MagnaCarta Developer Working On New RPG Where You’re Trapped In A Dream

By Spencer . July 2, 2013 . 4:30pm

Ah, Softmax is still around. After MagnaCarta II, we hadn’t heard much about the Korean developer other than updates about Talesweaver. However, Softmax have announced a new RPG called Inner World, which takes place inside dreams.




Inner World’s story is about being trapped in a nightmare. The game plays like a trading card game where you go through dungeons, capture monsters, and summon them in battle. Like Softmax’s other titles, Inner World looks pretty. The game is in development for Android platforms.


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  • Solomon_Kano

    Pretty is right. Some nice art.

  • Maxwell3000

    Ah. Still sad I missed Magna Carta 2 on x360. I was hoping they’d stay away from Android or iOS

    • TheDarkEmpress

      Not to be a downer, but you didn’t miss much.

      • Crimson_Cloud

        But still, it was a fun game. If nothing else then cuz’ of Hyung-Tae Kim’s superb art.

        Anyway, this on Android? Meh…
        I’m hoping for real sequel in the future, but seeing how many JRPGs we get on consoles these days, I doubt it.

      • kenshee

        I felt I needed to be up front and clarify I downvoted you.

        No Ill intent, just that magna carta 2 was one of the RPGs I liked best this generation, so seeing your comment upvoted unanimously stung a bit XD

        The 360 the past few years has been completely uninteresting compared to ps3, but it had some very nice and enjoyable traditional Jrpgs at the start. All with their little flaws, for sure, but all worth playing to a fan of the genre imo.

        I hope anyone with the money and time to spare gets the opportunity to get a 360 for cheap and play the exclusives it has. (or borrow it from a friend maybe, it’ll probably be collecting dust XD)

  • I wonder if it would ever come out in Japanese or English. I don’t think I have the time to try learning Korean right now ( x_x)

  • The artwork is nice, but only to appear on Android? Aww…

  • firstarioch

    We need war of genesis translated into english with artwork done by Hyung Tae Kim …not this cheap anime shite …what has happened to softmax …..

  • AkuLord3

    Well this looks cool and Magna Carta series is cool soo “sees Android” and a swing and miss but yeah it looks pretty

  • Brion Valkerion

    hope they keep the same art style, I loved it in Magna Carta 2. The game itself wasn’t too compelling for me, but loved its look.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Better pray you don’t end up fighting Freddy Krueger and intend you team up with Kirby and eat cheese cake.

    • LightGenx

      Even Freddy is afraid of some things..

      • ShawnOtakuSomething

        that little guy kills gods and dark over lords with a happy look on his face

  • brian

    They really should port the first Magna Carta game from PC.

  • shurelia_kanan

    oh no !! why on androîd

  • Göran Isacson

    Ah, I know a guy who’s a superfan of these games… unsure what he’ll say about it being for android, if he’ll like the company having ANY kind of work, or be dissapoint it’s not a bigger budget project.

  • Tim

    Android? seriously? what a letdown what a shame & I though we will get something good for PS3 but every1 prefer the easy cheap way of doing things nowadays it’s sad…

  • Alestaos

    I have an android phone but i doubt it will make it here. I loved Magna Carta 2, one of my favourite JRPGs even though it wasnt well recieved to me i put it up their with some of the best this gen. Really hoped it would make it to the ps3 it didnt, since my 360 broke down i think i should just buy a new one when Xone comes out when 360 will be dirt cheap so i can still play MG2/IU/LO/BD/ToV etc

  • ragingmerifes

    I’m seriously thinking of getting a decent tablet with Android just to play this torrent of JRPGs made for them…
    Or, if they port some over to Ouya…

  • laurenhiya21

    I’ve never heard of MagnaCarta but this does look pretty… but why gah only on android ;-; (I might have to check out MagnaCarta though…)

    • michel

      You should check MagnaCarta even for the character design alone…

  • Bigabu Beaze

    Im so sick of these mobile/smart phone games!

    • NewestType

      Lucky for you, now that the Ouya is on sale they are no longer smart phone games.

      • Bigabu Beaze

        The what?

        • NewestType

          Thats what everyone @ best buy said.

          • SerendipityX

            Poor Ouya…

          • NewestType

            We have a Google rep at our store who is paid to know what the Ouya is. I had to tell him how to pronounce it :P
            Personally I could see myself buying one… maybe. Google is still convinced its not a failure. Mind you, The best buy location in San Francisco will only carry 3 at a time >_<

  • Even though it’s possible to play these games on the Androids, I still wish they would go to other platforms like the Vita or 3DS at least.

    • Bigabu Beaze

      I second that.

    • yomachaser

      Why pray tell?

      • The feel of controls, battery life, screen size, etc….

  • DyLaN

    Personally I’m at a loss as to why ppl so against smartphone gaming tht is not a social game. You guys have your console RPG, why can’t ppl tht own smartphone have it too?

    • I think it’s mainly because smartphone gamers will usually only be interested in cheap and easy to play games, they will tend to overlook bigger more time consuming games, can’t say i ever seen someone game on androids or tablets that wasn’t an easy to play title that was all score and no story, i’m sure there are a few android gamers out there who enjoy more complete games though

      • DyLaN

        *waves* Even though I do like some of the cheap and easy game *Despicable Me 2 minions game*, I do prefer some smartphone games with plot too. Preferably VNs.

    • kenshee

      For me it’s mostly this part of your comment I can’t get past: “you guys have your console RPG”

      We DID.

      Now many Japanese devs are stepping over to creating these little games instead, not as well, but “instead”…

      It’s fragmenting the gaming development efforts from creators we’ve known and loved for a good long while now.
      I wouldn’t mind or care at all if new up and coming companies made Jrpgs for smartphones, I have some of these games on my phone. (games by kemco and such)
      But when square-enix and other companies like them are splitting their efforts more and more skewed towards mobile development, it annoys me (us?).

      Also, while I have a decent enough android phone (good enough for the Jrpgs to run at least), I’ve found I never actually play them.

      The only time I feel like I want to play one I realize I’m sitting in a room with countless better machines hooked up to my big tv, lol.

      On the rare occasion I plan on gaming outside the house, I’ll bring along my 3ds or psp. (no vita yet, need rpgs first, something like crisis core would convince me)

  • Virevolte

    You’re trapped in a nightmare ? Let’s call Alundra.

  • i liked the art of magna carta gotta say game was weird though, too bad its on android or i mightve been interested

  • isotrex

    I just opened the article to find out what platform this will be. Then I scrolled down and found out it was for android. I checked and read the article just to be sure. Nope, it’s still on android. It’s a great OS. There are some good games but not for me. :( Anyway, I still hope it’s still a good game though.

    • yomachaser

      Out of curiosity what is keeping you from giving it a go? If it’s the control thing hundreds of games have controller access these days.

  • Aristides

    How bout a PSM release?

  • Dashiell A.T., esq.

    >game releases on iOS only >android fans complain
    >game releases on Android only >everyone else complains

  • The artwork looks awesome but the “trading card game” and it being only for Android….

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