Meet Fate/Extra CCC’s Four Student Council Members

By Ishaan . March 7, 2013 . 8:30am

Marvelous AQL have shared a short new promo video for Fate/Extra CCC, introducing the game’s student council members—Leo, Shinji, Rani VIII and Rin:



Fate/Extra CCC is a follow-up to Fate/Extra. Like its predecessor, the game is developed by Imageepoch in collaboration with Type-Moon, and is being published in Japan by Marvelous AQL. The game will be released on March 28th.

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  • Rudy Soto

    Kinda weird, hanging out with the people who had no qualms in killing you in the last game, and Oh God, Gatou’s with them.

    • He pretty harmless compare to ppl like Julius ^w^;

  • The Gawain/Nero bantering is going to be excellent. I can smell it.

  • Translation courtesy of the folks in BL:

    Leo: Under the name of Leonardo B. Harway, I hereby announce the founding of the Tsukumihara Student Council!

    Shinji: Whaat? Student council? Teaming up to leave this place? Seriously?

    Rani: Excuse me. This is Rani VIII, requesting permission to enter.

    Rin: Well then, I’ll introduce myself again. I am Tohsaka Rin, one of the Masters who joined the Holy Grail War. We’ll meet again (more literally “let’s meet again”) if chance permits.

    Gatou: Repoooorting in! I am the thread of spider silk of Amitābha dangled in hell! I hear that I was called for so I’ve instantly come for alms!

    Leo: …Very well, then (literally “it can’t be helped”). Gatou-san, I’ll ask you to be in charge of making the tea, patrolling the school, and cleaning the toilets. Brother, please provide guidance for him.

    Oh you, Gatou. He always entertaining to watch XD But you are nowhere near The Golden Spider, just sayin.

    • Christopher Nunes

      Thank you for posting this here as always. ^_^

      I’m a little surprise to see Gatou is back again! I wonder if the other past Masters will be here? Alice? Dan? Lil’ Ronnie?

      …On second thought, I wouldn’t mind if the clown girl doesn’t make a return. ^_^;
      Hehehe… he… ugh.

      • Just to share something I found with ppl, tht all.

        Julius is confirmed. No idea abt the rest of them. And let hope Ronnie not here too ><

        Forgot to add these:

        -There will be an "auto-battle" function.It picks the right option for you when you can see what move the enemy's going to make, but it'll pick randomly for the ? ones.
        -There will be a map system with objective markers and stuff.
        -The MCs will also have other costumes.
        -All Servants will get casual clothes and swimsuits.
        -Gil's and Archer's secrets will be exposed.
        -There is/are normal end(s), as well as a Servant end depending on your interactions with your Servant.

        (Source: BL/HibiChika radio)

        • Christopher Nunes

          Wow! This is shaping up better than the first one! ^_^

          In a way, I kind of wish they re-made the first one for the Vita with the extras they put into Fate/Extra CCC. Looking forward to when the game comes out!

        • Vash bane

          this is why i follow guides lol

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    damnit this game is sexy

  • Apparently, Kotomine is working concessions.

    Guess I won’t be buying any items.

  • s07195

    I wonder, is the promise Rani/Rin made at the end of last game moot now, now that you’re alive again (in the Moon Cell)? That is, if they still remember it.

    • Well, Nasu & PR ppl insisted this isn’t a sequel so…. Then again it could be lolNasu so…..

  • TatsuyaKyo

    …Let’s hope that Shinji won’t abuse his authority and lay a hand on your waifus (not that they need protection though…).

    • Sakura. Just sayin’. (But then again she has BB…)

  • The Elite Four of Fate/Extra CCC.

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