Drakengard 3’s Apostles Bear New Screenshots

By Spencer . May 19, 2013 . 11:55pm


Zero has a few friends, perhaps with benefits, in Drakengard 3. There are four Apostles that join Zero on the battlefield. We talked about these characters before so if you don’t know who Dito is or which Apostle is the best in bed check out this post.



drak2 drak03 drak04



drak05 drak06 drak07



drak11 drak12 drak13



drak08 drak09 drak10


Drakengard 3 lets players bring up to two apostles into combat. Screenshots below show Zero with different pairs of apostles like Cent & Octa and Decad & Dito. Drakengard 3 is slated for release on PlayStation 3 later this year.


drak14 drak22 drak21 drak20 drak19 drak18 drak17 drak16 drak15

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  • Aqua King

    I am so excited about this game.

    • Me too, be nice if we get a demo too

  • Ferrick

    something tells me that octa will be the least brought apostle lol (unless if he’s incredibly OP)

    • Vash bane

      from his appearance I get a tengu feel

    • Prithivi

      Well, “dating” Dito doesn’t seem too right either…

      • Ferrick

        well its drakengard…

  • Matenshi

    No gay option? :/

    • brian

      Zero is probably straight?

      • AnimusVox

        Could be bi. This is Drakengard after all, still a possibility.

      • Bur

        But are her apostles?

    • Go2hell66

      probably after 100% completion you can unlock the sis-con ending with One

    • Ni

      Wait for the alternative endings

    • Bur

      Give it time.

  • This game benefits us all by existing. =^_^=

  • Go2hell66

    I think think i’ll wait for the uncut edition with all the H-scenes

  • shuyai

    i wonder how explicit will the sex scene will be, black fading screen? and wtf is with octa

  • disgaea36

    So pumped for this. If they decide to release DLC I ope you can play with one of the characters from Nier. That would be epic

  • Damarius Wingfield

    That second guy reminds me of STEVE BLUM!!!

    • Enma_Kozato

      Cannot unsee 8U

    • LOL If they get him the play the role… xD!

  • puchinri

    There is no “perhaps” about the benefits. x’D;

    As pretty as it looks, there’s something odd about some of the colors it feels. But I look forward to seeing every new detail about the game~.

  • Randgriz

    I dont think this game is going to get localised…

    • Bur

      Come on, man! Think positive!

      • Free hat

        That’s the spirit! Or least a digital download.

        • If not then its the usual Trial and Error see what happens. Goddamit! PLEASE LOCALIZE!

    • SoundMatch

      I think they just include English text, that’s already good enough for me.

  • Whoa, this game is really starting to look pretty damn good. Is it just me or does it seem that with every new screenshot they give, the game ends up looking better and better? If this keeps up, this will be one gorgeous game (not that it isn’t already). Can’t wait.

  • dragoon_slayer12

    I always wanted to play the 1st two. Dynasty warriors meets panzer dragoon was always intriguing. I’ll definitely get this one

  • Kevin Schwarz

    The graphics, just the graphics looks like crap. Don’t misunderstand, I am expecting so much this game, but those graphics…

    • I kinda like the style. Guess it means my taste is crap haha. Could you go into more detail into why its bad for you?

      Even people said Nier sucks in terms of graphics. I actually liked the grittiness of it all.

      • Fub Frank

        I don’t even think the graphics in Nier are bad. It doesn’t even matter anyway considering everything else makes up for any of the short comings the game has.

      • Kevin Schwarz

        Yes, indeed. In my opinion they should look more polished. But then again, we haven’t seen a trailer. Maybe it looks better in motion.

    • Ferrick

      if you want good graphics, might as well go watch a movie or something, because that’s definitely not what games are for, especially the arpg ones

      • Kevin Schwarz

        So you are saying graphics doesn’t matter? But just like you are disqualifying my opinion like that, I can do the same with yours?

        The graphics are actually bad, in my opinion. They could be better, or maybe they look better or they will look better in a full motion trailer. Whether it is an action RPG, strategy game or whatever. A high budget project should be on high standards.

        • Ferrick

          i would agree to disagree, graphics doesn’t make a game what it is to begin with, especially with a story driven one, and high budget project ? where did you get this info, cavia never got that much budget from SE to begin with, especially not for drakengard and nier

        • Sylveria

          Graphics don’t matter and this is not a high budget project.

        • Victoria [Rokuso3]

          To tell you the truth… I don’t think this is a “high budget project”. I also think the graphics look horrible, and yet this is probably my most anticipated game ever.

          Why can’t he say the truth? NieR graphics were ok, but this looks like shit. So what? It’ll probably be great.

  • “Zero has a few friends, perhaps with benefits,” A few huh… So maybe not all of them are? *stares at Octa* Maybe a certain someone is like an overseer who gives out advice between dealing bring the pain to the foes? *stares at Octa again*

    Also, As I stare at the each character I find it pretty cool that they each feel unique. One theme that runs through all them for me is the gritty yet soft touch to each.

    Dito: The ribbon tied into a bow on the sheath of his sword, the scarf around his neck

    Decad: The ruffles on his shirt, the beading and the bracelet

    Cent: The bird broach (I think that’s broach?) The flowing blue scarf and the ankle bracelet

    Octa: The flower in his hair, the scarf around his neck held together with the cuff.

    I really like the details.

    • Kelohmello

      Well, it’s already been stated that Octa is the best at… that. Also, I think that’s just flavorful text for the article, I’m pretty sure she’s doing the dew with all of them.

      • Oh… Oh my. I see. *ahem* Well then, I will be brave (^.^;; )


    i remember when i play Drakengard 1 the control felt kind of stiff or maybe i was just not used to it… anyway me totally hyped for some reverse harem drakengard. xP

  • Kelohmello

    Wow, those character models look really really nice.

  • Ethan Lewis

    American release?

    • Soroth23

      2014 id guess.

  • ShadowDivz

    I don’t know why but….
    The more i try to NOT imagine Zero and Octa in bed,the more my mind tries to… STOP IT BRAIN!!!

    • Bur

      It is the best pairing.

  • Lazulis

    Dito’s…holding the blade? What?

    Two apostles hm…Will we be able to hear their banter with each other? That’d be nice.

    • Soroth23

      That would be pretty cool, but then again, Drakengard characters always tend to banter even when theyre not doing anything, while ur doing all the fighting.

  • Magus KilIer

    Whats up with Dito’s second in his second in-game screenshot?,ive been staring at it for a while now and i still can’t tell what is happening
    Can he extend his sword or something?

  • Göran Isacson

    Strangest thing is, I’m suddenly recalling Kingdom Hearts… and how often ones partners ended up more or less useless or underutilized. If this game can manage to provide an actual challenge AND a smooth experience while three “protagonists” are on screen at the same time I for one will be very interested in PLAYING this, as opposed to just experiencing the story.

  • Soroth23

    Heres hoping that the A.I. on the apostles is actually good. Would be nice to see computer characters actually acting like real players. Thats another thing I think Drakengard 1+2 did brilliantly, let u take complete control over ur allies, brilliant.

  • Soroth23

    Been thinking of potential voice actors for the american release. Got a few good ideas, hope they consider these actors, all amazing actors.
    Zero or One- Laura Bailey (Nier, FF13-2)
    Mikhail or Deito- Liam O’Brien (Nier, Final Fantasy 13-2, Darksiders)
    Cent- Johnny Yong Bosch (.hack//gu, Dissidia Final Fantasy, DMC4) or Yuri Lowenthal (.hack//gu, Dissidia Final Fantasy, Prince of Persia)
    Decad- Jamieson Price (Nier, .hack//gu, Shadow Hearts 2.)

    • prometheus126

      Liam wouldn’t really fit as Mikhail honestly. I feel D.C Douglas [AKA Grimoire Noir] would fit him more. Also, Laura Bailey as Zero? No, just no. I don’t wanna imagine Zero with Serah Farron’s voice.

  • SoundMatch

    Judging the fact that we didn;t see anything on this in E3 I;m scared it might be cancelled. PLEASE BE ALIVE!

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