Nintendo 3DS Firmware Update Brings New StreetPass Games To North America

By Ishaan . July 12, 2013 . 12:39am

Nintendo released a new firmware update for the Nintendo 3DS today. Once downloaded, the update allows you to update your StreetPass Mii Plaza app, and purchase the new downloadable Mii Plaza games that Japan and Europe have had for some time now.


The new Mii Plaza games can be purchased directly from within the app. The four games are as follows:


Mii Force – $4.99

Flower Town – $4.99

Warrior’s Way – $4.99

Monster Manor – $4.99


The update also gives a new look to the StreetPass Mii Plaza app. It’s available now.


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  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Just bought the bundle and all i can said, all the game is fun to play even the flower town.

    Flower town is actually deeper than what we see from the explanation. Rather than just making new flower and breeding new type of flower, you can even buy a new Pot for the flower and etc.(I would call this game MINI Animal Crossing.^_^)

    Warriors Way is kinda like Fire Emblem except that all the strategy here revolve around the 3 types of unit.(Cavalry, Spear and Sword if i am not mistaken. Damn memory.T_T) The more friend you had the bigger your squadron will grow. With that, your army will become stronger to conquer one land and another to become the GREAT SHOGUN of the land lol.

    Monster Manor easiest explain as Professor Layton meets Tetris meets Luigi Mansions meet Trace Memories. You are a detective who are going to enter a manor to solve the mysteries using the Mii’s you meet to help you complete each floor of the manor.(Mii’s will gives you pieces of tiles which will be depend by Mii’s colors which you can use to attach on the manor.) You will have a active time based battle again ghost, and treasure to find in the manor which of course can be used to help your battle against the ghosts.

    Finally the last game is Mii Force.This game is quite a simple shump game however with the inclusion of Mii’s, this game can be very fun to play especially for all shump lovers.(Like me.^_^) Remember that Mii’s has their own colors? Each different colors Mii will provide you different type of weapons which can be combine to build your ultimate shooting machines. The game can also be quite challenging further to go so, for all shump lover who also like some challenges, go get this game.^_^

    All in all, i think this is a great bundle which everyone should get lol. I myself feels that this is what Nintendo should do to improve Mii Plaza here. Hope that in the future, Nintendo will provide us more new games for Mii Plaza.

    ………Did i remember to said that there are also around 88 new hats to get from all this four games?^_^

    • Kristoffer Brandberg

      Yup, that pretty much sums it all up.

    • 88 new hats? What is this – Nintendo Fortress 2?

      • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

        Indeed lol.^_^ And don’t forget, you can also call this is a plot to make all the hikkikomoris to come out of their house and go streetpassing peoples.^_^

  • Eddie Villalobos

    Still waiting for the my -_- Gateway 3DS card.

  • Guest

    This was released in japan and europe first right? Might look into it. Gives me more of a reason to care about the streetpass plaza.

  • Guest

    What about Europe? ^^

    • Hinataharem

      Europe… it first. A couple of weeks ago I think, along with Japan

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