New Neptunia Idol Video Shows A Glimpse Of Gameplay

By Spencer . April 25, 2013 . 1:40am

Wondering how Hyperdimension Idol Neptunia PP actually plays? Then watch this video. It’s similar to The [email protected] since it makes players an idol producer. You decide if the CPUs should take lessons to improve their stats, go on tour or take a day off. All of this is done through menus and the event scenes from the off days have a visual novel feel to them. The Live Part is a performance where you select stage lighting and costumes.


Hyperdimension Idol Neptunia PP comes out for PlayStation Vita on June 20.

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  • Keima88

    Fire emblem awakening was the reason for me to buy a 3DS.

    Hyperdimension Idol Neptunia PP will be the reason for me to buy a vita if it comes to the west.

    • Chris Yuen

      Don’t forget P4G. I brought my Vita for that.

      • Keima88

        Aye. I had to choose between the 2. But seeing I already played Persona 4 on the PS2, my choice was swiftly made.

        That doesnt mean I wont buy P4G though. I love Atlus. I even imported the American version P3P and bought the special edition of it when it came out in Europe ^^.

    • Testsubject909

      I don’t know why people downvoted you.

      Fire Emblem Awakening is an obviously great game. And if Hyperdimension Idol Neptunia PP is what sparks an interest for you to put down heavy money on another handheld. I fail to see what’s to dislike about this. Unless they just dislike the idea of you not owning a Vita or opting to own a Vita for still unspecified reasons that one can only assume may or may not be perverse in some nature.

      • Keima88

        You buy a game system for the games right? The games that I have right now for the 3DS are MH3:U and FE:A.

        I was planning to buy the vita specially for P4G but for only 1 enhanced great game that I already played on the ps 2 is not good enough reason for me.

        And seeing that shin megami tensei 4 is coming to the 3DS … (Project X-zone, hopefully Digimon and rune factory 4 too)

        Anyway I like the neptunia series so thats enough reason for me to buy a vita.

        • Randy Marsh

          Ignore the down voters my friend, they’re mad because you’re going to get all the ladies!

        • Mr_SP

          Project X Zone and SMT4 are enough reason for me to have a 3DS. P4G was enough reason to get a Vita, and PS Plus is securing that decision. (Free Virtue’s Final Reward and Metal Gear HD!? YES.)

        • Niyari

          Vita is a great system, so you definitely wouldn’t be disappointed. The LED screen looks REALLY nice in person.

      • Cazar

        Probably because there are already so many better reasons to own a Vita. But to each their own I guess.

        I didn’t downvote him by the way. Please don’t hurt me.

        • Testsubject909

          I can’t hurt you.

          (Edit: Also. TL;DR: I’m just repeating what you said.)

          There’s a PC screen in the way of me magically transforming my corporeal being into digital input so to reform on the other hand to physically harm you or anyone else for that matter.

          Plus, I did bring up a reason or two that could possibly explain why someone would downvote him anyhow so it’s not exactly out of my comprehension.

          And hey. It also comes down to personal tastes. For me. Gravity Rush, Dynasty Warriors Next, DJ Max Technika Tune, Persona 4 Golden, etc + Playing PSP and PS1 games with dual analogs was plenty reasons for me to get a Vita day 1. But that’s me.

          • Cazar

            I just realized you’re the same person I just replied to on that Soul Sacrifice article. /notastalker

          • Testsubject909

            No worries.

            You’ll probably find me semi frequently around Siliconera anyways.

          • Herok♞

            dude you have the most comments you can drop the semi part

          • Testsubject909

            Shhh… He/she doesn’t know yet…

            Edit: But they would’ve found out pretty quickly.

      • Kai2591

        Those downvoters are people who hate life.
        Maybe they’re kids too.

    • ワン スャレ

      Don’t worry. I just got my 3DS too.
      Just because I want Soul Hackers.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, Any one of the new Neptunia games would be a reason for me to buy a Vita

    • pimpalicious

      I already have a Vita but would buy PP if it came out. The only thing I want more that hasn’t been announced for the US is Demon Gaze.

    • Aristides

      In this handheld generation it’s become a must for JRPG/Jgames/VN fans to own both systems. We get a ton of great content on both, I have both however I spend most of my time on Vita, I’m enchanted by it and have spent a little too much money on games for it ^^ lol. But anyways you wont regret it.

    • Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F alone is a good enough reason to invest on a Vita (^_^); This one looks a little too complex without localization but since the series already enjoys western releases, here’s hoping this one eventually makes it as well!

      • brian

        Project Diva F is also on PS3 iirc, though.

        • Yeah, good point. I suppose it’s no longer an excellent reason to get a Vita, at least not quite as much as last year.

          • Testsubject909

            Project Diva F on the go is still excellent.

  • chobitsza

    Already ask my friend to order it for me. That lovely sticker skin will be stick on my Vita soon. (*´д`)ハァハァ

  • Randy Marsh

    And yet my beloved Chika is no where to be found!

    Digging the Vita skin though. I have some doubts about this coming here, then again I thought that “game” Disgaea Infinite wasn’t coming here, but lo and behold we got it. Maybe the same thing will happen for this game, just maybe.

    • Testsubject909

      And I bought and enjoyed Disgaea Infinite as well.

      And there really aren’t that many games that does the whole Groundhog Day thing.

      • DyLaN

        Dunamis 15 comes to the mind…

      • Randy Marsh

        I did enjoy the story of Disgaea Infinite and the features were interesting for a visual novel, but I don’t know why something about Infinite being a visual novel always bothered me, maybe I was just too used to the regular Disgaea formula or something…..

    • ShadowDivz

      Nis brought D.I.
      Nis brought Ar Tonelico Qoga
      Nis has given all the HDNs so far.
      The chances for this aren’t too bad. But i don’t know if a management type game(or whatever the hell genre idol master is) would sell well here.
      Someone resumed the type of game it was for me in another topic and it sounded pretty cool.

      • AkuLord3

        Well yeah Disgaea Infinite is still a Disgaea game (just different gameplay wise) and HDN and Ar Tonelico are rpgs, this one being very different. It won’t sell well here (then again not like most Idea Factory sell too well in the West) but there are fans who are interested. its kinda a 35 chance of it coming out

        • ShadowDivz

          Did you see Ar tonelico 3?
          It has lolis. And undressing scenes of said lolis. It’s nothing short of a miracle.

  • Testsubject909

    This ever makes it to the west and I’ll purchase it day 1.

    I get a very slight Princess Maker vibe from some of the gameplay description and from what I’ve seen, it looks entertaining enough to my liking.

  • AkuLord3

    I know i will be happy to make my gurl Blanc the best idol evah. Even if we don’t get it (which i wouldn’t be surprised but who knows) there’s always importing~

  • gamefreak86

    Hmmmmh, its so good. The extras are freakin sweet. Cmon NISA.

  • My Vita needs some Neptune Love. I’m counting on you NISA =^_^=

  • Testsubject909

    (Edit: Also. To contrast your random downvoting. I’ll go ahead and go on a random upvoting spree.)

    You know… I originally wrote a rather hefty and lengthy post that was an open taunt, challenge, comical insult based on stereotypical negative image of a trolling lurker and an open one way conversational piece towards silent lurkers and an open invitation for them to come in as well as a note to allow them openly to downvote me as per the jokeful lengthy and wordy multi paragraph descriptive insult upon said stereotypical image though with a fine note that any downvote received would be seen as a confirmation that said insults were on the dot as opposed to missing the mark entirely making the silence of said random downvoter actually matter far more then a juvenile and immediately violent response as a sort of test and measure of said lurking downvoter’s actual intelligence, involvement and care to not only the subject matter but to his or her own personal incognito status as some random unknown entity…

    But then I thought…

    Nah… I don’t need to put up that huge bit of verbal acid here… If downvoting is what gives you an e-boner and makes you shits n giggles like a little schoolgirl who discovered her first naughty word to say behind her parents back. Go ahead. It’s your life. You can waste it however the hell you want.

    Just like how I have my own right to waste time writing a long post, erasing it and replacing it with this bit that’s most likely completely useless.

    So as they say. Come at me bro.

    • CobbleCake

      CobbleCake likes this

    • Herok♞

      I downvoted you because I downvote and then provide a reason in this case is was as a example as in this case to show not everyone downvotes and runs but you already knew that.

      • Testsubject909

        Eh, at least you gave me a reason why. *upvotes*

        • Herok♞

          I love how someone downvoted my post and ran after they likely read and upvoted your post, this exactly what you were talking about.

    • They downvote because there are some SERIOUS CH haters on SIliconera.

      • Testsubject909

        They ain’t serious CH haters. There’s just too much random downvoting for it.

        Even neutral comments that have nothing to do with anything get random downvotes.

        That’s not serious hating.

        That’s just going on a downvote spree for shits n giggles.

  • michel

    beautiful and colorful game, but not for me…

  • Ni

    I like the characters, the silly humor of neptunia franchise and i can’t get that op out of my head. if If wasn’t for my dislike about idol (and idols in general) games i would buy that game… ):

    • AkuLord3

      If you like the characters and such i don’t see why not, its not like they’ll be out of character. Unless you’re not into management/dance mini-game bits…i really don’t see why not give it a go

      • Ni

        Because I don’t like the idol industry and anything related to it

        • RoseTech

          That’s like saying you don’t play Call of Duty or GTA because you don’t like shooting or running over people IRL.

          • Ni

            no, it’s not. I don’t like the idol industry because of how silly and stupid this industry works so i don’t support anything related to idols

          • RoseTech

            …Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. My analog is valid. You hate the *actual* industry, so you hate a game that has it. I don’t like *actual* assassinations, so I hate a game that has it? Not really. Look, same goes for idols for me too. I can agree that the whole idol craze IRL can be pretty ridiculous and demeaning possibly to humanity as a whole, but I still like this game. It’s simply a medium for the characters to wear cute shit and sing music. The same goes for games with attractive lolis in them, hell even Neptunia got some fire from a few reviews because all they could say was “OMGOMG over sexualized little girls” or something like that? Yeah yet now it’s a respectable hit; NISA localized all the way to its 3rd installment so far.
            Don’t mix 2D and 3D.

  • artemisthemp

    I really wanna play this game, but I sadly fear the license for music will stop this from coming to the West

  • In my mad scientist opinion.
    The only part, besides the idol stuff, changing clothes and all that, that i find attractive, and -main- reason why i would wa~nt maybe to buy it, is the fact that you can get in a romantic stance with the girls, which is a side they havent really shown much (or nothing at all) in their games.

    But, as for graphics… well, it doesn’t looks bad or anything of course, but, if i compare it to stuff i’ve been playing like senran kagura vs., or photo kano kiss, they are really kinda low qualitish, i think this part in particular is important since one of the main points is to have appealing characters, and we, the users that like this kind of stuff, can enjoy it…. but i think i wouldn’t enjoy that much, would need to see more to know for sure, but their 3D models arent that good imo… PKkiss and Senran’s graphics’s quality are way higher than this, just comparing the face of the girls of any of these 2 games with any of neptunia PP would be enough to see the quiality difference im talking about.

    So yeah, if i ever get it, that wont be soon for what i see, it didnt really make me bite that much, will probably be because of being able to be romantic with the girls and stuff. Have too many other priorities in gaming for now anyway xD, so im actually happy i didnt like it that much, would be another big weight to my wallet….

    But if it comes to the west, it would really rise the chance of me getting it, because when i import it has to be something that i seriously really want, too expensive to import stuff lightly T.T

  • TheBlackgirl123

    okay, i know this game is for men, but is it wrong for me to get this game. you know a girl

    • SirTeffy

      *shrug* I’m gay and I want it.

    • r0gamer940

      Cute is cute no matter gender or sexual orientation

    • Luna Kazemaru

      when does gender ever matter in getting games? I play these games just fine no issue.

    • That actually makes you attractive to some men! >8D

    • Testsubject909

      Nothing wrong with that. If anything, as WildArms stated, it makes you more appealing in general.

      Though I’d think that it wouldn’t be some, but many men.

  • Dietrich

    Animation’s still a smidge on the stiff side, but…eh, screw the technical stuff, want!!!!!!!!!!

  • Zenthos

    It seems their reusing the same models from previous games. Eh, I could get more content from mmd with better animations.

    • Testsubject909

      Eh. I’ll upvote you. What you say can be seen as accurate considering how mmd is basically neverending content.

  • Aristides

    LOCALIZATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HO! :P

  • cedx123

    Everyone is just so Kawaii!!! I am really looking forward to this game coming out in the west.

  • Raltrios

    I want that skin. But I need a Vita first.

  • Mister_Nep

    You know NISA has localized the unusual spin-offs from a popular series before. By that I mean only Disgaea Infinite. I’m hoping this series has enough popularity on a similar enough level that they’ll localize this as well. That would make it the second spin-off title with little to no chance of localization to actually get localized.

  • Abend

    What? no Nisa dawww

  • れいか

    I hope this gets localization… for the mean time, I can get my hands on that VITA skin > u >

  • brian

    0:45 Two entire frames dedicated to boobs, that is impressive.

    • Testsubject909

      I’d love to point you to DOAX.

    • damn I had noticed only one. Your sharpness is impressive XD

  • Kai2591

    Too much moe can be fatal.

  • this video is a lot more interesting than the 1st one. Now I’m really looking forward to it. Strange though, the graphics looked like more polished in the screens published in the Dengeki.

  • psycho_bandaid

    looks better than I thought. Will probably require more knowledge of japanese language than I have to actually enjoy it. Maybe NISA will give it a whirl.

  • LastationLover5000

    God I hope this is localised, I WANT THIS GAME!!!!!!

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