This Week In Sales: Shin Megami Tensei IV Did Really, Really Well

By Ishaan . May 29, 2013 . 12:30pm

Period: The week of May 20th – May 26th (2013)

Top-seller: Shin Megami Tensei IV – 188,562

Nintendo 3DS sales: 14,059 | Total sales: 8,310,268

Nintendo 3DS XL sales: 40,651 | Total sales: 3,181,009

PlayStation Vita sales: 12,171 | Total sales: 1,594,218

Wii U sales: 5,648 | Total sales: 928,906

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Shin Megami Tensei IV got off to a whopper of a start when it released in Japan last week. The 3DS RPG sold 188,562 copies in its first week, making it one of Atlus’ best-debuting games of the last few years.


In fact, the only recent Atlus game that has had a better launch was 2008’s Persona 4, which outsold Shin Megami Tensei IV by a very slight margin of about 4,000 copies. Persona 4 on the PS2 sold 192,812 copies in its first week.


Also released last week was Resident Evil: Revelations on consoles. Here’s a quick look at how the console versions sold in comparison to the original Nintendo 3DS version of the game:


Resident Evil: Revelations (3DS) – 146,559

Resident Evil: Revelations (PS3) – 102,673

Resident Evil: Revelations (Wii U) – 8,398

Resident Evil: Revelations (360) – 7,053


Finally, Namco Bandai’s Kamen Rider: Battride War got off to decent start as well, selling 128,659 copies in its first week.


The top-20 chart for the week was as follows:


Lw Tw Title Weekly Sales Total Sales Sys. Publisher
New 01. Shin Megami Tensei IV 188,562 New 3DS Atlus
New 02. Kamen Rider: Battride War 128,659 New PS3 Namco Bandai
New 03. Resident Evil: Revelations 102,673 New PS3 Capcom
02. 04. Tomodachi Collection: New Life 59,876 984,984 3DS Nintendo
New 05. Valhalla Knights 3 40,357 New PSV Marvelous AQL
New 06. Terraria 19,861 New PS3 Spike Chunsoft
03. 07. Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon 19,079 731,304 3DS Nintendo
04. 08. Animal Crossing: New Leaf 15,489 3,232,840 3DS Nintendo
01. 09. Summon Night 5 13,624 119,135 PSP Namco Bandai
New 10. Resident Evil: Revelations 8,398 New WiiU Capcom
New 11. Resident Evil: Revelations 7,053 New 360 Capcom
06. 12. Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen 5,334 184,088 PS3 Capcom
08. 13. Taiko no Tatsujin: Super Splendid Edition 5,190 482,930 Wii Namco Bandai
New 14. Zillions of Enemy X 5,019 New PS3 Nippon Ichi
07. 15. Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission 4,105 193,160 3DS Namco Bandai
New 16. Tamagotchi no Dokidoki * Dream Omisetchi 3,961 New 3DS Namco Bandai
09. 17. New Super Mario Bros. 2 3,517 2,032,180 3DS Nintendo
05. 18. Muv-Luv Alternative 3,138 15,511 PS3 5pb.
10. 19. Mario Kart 7 3,045 2,054,247 3DS Nintendo
16. 20. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (Best Price!) 2,612 310,085 3DS Capcom


Sales data acquired from 4Gamer, Media Create and


  • Nice to see Battride is selling pretty well! And of course SMTIV. Can’t wait for it’s release over here!

  • landlock

    LOL, the WiiU version of Resi was almost outsold by the XB360.

    That’s pretty good numbers for VH3 as well isn’t it?

    • I don’t know if I would classify 40k as “good” (frankly, it’s crap) but it’s done better than the previous two games, presumably owing to the lack of competition. The reviews sure as heck aren’t much better than for the previous PSP/Wii games.

  • TheFoolArcana

    based fatlus

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      Inb4 index dies and Nintendo picks up Atlus

      • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

        How dare you suggest that!!! Not cool!! D=<

        • Brimfyre

          Honestly I wish they would. If I was guaranteed all SMT games on Wii U and 3DS I would be happy as all get out, and wouldn’t have to worry about picking up a PS4 or Xbone for a while.

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            Its going to be hilarious when P5 comes out on the 3DS and “they” start sobbing.

          • Testsubject909

            Who are they?

            Also. Persona had started as an On Sony Console Franchise whereas SMT started on a Nintendo Console.

            If you’re talking people who complained about SMT games being on a Nintendo console. Ignore the fuck out of em.

            But don’t start wishing for Atlus to get owned by a company which may force their hands into doing nothing but exclusives to a single console.

            You’re basically telling a ton of people who love a company, love a game series, love gaming, just as you do, just as anyone else with passion for gaming does… And saying “I will get so many lulz at seeing you guys suffer” like the douchiest of pricks.

            Edit: No, it doesn’t matter who these “They” you’re speaking of are. You’re still passing yourself off as quite a douchey prick.

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            Because I am being a douchey prick. People are getting a wee bit too invested emotionally. See Atlus is under this big wide company called Index, now Index has been in repeat decline( until this year I believe). Right now I’m more concerned about the dev teams Atlus has. I’d rather that they stay together and can continue doing the work they “presumably” love. I couldnt give a shit what platform they are on. Atlus had a relationship with Sony for whatever reason(PS2-PS2-Pi-ESU-TU), and now they have one with Nintendo, I’d just like for their skills to be fully realized and for their craft to flourish with the tireless effort of soul they put into their product. They need a proper environment to do that. So if Index goes belly up I’d rather they have the support they need. Nintendo can give them that. Do you know why Demon Souls became Dark Souls under Namco Bandai?
            Hopefully Index downsizes instead of rocking the crock pot of their backsides.

  • Byas

    Wow, I never though Terraria would sell well in Japan. Glad to know the game is getting recognition. And I’m glad that SMT is kicking ass too, can’t wait for the US launch.

    • Kevadu

      I’m impressed it even had a physical release (these numbers don’t track digital sales).

  • Chris Yuen

    Glad to see SMTIV doing well. I’ll be contributing to the tally when the first print edition makes its way over here=) Can’t wait to pick it up from my gameshop.

  • Mithfalath

    No surprise here. 3DS is getting all the killer games! (Hint: JRPG)

  • Summon Night 5 is for PSP, not 3DS O:

  • Suriel Cruz



  • taekk

    I wonder if the number counts copies included in 3ds LL Shin Megami Tensei IV package. I got that instead of the game itself though I wish it did come with a hard copy.

    • Solomon_Kano

      I believe Media-Create tracks bundles. Are you in Japan or did you import though? Because I don’t think they track imports.

      • taekk

        I imported from Amazon Japan. Just got it today in the mail. Whoo hoo!

        • Solomon_Kano


    • @taekk:disqus @Solomon_Kano:disqus Bundles are always tracked by M-C, yes. The only time bundles aren’t tracked is when they’re only sold through the publisher’s own private store, like in the case of Fire Emblem: Awakening, where there were some additional 30-40k bundled games sold that were unaccounted for on M-C.

      Also, Solomon’s right… Media Create doesn’t track imports to my knowledge. They certainly don’t track Amazon sales, so I don’t know if they track other online stores or not.

      • Solomon_Kano

        Oh? Even I didn’t know that they don’t track the sales from the publishers’ stores, but… I suppose that makes perfect sense haha.

  • Ethan_Twain

    Huh, that’s pretty impressive. Does sales data go back to SMT Strange Journey and/or SMT Nocturne? I’d be interested to know how this new game is selling relative to other franchise installments.

    • It goes back to SJ, but I haven’t come across any reliable sources for Media Create data on Nocturne, since doesn’t list their White Paper before 2006. SJ sold 97,221 in Week 1.

      • Ethan_Twain

        So that’s nearly a 100% week one sales increase. That’s huge. Why would that be – does the roman numeral in the title really count for so much?

        • The roman numeral does count for a lot! Plus, SJ was a first-person dungeon crawler. Those tend to be relatively niche. Etrian Odyssey is the most popular in that genre, and is really the only one that manages to pull in respectable figures consistently.

          Meanwhile, in the case of IV, they’ve gone to great lengths to make the character designs a little more mainstream, the presentation looks good (always a plus for attracting the casual buyer), and they’ve done a good job of promoting it.

  • ragingmerifes

    Not an underground niche series anymore.

    • Solace Shimizu

      It never has been and never will be.

      • Rogerrmark

        Tell me about how many P3/P4 fanboys or Devil Survivor/2 fanboys lurk on the internet,in comparison with SMT/II/Nocturne/Strange Journey.

        I guarantee is way way bigger.

        And most of them don’t even like or know the main series.

    • idrawrobots

      We’ll see when it comes out in the States.

  • Shane Guidaboni

    We all knew SMTIV was going to sell like hot cakes.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Wowww. A decade removed from Nocturne and people came out in droves for SMT IV. Good job, Atlus.

    Edit: Y’know, now that I look at that. I really have to wonder how Nocturne did back on PS2. 189k is a fantastic debut no matter how you slice it, but to think that it did 189k on portables — which have long been Japan’s popular method of gaming — and Persona 4 did just above that on PS2, I can’t help but wonder how the series was doing on consoles. Is this a drop? Is this an increase? Because, looking at that, I can’t help but wonder what horrible apocalypse will be unleashed when Atlus finally releases Persona 5 if this is what 10 years without a numbered SMT got them.

    Index has increased saturation of the Persona brand greatly, while SMT just had to come back and be awesome. Will we see similar numbers for P5? Will the Persona brand’s already considerable popularity see an even further boost? I mean, P4G managed to pull in 137k as a remake — on the Vita, of all things. I’m really interested to see what P5 might bring now that we’ve seen SMT IV top the charts. I mean, Atlus even managed to jump Etrian Odyssey up to a new level last year. Could we be seeing an increase in all 3 of their big series?

    VK3 had a respectable debut, though I don’t think the game actually looks very good. But poor, poor ZX. I thought that looked pretty cool.

    • Persona 5 I think will be huge regardless. Atlus have spent the last three years promoting Persona every which way. Concerts, anime, animated films, stage plays, merchandise etc. It’s broken out of the otaku niche and begun to attract a more mainstream audience.

      From that POV, the fact that SMTIV did so well is extremely impressive because it hasn’t received a tenth of the kind of marketing that Persona has. That may not change in the future, since SMT isn’t quite as marketable as Persona is when it comes to merchandising, but Atlus do love their MegaTen spin-offs, and I think we’ll be seeing more of those to help further the brand as a whole.

      I do wonder what’s next for Persona, though. Is P5 next in line or are we going to see another spin-off/port/etc. first?

      • mirumu

        Persona 3 One. You can now play the game’s scenario from Koromaru’s perspective.

        • Brilliant. You can even bark at your Kinect to summon your Persona.

        • Ty Arnold

          Will they use motion capture to make Koromaru’s movements more realistic?

          • mirumu

            Yes, and you will actually be able to watch sports, game shows and loads of other channels on the TVs scattered throughout the game. You definitely can’t import any saves from older versions of the game though.

          • Isaac Newton

            Oh don’t bring up the MoCap dog it reminds me of some games

          • Testsubject909

            Haunting Ground?


            There’s a dog companion in this game. I swear. It’s integral to the gameplay. Honest.

            No seriously, there is.

          • Isaac Newton

            but haunting dogs didn’t feature a MoCap Dog….
            I think?

      • Solomon_Kano

        No doubt, P5 is going to be something huge. I just wonder what kinda increase Index’s multimedia assault will have won, especially given your statement on SMT IV. This is SMT, a decade later, with nowhere NEAR Persona-level marketing. I’m expecting Persona 5 to look like sonic boom compared to 4 lol.

        That said, I think we won’t see another Persona game til P5. Index’s plot for keeping Persona on everyone’s mind this year is the P3 movie, with that apparently spilling into next year, since there’s more than one and the first hits in Fall.

        I think we’ll see more multimedia and less porting for Persona in 2014. With P3 already available on PSP (and, by proxy, Vita), PS3, and the tail that the PS2 had in Japan, I don’t think they’d gain anything from a port of that; P4’s ran it’s course; the P2 remakes declined in sales between entries, so I don’t think they’d gain anything from porting that either; and I doubt they’ll return to P1 at all. I can’t really see another spin-off either, unless they’re continuing Arena as a separate thing to the main games (since right now, it looks like a prelude to 5, from what I’m told).

        No, I expect for the remainder of this year and next we’ll see heavy promotion of the movies, maybe a tie-in manga, and such. Remember, Persona Music FES is slated for August. I think we’ll see that played up a ton til they’re ready to talk about P5 (personally, my bet is TGS 2014 or a random Famitsu next year, like SMT IV).

        • I guess it depends on how far along P5 actually is. Going by a hint he tossed out a year or so ago, Katsura Hashino is involved with SMT X Fire Emblem, so I wonder if the Persona team is working on that game, and this is why P5 is taking as long as it is.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Certainly, the Persona team working on SMT X FE is a possibility. The flipside of that, is that we also don’t know how far along SMT X FE is.

            Nintendo announced that amid their “somewhere in the future, you’ll play this” Wii U announcements, so it may not even be in active development right now. Beyond that, we also don’t know how much Nintendo’s contributing to its development. Is it an SRPG like FE? If so, it’s probably more on IS than Atlus. If not, maybe it’s more on Atlus. Even then, they may have waited out starting work on it til SMT IV was done, and that team may be working on it.

            If he is indeed, it also wouldn’t be the first Hashino’s worked on multiple things at once, separate from the Persona team itself. If I recall, he worked on Raidou Kuzonoha as well, and that title’s development overlapped with P3. If he worked on the sequel as well, that overlapped with P4. So I think it really depends on what exactly his involvement with SMT X FE will be.

            We should have a better idea of where P5 stands once we get some more info regarding SMT X FE, I guess.

          • Yup, yup. Like every good director, Hashino is clearly capable of working on multiple projects. Plus, yeah… they showed so little of SMT X FE, it really is hard to tell how far along it is. I guess all we can do is wait. ><

          • Tom_Phoenix

            Frankly, I think it’s more likely that SMT X FE will be worked on by the Maniax team now that they’ve finished SMT IV. The Persona team is probably busy with P5.

          • I guess that’s a possibility, too, yeah. It depends on Hashino’s level of involvement I guess.

      • Guest

        Lets not forget that PS2 was on the PS2

        • Solomon_Kano

          PS2 on PS2? Typo?

          • Heh, P4 on PS2. I thought about that as well. PS2 had a ginormous userbase by the time P4 was released, so that’s another feather in IV’s cap, since 3DS isn’t that high yet.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Yea, that’s a good point. A debut for SMT early into the 3DS’ life on par with P4’s opening late into the PS2’s life has got to have Atlus happy. The potential for SMTV down the line once the 3DS is pulling higher numbers is great. Well, supposing they don’t let the series take another decade-long nap.

          • Yeah, I think @malek86:disqus has a point, too, when he says that they’re just a step away from making SMT itself more mainstream without compromising its style. They just need to get rid of the first-person battles, and that would make a fair bit of difference by itself.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Yea, that’s really the last barrier isn’t it? They’ve managed to make 4 more popular than Nocturne with first-person battles, so they’d certainly benefit from removing them now that the series’ profile has raised. It’s really that last measure they can take, like adding a story to EO (though we’ll see how that pays off for them later).

        • Isaac Newton

          I will never forget that LOL

      • Isaac Newton

        Off-topic but.

        I’m hoping for the Persona 5 reveal at the E3 or TGS :D

    • Dave_O_Segundo

      It’s a increase, apparently Nocturne sold 154,143 on it’s first week, and that was also quite some time between releases of the main series.

      • Solomon_Kano

        Oh? Source?

        • I assume he’s going by Enterbrain numbers, which had Nocturne at about 150k for launch, and SMTIV at 184,000.

          Going by Famitsu, it’s a large increase, but we have no public Media Create data prior to 2006, so there’s no telling what happened there.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Hm. So this is a sizable jump from Nocturne. Nice.

            Thanks to the both of you.

          • Well, from Enterbrain numbers, yeah. I prefer Media Create myself, since larger publishers like Nintendo seem to cite them more in their financials. Maybe M-C will give us a number for Nocturne in their supplementary report this Friday.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Ah, that makes sense. Well, I hope M-C posts some Nocturne numbers then.

    • Skyer Ist

      Nocturne sold 150K on PS2 first week and 250K LTD.

  • mirumu

    Slightly higher than I’d been expecting for SMTIV. Good to see. I do wonder how it will do elsewhere in the world?

    I recall Mavelous claimed Valhalla Knights 3 sold 65,000 the other day, so I wonder if the sell through is low, or they’ve had a lot of digital downloads? The latter seems more likely to me. Pretty good numbers considering the reviews.

    The numbers for RE: Revelations on the Wii U seems rather dire, although still enough for the #10 spot. I’d been tossing up with getting the Wii U version myself, but ended up going with the PC version instead at the last minute.

    • Valhalla Knights’ number was actually shipments + downloads, not sales + downloads. Smaller publishers tend to do that when they don’t have great sales to report but kind of want to have a bit of pomp and celebration anyway. Compile Heart does the same thing. Shipments + downloads to make the figure appear as high as possible.

  • malek86

    I did think SMT4 was gonna do pretty well, but this is even a bit higher than my expectations (btw, I was closer than you). Good for them. They are just one step away from mass market appeal. I think they’ll just need to get rid of first person battles in order for that to happen.

    As for the rest, are those sales good for Nippon Ichi’s new game?

    • Ethan_Twain

      If that were really the case, then why didn’t that happen for all those PS2 SMT games that ran on the 3D Nocturne engine? Seems like if 2D graphics were really all that was holding SMT back then it would have broken through a decade ago when they were making a ton of SMT games with 3D graphics, you know?

      • malek86

        The time is much better now. Nocturne, DDS and Raidou were too niche and unknown back then. But Persona 3/4 have opened up the series to a more mainstream appeal. Now SMT has a bit more awareness among consumers. So now is the time for Atlus to bank on it.

    • You’re enjoying this too much. Unfortunately, I don’t see myself learning from this experience, haha. I still think the market is a little too unpredictable to not lowball my forecasts.

      …and no, for Zillions of Enemy X. Here’s a summary of NIS sales:

      Sometimes, I get the feeling this company has no clue what it’s doing.

      • MrTyrant

        Wasn’t Zillions of Enemy x a portable game? lol I think that would boost the sales a little more, 5k is very low.

        • Z/X was a card game. Last week’s release was a PS3 card battle game based on the card game.

  • Albert Calderon

    I really hope this doesn’t mean that the next Persona game will be for the 3DS.

    • idrawrobots

      Awww, come on. Why not?

    • Solomon_Kano

      Wait… the two “doesn’t” thing is throwing me off. Are you saying you do or don’t want Persona on 3DS?

      Either way, it’s all but guaranteed to be a console game, but just asking. For clarification’s sake.

      • Albert Calderon

        Fixed it.
        I don’t think that it will come to consoles. Yeah, the past Persona games have been for consoles but look at the main SMT series. SMT IV was brought to the 3DS and it sold extremely well. This probably showed Atlus that it doesn’t matter if the series is on a Sony console and that the fans will buy it regardless of the platform its on. Also with the popularity of the handhelds in Japan, I say that the next Persona game will be coming to the 3DS or Vita. Best case scenario for the people that prefer the PS Vita is that it comes to both platforms. Just my 2 cents :)

        • Solomon_Kano

          Alright. I can see where you’re coming from, but I’ll have to disagree.

          With the Persona team’s experience wholly being in console development and the previous rumor(?) that Catherine’s use of Gamebryo was intended as a test for them stepping into HD development, I can’t see P5 being a portable game. Beyond that even, we know that P5 has been in development since 2011, at the latest.

          3DS and Vita devkits have been with developers for a good while now, even before the systems were commercially released. Unless this is the most ambitious portable game of all time, it’s doubtful to be for 3DS and Vita. Especially since, if it were, they’d be able to recycle assets (or the whole engine, even) from SMT IV and that would lessen development time considerably.

          Popular as portables are in Japan, Atlus seems more likely to take advantage of the larger console install base over the current portables.

          • Albert Calderon

            Yeah that makes perfect sense as well.

            With all that said the biggest question now is, will the next Persona come to the Wii U, PS3 or the PS4.

            The PS3 seems like the best answer though.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Yea, I’m betting on PS3. Atlus already has SMT x FE in the works for Wii U and they’re likely not in any rush to move to PS4. It’ll probably be just like P4 and hit the PS3 a couple years after the PS4 hits.

          • Albert Calderon

            I’m so impatient, I’ve been waiting for a sequel since P4 was released.

            But I rather them take their time and make a great game.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Yea, taking their time can only be a good thing. Works out for me too, since I’m still playing P3P after buying it last year lol. Should give me time to get through the rest of the series.

          • Albert Calderon

            I have still yet to platinum P4G even after 150 hours :/

          • Solomon_Kano

            Wow. I don’t think I’ll even try for a Platinum once I get it then lol.

          • Albert Calderon

            You can obtain it in two playthroughs, I’m just going for the hard and guideless route.

          • No name

            Like I said before, I lean toward Nintendo.

            At a business viewpoint, it’s the best bet. Index would only have to pay half of the cost at best for distributing it overseas.

            This is why we are getting Bravery Default. SE wasn’t going to chance the cost, but Nintendo came in and offered to pay for distribution costs overseas.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Have we spoken before? I’ll take it this is a new account for you, then?

            The other side of that is that it would have to remain exclusive to Nintendo’s platforms, neither of which have the install base of the PS3 — separately or combined. On top of that, a PS3 version would likely also mean a 360 version in the west, going by P4A and Catherine, which widens the pool even further.

            Atlus/Index seems to be very aware of the Persona series’ popularity in the west and how that relates to our choice in platforms. In that light, the savings they’d get for partnering with Nintendo wouldn’t outweigh the benefit of not partnering with Nintendo in this case. They’d be spending less, but they’d also be making less. The Wii U is in no position to make that an attractive scenario for Index, who needs to reach the largest market possible — especially in their current financial straits.

            Bravely Default is a completely different case. SE had already developed the game on their own funds, they’d already been satisfied with its success in Japan, and they apparently weren’t planning on bringing it west. Nintendo stepped in and gave SE a risk-free scenario, where they localize, publish, and market the game in the west and they split profits.

          • mirumu

            The PS3 and Vita are relatively similar in API terms. I wonder what the odds are of a dual portable/home console release?

            I don’t recall this happening with any game in recent years, but I wouldn’t put it past some company willing to trying something new (old).

            Something tells me Atlus might prefer to release a souped up portable version later though.

          • Albert Calderon

            Yeah, the way Atlus works is make a console version of Persona then bring over to the portable.

            Who knows what’s going to happen.

          • No name

            I would say Wii U, judging by Index. Nintendo has been very vocal that it will support releases overseas, such as paying for distribution and such. Knowing Index and the jam they are in (They just sold Atlus USA, which was Atlus Online) they would love that deal..

          • Solomon_Kano

            That’s not exactly correct. Atlus Online, itself a division of Atlus USA, was sold. They were acquired by Xseed/Marvelous USA. Atlus USA is still very much a part of the larger Atlus/Index family.

          • Solomon_Kano

            I could see them having considered that, but your last statement pretty much axes that. Atlus won’t miss the opportunity to profit from P5 twice. Drop it on PS3 now, wait a couple years, and drop it on Vita with some tweaks and roll in the dough all over again. P4G’s performance certainly makes that viable, even in spite of the Vita’s current straits.

            As for it not happening in recent years, didn’t Namdai do that for OP: Pirate Warriors 2 earlier this year? There’s also their upcoming J-Stars Victory Vs. and Sen no Kiseki from Falcom. Still not frequent, but I guess people are warming back up to it.

        • brian

          I think they confirmed P5 to be in full steam ahead development mode, so I doubt this would affect that.

    • I don’t think Persona 5 will come to 3DS (at least not initially… maybe a port eventually) but I do think the possibility of a Persona game of some sort on 3DS is starting to look more and more likely.

    • Isaac Newton

      Oh please not on Portables please….
      I mean that long development cycle just for the portable console.

      As far as I know SMT IV development cycle is not that long compare to the persona series

      • You’d be surprised. SMTIV was in development for four years.

        • Isaac Newton

          Hell that was short if you look at the distance between SMT 3 and 4….

          In my perspective it looks like Index(I mean Atlus) really need a quick cash. Plus the SMTxFE justifiy that Atlus/Index really need some cash…

          • Well, SMT X FE is being funded by Nintendo, so I wouldn’t be worried there. And Persona is a major cash cow for them, what with all the merchandising they do. But yeah, despite all of this, Index are still not doing all that great, so you have to wonder where the deficit is coming from.

          • Isaac Newton

            If Atlus is really thinking straight I’d say they will wait for the completion of the next-gen consoles so that they will not shoot themselves in the head if they want to release Persona 5

            And one of my hunch is that Persona is not going to the Nintendo console(probability is 40-50%) that is why Nintendo create the SMTxFE so that they will create an exclusive game for Atlus/ Nintendo.

            SMT 4 has a high probability that it will come to other consoles or portable if the publisher itself is Atlus for JP and NA.

          • Suicunesol

            I don’t know what you mean by “shoot in the head”, but releasing P5 for Playstation 4 would net them far less money than if they had released it for PS3. (Unless Sony and Atlas strike some kind of deal.)

  • SetzerGabbiani

    SMT V confirmed in development. Will be released in 2023

    • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

      Just in time for my big 4-0!

    • Byas

      Nice, we still get it before FF VS XIII then.

  • Junko Enoshima

    Niche my ass! This game is gonna be one of Atlus’ hits.

  • AuraGuyChris

    You can tell the main RE fanbase is in the PS area with those numbers.

    • Or more like the Wii U and 360 don’t exactly have a huge audience in Japan, least of all compared to the PS3.

      Though, those are some pretty pathetic sales numbers for those systems.

  • MrTyrant

    Now we need Kaneko’s glorious return and I would be completely happy.

    • I don’t think that’s what they want for SMT’s future. They went with a more anime-esque look precisely to give the game a bit more mainstream appeal.

      • Tom_Phoenix

        Well, most of the demon designs are still his (admittingly, this is beacuse most of the sprites are reused, but nevertheless), so I don’t think it would be an issue if Kaneko was given the position of demon designer again.

        Personally, I wouldn’t mind such an arrangement. Since Kaneko has abandoned his SFC-era artstyle, I prefer his demon designs over his character ones.

        Plus, having seperate artists do the demons and characters would help in making the demons seem even more unsettling.

        • MrTyrant

          Characters dude, his characters were great.

          • Byas

            The demons too, the creepy/bizarre style just fits the atmosphere so well… It almost feels like he has actually seen demons in person before drawing them.

          • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

            Mara is F’n creepy

        • Yeah, I think demons would be fine. I thought MrTyrant was talking about the actual characters themselves, though. Kaneko’s, while they have that awesome pale look to them, wouldn’t be as widely accepted as these ones, I would imagine.

      • Ethan_Twain

        Well that leads to the question… what else does Mr. Kaneko do? His SMT art was always so distinct, I can hardly imagine it transferring well to anything else. And now that even SMT is moving in more conventional directions, does that mean that he just needs to do more conventional work? Or is he even employed at Atlus any longer?

        • Kaneko wasn’t just in charge of designing demons, he was also creative director for Shin Megami Tensei until a while ago. He did the original scenario draft for SMTIV. He’s probably involved with Persona 5 or SMT X FE, too. :)

          • Ethan_Twain

            Oh that’s good to hear. It sounded like the guy was kinda losing his place in the production pipeline. Which would have been a bummer since his voice both artistically and narratively has always been so different from other JRPG creators’. But as long as he’s still having input even if it’s in a different stage of production, I am a happy camper :)

          • I think Kaneko’s just sort of like the “Miyamoto” at Atlus now. Fingers in many pies, but not directly responsible for any one single thing.

          • Isaac Newton

            I miss his dark tone for character designs T_T for SMT

          • I do, too! But I don’t mind the new look either. At first, I thought they were toning it down for the kiddies, but that clearly doesn’t seem to be the case now that we know much more about the game.

          • Isaac Newton

            I just hope that the next SMT will not tone it further down. SMT 4 is just fine :D

          • Nah, I think the new team very much respects SMT’s roots. Yamai himself said he views it as the antithesis of the JRPG, so I don’t think we have much to worry about. They know what makes them stand out.

      • MrTyrant

        LIES LIES!! *crying*

        • Testsubject909

          No worries. Kaneko’s designs are eternal and will stand forever in gaming history.

          • Adam Primaeros

            “Here are some new demon designs to replace those old ones.”

  • puchinri

    Wow, good for SMTIV. I wonder what the future numbers for it will look like?

    • I’m curious to see what numbers it’s at in a few months, too. Bravely Default started out at 145k and has sold over 300k to date, so I think SMTIV could get there, too.

      • puchinri

        I was thinking about the same. As I often see, “will it have legs?”

        Personally, I imagine it’ll fair well for a while (and I hope it does). I just can’t remember what other titles are expected on the 3DS (in Japan) anytime soon and how that may impact sales.

        • Well, the advantage of SMTIV is that there is kind of no replacement for it. “Adult” RPGs in Japan tend to be rare so I do think the game will find a larger audience over time.

          • puchinri

            I was thinking that too. I’m looking forward to the weeks to come~.

  • SetzerGabbiani

    I’d love for these sales to help spur Atlus to remake some of the older titles with these modern flourishes. Now that they have a great engine and style, they should finally consider going back in the catalog to bring western audiences up to speed so we can do it legally. I’m speaking specifically of SMT 1 & 2 and maybe even give us a portable version of Nocturne and update Strange Journey.

    • Ethan_Twain

      More likely SMT 1 and 2 than 3 I reckon. The Nocturne engine has been noted as being difficult to port to platforms beyond the PS2. Which is why we haven’t seen much along the lines of SMT PS2 classics on the PSN. So unless there’s a coincidental similarity between the chip architecture between the 3DS and PS2 that makes the Nocturne engine sing, touching up SMT 1 and 2 makes a lot more sense.

      Also, that way they can use the SMT IV engine since those games already had first person sprite combat. It just seems like a good fit

      I sure hope you’re right about this :)

    • Adam Primaeros

      Index Corp: “Wow, our games sell really well the less Kazuma Kaneko is involved!”

  • brian

    That number for ZX is sad but we are getting Fate Paradox and that did similarly.

    And about remakes of oldddd SMT games, they’ve probably considered it for quite some time especially with the iOS releases they had for some of those games.

    • Testsubject909

      I’ve got Fate Paradox pre-ordered among other things.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Zillions of Enemy sold so loww ;_;
    I’m about to start it on saturday.

  • Isaac Newton

    Throws the confetti :D

    • Testsubject909

      Who’re you? Dick Gumshoe?

      • Isaac Newton


        • Testsubject909


          Hey. You got a DS or a 3DS?

          Or a Wii?

          Or… an iPad or iPhone?

          Or Youtube?

          Do me a favor. Go play or look up Ace Attorney.

          Or if you’re too lazy to search either. Here’s a bunch of Canadians who’ll give a bunch of different voices to all the characters and whose experience going through it is pretty much the same as playing the game new.

          It’s entertaining if you’d rather do that than to play the game yourself.

          You’ll learn to love Dick Gumshoe.

          • Barrylocke89

            FrostAce know what he’s talking about. Listen to him.


    persona 5 soon i hope

  • Skyer Ist

    SMT4 also released digitally in eShop, so it may easilly beat Persona 4 launch sales. Amazing numbers, btw! Very glad for Atlus!

  • DDanny

    Let us all weep for the abomination Lucifer’s new form in IV is.
    If you haven’t seen it yet, then don’t. The pain will be too much.

  • Musashi234

    I Love how Mario Kart still Manages to sell anything lol. But IM glad this did really well =D Atlus deserves this since i rely on them now to Make my Rpg’s well also Tales Studios.

  • Kioku

    I need to play KR Battride Wars.

  • colorblindnightmare

    Glad to see they had a killer start. Good work Atlus.

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