Monster Hunter 4 Has A New Arctic Map With Blizzards To Hinder You

By Sato . May 15, 2013 . 11:00pm

This week’s Famitsu magazine introduces a new arctic map for Monster Hunter 4. Unlike previous snowy maps, this one will be in set in a completely frozen region, covered in glaciers and massive bodies of water.


The new map is known as the Frozen Sea. Unlike the Tundra in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, the Frozen Sea is centered around freezing water and the action will take place on the surrounding glaciers. The map is completely covered in ice, where all living things fight for survival.


The Frozen Sea has many other characteristics that define its arctic features; from blizzards that will be giving you a tough time traveling, to beautiful auroras that span across the cold skies. There will also be plenty of frozen cave areas, full of icicles and ice-based monsters.


Lagombi, the Fanged Beast Species that resembles a mixture of a rabbit, bear and koala, makes a return as one of the main monsters of the Frozen Sea map. A new amphibious-type smaller monster, known as Skuagills will also be appearing in the Frozen Sea.  Famitsu also introduces a flying beetle-type monster, called Alceltas. Unlike other insect monsters, this one is several times larger than the hunters and will viciously attack from above.


Monster Hunter 4 is slated to be released this Summer in Japan for Nintendo 3DS.


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  • dragoon_slayer12

    I want to see combat action in motion. From the trailer they released a while back, it looked liked the amped the flow of the game. I just hope it’s more fluid like pso2/psu/god eater/ragnorak odyssey, etc

    Edit; I don’t want the combat to mirror the games I mentioned, I just want the pace of the animations to be more faster and fluid. I don’t want DMC air combat, nor heavy weapons being handled like nunchucks in Ninja Gaiden. The SPEED itself and lack of combos with light weapons is what I’m displeased with, not the overall combat system.

    Should have clarified that before

    • Crevox

      If they did that, then it wouldn’t be Monster Hunter, and it would run a huge risk. Capcom won’t risk losing profits on their big money maker.

      • dragoon_slayer12

        I’ve always felt MH combat was a little slow paced. I personally, would like it to be s smidgen faster, more on the lined of RO

        • that slow paced gameplay that define monster hunter
          made it not just a mere button masher action game, and thats why many person like it

          • Link

            ^ The slow pace is what makes the game what it is. It leaves little room for error and employs more of a strategic approach to combat. Becoming a button masher/hack and slash type of game would take way from what makes Monster Hunter unique. I think the combat is great the way it is.

          • Indeed, but I think everyone gets annoyed when they just start doing a bunch of combos in the air XD

        • Namuro

          MH’s combat might feels slower and more sluggish compared to the titles you mentioned, but that’s the key element of the game. It’s just like what Link said how the game employs a strategic approach to the combat, and also it feels more realistic since most of the weapons you handle in the game are pretty large (well, MH is in no way a realistic game, but you know what I mean…).

          For example, each time you swing your great sword, you’re taking a huge risk. For if you miss, by the time you can muster your strength to pull the weapon back, the much faster monster may be upon you already. To master these primitive, yet deadly weapons is definitely a thrill in itself.

          I’m CERTAIN, that if MH were to adopt a fast pace combat like God Eater, the gameplay will be ruined and the core fans are going to rage so hard (especially the Japanese players) and possibly burn down CAPCOM HQ LOL.

          If you want a more fast pace hunting game that looks similar to MH, you should really give Toukiden a try.

          • dragoon_slayer12

            I hoping toukiden swings this way. I’m not saying I dislike the current MH formula, nor am I asking for a radical chance of combat like from Onimusha to Devil May Cry, I just want the combat animations to be a bit faster, and with certain weapons, addsome type of fast paced combo rather than the current “strike, strike, strike, pause, redo”. With the “buster swords” and lances, the animations and speeds are fine, they are large weapons, I don’t expect them to fly around like yoda while holding something the size and weight of a tree. I used RO as an example because with the different weapons, each animation offered different speeds (hammer drill slow as hell while the sword was decently paced without over the top DMC speed and flair)

    • It’s not (There are videos of people playing the game) but the jumping has made the combat a bit more active, there is more running and jumping. It’s actually a nice comprimise for someone like you, more to do, more active, but still the same pace.

  • Go2hell66

    Sweet! MH2 Snowy mountain was my favourite area so this great news for me!

  • Shariest

    Oh noes! Just one Blizzard is enuff!
    What will we do with all the WoW’s they’ll bring up :O

  • Spider-Man

    Ruh-roh, Lagombi and Blangongas and Barioths oh my! More insect monsters are always welcome.

  • Qyuubi786

    All this frozen Sea! We sure will be walking on thin ice!
    It’s a shame swimming is taken out, I really enjoyed water battle’s. (Haha Plesioth I can swim too).

  • Pockystix

    hopefully wind res can help us with it lol

  • Ferofax


    Also, half-duration for Hot Drinks, lol. Better bring some Hot Meats as well!

  • Peace Legacy

    “frozen cave areas, full of icicles”
    I can already feel my pickaxe sense’s tingling

  • MogCakes

    I wonder what they have planned after MH4…

    • Joshua Myers

      Hopefully releasing it out in the NA

  • TWE

    Teamworkcast kinda brought it up that yeah the models for player characters and monsters are great but for the most part the areas in MH are kinda flat and boring in comparison. I do hope they do more stuff like this in future MHs.

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