Japanese Magazine Packs Final Fantasy XIV Beta Codes

By Spencer . June 4, 2013 . 11:10pm

imageThe June 27th issue of Dengeki PlayStation (which actually goes on sale on June 13) has a bonus for Final Fantasy fans. The magazine has a feature on Final Fantasy XIV with a code to join the closed beta.


The news comes from 7-Eleven’s online store lists says the magazine has a Final Fantasy XIV pamphlet plus the beta test code.

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  • That’s great for Dengeki

  • If you live near a Kinokuniya book store, chances are they can order it for you. Even though it is likely they will have it in stock originally. You can also test the beta on your JP PS3 account. If you dont have one, you can sign up quite easily by creating a new user account on your console using Japan as your region.

    • eTegami

      Wait what’s this about getting access to the beta via JP PS3 account? Am I reading that right? What do you do after you’ve made the account? Is there a place to get a code?

      • Well, I suggest you signup your PS3 for a JP account first as this is free and wont cost you anything before you decide to grab the code.

        Here is a link to making an account. I appologize that it is from kotaku and that the editor looks like he is trying to mollest you with his eyes:

        Also a video:

        Also, feel free to take part in the Japanese Demos and free software from the Playstation Store.

        Next the harder part. Securing your code:

        There are multiple ways to go about doing this.

        *Method 1 – Special Order*
        When I was getting the dream eater AR cards from the famitsu magazines I would often go to a Japanese bookstore called Kinokuniya in SF’s Japan Town. Certain Kinokuniya stores will allow you to special order products from Japan that are in turn shipped to that store. The store will call you when the order is ready for pickup. The problem with this is that Kinokuniya’s prices are initially fairly higher than the retail cost of the same item if bought from Japan. the fact that it is a magazine is helpful in that 600 yen will usually jump up to about $12 USD by the time you are ready to buy the magazine from the store. Though this does not include Kinokuniya’s service fee for importing the goods. They do say all cost is inclusive and the price they quote you is what you will pay at the register when it is available. I ended up paying about $10 total for my Famitsu.

        *Method 2 – Good Ol’ Ebay*
        Pretty self explanatory. Problem is once users are aware of the code, the price may sky rocket drastically. So ebay at your own risk.

        *Method 3 – Deputy*
        Probably the most secure and effective way to get your goods. Deputy is straight forward and pretty much gives you the stability that you are getting what you want in a timely manner. I use Personal Concierge Service through cliffedge when I am really trying to grab something rare before the release date and when I know it is being produced in limited quantity. Basically you would send an e-mail to CliffEdge providing them with the details of the item and the quantity. They will send you a quote in the form of a paypal money request. Since it is technically a quote, you dont have to pay if you feel it is too expensive (you have 2 days to pay). The pros of deputy(specifically via cliffedge) is that they have multiple locations throughout Japan which increases there chances of getting your item. Also, the quote they give you includes the shipping price, which will be mailed via Express Mail from Japan. This pretty much means you would get the magazine in less than a week, usually. Also cliffedge employees speak english. It may be possible for you to ask them to just open the magazine and send you the code via e-mail before they ship your magazine. (you should make special arrangements for this in your initial e-mail to them)
        Info on CliffEdge Deputy:

        Its also good to shop around for better rates or deals so just google Japan deputy service for more stores offering this service.

        *Method 4 – Lucky Customer*
        If you have a hobby shop in your area(like Kinokuniya) chances are you would just be able to pick the magazine up in the store for a lot less than it would cost to get it through deputy or even eBay. Our store here in the city is pretty in tune with what crazed otaku want and tend to order “Hot” items they know will sell. If you are lucky to have someone who knows what to get in one of these shops, you will have no problem finding dengeki or famitsu magazines.

        As always, use good judgement. It may not be worth it to go through all the trouble just to be able to play the beta for a short period of time. If you are able to secure a code easily and with little stress than by all means, enjoy the content of the beta. Just dont let it end up costing you more than its worth.

        As a plus, you can always access the pretty layout of the JP ps store lol.

        • Manzoku

          Wow, very informative post – thank you!

    • That’s a good idea

      I have to use online import sites

  • Enma_Kozato

    But, SE, where are the phase 3 beta codes? It starts next week (;w;)

    • Seriously.

      I have found that often flooding squares twitter accounts surrounding pr or marketing will sometimes net you an update on the status of things like this. You just have to get their attention by, say, getting 50 or so people to ask roughly about the same thing :P

  • zoony

    I have that magazine this morning but cannot find any of beta key :(

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