Final Fantasy X Is Prettier In HD, But Still Needs Work

By Spencer . June 14, 2013 . 11:30am

Square Enix had a demo of the Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster and I got to play through the introduction of Final Fantasy X. Only Final Fantasy X was playable and the demo had a familiar title screen.


“Listen to my story, this may be our last chance,” Tidus says under a more vibrant orange sky. The big difference between Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X HD is the visuals. Now optimized for a widescreen, Final Fantasy X shows more of the ruins and surroundings¬† as Tidus retells the events in the game. Square Enix improved the character models too. There’s a clear difference when the camera zooms up to Tidus’ face and you can see the typical Square Enix flowing hero hair.


The FMVs, at least for the demo, weren’t upgraded like the models. The videos were kind of grainy and it’s a noticeable difference from the crispness of the in game models. I asked a Square Enix representative about this and he said they are still working on polishing the CG.


The part of the demo I saw was “90% finished.” I hope Square Enix works on the user interface for the battle scenes too. The character portraits for the turn meter are low resolution in the demo and appear too bright. Another nice addition would be a feature to skip cutscenes to get to Blitzball and the clever CTB battles, but the demo didn’t have any option like that.


Other than the visual update, Final Fantasy X is the same game you loved (or hated) a decade ago. The big question is whether content from the International re-release will be added in Final Fantasy X HD Remaster. I asked a rep who said Final Fantasy X HD Remaster is “based on the International version,” but he wouldn’t say if features like the Expert Sphere Grid or Dark Aeons from the International and PAL version will be in Final Fantasy X HD Remaster.


Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster is slated for release this year on PlayStation 3 and as separate games for PlayStation Vita.


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  • Demeanor

    I know it’s almost 0% chance, but a second limit for Aeons would be really cool. I mean, why in the world only Valefor gets that (and in that nonsensical way too, the dog)?
    I would be nice if they tweaked the game for added content and usability since they’re taking their sweet time with this port.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    If he said its based off the International Version, thas all the confirmation you need.

    • Pyrotek85

      Yeah I can’t see it being based on the International version and then not including the very things that differentiate that version from the others.

      • Strid

        Yeah, but to what extent. Realize that “based on” is a dangerous phrase. For example, take any good book you’ve read that got a movie that was… based on it [and probably not near as good/whole]. They may have ported from the international versions, but that doesn’t mean they are 100% intact and whole. The bonus content would have no English voice acting [for X-2] and Square has thus far shown to have no interest in licensing their Japanese audio in the U.S. so it makes plenty of sense to question if this will be cut or not. Also, the most clear answer we’ve gotten is what Randy Marsh said above. However, even that is unclear as Last Mission isn’t a “new feature”, technically speaking. When flat out asked about Last Mission, they’ve been very deceptive with their wording — why would that be?

    • Total_Overdose

      Not neccesarily. For Japan, “International” can also refer to the North American edition.

      Another option is that S-E is trying to delay announcing that the international content is DLC, not on disc.

      • FitzpatrickPhillips

        No it doesn’t. “International Version” refers to the “International Version”. It doesn’t make much sense o say it refers to the North American edition when only japan gets the International Version and it literally says International Version on the box.

        • Total_Overdose

          I’m not saying in this case that it refers to the NA version, however, that term has been applied to the non Japanese releases before (like how FF 13-2’s NA/EU release was referred to as the “international” version when discussing the change from the JP edition by Charice singing the theme song).

          I’m hoping the X/X-2 remaster is the true “international” version, but it’s odd that S-E is so cagey (notice the rep neither confirmed nor denied the content’s inclusion). S-E weren’t like that at all when discussing the Final Mix inclusions in KH 1.5 HD.

          Plus, it doesn’t actually say “International Version” on the FFX/X-2 HD remaster box.

          • FitzpatrickPhillips

            Well even if you factor in what you just said, it wouldn’t make sense to be referring to the NA/EU versions when saying “International” as there were no differences between NA/EU/JP versions. There wouldn’t be any meaning in saying “based off the international version” unless he specifically meant the “International Version” that Japan got.

          • whatinthewolrd


          • Randy Marsh

            They said in an interview on Square-Enix Pesents that the games are based of their “International Versions” that were exclusively released in Japan and will have the new features included for both games.

  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    That provided a bit of insight into details I never thought about for these type of remasters, I guess I just thought its just automatically make stuff in HD and thats in, not improving character icons on Heads Up displays and what not.

  • Aurizen

    they confirmed the international content was in the game (multiple times), and a certain section would be dubbed.

  • $40 for two games is still a great bargain on a game that I can’t play anymore (busted PS2). So little flaws aside, I think I’ll be ok.
    I just wonder if it’s possible to polish up the FMVs so many years later.

    • CIN

      Doubt it’s a problem. I’m pretty sure that those have been downscaled to ps2 in the first place. They may have them in higher res somewhere in their S-E crypt ready to reuse.

    • Kelohmello

      Yeah I expect they have higher quality FMV somewhere. Standard practice when it comes to things like this for companies is to have them done in much higher resolutions so that they can be reused in future projects more flexibly.

  • Kelohmello

    I wish they redid the soundtrack like they did with Kindom Hearts 1.5 HD remix. That would have been nice, FFX has an amazing soundtrack.

    • NewestType

      Although I agree with you, Imagine how long that would take… I mean yes they recorded the new KH OST in 1 day but the planning must have been serious business. Not to mention KH 1.5 is one composer as opposed to the three used in X. One of which is currently working on another square OST

      • Kelohmello

        I know, which is primarily why I only said I wish they could do it. It’s just mostly that I’m a huge fan of Masashi Hamauzu and it’d be a dream come true if I could hear his compositions for the FFX soundtrack with upgraded quality.

        • NewestType

          Hamauzu Is an Audio God. I just recently received his DVD in the mail and have loved every single presentation.

  • Masa

    need to fix Tidus eyes……he is so freaky looking, kinda like a frog, did anyone else see the part i’m talking about?

  • Juan Manuel M. Su√°rez

    So, basically this will be a lazy HD remaster. That’s disappointing, but to be expected from Square Enix~.

    • NewestType

      This is just the e3 build. they are still implementing changes.

    • LightZero

      You trying too hard with the cynicism. They redid the character models and is still making some improvements. They went over and beyond what I expect of a HD remastering so I have to disagree.

  • almostautumn

    Really looking forward to this for my Vita. Classic RPG styles definitely still fit perfectly on the handhelds, and so despite having to buy X and X-2 separately, I’m all for it.
    Really can’t wait to obtain the Magus Sisters again. I thought that was the most badass summon ever. Not the best, but boy— three summons, dude! Too cool.

  • Tom

    A big plus to SquareEnix for this. As far as I know Metal Gear Solid HD collection and Silent Hill HD collection only had HD resolution, but no upscaled models. I don’t know about the textures though…

  • cloudcaelum

    I wonder about Vita version, will be Native with AA? Or shit FPS with low res without AA. :( (like other PS2 HD games… I know, this is with much more efforts but…)

  • NewestType

    During the Q&A they noted that the reason for not including both audio tracks in the game was due to keeping the ps3 and vita versions close in graphical output. I think its up to the individual to interpret what that statement means to them.

  • culip21

    it’s not bad for hd remaster.
    the model look much better and i can tell de differ.
    but for someone that have PS2 version already, i’ll think twice to purchase this one.
    it remain the same except for graphic, so why wasting $40 dollar for this?
    but for everyone that haven’t purchased it, i think it’s time for you to feel the greatness of FFX.

  • iamakii

    My blitz balls are turning blue from all the wait.

    • MitsuiLiam

      Best. Comment. Ever.

  • Brion Valkerion

    They need to clear the version question up ASAP. People have been asking them directly for months and its always “derrr I dunno”

  • Kamille


    • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

      Of course being such a competent videogame company Square won’t include DLC for a rereleased game from 2001… right?

  • CirnoLakes

    What matters most to me is if they’ve improved some basic textures.

    It’ll be sad that, with all these HD remakes, they don’t look much better or even better at all than with emulators. All of these games getting remakes I’ve played with emulators in 1080p for years.

    And while I like to support Tales of Symphonia. I feel less so with Final Fantasy X and Square Enix. Final Fantasy X isn’t some beloved game of my that I feel like I want to vote with my money for support. And the amount of value for my money I get is depreciated by the fact I’ve already experienced this game in HD for years through PCSX2.

    I’m happy at the news that they at least redid the character models. That will give me something different from the PCSX2 experience I’m already used to on the PC.

  • artemisthemp

    I really looking forward to play this game :)
    I hope Square Enix have included the Cross Save option for this game :)

  • Guest

    Don’t disappoint me Square Enix < / 3

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