Here’s A Glimpse Of MIND≒0’s Opening Movie On PS Vita

By Ishaan . April 18, 2013 . 11:30pm

Acquire have shared a “short version” of the opening to MIND≒0. Presumably, a longer version will be made available at some point. In the meantime, you can watch the 40-second opening movie below:



MIND≒0 is a dungeon crawler being developed by Class of Heroes developer ZeroDiv. You can read about some of the game’s character in this report. The game is slated for a Summer release in Japan on the PlayStation Vita.

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  • Philip Irwin

    I… Got nothing out of that opener. Seemed like your typical japanese fair opening theme, only more boring than normal.

    • Fidelis

      Took the words right out of my mouth
      Well actually, I was going to type
      “Was that supposed to excite us?”

      ..I think the game is interesting but this opening just did absolutely nothing in terms of piquing interest.

      • Philip Irwin

        Pretty much all I felt out of this, was I supposed to get excited by that?

        Except rather than it be say, a cool animation of the game or character portraits and CG animation, we get a bunch of unnecessary live action shots.

    • Kevadu

      Hard to really judge the theme with just 40 seconds…

      But the animation–or rather the complete lack of animation–is another thing.

      • Philip Irwin

        Yeah, that’s what I was meaning to get across.

        I don’t get it when JRPG companies decided that random live action shots set to music and still concept art images of characters from the game is acceptable means of promoting the title. I don’t know who started the trend, but I kind of wanna to throw that person off a cliff.

    • Well at least the song was good.

  • KiTA

    In before “Looks like Persona” comments~~

    • Chris Yuen

      It’s already been like that for the past few articles. Heh. Loving the design of the Tonfa girl aka the Aigis lookalike though. If this game is localized, I don’t mind getting it for my Vita.

    • Strain42

      Well…it kinda does. Until I see something that makes it look NOT Persona-y, like maybe the MINDS have their own HP bars or something I’m gonna say it looks like Persona. It’s high school kids with the power to summon mythical monsters from their own minds to fight for them. Heck, the art style even kinda resembles Soejima’s. I don’t really understand the people who are quick to defend that it doesn’t look like Persona. It’s not like saying it looks like Persona is an insult.

      After the incredible success of the past few Persona games is it so hard to believe that a developer would attempt to capture that similar magic?

      • AkuLord3

        “After the incredible success of the past few Persona games is it so hard
        to believe that a developer would attempt to capture that similar
        You mean people using stands to fight evil i mean…Teenages fighting evil…i mean. You know Persona wasn’t really the first on stuff either but yeah its using the similar sense which isn’t a bad thing

        • He’s talking about summoning monsters based on their MIND

      • Hraesvelgr

        “Heck, the art style even kinda resembles Soejima’s”

        That’s a little bit insulting to Soejima, and I don’t even really like his art/designs.

  • psycho_bandaid

    still really interested in the game, but that opening animation lacked… animation. Mostly still pics being flashed at random.

    • Sergio Briceño

      You are right. It almost looked like a japanese game’s opening.

  • Lester Paredes

    Well. That was lacklustre. I’ve still got my eye on the game, but that opening… not their best foot forward.

  • Derry Santoso

    Generic OP, But the music is amazing XD

  • I love the insertion of real life background and the style of the OP, still it needs a bit more animation like the OP for S;G:LBP. I like the song though. Can’t wait to see the longer ver.

  • Wasn’t even anime just a bunch of random videos of stuff. Anybody could have done that, it looked like a film student homework assignment.

  • Neppygear

    My budget can’t be this low.

  • Hunnybear

    now I know all I need to know about this game *sarcasm*. I am beginning to think that this will never see the western shores due its generic nature.

  • Guys, I think it’s a video game.

  • vileBrenman

    Ok that was awesome. I want it.

  • TheExile285

    First Compile Heart, now Accuire….

    I want to see gameplay. Thats what I care about :/

  • Dagobert

    I’m seeing too many negative feedback about this game on many sites. I can see how this is a Persona rip off. Personally I like Persona games, especially 3 and 4, and the reason I like them is due to the whole school life sim that’s involved. Unfortunately Atlus can’t pump one out each year, so seeing someone else make something similar to it is great in my opinion. I’m not saying the game is any good since it’s not even out yet, but the fact someone else is making something like Persona is great.

    Also the opening is great since I haven’t seen any game use real footage for it’s intro, or at least none that I can remember. The only thing I’m not liking is the artstyle.

    • Sheep

      I can’t even understand how this could possibly be a “persona rip-off”

      It’s a dungeon crawler with science fiction elements and you summon familiars(which is far more similar to F/SN than anything else) The story is dark to the point of near grimdark judging from the opening sequence.

      It also has a wholly different environmental feel and doesn’t use really any archetypes I could recognize from Persona 3 + 4 at the very least(however I can see there being some similarities) given the entire series, however I’m pretty sure that this is going in an almost completely different gameplay(and it being a dungeon crawler is a really weak thing to say it’s anything like Persona off of) / style and story tone, so I honestly have no idea how anyone could have even stated as such.

  • Nooooooooo, it was too short, and yes, it did lack a little animation lol, but I still wanted to see more. Was anyone else kinda reminded of how the style of the trailer seemed a little like the Bakemonogatari series?

  • Ni

    man, the opening song sound awesome and i liked the urban picturess in the video.
    I’m seeing alot of negative feedback of the persona fanbase about this game in others sites and threads. I find this funny because the Persona fanbase always go to other JRPG threads to say how much like the game X has something that was in persona or how the game isn’t good because of the lack of “persona elements”, and when another company is making something that is going the persona route they shout “rip off rip off”.

  • Demeanor

    Mou love-love ni nacchattee… :D

  • Niyari

    well it’s the short version, so yea. the song seems pretty good so far though.

  • fenix7

    If this is localized, it will probably push me to buy a vita haha

  • Spider-Man

    Holy uninteresting opening.

  • Prinny Dood

    I know this will get localized feels just like persona.

  • Lacie

    Not much animation but then again this is the “short version”.

  • れいか

    I’m seeing too many “looks like persona” comments… Other than the similar character design or structure (maybe the uniform too), I would like to know which other part of it screams “persona rip-off.” This post only has the short video (which doesn’t even have the gameplay), just an introduction of the possible main characters and one bad guy(?). Can anyone enlighten me on this one? XD

    As for the localization… They localized Class of heroes, right? Hopefully it crosses to English speaking continents (a,k.a. outside Japan). The opening already got me interested, I hope it doesn’t disappoint me when we see more screenshots/trailers or the full version of that opening movie.

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