Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash Introduces A Prince That Builds Airships

By Sato . July 8, 2013 . 5:00pm

We’ve previously introduced several members of Thors Academy in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash, which included an alcoholic Gun & Blade wielder in Sara Valestin and the rather fit 70-year-old dean, Vandyck. Now, we have a look at the latest characters, which includes an airship engineer prince and a lovely maid.


Olivert Reise Arnor

Age: 27



Olivert is the eldest son of emperor Eugent III, and is known for his elegant manners. He is not related by blood to the emperor, so he has abandoned the succession to the throne, and has been actively appearing in public and the media. He’s a former student of Vandyck and is currently working with him as chief director at Thors Academy.


In addition to his role in the establishment of Class VII, he leads the construction of the high-speed cruiser called “Courageous” (pictured above). In order to stop the opposition against the empire, Olivert has made it his goal to stop a certain somebody.



Age: 24



Misty is a radio personality of a program called Abent Time, that airs on Sunday nights. She has gathered a following of listeners, including her own fan club, thanks to her soothing way of speaking and her witty comments. She has more of an older sister-type of personality, but it is said that she lightly teased Rean when they first encountered.


Irina Reinford

Age: 40


Irina is the cool-headed and tact president of the Reinford Group, and is also Alisa’s mother. Five years ago, she had taken the top position of the company from the previous president, her father. The company has been in charge of developing the Imerial Army’s Railway Guns, their primary tanks called Achtzehn, and the luxurious flight ship Lucitania. Furthermore, they’ve also been in charge of ARCUS developments and are often going all over the empire to assist with various research and other developments.


Sharon Kluger

Age: 23


Sharon is a maid who’s been recently hired as the manager of the Thors Academy’s third student dormitory. She’s a servant of the Reinford family and has she’s been instructed by Irina to attend her new position at Thors. She has a comforting personality and is a very considerate maid who takes care of Rean and the others with her outstanding cooking and more. Alisa considers her close to an older sister, as the maid had supported her in training in the past.


In the northern part of the empire lies the state of Nortia, where one of the Four Noble Families, Logners, live. The land is full of giant factories and generators, which shows emphasis on its beauty and utilities. The main factory of the industrious Reinford company is also located here, including an engineering institute called Lur.



There’s also a giant iron mine located in the northeast of Lur, which has been supporting the empire for over 200 years. The mines are owned by the Erebonian Empire, and are currently being managed by a joint force of the RF (Reinford Company) and the state of Nortia.



The above is a look at the previously mentioned high-speed cruiser, “Courageous”.


The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash comes out in Japan on September 26 for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

  • Martian Wong

    Need this in US…

    • Grape Monet

      And the rest of the Trails series too, while they’re at it!

      • Slayven19

        Yep Yep

  • ChiffonCake

    Man, I really love this game’s character designs.

  • Luke Blackwood

    Olivert strikes me SO MUCH as Male Red Saber(from Extra, not Apocrypha) ;_;
    Seriously, the similarity is almost hilarious xD

  • DesmaX

    Isn’t that Olivier from Trails in the Sky?

    • Zharkiel

      The one and only wandering bard from Erebonia!
      Siliconera kinda carelessly spoiled what we didn’t know from FC.

      • Slayven19

        I don’t think its a big spoiler honestly, unless they spoiled that the character was a boss or something like that addressing that he’s from a past game isn’t that bad. Especially since the series is known for cameos anyway. Its not as bad as the Tales of xillia spoiler for a character in TOX2.

        • JeremyTMH

          Oliver has appeared in all the games, except Zero. Of course those who only played FC know him as the perverted lovable wandering bard and not the half brother to the current heir to the imperial throne of Erebonia. >.>

          • Anime10121

            I coulda sworn we found that out in First chapter…

            (but then again, its been so long since I’ve beaten that excellent game that my now knowledge may be clouding what actually happened in the game itself).

          • His reveal is part of a huge scene that happens near the end of SC, actually. I’ve been working on my own article to try and make it less spoiler-heavy. It’s unfortunate that it’s flat out in this article’s headline.

          • Anime10121

            But wasnt it at least HEAVILY foreshadowed in the first game? As I’ve been trying to keep myself relatively spoiler free (Ive even owned the blu ray of the Second Chapter OVA since its release and have yet to watch it because of a sprint of hope that TitS2 will be localized soon), and I still recall him being HEAVILY hinted at being a major figure in Erebonia. Maybe I just put two and two together and figured it out on my own.

          • You are correct. Most of the major mysteries in the games are heavily foreshadowed anyway over the course of them. (Trails in the Sky, in fact, foreshadows stuff that happens as far out as Ao no Kiseki, even.)

            However, considering the sheer impact of the scene in SC- it’s at a desperate moment when things just seem to be getting worse… it’s probably, in my opinion, one of the most heavy hitting scenes of the game. I just think it’s disappointing to find out the “reveal” in an article on the web like this, instead of seeing it its incredible context in-game.

            Just like the reveal at the end of Trails in the Sky, in fact. You can see the foreshadowing through the game if you know about “that character,” but the scene itself is just incredibly well written and is heavy hitting, even if you only have foreshadowing and conjecture. This is a major characteristic of this series.

          • JeremyTMH

            Ultimately though, as the series goes further into its narratives, its going to get very very difficult to avoid spoilers or reveals.

            The impact of that scene will still be there, same for many many other scenes and well, its really up to the player to immerse themselves at that point.

            Personally the most foreshadowing I ever saw is in 3rd. That game spat out so much darker themes and plot its the most important game in the series by far for plot.

            I mean more than 6 years ago when I played the very 1st known incarnation of sora fc without any voices, who would have thought this series would expand so much?

            Gagharv was only 3 games. >.>

          • omg – I wish people could hear what you said about 3rd. So many people have thrown out the, “oh, it’s easy to skip since it’s a fandisc!” argument that it makes me want to throw things at them.

            Regarding the spoilers, though: my rule with my site is that I will post spoilers in the articles (I actually got a spoiler blocker running on it now!), but I never ever put them in headlines, or match with icons on it. The reason for this is because if people wish to avoid potential spoilers, they don’t have to enter the article, but if it’s in the headline or summary, they can be spoiled, whether or not they go to the article or not.

            In this case, with the way Siliconera’s headlines drop onto twitter, the headline and spoiler will get retweeted all over the place.

          • JeremyTMH

            Love your site btw, sorry I don’t read it often as I tend to use Japanese blogs, twits and forums for my info mostly, its nice seeing an English site for this series though.

            Yea I wonder why people skip 3rd Chapter and assume its a fan disc. 3rd is damn important for a lot of stuff AND is a legit bridge towards Zero onwards. In fact if 1st and 2nd Chapter for Sora can be called the INTRODUCTION, then 3rd should be called the setting up of the FOUNDATION and Zero and Ao the 1st advancement to the greater mystery of the world. SEN will run parallel to Zero and Ao and flash out the OTHER half of the mystery that was partially revealed at last in Zero and AO, while adding even MORE questions.

            Most importantly it shows us the Church, it shows us the biggest hint to Uroboros’ mysterious plans, it shows us the darkness and mystery creeping accross the Zymlan Continent since 500+ years ago and much of its content has been shown in Zero, Ao and now even hinted in Sen.

            Well to be fair, IF the writer of an article doesn’t KNOW who Oliver is, he wouldn’t know any better, and well FALCOM themsleves have him and his info plastered all over the place.

            Heck even ‘that person’ he is trying to stop, long term fans who have played know who he is, heck he gave Llyod et al one heck of a bad impression in Ao didn’t he? The way ‘that person’ talked about power sent chills down my back. Even more so because you can’t say it was ‘evil’ either. >.>

            BTW did you see the latest shop trailer released by falcom today? Theres some sick spoilers in it if you ask me. >.>

          • No need to apologize to me about not reading the site, you’re probably using the same sources I typically use as well. I just felt, back in the day, that there needed to be an English equivalent to Falcom Daisuki and look what it’s become.

            Most people assume that about 3rd, since it’s been described as a much a ‘dungeon crawl.’ –as it is, too. It’s very gameplay heavy. But people don’t expect that Falcom’s way of handling the Kiseki series is very different from other games- that when they make a story heavy series, it will remain story heavy.

            If XSEED can’t finish the series, I think they should stop before 3rd instead of the trilogy. FC/SC make a good, solid story, while leaving unfinished threads to intice people into another game in that setting. 3rd, on the other hand, draws that spotlight to them and more.

            The spoiler thing is the reason why I try to give Sato and the writers here the benefit of the doubt. There have been spoilers and mistranslations that are, to me, clear that there is a stark unfamiliarity with the series from the article’s author. And until SC, Falcom was pretty big about keeping the secrets secret. It’s been almost ten years at this point, for them, however.

            Regarding, the other “that man” that you’re saying, though… That’s what I love about the villains in this. Ruthless and cruel, but (except in the case of one of them) you can’t always fault them for what they are trying to accomplish.

            Also, I’m trying to catch up on things today. I saw part of the video, but I didn’t have time to pay attention to it fully. But we’re getting so close now!

          • MrSirFeatherFang

            I am interested in your site. What’s its name?
            I have yet to play FC because I want to play both FC and SC consecutively.

          • It’s the same name as my username, and it’s in my disqus profile.

          • MrSirFeatherFang

            wait a minute, I’ve been on this site before. It’s just lost in my bookmarks lol.
            Thank You

          • JeremyTMH

            Yea the villans so far may have done cruel things, but after playing all the way to the end of Ao, I’m starting to wonder who is the real ‘villan’ here in the story now.

            Aside from that one guy of course. That jerk is just an evil egomaniac. Heck even the other villans hate him. >.>

            If 3rd Chapter EVER gets localised, there is seriously NO turning back. Its like opening Pandora’s Box. >.>

            2.5 months to go. Already preorderd ps3 LE at wondergoo for the Alisia Tapestry. Now waiting to see what other tokuten the shops will shoot out.

            Maybe will get Vita version at Falcom Shop… they usually do give something decent.

            Regardless though still gonna get the digital version on PSN on midnight 26/9 Japan time… I’ll be damned if I have to wait anymore for my copies to ship to me on release. >.>

          • JeremyTMH

            It’s gonna be quite hard honestly, when his image and now famous confident grin is all over the place… >.>

            The ONLY people who won’t know who he is are those who NEVER touched the earlier kiseki series at all and just started from Sen as their absolute 1st game.

          • I agree. It will be difficult. I have been behind on my site’s writing because of real life obligations and whatnot, but I had things worked out for it.

  • Guest

    I guess when we were all chanting “bring Misty back”, we should have really specified “back to the Pokemon show.”

    • Raltrios

      Meh. I’m fine without her now. I’d much rather have Ash actually grow a few brain cells than have a character make a comeback. That alone would make the show more entertaining.

      • JeremyTMH

        Ash being competent would make the show infinitely better.

  • Bit of a spoiler in there, but… well, basically impossible to avoid if you’re covering the game at all.

    Perhaps preface the article with a warning that this spoilers earlier games in the Trails series, Spence?

    • Slayven19

      Not like the majority of people on this site will even know its a spoiler at all.

      • JeremyTMH

        If they never played FC, nobody would know who Oliver is anyway. Its funny if you think about, say if a new person to the series starts at Sen, then decides to play sora afterwards, they’d go: “HEY isn’t this this pervert the Prince!?”

        • Slayven19


  • Raze

    That Big building in Nortia kinda remind of Rubrum….

    2 and half month before the release…Can’t wait for it…

  • Slayven19

    I really love Irina Reinford she’s a modest looking woman. She’s also 40 and can very much pass for her age.

    • JeremyTMH

      If you read the japanese info though, she didn’t take over, she ursurped her position from her father 5 years prior. She’s cunning, cold and calculative. Alisia hates her own mother.

      • Slayven19

        Well I know nothing about her honestly.

  • Anime10121

    Why oh WHY do these gems have to have so much text that no ones willing to translate :(

    I WANT THIS :(

    • JeremyTMH

      Not really, the Chinese did a good job if anything. >.>

  • Altin

    Seeing this is getting larger and larger (Over 22 Characters already!), this will be a very long game… Now to only wish that XSEED or someone else would translate this..

    • JeremyTMH

      Based on the timeline, it happens parallel in the middle of Zero no Kiseki all the way to the end. Its said to be bigger than SC in length and you could say its comparable to the length of ao no kiseki + half of zero no kiseki?

    • Trails in the Sky FC and SC both had an insanely large cast to begin. The character data book that was released after SC has almost 300 pages of artwork of playable characters, non-playable major characters, villains, and NPC’s.

      However, I’d say that while people really want to see this, I think they should push to try to get XSEED to release the games in order- SC is the bar all of the other games need to reach to, more or less. So the sooner XSEED can get *that* monster out, the sooner we can continue onto the series.

      • JeremyTMH

        Long ago during all that tidbit of info, Falcom was actually having their artist do around 70 odd character art for Sen… we’ll see I guess?

  • fawzowz

    man… when will the rest of the series getting translated….

  • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

    Oliver’s back! Yeah!!

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