Catch Conception II’s Opening Movie

By Spencer . June 29, 2013 . 3:48pm

Conception II explains where babies come from… and apparently a girl holds a bundle of joy that explodes into a warrior ready to go on a family dungeon crawling adventure. OK, Conception II has a weird concept of procreating party members, but aside from that it is a regular JRPG with a neat combat system.


Conception II comes out for PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS on August 22.

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  • Keima88

    Argh my ears! My ears are bleeding >.<. Dude that is an awfull song. It ruined the whole opening movie wich looked okay though.

    • Nyekun

      I dunno, the opening video itself was pretty bland and generic as hell.

    • LightGenx

      Engrish at its best

  • Demeanor

    So much animu! Wantt! How’s Spike track-record for localizations? Do you guys think anyone will be up for bringing this over? I don’t think the children part is going to stir the ire of anyone, since it looks like it’s all handled by magic… :D

    • DyLaN

      We got the Zero Escape series, but we still haven’t got the original Conception amd Danganronpa series.

      I think the dev are interested in bringing the games over, but no one stood up to localoze it yet.

  • Luke Blackwood

    How come some of your daughters are, well, about your age o_o?

    • Because they are made from magic =D

      • Luke Blackwood

        Yeah, but it is still weird xD

    • Chris Yuen

      They travel back in time in order to save you.

    • Kevadu

      Those aren’t the daughters…

    • Triplicity

      Those are the maidens from which the children are formed

  • Kevin Schwarz

    Lame song, great animation.

  • Andres Pena

    can i just say dem character design

  • Triplicity

    Hmm, I dunno about that OP… I actually really liked the first game’s OP song though:

  • Kitestwinblades

    One of these “soon to be expecting” mothers reminds me of Po Hwa Ran from Blade & Soul around the 1:15 mark! ( ゚▽゚) Looking forward to both of these games, Just for the love of… well “LOVE“… Make it over here!


    god im confuse is the song in english or Japanese lol i dont understand what they are singing

    • Anime10121

      My ears bleed of confusion :(

    • artemisthemp

      I hardly could understand anything

    • Triplicity

      Both Conception opening songs are in accented English.

    • God

      I understood aroun 70% but it didn’t made any sense, so either it’s extremely poor engrish at it’s best, or i didn’t get anything.

  • Conceive a localization for this series please =^_^=

  • Ni

    I didn’t like it.
    the opening of the first game is much better

  • Chris Cobb

    Of all the crazy ideas we see come out of Japan, this is one of my favorites. I’ve been hoping to see these localized for quite a while now. Make it happen please!

  • Vash bane

    that was ALOT of transforming there reminded me of some type mahou shoujo show
    i have no idea what im saying XD

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