the above screenshot, it appears to dwell in icy areas. Its long saw-like nose especially looks like something you’d want to avoid!



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The premium package for Monster Hunter Frontier G includes plenty of extra content such as bonus weapons and armor. It also contains a coupon for the game’s subscription.


08 mhfg1_XBOX360_OWP_v6.1_outside


There are a few extra in-game related items that will be revealed on the release day.



10 11

Iyel Raigo and Caleto Raigo Greatswords


12 13

Jial Liago and Bur Liaro Hunting Horns

14 15

Kirino Touri and Vure Touri Bows




Magos series armor, Blade Master on the left and Gunner to the right.



21 17 22 18 23 19

24 20 

Monster Hunter Frontier G is slated to be released on April 17th, on Xbox 360 and PC.

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  • Andrew Arndt

    id so play thia on pc…

  • Nivans

    how do people keep up with all these versions/releases of Monster Hunter? And is this Japan only?

  • Nivans

    The dragon at 1:47 looks exactly like the digimon “Groundramon”

  • Micrll

    How in the world does that thing get food into its mouth with that attached to its head???

  • Mavalex

    Does this shark also come with Frickin’ laser beams?

    • TatsuyaKyo

      Better, it can shoot rainbow beams from it’s horn.

      • Mavalex

        Welp, we have an idea where the “best monster in the history of the universe” award goes to then

    • ShawnOtakuSomething
  • ronin4life

    Ok, a few questions;

    1st, how exactly does this differ from MonHun play and connection wise?

    2nd, does anyone else feel that recent Capcom behaivor would make a wiiu entry in the frontier games seem likely to happen? I just have a weird vibe since svenn made those wiiu comments, and I find it unlikely that there will be but so many more for xbox… and dq10 being on wiiu as well. Just some speculation on my part is all, as I personally don’t see mh4 going to wiiu like many others do.

    • alundra311

      Can you post a link to those comments?

      • ronin4life

        What he said was about Capcoms future wiiu plans. Basically, he said “we have our currently most powerful franchise represented on the console(Monster Hunter 3G hd). The signifigance of this should not be under estimated”. Capcom has also said “new titles over remakes”… ironic, considering their only wiiu title at that point was a 3ds port and revelations was announced shortly after…>.>

        It wasn’t about Monster Hunter or anything specific, but I am just speculating if WiiU got a MonHun game at all The Frontier series just seems to make sense.

        I will look for a link too.

        Huh. This was longer ago than I remember… I must have heard it late.

        • alundra311

          Thanks for the link. Here’s hoping for more MH on Wii U, a sequel to Tatsunoko v.s. Capcom, and more Capcom games. :)

  • Raharu95

    Hello there Serpent. haven’t seen you since Disgaea 4. you look different thought. have you been on a diet?

  • Spider-Man


  • Raltrios

    Ajin… Duva… Touri.

  • Crevox

    Shark dragon

    We’re taking it to a whole new level

    • manowaffles

      Or just adding a horn to a monster from the first Monster Hunter… but you know.

      It’s half Shark, half Dragon, and half Narwhal.

      If this ever gets localized, I’m voting for it’s name becoming SharkDragonNarwhal. We can even get Al Gore to guest spot as the person who sends you on the quest to kill it. I’m super cereal about this.

  • konsama

    Armors look cool.

  • Seijien

    This will definitely boost Xbox 360 sales in Japan. Expect hundreds, dare I say, even a thousand units to be sold! There is no stopping Xbox 360 now!
    (Couldn’t resist)

    All jokes aside, I am curious to see how high the count goes and for how long the boost lasts.

  • Go2hell66

    the armors look awesome! the monter on the other hand…

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