This RPG World Was Destroyed Twice, Can You Prevent A Third Disaster?

By Spencer . May 4, 2013 . 1:45pm


History is said to repeat itself and it does, twice actually, in Silver Nornir. Kemco developed this game which looks and plays like RPGs from the 16 bit period. The story has an interesting premise and begins after Azatoth destroyed the world twice.


After an eternity of time, the world is reborn in the 3rd Age. The problem is people live the same lives and make the same mistakes. Can you prevent the world from a third catastrophe? Of course you can because that’s the whole point of stepping into the shoes of a hot-blooded, but kind swordsman named Ein.


Silver Nornir is available now for iOS and Android. Android users can get the game on sale for just $0.99 until May 6.

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  • So they turned the plot from Zetsuen no Tempest into a game?

    • TaintedSeraph

      Not really considering that Zetsuen no Tempest isn’t about repeating the exact same history over again in a never-ending loop of repeated mistakes.

    • OkamiKing

      What have you been reading/watching?

  • Ios… ugh, damn i hope they move it to the psmobile new thing or w/e

  • Zeonsilt

    Character art design is great.

  • Couldn’t resist not picking this up with the tiny price tag on Android. We’ll see how this turns out.

  • Why no iOS discount?? Contented myself with picking up Kemco’s Alphadia for 99c instead. I’ll take any excuse to play a JRPG on my iPhone!

  • Hours

    The designs and sprite work are actually pretty good for a cell phone game. Kinda gives off a Star Ocean/SaGa vibe.

    It would cool to see some of these ported to the 3DS.

  • Yuuki

    never mind…

  • Nyandroid

    Oh wait. Its for the phone. Didn’t realize while watching the vid. And for just a buck! Im so jealous right now!! =owo=

  • Kitestwinblades

    I need to slow down reading these articles titles… totally miss the word “world” and thought they were trying to save the game through donations/support or something xD

    “This RPG was destroyed twice, can you prevent a third disaster”
    But this game looks great! Why would they… oh… r.r; whoops

  • Kelohmello

    Man, that incredibly low framerate really bothers me. That looks horrible. Still… if it gets a .99$ sale on iOS in the future I might buy it.

  • Aristides

    It’s from kemco! Natsume bring this to PSP!!!!! =D

    • puchinri

      Haha, that’s what I was thinking.

  • new_tradition

    Just DLed from the PlayStore. For less than a buck, why not? xD

    I’m surprised how small it is-not even 50 mb O.O

  • neogeno

    Anybody know what the extra features via the in-app purchase are?

  • biskmater

    Azathoth…? as in the mad king of the cthulhu mythos? That Azathoth?

  • They must have noticed how Kickstarter is absolutely dominated by 8-bit RPGs.

    Oooh, I have an Android, and there’s one more day. Time to pick this up.
    Oh, /all/ their games are $0.99 till tomorrow.

  • puchinri

    I really like the art and character designs. Cool enough premise too.
    Hopefully it’ll also get ported to PSP one day (or I get a new phone soon).
    (Actually, how many Kemco games have seen ports now?)

  • Richard Evans

    Finally, something in 16-bit. I’m sick of the 8-bit phase these lazy devs are going through and silly people keep supporting. I love large detailed sprites and would love to see a 2D RPG on a modern console or handheld using sprites as big and detailed as Blazblue or the newest KOF game.

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