Xbox Live Gold Members Will Get Two Games To Keep For The Rest Of The Year

By Spencer . June 22, 2013 . 12:30pm

imageDuring the Xbox press conference, Microsoft announced they will give Xbox Live Gold Members games like Halo 3 and Assassin’s Creed 2 starting in July.


Games With Gold is actually live now and if you are paying for Xbox Live Gold you can get Fable III for free up until June 30.


Microsoft will release new Games With Gold downloads on the 1st and 16th of each month. The Games With Gold program ends on December 31, 2013, which means Xbox Live Gold members will get thirteen free games. Unlike PlayStation Plus, these games are not rentals and tied to an Gold subscription. These downloads are yours to keep as long as you download it during the half-month window when it is free.

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  • Demerson

    Uh, Playstation Plus games aren’t rentals either, they’re yours for as long as you remain a subscriber.

  • Keima88

    Huh what deja vu?!

    I am getting all confused again… just like the xbox one reveal event.
    So… if your gold subscripton ends you dont get to play them again? Or you cant play them again after x days? Playstation + members can keep their downloaded games right even after expiring +?

    Oh well it doesnt matter to me. The games listed (Halo 3 and Assasin’s creed 2) dont have much replay value anyway.

    I am not going to touch the Xbox 360 anytime soon anyway dont have a gold account and no interesting games atm. (Last time was during the time that Vesperia came out)

    • Melvin Kwan

      The way I understand it is, Gold members who download the games during the window will get to keep it for as long as they own their device. It is NOT tied to their subscription. The wording in the article is a little iffy and I was confused for a minute, too.

      PS+ can continue to download and play the games if they have them on their download list for as long as they are subscribed to PS+.

      • Keima88

        Ah I understand it now too.
        Fable 3 is free to grab for gold members and it ends after 30 June. (the game wont be free anymore after 30 June)
        I blame the confusing title of the article xD.
        Thanks for clearing that up.

  • Hollowkoopa

    Its pretty nice but it will probably have the same type of problems PSplus had at the start. All the games they will releases in the 1st year are games most people that own the system have.

    • Testsubject909

      But this isn’t going to last that long. They’re planning to do this only until the Xbox One releases. You can double check it by listening to what they say during their E3 press conference.

      • Hollowkoopa

        That a shame i though this was going to be a Xbox one feature also.

  • Lazulis

    Ooooh, this is a limited time thing…I thought MS was going to try to make their own PS+…

    • Linka

      They probably don’t actually expect people to keep playing their 360s or something after the One comes out. I really expect their own support for the 360 to, ah. Basically drop down with it’s release.

      So no reason to keep this program going for too long after it.

      • Keima88

        Just what they did with the original X box huh?
        But I have read somewhere that MS is planning to keep on supporting the 360 for god knows how long.
        Oh well we will see it in the future how that works out.

        • Linka

          Eh, companies sorta always say that? Even Nintendo went on about how the DS was gonna be a third pillar in their ideas and how the GBA was going to get continued support… but it got quickly pushed to the side.

          I don’t expect Sony really to support the PS3 far past when they introduce their streaming game service, either, so it’s a general thing.

          • CirnoTheStrongest

            Sony kept support on the PS2 for a while, so I doubt you’re right about Sony at the least. They have a track record of keeping strong support up for the previous gen. Which can be kind of annoying, but also has its benefits of course.

          • Ninastars

            I hope they keep it up. We still got great games on the PS2 long after the PS3 released like Persona 4 for example.

          • Sardorim

            PS2 is also still sold around the world too. >_>

          • Linka

            It’s sold, sure, but they stopped production of it some months ago.

            Gamestop’s even stopped accepting PS2 games finally, which is a real shame to me. Thankfully places like Play’n’Trade are appearing now for older titles like that.

        • Bobby Jennings

          Yeah they said they planned on supporting the 360 during their E3 conference.

      • SuperBrother

        The Xbox 360 user base is too huge for them to just stop supporting it within a year or two like they did with the original Xbox. Trust me, that won’t happen for at least 3 years or so. I figure this is trying to win back some fan-favor for the Xbox brand.

    • Testsubject909

      They pretty much said out loud during E3 that it was going to be a temporary thing. “Until the release of the Xbox One” they said.

    • Bob Obb

      The funny thing is MS said their free games will be yours forever… but apparently not.

      • Testsubject909

        Oh, I think they might be yours to own digitally for as long as you’ve downloaded those free copies.

        But they’ll only be giving free copies for the next 3 to 5 months or so.

    • Sardorim

      I’m not surprised, Microsoft seems to love putting restrictions on everything. PS+ is appearing more and more tempting as the superior subscription model for sure, especially with Microsoft making decisions like this.

  • Fitzkrieg

    This is awful. It’s like a knockoff of the instant game collection but worse because Microsoft is super miserly. Who the heck wants to play Fable 3 anyway?!

    • cameron forsyth

      i agree, nowadays i can get these games at a price thats practically free anyway.

    • Aoshi00

      Actually I much prefer games to “keep” rather than just accessible as long as the subscription is continued, even though I plan on using PS+ and Live Gold for the years to come (like Cave is 600 MS points but for keep). Usually games are discounted for Live and yours to keep, rather than free during the duration of your PS+ subscription, so you never get to own the games. And these Games on Demand are free to keep even after your Gold expires. I probably would already have some games they are offering.

      Admittedly PS+ has quite good value, as the full games offered recently are quite new like The Cave, Deus Ex Human Revolution, Saints Row 3. But for me, chances are I have already bought them (like Walking Dead, Vanquish, Costume Quest, Megaman 9/10, Uncharted Golden Abyss, Gravity Daze, or Sleeping Dogs), games that I wanted to play day 1 or are quite old already, or games that don’t really interest me and I wouldn’t have bought them in the first place, like Kynatt Underground, Closure, Pinball stuff, etc..

      Also the fact that PS+ exists is based the model of Live Gold (except multiplayer online is free for PSN but won’t be for PS4). Even the more dynamic layout from PSN to SEN resembles XBL.. and trophies also came after cheevos.

      I alrdy have AC2 & Halo 3, but I didn’t have Fable 3, I alrdy d/l it and it’s fun.. hope they would have more games I didn’t try yet. But I would like to buy them at a discount and keep like Papo & Yo or Tokyo Jungle.

      I get PS+ for $40 ($50 w/ $10 discount, Sony really pushing this service aggresively) and Live Gold for around $30+ (even though MSRP is $60), so I figure for around $3/month, both of them have good value and don’t mind subscribing to both for either free or discounted games.. to support these services.

      • Testsubject909

        To note:

        The games you purchase that had extra discounts via PS+ are yours to keep and own forever.

        Just to note so that there isn’t any confusion.

        • Aoshi00

          Yes, I realize that. That’s what I meant by I would rather purchase it discounted via PS+/Live Gold and keep it forever (like Walking Dead or Back to the Future, though I collect the physical discs as well), instead of getting it for free only during the duration of PS+. I have both, but I usually d/l games on XBLA.. can’t wait for Duck Tales & Castle of Illusion remakes, still have tons of MS points picked up for cheap ($5 for 1200 MS pts) a while ago :)

          • Bobby Jennings

            $5 for 1200 microsoft points? O.o

          • Aoshi00

            Yeah, there was a promo of $10 off anything on MS store like a month or 2 ago, and many stocked up on the 1200 MS points (usually $15), I bought like 20 of them *.*;; (guess I went overboard but it was so tempting lol).. usually I get MS points on sale for $1=100 MS pts, but that was a huge blow out.. I’m sure I could spend them on DLCs/XBLA/games on Demand (like AC3 Season Pass, Duck Tales, Castle of Illusion etc), or when they’re switched to currency on XB1..

        • Bobby Jennings

          Oh really? I thought you lost access to that stuff. Alright then, thanks for clearing that up for me.

      • Mr_SP

        No, Plus isn’t based on the Live Gold model. Live Gold features are free on PS Network, after all. Sony may have known they’d need to switch to a subscription model for online services for a while now, and Plus was meant to ease people in, but PS Plus in it’s original form is basically a superior version of “Games with Gold”. While PS Plus is adding a subscription for online services for the next generation, Microsoft is the one trying to match the PS Plus model. After all, saying that Microsoft invented online subscriptions is silly, considering the many, many MMO games that exist with that model, and various Online Passes.

        • Aoshi00

          Live Gold came before PS+, even Netflix was available on XBL first, then later on PSN and the Wii but a Netflix disc was required for quite some time (unless you buy a Roku player). That was one of the reasons I preferred Live Gold at the time, I didn’t want to put it a disc every time I watched Netflix and would rather pay $2-3/month for it (I get Gold cards for about $35). Also there was Inside Xbox before Pulse/Qore, cheevos before trophies, and PSN updated to SEN w/ an interface that looks more similar to XBL. I’m just saying PS+ copied many things from Live like discounted games, but they added free game rentals on top of that. Now Gold is also giving some games for free (not discounted) yet permanently for keep.

          Companies always copy each other, just like PS Move and Kinect based on Wii’s remote.

          Like I said, I use both PS+ and Live Gold for the discounts, both pay for themselves, but don’t really play online (just like Netlfix & Amazon Prime). I prefer Live Gold more because I get MS points for a lot cheaper and most of the PS+ games offered for free I already bought. I would say PS+ has especially good value for those who haven’t bought many games and could try them for free for an extended period, like Uncharted GA, Gravity Daze, Scott Pilgrim, Sleeping Dogs, etc. But I have alrdy bought most of these titles, either they’re very old or ones I couldn’t wait playing, so technically PS+ is not that useful to me. Their full game bundles (+ DLCs) have great value too, but for full games I always go for physical. Like I only buy things like Payo & Yo or Tokyo Jungle.

          I personally prefer 360 because of the controller, cheevos, & ability to install games. Installing full retail games is actually the only thing Sony has not implemented yet (it’s either partial mandatory install or none). and I’m not a PC gamer..

          • Mr_SP

            I’m not saying that Live Gold didn’t do it earlier, but it’s a system that predates Live Gold. Xbox took the idea from other companies that already did it for their own games, MMOs in particular, and applied it to a console. I could just as well say that it’s as old as the internet – there’s little difference between paying for internet services, and paying for online console features. Heck, “Paying for things that cost money to do” is a fundamental concept. Free PS3 online was surprising, because it’s costing Sony money to run.

            Certainly, Achievements came before Trophies, but they aren’t something that you should really consider to be a primary asset of a console – I wouldn’t want to give up my trophy list (for nostalgia reasons) but it’s not a reason to spend $500 on a console, or a reason to not play a game.

            I don’t think there was ever a “Netflix disc” on PS3. Wii, maybe, but not PS3.

          • Aoshi00

            That’s why I’m saying console-wise, comparing to PSN to XBL, PSN modeled many things from XBL in more ways than one. and for the free and discounted contents provided by both services, to me it’s worth ~$3/month.

            I’m just saying PSN (PS+) copied many things that XBL/Gold did first and that’s a fact, including early demos and video contents (avatars after gamer pics, and of course Avatars after Miis but more variety, Home avatars are creepy though). Always been a console gamer and never spent money on my PC because most games I play are only exclusive on consoles, and I’m not into MMO or FPS. So playing multiplayer online is not much of an issue for me.

            Yes, one needed to request Netflix to send them a PS3 disc, then later for the Wii, I still have them both (SD quality on the Wii was horrible anyway). XBL was the first to let us watch Netflix w/o using a disc (unless you buy a Roku player specifically for movies). It was maybe several months or a year later a Netflix disc was not required after an update for the PS3.


  • TheExile285

    This is actually a pretty good deal.

    • ZEROthefirst

      They’re only doing this until the Xbox One releases so it’s not much to marvel at. Like Testsubject909 said above me in a different comment, you can find this during their E3 press conference.

  • revenent hell

    Ok can someone explain to me WHY PS4 and Xbox One (I think all along) charge/will be charging for online play?
    Is it server cost or something? Because I really dont grasp this concept at all.

    • Testsubject909

      Probably server cost, for XBLA though it was definitely milking you extra…

      Now though, with their movement towards Cloud processing and whatnot, I’d imagine it’d be to pay for the upkeep, maintenance and just generally to keep on upgrading the servers as time goes forward.

      Even then though, for PS4, free to play online multiplayer games like Warframe or Planetside 2 can be free to play without PS+.

      Edit: As in, free to play online without PS+.

      • PoweredByHentai

        Considering that Warframe and Planetside 2 aren’t paywalled on the PS4, I’m thinking that the purpose of PS+ for multiplayer is to pay for Sony’s dedicated servers.

        World of Tanks for both the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One is paywalled behind the Gold subscription, which basically means that the Gold subscription really isn’t doing anything useful other than to milk people.

      • revenent hell

        The whole pay for online thing confuses me greatly…….

        Ive said above I don’t really play online ever so its never concerned me much so overall I know less than nothing about it and google is being less than helpful at the moment…

    • PoweredByHentai

      Xbox multiplayer games tend to be hosted on the clients via peer-to-peer technology. The multiplayer charge for XBL Gold is just a BS charge to milk people for something that is generally free. MS has made a lot of fuss about cloud computing and whatnot and frankly, that translates to BS to me. If they had said anything along the lines of dedicated servers for game hosting purposes, then that would have been perfectly fine.

      First party PS3 games with multiplayer components tend to have dedicated servers hosting games, thereby eliminating host console advantage. Given the sort of games that are coming out on launch day for the PS4, I’d be willing to wager that dedicated server hosting is still a technical standard and the PS+ requirement will now pay for such dedicated server support. I personally feel that my PS+ subscription has more than paid for itself given the member’s discounts on PSN games and all the free games that I get via the service.

      So on one service, you are paying for the privilege to play your game against other people via bittorrent and on the other service you are paying for actual servers.

      That’s my take on it.

      • Alestaos

        I have a PS3/PsP/Vita but i dont have PS+ when i went to get it my friend said there was nothing special about it. And that i shouldnt bother. My only question was and still is: What do you get with PS+ , and as an owner of the systems above would it benefit all or just the PS3?

        Thank You

        • Testsubject909

          PS+ would benefit your PS3, PSP and PSVita. Moreso your PS3 and PSVita as well as the upcoming PS4.

          From top to bottom, what i consider the best advantages:

          - Extra discounts: Every week there’s different discounts and what you purchase is yours. Anything you purchase is yours, you own it indefinitely. Now, those discounts are either unique to PS+, or they stack on top of the weekly sales, so games that were 20-30% off end up being 50% off, or games that were 50% off are now 70% off. Things like that. It typically doesn’t take that many purchases to get back the subscription fee, but it depends on your spending habits too towards digital games.

          - Free Games: This is what you should think of an extended rental. You get access to games for free and they’re available for you to play so long as your subscription for PS+ lasts. There’s absolutely no need for any online checks as the console itself keeps track of when your PS+ ends.

          - Free Stuff: Things like Avatars and whatnot, just a whole bunch of little free extra stuff.

          - Online Backup Server: You can back up your saves online, this I find great for saves that are unfortunately locked and cannot be backed up via USB.

          - Early Access: Basically early Beta access, I don’t recall any early Demo access.

          - Auto-update: I honestly don’t care about this feature. I just turn it off.

          At 50$ for 12 months, or 50$ for 15 months when you purchase PS+ subscriptions during special events… I find there’s a lot of worth there.

          • Mr_SP

            Though Auto-Update and cloud saves are available for everyone on PS4, rather than being part of Plus – it’s part of their trade-off from making everyone join Plus for online gaming. On the other hand, Plus’s Cloud Saves are super-useful on Vita, because otherwise there’s no other way to keep your saves from downloaded games around after you delete them.

          • Alestaos

            Oh that sounds awesome. And its one PS+ sub for one Account that i use on all my PS systems, or do i have to pay extra to add my vita/PS4 to the sub?

            On the extended rental if something happens on the reneweal month, like i forget/busy/health issues, and renew it as soon as im full able do all the rentals end and i cant access them again or there there for me access again after i have renewed.

            Rest sounds awesome :)

            Sorry if my questions are unclear i had trouble trying to explain it in writing. Being on a mobile doesnt help lol

      • revenent hell

        Thank you.
        I never understood this for Xbox brands because PS systems generally gave it for free so I never bothered to look in to it.
        Personally I don’t play games online…well, really ever so I never really thought this would impact me in any major way.
        So basically if I wanted to play the online aspect of a game of mine unless I paid to do so I could not? As an example If I wanted to take a fighting game and fight others online without the PS+ plan I could no longer do so?
        As far as ive been aware don’t multiplayer games tend to have their own servers from the publisher/developer?

        • PoweredByHentai

          PS+ is really a requirement that is specific to the PS4.

          I am not entirely sure what the specific terms are for the PS+ paywall but free to play games on the PS4 aren’t behind the paywall, which implies that the paywall might be optional and up to publishers and developers to use.

        • Mr_SP

          Well, it’s not any different than many games “Online Pass” system. I’m not sure how accurate it is, but the reason that some people think that (EAs?) online passes are being reduced to $0 is because PS Plus is going to be used to cover those costs. Though I’m not sure how online works for many games, if there’s a client or dedicated server or whatnot. I think Assassin’s Creed works on a server system, for example, while Blazblue works on a host.

          • PoweredByHentai

            EA’s games still require you to log into Origin regardless of which platform you use. The only rationale I see for that Origin requirement is for overt user-tracking and data mining purposes.

            I don’t know if other publishers like Activision or Ubisoft also require something like that or not.

            On PC, at least, I am forced to log into UPlay just so that I can play Ghost Recon Future Soldier’s single-player campaign, even though I bought the game on Steam.

          • Mr_SP

            I don’t know about Origin, (I don’t think I needed to for Dragon Age Origins, but nothing more recent) but UPlay isn’t necessary for Assassin’s Creed games on console. It is there, and there is auto-log-in if you’ve registered, and I don’t know if I need to for online multi-player or not, but offline, non-UPlay singleplayer is okay.

          • PoweredByHentai

            Regarding Origin, the last time I had Origin intrude on me on console was when I was playing Battlefield 3, largely because you cannot play online multiplayer on any BF3 server without having an Origin account for Battlelog or something.

  • William Richards

    The games will be on XBL for free download for a limited time but anyone that downloads them has them free for good, even if they don’t keep XBL. PSN+ is a rental program. They’re not even “as long as you’re paying”. Most games given away on PSN+ have dates they will no longer be available and all of them are gone if you’re not paying for PSN+. It will be as if they never had them. To contrast, XBL games will remain free and even if you downgrade your Xbox 360 to Silver you still own everything Microsoft gave you and can re-download for good.

    • Nitraion

      You can re-download man even your games aren’t not the program anymore…..
      But yeah its rental program you play as long you PS+ members…
      and they always on your download list….

      • William Richards

        Obviously you can re-download them when they’re still free. I’m talking afterwards. If you stop paying for PS+ you cannot re-download anything you got for free. Even what you have already downloaded stops working.

        With XBL, if you cancel your gold you still own the games you got for free with XBL Gold. Even without gold at all you can re-download them any time you want. Some of the free stuff you don’t even need gold to get at all.

        • Nitraion

          ._. you can man… you can re-download even they are not free anymore as long you put them on download list…. he says PS+ subscripsion is carried over
          its same…
          But it be kinda useless no since you can play ps3 nor xbox360 game on PS4 and xbox one..
          unless they do something in the future….

          • William Richards

            The moment you don’t pay for PSN+ you cannot re-download anything that was free. I know, when I got my new card and didn’t update with Sony I lost access to every “free” game I got from PSN+.until I paid. The only way you will keep the games is if you keep paying for PSN+

          • Ranger

            Uh no… the PS3, Vita and PS4 all share the same PS+. You get all three for the price of one. You don’t “Carry Over”. As long as you have a PS+ subscription, you’ll have your games to keep. Whether you paid for them or not. Yes they will go away after your membership lapses, but once you renew your subscription (AGAIN, it’s for ALL three platforms), they will return.

          • Nitraion

            yeah that’s true…
            but we talking about “re-download”… not access…
            you can re-download as long you PS+ yeah thats true…it’s rental man…
            Well maybe XBL gold will be good for you? until release of Xbox one…
            Edit: When you carry PSN+ to PS4 to ps3 will be still PS+
            do you listen on sony conference at all?

          • William Richards

            Actually I have both. The point was in comparison to the value presented by PSN+ vs XBL Gold. I use both, no matter how you spin it Owned > Rental any day.

          • Nitraion


          • Anime10121

            However, with Gold you’re only getting 13 games in a 6 month period (and so far, these are old AAA games), and with PS + you get more than that in a couple months + access to betas, some new games being free on Plus, HEAVILY discounted purchases (which are yours whether you keep plus or not), AND access to the 1 hr trial demos that are usually released not long after full releases.

          •!/kaishou Kaishou

            Ok let’s list a few stuff. Pros and Cons.

            Xbox Live
            - Making you pay £40 a year to play multiplayer which uses P2P technology, something that is free.
            - Still has advertisement on dashboard but can be blocked by using OpenDNS
            - Deal of the week
            - Netflix require this in addition to monthly subscription
            - Party chat
            - Two free games every month, old game at this point.

            - Instant game collection, 3 games free for PS3, Vita and the upcoming PS4
            - Early access to some beta.
            - PSN discount on various of items on PSN store including new release sometimes.
            - Timed full demos.
            - Network can be slow at times but they are improving.
            - Netflix can be used even without PS+

            If I’m missing something, do reply.

            So in the end, you save a shit ton of money with PS+ even if the game is rental. If it were me, I just play the game until I’m satisfy then delete it, never to touch it again.

          • William Richards

            Okay, lets put a reality on your fanboyish Pros and Cons since apparently you’ve never used XBL gold. Also, keep in mind it’s a comparison of XBL vs PSN+, not comparing a online service to a console:

            Xbox Live:
            -Easily gotten for $35-$40/year at any major online retailer and often in stores.
            -Server backed P2P network. You can say P2P should be free all you want but it’s an amazing and reliable network that can’t be compared in quality to any other. Not PSN+, Not Steam, nothing. Hands down the best online play network in the world.
            -The advertisements you get are in certain sections and they’re advertisements to discounts on games usually. I could block them, never felt a need to.
            -Deal of the week (meh, they have deals all the time, but the deal of the week is usually insane). There is a section for deals on games and game content and there is frequently great deals including new release and pre-order specials.
            -Party chat, video conferencing even with people on their PC’s, Windows phones, surface tabs, etc. Easily follow and chat with friends across different games or pull them into your games.
            -Two free “fan favorite” games a month that stack and you own. Like if you sold your Xbox, cancelled your sub and 5 years down the road got bored and picked up a cheap 360 again, you can re-download all of them and still have games without paying anything.
            -An entire free section you can download instantly of games that are always free. A service Microsoft has stated will continue with Xbox One.
            -Access to betas and constant trials (timed full demos).
            -Participation points (store points) that you can earn for all sorts of things including participating in betas and trials that you can use to buy anything you want on XBL.
            -They are currently making it so if you have one account with XBL Gold, all accounts on that 360 have access to gold so you don’t have to let your kids play your account to be able to play online.

            -Comparable pricing to XBL Gold. Base pricing $10 cheaper, but deals for XBL are easy to find all year long, you just have to care enough to look. About the same if you shop for deals on both.
            -An often slow unreliable network that drops games and is difficult to find matches for anything but the newest titles. No improvements over the free PSN network.
            -A free network version for PS3 that allows online play. Will not exist for the PS4.
            -Early access to some betas and timed full demos. The same thing XBL has offered since day 1.
            Instant game rental collection & free game rentals for PS3, PS Vita and soon PS4.
            -Exclusive deals for PSN+ subscribers. Honestly not usually as good as the deals on XBL but I see them as incentive for people to use PSN+ over PSN Free, not over XBL.

            *Any can make pros and cons without comparing relative things. You put your pros/cons for the PS3 mixing the pros of the PSN+ with the pros of PSN free. For example, you do not list that you have to pay for PSN+ just like you do XBL (an advantage of FreeSN only) but at the same time list all of the deals you ONLY get while paying for PSN+. Sorry, you don’t get to pick both. If you’re paying for PSN+ all of the good that comes with FreeSN are irrelevant.

            In my home, my kids and guests use the PS3/360 more than I do as I spend most of my time on my PC. So often games that I’ve gotten for free, some long ago, are still played by my kids and guests. Perfect example, my kids are constantly playing crash course and now they’re all excited playing crash 2. They’ve played this game with their friends for years now and somehow it doesn’t get old to them.

            If you really want a comparison, it’s a matter of taste. Think of it this way, if you have PSN+ and stop paying on your PS3, you can still play games online but lose everything you were given through PSN+. If you have Xbox live gold on your 360 and stop paying, you can’t play online anymore except a few of the games (some of which are free) but you get to keep all the gifts you were given while a member. When the PS4 and One launch, XBL gifts will still be keepers but you will no longer be able to play online with your PS4 without paying.

            Edit: Just to add this point. If you’re paying for both systems, and keep paying for both systems until the end of time, they become more comparable. In the end I would say if you own and play one system over the other, obviously that would be the system you should pay for. If you can afford to own both, buy games for both, and have the time/people to make use of both, then both systems offer good incentives to pay. To be honest, I think with the PS3 the incentives aren’t as good but only because you can play online with PS3 without paying. With the PS4/One I’m sure neither system will be desirable to own without paying for online play.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Again, end the back and forth walls of text, Every point has already been made more than once. Thanks.

          •!/kaishou Kaishou

            Just to let you know, I have no loyalty to any brand if that’s what you’re thinking.

            Also sorry Miau for another wall of text.


            “Okay, lets put a reality on your fanboyish Pros and Cons since apparently you’ve never used XBL gold.”

   You was saying?
            “-Easily gotten for $35-$40/year at any major online retailer and often in stores”. I can still get it for £31 online but that’s not the point here.

            I live in the UK so it cost around about £40 and that’s with VAT. FYI our VAT is 20%.
            “Server backed P2P network. You can say P2P should be free all you want but it’s an amazing and reliable network that can’t be compared in quality to any other. Not PSN+, Not Steam, nothing. Hands down the best online play network in the world.”

            Don’t quote me on this, I’m just writing this for the sake of arguing.

            If I recall correctly most games on Xbox live uses a P2P system where one of the player is the host. That means everyone in a room is connected to that guy. So basically the host is the server which mean if he lag, probably you and everyone will lag as well. It’s really all about the connection between the host and everyone else…quality varies so it’s far from the “best online play network in the world”. Correct me if I’m wrong here, my networking knowledge isn’t that good.
            “-The advertisements you get are in certain sections and they’re advertisements to discounts on games usually. I could block them, never felt a need to.”

   Like you said, I could block them but I’m not going through the effort to do that.
            “-Deal of the week (meh, they have deals all the time, but the deal of the week is usually insane). There is a section for deals on games and game content and there is frequently great deals including new release and pre-order specials.”

            Not too sure about that, the deals for the past couple of weeks has been meh.
            “-Party chat, video conferencing even with people on their PC’s, Windows phones, surface tabs, etc. Easily follow and chat with friends across different games or pull them into your games.”

            All I can say about this is it’s probably my only favorite part of Xbox Live.
            “-Two free “fan favorite” games a month that stack and you own. Like if you sold your Xbox, cancelled your sub and 5 years down the road got bored and picked up a cheap 360 again, you can re-download all of them and still have games without paying anything.”

            It’s too early to talk about it but really Assassin’s Creed 2 and Halo 3? Surely they could do better than that. Honestly though they got to be better than that to entice a consumer to subscribe for gold. Someone could may have easily gone to a retail store and get a preowned copy for less than £5. As for PS+, sure you don’t keep them but at least they provide up to 6 game every month (3 for PS3 and Vita). I wasn’t a PS+ before but now I am since Sony has done their job to entice me to subscribe to them.


            “-An often slow unreliable network that drops games and is difficult to find matches for anything but the newest titles. No improvements over the free PSN network.

            -A free network version for PS3 that allows online play. Will not exist for the PS4.”

   in addition to that, publisher also have the choice to make their game free-to-play.


            “-Early access to some betas and timed full demos. The same thing XBL has offered since day 1. Instant game rental collection & free game rentals for PS3, PS Vita and soon PS4.”

            I’m pretty sure they didn’t have timed full demo at day one. They do have temporary exclusive demo for gold membership.


            “-Exclusive deals for PSN+ subscribers. Honestly not usually as good as the deals on XBL but I see them as incentive for people to use PSN+ over PSN Free, not over XBL.”

            I gotten quiet a few new PSN game for less at launch so that matters to me. At least I didn’t have to wait weeks and weeks for an XBLA to become keep. Not saying it’s a bad thing since weekly sale are sometime good for me.


          • William Richards

            No wall this time. I don’t know much on EU pricing, I’m U.S.
            The network is quasi-P2P. It’s P2P but with thier servers on that network. Like on PSN if you’ve ever played COD and the host drops, you end up back in the lobby and game ends. Server backed P2P the server detects the lost host and fills in the gaps until the next host. Also, if no one has a good enough connection to host the server will so people don’t wait in limbo forever.
            Rest I’ll leave be, but FYI, deal of the week is just one deal. They have tons of sales including stuff on new releases daily. That’s just one supposed to be OMG deal that lasts a whole week.
            Anyway I’m out, enjoy all whichever system it is.

          • Mr_SP

            WHAT!? No. PS Plus applies for ALL consoles with your profile. This will be true of the PS4 as well. This has been *explicitly* mentioned by Sony, as well as already having been proven true. I get PS Plus on both PS3 and PS Vita with a single payment, simply because I am using the same account.

          • Nitraion

            Yeah that’s what i want to say…. ><

        • CirnoTheStrongest

          Actually incorrect. Xbox Live games and PSN Games DO NOT transfer to the Xbox One or PS4. I don’t know who started spreading this rumor, but it’s not true. There is no Backwards compatibility with either the PSN or Xbox Live.

          You do retain the same account at the least, but those downloads won’t be available.

          PS4 is attempting to offset this in some way with Gaikai, but there’s been no assurance that save data, games, or even DLC you bought off the PSN will actually not have to be bought again. Or even exactly how Gaikai is going to work.

          Xbox One has no countermeasures in place.

          • PoweredByHentai


            “Backwards compatibility is backwards thinking.”

            -Don Mattrick, President of Microsoft Interactive Entertainment Business (aka Xbox division)

    • Isaac Newton

      Sir that cake is a lie!

  • Lahcen Uchiha

    what happened to left 4 dead 1 & 2 servers ??

  • Nitraion

    I know its rude but…. here you go

    • Garyuu of Spades

      You are awesome for that. I used to watch this rant twenty times over. Poor Joe. xD

  • Skode

    Will be nice if one of the free games is a game which needs a more active community online. Still i only ever played original Assassins Creed, time to check out the sequel to see if it gets any less repetitive after a good few hours playtime

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Guys the XBLA vs PSN+ battle has been quite enough discussed in here. Warning from here on out.

    • Cyberjin

      that’s like saying

      “stop debating on our site! We had enough!
      We don’t want you to click multiple times on articles,
      we don’t want to make more money!, so please shut up!”

      • M’iau M’iaut

        No its that we don’t want the majority who come for the news to turn away because of angry posts from the same handful of folks.

        • Cyberjin

          - People that comes for the news, read the articles.
          - People who wants to share their opnion or
          debate/discuss them goes below the articles.

          its like saying people won’t go on youtube
          because of the comment section,
          but you know what, they still go there.

  • DS23

    $0 is a fair price for Fable III.

  • William Richards

    What value? How? It’s a worse network and anyone who’s actually used both regularly knows it. They don’t have promos so unless you’re an auto sub that likes paying full price it costs more money. It gives you rentals vs free games. It has significantly less content… so I mean how exactly does it give more of anything?

  • Mr_SP

    PS Plus gets at least 10% off on many promotions, if not more, in addition to Sony’s own sales, which are not rare – this week, we got three indie games for half off, plus another 10% off for PS Plus. On top of that, PS Plus has, in addition to 3 PS3 games and 2 PS Vita games free every month, there are another 7 PS3 games and 3 PSV games available for a much longer period. While Plus can be considered “rentals”, due to needing the continued subscription, otherwise, it is a rental of unrestricted length, and of unrestricted number.

  • Nitraion

    Xbox just give this free game right?… how you argue rental vs own if you use both services for long?
    Worse network vs good network is invalid man if you live in asia….
    But whatever man just get your Xbox one preordered…..:)

  • XiaomuArisu

    3 free Ps3 and 2 free psvitagames.
    1hr trial demos
    ….so Psplus sucks how?

  • William Richards

    The difference between rental and own is easy. When you look at the details on the rentals on PSN+ it tells you a date they expire. Now yes, they give you new ones, life moves on.

    However on XBL they give you free games, then when that game isn’t free anymore and they have new free games, so you download those and you still have them. Because of the promos from XBL I’ve got more than 30 games in my library that were totally free. Full games that are mine even if I stop paying for XBL. They are giving away 2 a month for the next 5 months. That’s 10 more games I’ll have free on top of the ones that they give away free every month anyway. XBL has crazy deals, there’s stuff on there like 25-70% off all the time. I shop deals and they’re always there. This is on top of all the free extra content and add-ons they give away.

    I don’t have to pre-order either one. I’ll end up getting both for free, a perk of what I do for a living. My XBL account will also be on my XB One, my PSN+ account will also be on my PS4.

    I’ve got an old youtube video I made a long time ago (like 2007) when my garage was flooded with 360s and PS3s. I’m not some fanboy, honestly I spend 95% of my game time on my computer and divide the rest between the Wii-U, PS3, and 360. I own literally hundreds of console games and have yet to find a gaming experience between them that can pull me away from my PC. If I had to claim a flag, I’m a PC gamer for sure, but not giving a crap like a bunch of fan-boys I’ve never found anything worth mentioning on PSN+. I will say PSN has evolved from the total garbage it was when the PS3 launched and it’s been interesting to see the way it evolved and grown to be more like XBL but in the end I’ve used both extensively. My kids use both daily and from real life experience with both systems and networks there is no way you’re going to convince me PSN+ comes anywhere near XBL. This isn’t an opinion based on using one and being some fan-boy incapable of seeing the green on someone else’s lawn. I use both regularly, experience both for their good and their bad. PSN+ HAD to offer the free game rentals because there would be NO other reason before the launch of the PS4 to use it otherwise. That’s all you get over the free version. You don’t get better servers, you don’t get more reliable connections, you get the same PSN people wouldn’t pay for with some game rentals. It’s like having free PSN plus a much much crappier version of game fly. If it wasn’t for my kids I wouldn’t pay for it anymore.

  • Nitraion

    As I said above better server or creppier server is invalid in Asia region at least on me… The internet itself in here doesn’t as good as you…. so your internet is always good while in here no matter how much good your XBL server are we never be have good connection its just average…..
    Beside i like what they give me on PS+ so PS+ hold more value to me… i am not have all money to buy all console…
    Sony said will make better server right? in exchange for paying Ps+ now i just wanna to see that first don’t judge from now… judge when they already release on PS4 if its crappier laugh all you want i don’t care…

  • CirnoTheStrongest

    Even though I prefer the Playstation platform (though PC’s got a lot of advantages too), I really can’t say that PS Plus is really all that neat for me. I did get a neat deal on Persona 4 Arena, but any sort of great deal is crazy rare. And the IGC didn’t start being relevant to myself until a few months ago.

    Regardless, people are acting like PS+ gives such great ‘new’ and “AAA” games for its IGC. Which I really think makes no sense. AAA in itself I guess I can’t really give a fair assessment of, but wouldn’t Halo 3 or Assassin’s Creed II fall under that category anyway? And, I’ve yet to see a ‘new’ game show up on IGC outside of maybe some Indie titles and those are more hit/miss than AAA titles…

    No one can deny that the PC gives the absolute best discounts though. You may not see many straight up free game deals, but my gosh I got SR III + ALL the DLC for a measly 13.95 off Steam. And I got myself a ton of games off a bundle site for just $5. There are endless amounts of amazing deals for the PC platform.

  • William Richards

    They are my first posts here because when I saw stupid fan-boys saying things that were not true as I was reading articles I felt the urge to reply. Though, you were wrong, my first post here was on some IRS crap.

    I don’t “ignore” discounts you get. I see them all the time. I just see MUCH more of them in much bigger numbers with more significant discounts on XBL quite regularly. And this “2 free games a month giveaway”… it’s not like anyone that uses XBL is not used to getting free games. There is an actual category under games called “Free Games” and you’re nuts if you think it’s just a few free games. They give away entire content packs, avatars, outfits/items for them, expansions, map packs, wallpaper, and on and on and on. So much you’ll get tired of downloading the free crap because you’ll run out of hard drive space. This is on top of massive discounts given constantly, including on newer games. Like the week Street Fighter 4 launched, I got it on sale for half off, then if you had bought that the turbo one was like 10 bucks right when it came out. They don’t just have specials on select games or free games either, You’re constantly being given ways to get free points. You get free points just for playing games sometimes and you can use those free points to buy whatever games you want.

    When I entered this thread it was simply because when asked if you got to keep the games that were free on XBL some fan-boy replied that you lose them if you stop paying which is completely untrue, whereas that is true with PSN+. I actually didn’t mean to start an arguement with the PSN+ fanclub. I own a launch model 60g PS3 that’s got a 500g hard drive in it (though I’m not sure if it’s still only seeing 320, never checked I guess). I’ve got PSN+ and have spent quite a bit on PSN buying older PS1/PS2 games I really like and don’t already own (don’t need to buy the ones I do because my console plays all PS1/PS2/PS3 games and it plays them better than the PS1/PS2 did). Honestly, I don’t care much for the rental program but that’s just me. PSN+ does not give away free games, they give free game rentals and no matter how much of a fan-boy you are it’s not going to change that. Yes, maybe you’ll pay for PSN+ for the rest of your natural life, maybe Sony won’t eventually decide they’re going to take back what they’ve given you to “borrow” like say Linux on the launch models or software driven backwards compatibility on the 2nd generation models, just maybe they’ll let you keep the rental as long as you’re paying, but that’s no more a free game than games from gamefly are. By that justification you could say just get gamefly and you can have almost every game for both systems for free.

  • M’iau M’iaut

    You have driven the point multiple times. Others have also made their points. Both services have had to get more aggressive on pricing and what they made available to their clients. Simple consumerism at work.

  • William Richards

    Yeah, this is one of the many reasons I’ve all but abandoned my consoles to my children and guests in favor of my PC. Steam gave me Skyrim launch week for $39.99 and the amount of 70% to 90% off deals such as “Everything by this developer” bundles are insane. I own more games than I could play in my lifetime on Steam for far less than I have invested in one console.

    I really am curious to see how things go from here. Steam seems to be in a battle with consoles that’s insane. Steam apps is launching and cross platforming to PC/Mac/Linux and even expanding into Android. You can already run a ton with Ubuntu and I guess they will be offering stuff to run on Chrome OS.

    Then you have the MS app store. It cross platforms apps already between Windows 8+, Surface, and Windows 8 Phones. From what I get from all the MS emails is that a lot of this stuff will cross platform into the Xbox One as well. If Xbox one gains access to the app store and all the free games in it that it contains, IMHO that would be insane value as well.

    If Sony hadn’t taken Linux away, I’d be able to still play my steam games on my PS3, which is the part that ticked me off the most with Sony. Keep being able to play Linux games on my PS3 or be allowed to use my PSN/PSN+ and update my games. Alas I don’t see Sony doing anything in this department.

    For now PC wins. Massively more games, more people to play with, WAY better pricing. Steam’s support to keep their games running on newer systems and integrated updates is top notch as well. If the MS store integrates into the One and continues to get better, we’ll see where that goes.

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