Castle of Illusion Developer Video Discusses The Upcoming Remake

By Ishaan . May 30, 2013 . 10:50am

Castle of Illusion is headed to PC and consoles this Summer, and Sega have released a new behind-the-scenes video for the game that features the developers of both the original and the upcoming HD remake. Watch it below:



Castle of Illusion is being developed by Sega Studios Australia, who are working with the game’s original director—now an employee at Disney Interactive—to create the game.

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  • hickorypan

    I never saw the big deal with Castle of Illusion. The game had that weird off-center camera problem that always bothered me, just like Popful Mail. The 8-bit version of Castle was infinitely better.

    • It was a charming game early in the genesis era. Amazing music and great enviroments. Now as for the gameplay…yeaaaah I gotta say it didn’t age too well.
      Still, it was one of my first genesis games so it has a special placein my heart :)

  • Geoffrey Brewer

    The footage of the remake doesn’t really look like a “remake” at all.. I don’t remember a lot of the scenarios they showed happening in the original title. In fact, this game looks quite mediocre or even bad. It looks like an early super rough prototype and the gameplay mechanics have clearly changed (Mickey no longer has to tuck in his legs to jump on enemies, for example). Very worried about this game.

    • Aoshi00

      True, I thought it would be similar gameplay w/ a new coat of paint and remixed music.. I was very looking forward to this and Duck Tales remake, hope they would both turn out well and still have tight platforming, new animation looks really good though.

      Too bad the original won’t be not included w/ this remake as an unlockable, otherwise it would be great extra even if the remake doesn’t turn out well.. It can’t be as bad as Power of Illusion right, I traded that it after playing several minutes, big regret.. drawing w/ the stylus every other second was so tedious and break up the platforming..

      Castle of Illusion was one of the best games on the Genesis.. played that a lot, even my mother who wanted to have nothing to do w/ video games was addicted.. I hope the new soundtrack would sound great like the original one..

  • This looks really cool but can’t say I really enjoy the new SFX. I mean it may sound nitpicky but the 3DS Epic Mickey had closer SFX reminiscing the genesis game so to use completely new SFX comes a little odd for a remake of a classic.

  • Sergio Briceño

    Nice developer diary. Really enjoyed it. Look’s like it’s going to be a fun game.

    The original game’s director’s got a very cool pendant. It looks like out of a fantasy rpg.

  • Aristides

    I love the concept behind this remake but I think they got one thing wrong -_- it’s 3D. Sure there were tech constraints at the time but the 2D world looked beautiful even if it was in pixels. I’m not saying they should go pixel or stick to a completely 2D plain but I really wish they had gone with hi-res 2D rather than 3D… CoI was my most payed genesis game and I loved it to death -_- I hope this remake turns out alright (and makes its way to vita)

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