MangaGamer Provide Status Update On Kara no Shoujo 2 And Cartagra

By Ishaan . July 7, 2013 . 1:00pm

MangaGamer announced this past weekend that they’re bringing two more of Innocent Grey’s visual novels over to the West in Kara no Shoujo 2 and Cartagra. They also revealed that the latter game is farther along than the former.


Cartagra is fully translated, MangaGamer share. The first draft has been completed and is currently being revised. Meanwhile, in the case of Kara no Shoujo 2, the publisher is waiting on materials from Innocent Grey. Both games are assigned to the same translator.


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  • Smooosh

    Hope this turns out well for them. I may buy one of those just for the sake of supporting MangaGamer, but I certainly wont read them… They sound a bit too extreme for me. :P

    • alixraen

      I may be in the same boat, too much grisly murder turns me off from even an amazing story. :[

  • Qunton C.

    How’s the first KnS? I just may pick it up.

    • doubleO7

      Its really good.

    • Exkaiser

      Very good, not for the faint of heart.

    • Zypharium

      If you like Visual Novels WITH a story, then you should read Kara no Shoujo. Normally an Eroge does not have a story, but as Kara no Shoujo is not a mere Eroge, it has a great story and the best drawing style I have ever seen. I had so much fun, playing the game. You should also read G-senjou no Maou, it is the very best visual novel out there.

  • Malon

    Would love to see these on Vita…

    • Ladius

      Sadly that would be difficulty, even if they’re great games they’re still eroges (not to mention the gory scenes) and that wouldn’t fly on consoles.

      • Juan Andrés Valencia

        Just for the gore alone it’d probably get an AO rating.

      • JazzyMan123

        As someone who has already read the VN, I can say for certain that I find Cartagra FAR more gory than its successor. In fact, I actually found myself wincing at certain scenes and CG whereas KnS hardly fazed me.

        And I can also say for sure that there is no way you’re gonna be able to cut out the guro and still call Cartagra by the same name.

        • Juan Andrés Valencia

          With scenes like those… I can see why it’s gorier.

          • JazzyMan123

            And that’s not even the worse one…urgh. Yeah, thanks for making me recall all those “happy” memories dude. :p

          • Juan Andrés Valencia

            I think I should’ve put a… quoting Cracked: “NSFS: Not safe for soul” warning.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            But that is almost too far to retain the sense of a realistic scene. That’s two porcelain dolls with broken out eyes. The unseen torture of the girl found with her neck snapped in the park in KnS bites stronger for me.

      • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

        Cartagra had a PS2 port with the sex scenes cut out. I believe the gore remained in tact.

  • Sweet! I can’t wait to see more dead bodies! ~
    I like to stab my meat before I cut it, I swear it’s just because it makes it easier to cut! It’s like… speed holes! The more there are, the more aerodynamic it is when thrown!! :D

    That aside, it’s truly great to hear a lot of popular VN’s slowly seeing western audiences for the first time. It’s a slow process, but the connection between eastern and western games have grown significantly over the past decade. I can only hope that trend continues to improve.

  • piichan

    That’s fine since Cartagra is supposed to be the prequel, atleast they don’t take forever to translate like JAST so here’s hoping they could release KnS 2 next year.

  • Eriol

    Actually, Cartagra was translated quite a long time ago, maybe 2010? It
    started way back in 2008. That translation was probably bought off by
    MangaGamer now and polished, so this was to be expected. If Zan is translating both of them.

  • lurkingsalt

    Even though I know that only a certain number of people had played KnS1 the amount at the MG panel who raised their hands was depressing to say the least. I will double dip on KnS hard copy (that sweet OST.) MG can be sure Cartaga and KNS2 are day 1 too. Why can’t great story driven VN’s catch on at all? sadcat.jpg

    I can thank IG too for supporting the west with more of their titles.

  • Alena Ipatyeva

    Finally! I’ve been waiting for Cartagra for years!

  • Alexandra Cordes

    I will support these games with my all.

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