“Panopticon” Is Freedom Wars, Another Multiplayer Action Game For Vita

By Ishaan . May 21, 2013 . 4:03am



Sony have shared more information on Panopticon, the game that they released a teaser trailer for last week. The game’s actual title is Freedom Wars, and yes, it looks to be another cooperative multiplayer game for the PlayStation Vita.


Sony describe the game’s genre as “Recovery multiplayer action,” which sounds like your objective might be to recover or capture things during missions.


Freedom Wars takes place in a dystopian future, in the year 102013 of the PT Era, 100,000 years from now. The new trailer for the game jumps back-and-forth between the present day and Freedom Wars’ proposed future, depicting a population decline and a 0% population growth in 102013.


As the trailer goes on, it shows other differences between the present and future, such as dwindling resources, a major increase deaths from war, and an increase in the number of people serving out prison sentences. Bottom line—the future doesn’t look pretty.


Freedom Wars doesn’t have a release date yet, but Sony’s new trailer says the game will be released sometime in 2014.

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  • Tweetums

    Damn, was hoping it’d be on PS3 as well :L

    Really liking the visuals~

    • Early heads up, guys. Let’s not start complaining about platforms.

      • Tweetums

        Oh, I’m not complaining, I plan on buying a VITA regardless. Was merely hoping that they’d opt for a cross-Sony gameplay options with PS3/4 & VITA, since not that many ppl have a VITA.
        Especially since it is a multiplayer game :p

        • Zarathos No Daimaōh

          Thing is if they keep doing that , how are they supposed to sell those vita ?

          • Tweetums

            Not sayin’ every VITA game ought to be a cross-Sony product, but it certainly would come (this is all IMO though) in handy if games such as this would have the possibility to broaden their audience and have an option to play with your friends whether they prefer handheld or home consoles.
            (like they tried with PlayStation All-Stars.)

            ‘course I could be wrong, since I’ve no idea how well something like Soul Sacrifice sold outside of Japan.

            But from my personal experiences, looking at my pretty vast circle’o’friends who are “gamers”, only one (besides me) is interested in VITA, but mostly all of them enjoy playing multiplayer games such as Monster Hunter for example.

    • Vita can’t have one game? :'(

      • Tweetums

        VITA can have aaaaall the games it can horde for itself, I personally love handheld gaming a lot more than console gaming so it’s cool to see ’em getting such neat products.

        It just makes me sad that I don’t have anyone who’d play this with me since everyone I know has zero interest in VITA, but great interest of this game :L


    Interesting, i hope there is story mode too. :)

  • AzuNo17

    This and GE2! This and GE2! This and GE2! My ultimate hype for the Vita~

    • neogeno

      GE2 and now Panopticon are my ‘MAIN EVENT’ titles for Vita. I just need localization dates. That is all I need at this point.

  • Yaaaaaaaay new VITA GAME!!!
    And I hope they will add online feature as well

    • Wrestling_God

      Of course it will have online feature, we are talking about Sony’s Japanese Studio game here the same guys behind Soul Sacrifice (which has great online multiplayer).

      • Well I skip Soul sacrifice because of my games backlog. But if they localized this game I’ll definitely buy it because I’m such a sucker for apocalypse/modern/science setting like gods eater… XD

    • Frii

      And I hope they will NOT using online pass system

      • Solomon_Kano

        What Japan Studio game has ever had online passes?

        Actually, are there any Vita games with online passes? Honest question, I haven’t come across one.

        • TheExile285

          Soul Sacrifice, Wipeout 204 and Resistance Burning Skies off the top or my head. i dont see what the issue is.

          Those online servers costs Sony money. Buy the game new and and sealed and it doesn’t even matter.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Really? Had no idea Soul Sacrifice had an online pass. Interesting.

      • ShadowDivz

        But the game new, support the company. And online pass isnt a problem.

    • benhofb

      According to what I’ve read online, It has 8 Player co-op and competitive modes. Pretty swanky compared to Soul Sacrifice.

  • tubers

    BTW, It might have been obvious but

    Seems that when you’re born; You start with a Prison Sentence of 1,000,000.

    Successful missions (or at least defeating that Dragon) lowers your Prison Sentence…

    This is probably how you earn your Freedom (?)

    • Randgriz

      Youre correct, although no one has ever earned their freedom and your sentence – from the original trailer can raise.

      • tubers

        Unless it only meant that everyone born is “guilty”..

        “Judgement: Not Guilty: 0”


        • Randgriz

          Im not sure if everyone has been born with that 1,000,000 year sentence or its just that main character with the headphones (his name is togabito)

          • tubers

            Yes.. it’s now proven. You are born guilty of being alive:

            “The “criminals” in this world are those who have committed the crime of simply being alive. Sounds like population control to me. These criminals are then forced into manual labor to reduce their own sentences – they’re turned into “volunteers” for the battlefield, where they have to help to capture citizens who are presumably trying to escape. By doing so they hope to gain their own freedom.”


          • Kai2591

            I see now.
            Thanks for explaining!

          • tubers

            Well yes. It’s official now LOL xD

      • Kai2591

        What are they all guilty of in the first place?
        and you’re immediately guilty once born?? what the hell?? haha!

        • Seink

          They are guilty of breathing without license :p (joke)

          • neogeno

            Actually I wouldn’t put it past companies to start “monetizing air”.


          • Kai2591

            lol Bryan Cranston when he was funny and before he was breaking bad~

        • Detrimont

          they just dont want anyone to see the outside world

          • Kai2591

            back to being isolationists? haha

        • zweii

          Japan has has turned communist and has instituted their own population control.

          • Kai2591

            makes perfect sense!

    • Guilty as soon as you are born huh?


      ……….Guilty Crown.

      Yeah, I went there. lol

    • Sergio Briceño

      Mostly accurate. They have this sort of population control (they even go for a 50%-50% male-female population ratio) and you gain your freedom from Panopticon (the super militaristic and tiranic city) by going on these missions to retrieve others who like you are just trying to escape the “all are guilty from birth” system. Plus, go against the system and you get your sentenced raised.

      It sounds to me like “In Time”, except I didn’t like that movie (but the premise is very similar).

    • Vash bane

      and for saving your allies from the look of it

  • Kenny Loh

    where is the last guardian sony?

    • sandra10

      If rumors are true, on the PS4.

  • tubers


    check the site
    Scroll down
    Click the image with the dragon
    Some screenies there..

    Guess you’ll be saving/recovering some people.

    • Syn

      No sacrificing awwwwww………kidding ^-^ glad we getting more cooperative games, this looks awesome

  • Chiupon

    Really excited for this! Maybe this’ll give me incentive to buy a vita.

  • Randgriz

    The game will have wifi online and adhoc multiplayer. There is co-op and competitve gameplay with up to 8 people.

  • sandra10

    Doesn’t seem like just a co-op game: http://i.imgur.com/Eia4Ru2.jpg

    And the basis of the game, from what I heard on GAF, is that you’re prisoners trying to recover other prisoners to lower your own sentence and win your freedom.

    Seems interesting but I just want the image quality to be good.

    • tubers

      Cover system?

      PVP for Territorial dominance?

    • neocatzon

      That map intrigued me, powered by Yahoo Japan? Do we need to move from one place to another irl? Can’t wait for May 30.

    • Kevin Schwarz

      Well those must be the coolest, youngest, hotter prisoners there will be. They must have spas, schools, and all in prison to look good, cool and kick ass… I know it’s a game, but some times they just seem to insult our intelligence so much.

      • Calintz YT

        Because almost all anime games, use photo-realistic characters and not young, visually attractive stylized ones. Especially when said characters are running around with super weapons while fighting monsters. Clearly, we are supposed to treat this game world as if it is our own. I guess the fact that they are running around with severed glowing limbs should have tipped me off.

        Kevin Schwarz, you insult my intelligence by wanting your comment to be taken as anything, but a troll.

    • Jesse Torres

      If that is in game image, then it looks beautiful, and the usage of a realistic map add debt to the gameplay.

  • Tincho Kudos

    Yes! another cooperative (hunting maybe?) game for Vita :D
    And it looks good

  • Highasthesky

    Saw it being a Vita game from the beginning, but from this new info it seems it’s going to be a “good” Vita game.

  • equalequation

    Panopticon is a better name…

    • Ibi Salmon

      Not really.

      • neocatzon

        Well, it’s just Freedom Wars is easily associated with ‘Murica :

        • Ibi Salmon

          What does that have to do with anything?

          I mean, at least “Freedom Wars” gives people a better idea on what the game is about.

          • equalequation

            It also sounds like every other cheap indie MOBA/Tower Defense/Free To Play scrap on the internet.

            If I see ‘Panopticon’ on Amazon or Gamestop, I’d pause a bit and wonder what it’s about. Which would lead to me looking into it, which would lead me to buy it if it looks interesting. (Also, ‘Panopticon’, as long as the you have it in your vocabulary, also describes the game decently. It’s a kind of prison that allows a watchman to spy on prisoners without them knowing they are being watched. Which seems to fit the game well, IMO.)

            If I see ‘Freedom Wars’ in the stores/Amazon, I’ll just assume it’s another manshooty manshoot with bald marines and brofisting dudebros, not necessarily American but dudebros nonetheless, or a tower defense game with faceless soldiers with wars being rather underwhelming. And I’ll just walk by.

            Again, YMMV, but Freedom Wars just isn’t a CATCHY name. It’s so generic as to be entirely forgettable. A catchy name is why Castlevania isn’t sold as ‘Demon Castle Dracula’, you know.

          • Ibi Salmon

            I guess I see your point. I’ll admit, “Freedom Wars” doesn’t sound as exciting as “Panopticon”. But I feel that “Freedom Wars” would cause a little less confusion than “Panopticon.”

            Of course, I don’t really care all that much about the name. Both names sound just okay to me.

            I’d like it if they combined the two names and called it, “Panopticon: The Freedom War Chronicles”. That’s just me, though.

          • neogeno

            I see what your saying. You’d rather advertise through curiosity rather than familiarity. I’d definitely be more interested in ‘Castlevania’ rather than ‘Demon Castle Dracula.’

    • Dokuro


    • JoJo_649

      Indeed, it was stylish and pretty unique, Freedom Wars sounds too generic.

  • WhyWai

    Wow.. digging the art style! Sony Studio Japan is true gem..

  • Adol Christin

    Looks nice but really doubt it will make any impact outside of Japan. Ever since Nintendo got Monster Hunter, Sony have been really trying hard to come with their own hit monster slaying title.

    • Domii

      We don’t know enough about the game to call it another hunting game. Let’s wait and see.

    • Zal_Yagun

      Yeah. At this point worrying about impact is all they do, though if sony’s attempts lead to more games being produced, the I’m all for it.

    • Solomon_Kano

      They probably only expect it to have impact in Japan. I mean, it’s not like MH is anything significant outside of Japan either.

      • ShadowDivz

        Arent japanese games generally intended for japan?

        • Solomon_Kano

          I would certainly hope so.

  • Kai2591

    I hate dystopian futures :(

    • zweii

      Too bad. To someone from 150years ago our present probably looks like a dystopian future.

      • Kevadu

        Seriously? Do you what life was like 150 years ago? I reckon the present would look pretty awesome to them.

        • Electricity and internet. Tht is all.

    • For me, I definitely do not want to live in Psycho-Pass world. Though the SERN wold looks peaceful…. But then again, no free will…

  • Azy

    As nice as it is to have another original Vita game announced you can sense their desperation with the absense of a proper Monster Hunter title. I actually wished this was another kind of game, perhaps more of a JRPG. We already have Valhalla Knights 3, Soul Sacrifice, God Hunter 2 and Toukiden to try and fill that gap.

    • Wrestling_God

      *God Eater 2

      • Azy

        Good eye, all these hunter games confuse me, might as well add Ragnarok Odyssey to the list.

        Also, Freedom Wars is an absolutely terrible name, Panopticon sounds way slicker.

        • Zal_Yagun

          Freedom Wars sound like it belongs in an appstore, though by japan reasoning “Freedom Wars” sounds cool to them.

    • Zal_Yagun

      I cant, in good conscious, have Valhalla Knights in this grouping.

      VK is nothing like the rest, its more akin to a dugeon crawler like a dark souls/tales of_ fusion. Lacks many elements found in the MHish types of games.

      Mutiplayer on VK is kinda like White Knight Chronicles online. Its there, just not worth actually playing. Versus mode might be cool though.

      • Azy

        At first glance it sured looked like one, but after a second glance. Yeah it’s a team based action game but perhaps not really hunter-esque, so I agree.

  • forweg

    Freedom Wars? Seriously? The title sounds like a mainstream American military-propaganda shooter.

    • Akuosa

      Although I see your point, I’m guessing they’re betting on most people not automatically thinking “America” when they hear “Freedom”. That’s an american thing, I think.

  • Niyari

    yay more online action rpg games *goes off and plays one of the 13761 free MMO’s in the West*

    • Wrestling_God

      Most of them are generic and recycled combat system no offense.

      • Zal_Yagun

        Its like saying rather than playing borderlands 2, diablo 3, phantasy star online 2, which is all are completely different genres, he would rather play MMO that, with numbers that large, fall into WOW clones, Free2play Shooters, or MOBA categories

  • FREEDOM!!!!!!

    This needs to be released worldwide. I hope we get to see some gameplay soon. Either way my interest level has been piqued, and I want the game already. =^_^=

  • Ferrick
    • ShawnOtakuSomething

      It’s all for nothing if you don’t have freedom.

  • Aristides

    Awesomeness :P Cant wait for E3

  • Domii

    Looks very interesting. Can’t wait to see gameplay footage to determine how good will this play out.

  • Raze

    I wonder…

    Is it some kind of TPS like 3rd birthday but better?With taking territory element and all?

    And how will they handle the single player story?
    Assuming If they make it though…..I hope…

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Pleeeeeeeeeeeease don’t be a hunting gameeeeee!

  • Keima88

    I dont know why but I like the name panopticon.

    Pano, pano, pano, con! Con, con, opti, con!

    Ah! We need a new patapon game for the vita! We can use the backside for more commands! Totally of topic sorry >.<.

    Freedom wars, freedom wars… Advance wars? Argh all the names reminds me of other (great) games that havent appeared yet on the new handhelds.

    That doesnt mean I dont like new IP's though. Lets see how the gameplay will turn out.

    • JoJo_649

      It’s from Japan studio maybe Sony can do some cross over with other properties of the studio, like an optional boss battle against a Ciokina or dress as Kat.

    • Solomon_Kano

      I miss Advance Wars too. ;_;

      But that’d be pretty funny if Japan Studio snuck some Patapon in here.

  • Always No. 9

    Viva la Vita! Spread the joy.

  • mahrze

    I still prefer the name Panopticon. And seems like JAPANstuio is on a roll. Gravity Daze, Soul Sacrifice and now this? Sony really needs more studios backing the Vita. Though the rise of Vita sales will probably come after the PS4 release. Sill would’ve liked GEB2 to have graphics like this. Anyone know if GEB2 will just be a PSP PSN version on the Vita?

    • Solomon_Kano

      There’s an actual Vita version of God Eater 2.

      • TheExile285

        And I hope it gets localized!

        Or I find some time to learn Japanese….

        • Solomon_Kano

          Seriously, that’d be great. But Namdai hasn’t localized anything for Vita since their launch games, so…

          • TheExile285

            Yeah I know. I’m hoping D3 takes over again but I won’t get my hopes up too high.

          • Solomon_Kano

            They should, seeing as they handled the first, but all they publish these days is licensed games. Actually, they did bring us EDF 2017 Portable on Vita this year, so maybe there’s hope?

          • neogeno

            I mentioned this to another poster but D3 became a subsidiary of Namco Bandai right before the localization of GEB. Honestly if GE2 going to be localized D3 would be the the publisher that would be most expected.

          • Solomon_Kano

            I knew, but their recent output makes me question how likely they are to take on GE2, is all. I don’t doubt that D3 will be the ones to do it if we see it at all, though.

  • That trailer blew my mind. I know that was just cut scenes but if gameplay looks anything close as good. Wow.

  • Göran Isacson

    Holy hell this plot sounds depressing as depressing gets… but in an interesting way. Now I just want to know what gameplay it has, and if I have to play it mostly with others… I’m not really big on the whole “hunt monsters in team” style gameplay.

  • Dokuro

    For the PS Vita!! HELL YEAH!!
    Btw Panapticon > Freedom wars.

  • Damarius Wingfield

    “Post apocalyptic future” you say! ……..*Unsheathes Sword*……*Cocks Sawed-off shotgun*! Bring it bitch!

    • ShawnOtakuSomething

      Hell yeah* Shotgun high five

  • Solomon_Kano

    So Vita-only it is. Well, I was wrong and… I’m okay with that.

    If it’s indeed a hunting game, it at least looks to be something significantly different that the usual with there being a heavy focus on gunplay*. The only other hunting game that primarily used guns was E.X. Troopers and I didn’t really enjoy how that turned out, so hopefully Japan Studio’s take will be better.

    *screen from the official site: http://www.jp.playstation.com/scej/title/freedomwars/pop/war.html

    I’m also liking the steady drip of info the site is promising. Some character reveals in two days, then some more screenshots coming next week. Well, this will certainly keep my interest.

    • ShawnOtakuSomething

      I need get a vita now. This game looks hyped

      • Solomon_Kano

        Doooo it!

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    That baby in the end was Guilty for one thing…….(ᵔᴥᵔ)being adorable

  • TheExile285

    For Vita? Well played Sony.

  • TheExile285

    I don’t get the internet. When a game gets name like Duodecim people whine about it. When a game gets a name like Freedom Wars, people whine about.

    What happened to gameplay being important?

    • Haseyo

      People always love to find the smallest thing to complain about to try to rebel against any hype. Let them cry in their lonely bubbles.

      • rebecasunao

        Not liking something makes you a lonely person now?

  • Prinny Dood

    God eater and phantasy star had a baby named panopticon : )

  • Jordan Coleman

    Kind of lame if it’s another Monster Hunter like game. I kind of like single player rpgs you know?

    • TheExile285

      You mean a turn based RPG? Because all the hunting games can be played Solo (I play SS and GEB solo).

      Also, we don’t have enough information to confirm if this is a hunter style game. There is also going to be a story so it should have a decent story.

  • ChromeH34rts

    It looks amazing!..Panopticon sounded alot cooler though “freedm wars’ sounds alot like a flash game I used to play…
    Yes! *pumps fist* another Vita exclusive game! and its coming in 2014? The future world in the game seems scary..

    Oh looks like the lineup for the monster hunting Vita games is great! *goes back to playing Soul Sacrifice*

  • Darsman

    Awesome, cant wait already. Love my Vita way more than my 3ds xl. But you need 1 of everything…right…? lol..

  • noctis_nox

    8 players co-op is a great feat.
    I also dig the artstyle. It also looks like we will have PvP which is awesome.

  • so hoping the comes out ever where so we all can play it

  • Vash bane


  • fireemblembeast

    For Vita, as expected…because God forbid they give us the game for multiple Sony platforms. Oh well, enjoy Vita owners!

  • fireemblembeast

    So…why were they calling it Panopticon?

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