Olimar Takes On The Super Smash Bros. Roster In New Screenshots

By Ishaan . July 12, 2013 . 1:30am

Nintendo have released a brand new batch of screenshots for the Super Smash Bros. game for Wii U, this time featuring Olimar and the Pikmin, who will be returning as part of the playable roster. Check the new screenshots out below:



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  • Mayjay

    Olimar! Nothing beats the hilarity of pulverizing noobs as they try to figure out how they’re being attacked.

  • Go2hell66

    Should i know who that is?
    because i have no idea who that is

    • melvin2898

      He’s from Pikmin.

    • Tonemanzero

      He is Pikmin’s protagonist, and also a very odd character to play in Brawl.

    • Superior Spider-Man

      My question is, how do you not know who that is? I’ve never played Pikmin and I know who that is.

      • Go2hell66

        come on man, its not like he’s mario or link
        i can’t be the only one

        • Link

          Dont feel bad, its been almost 10 years since the last Pikmin release, its a still a fairly niche title. Pikmin 3 has made no mention of Olimar so its not surprising to those only hearing of Pikmin 3 so far. Of course if you had played Brawl you would have know him as a returning character.

  • Carlos Luis Ayala

    Wonder if they are gonna put him in the 3DS version cause I heard Ice Climbers were problamatic

    • ZEROthefirst

      They’ve said multiple times that the same characters will be in both versions of the game. So if one character is shown on 1 console then its already been confirmed for the other.

    • I don’t see how the 3DS can’t handle having more than 4 characters on the screen.

      • JuhRo

        Well, the XL seems like it definitely can.. but all it has to do is get rid of the extra junk and put it on the bottom screen, then viola, clean screen for 3DS.

        I want Ice Climbers………. they’re my favorite… with their dual item-holding awesomeness. Fan and Baseball Bat anyone?

  • PlatinumMad

    At least one of the characters I use is back, Toon Link when?

    • RmanX1000

      No more clones.. I love Toon Link but cmon…

      • David García Abril

        Mee too. I think it’s time the put the best traits of adult Link and Young/Toon Link and make him a decent fighter already. It’s pretty sad that he’s always been a very low tier character.

        • anthony apduhan

          Sakurai is also a troll he might remove the clones just for “balancing” reasons and character “diversity”

      • PlatinumMad

        Normal Link always sucks so much, it’s not even funny.
        Make normal Link a better character or bring back Toon Link.
        Thanks to Wind Waker HD that doesn’t seems that much unlikely.

        • Tonton Ramos

          No Toon Zelda is better Tetra transformation FTW.

        • Hopefully they will just buff normal link so that we wont have any clones.

    • Link

      Probably gonna get Majoras Mask Young Link instead w/ the Transformation Mask skill set.

      • Ying

        Wait huh? That makes no sense. Why would they bring that Link back when they aren’t doing anything with Majora’s Mask? I’m genuinely curious why you think this

        • Link

          Majoras Mask remake is inevitable. Expecting Smash for a Fall 2014 release with MM in late summer.

          • Ying

            Okay so in other word it’s completely just your opinion and there is nothing to actually back it up? Alright that’s cool. I was wondering if I missed anything recently and found it odd why the people clamoring for an MM remake hadn’t started freaking out yet if I had haha

          • Link

            Well its not just that, MM Young Link has been a heavily voiced candidate since Brawls reveal. With Sakurai’s movement to make get rid of “clone” characters it’d make no sense to use Toon Link whose moveset is very similar to Adult Links. By using MM Young Link it allows for a unique fighting style without copying Adult Link.

          • Ying

            MM was also a heavily voiced candidate for a remake but they went for WW instead. Anyway if I remember correctly from Melee, Young Link’s move set is basically the same as Adult Link’s but he has different weapons he uses. I used to always play as both Links and I don’t remember there being any difference.

            Would you mind tell me what they were?

          • Link

            MM is gonna be on 3DS thats why. Miyamoto stated there wont be another 3DS remake until a new Zelda comes out which will be A Link Between Worlds this Fall. Theres too much publicity surrounding it to not make one, especially when it’ll probably be outsourced to Grezzo again. Ntm WW is alot easier to do an HD remake of than MM, especially when you need to do one quickly.

            And there really was not much difference between Young Link and Adult Link in Melee, the only difference was the fact Young Link was faster and lighter, but also smaller and less powerful than Adult Link. Thats why if he were to come back he’ll probably be retooled into Pokemon Trainer-esque battle style w/ being able to switch between Deku,Goron, and Zora forms with Fierce Deity being his Final Smash.

          • Ying

            I really doubt he meant A Link Between Worlds when he said that. The only thing the Zelda fandom can agree on right now is that we want to see the new Zelda U. If they announce ANOTHER remake people aren’t going to be very happy especially since it is being announced so close to the release of the WW remake. Unless the game is being slated to come out in the fall of 2014 in which case MM Link isn’t likely to appear in Smash Bros as not even the new captains for the upcoming Pikmin 3 seem to be in it and Link looks like TP Link.

            A lot of what you say is based purely on assumptions and your own ideas for the game but your talking about it like it’s fact. This is why this whole discussion got started. That last trick is already Megaman’s gimmick and I don’t think it would be repeated when Sakurai stated that he wanted characters with unique forms of gameplay. Then again a large portion of the roster is going to be sword wielders so who knows. I’m just saying it’s unlikely

    • Daniel Jeanbaptiste

      Toon Link is going stay and going to get revealed on Japan Wind Waker HD release

  • RmanX1000

    Glad they opted to bring him back as opposed to using a new explorer
    from the new one. It covers their marketing and nostalgia needs! But
    is it me, or does Olimar seem to be exactly the same as his Brawl
    incarnation, just in HD?

    • David García Abril

      Well, Olimar’s design is pretty simple to begin with.

    • Link

      Well they really did a number on changing the Pikmin. Heres the WiiU/Brawl comparison.

  • Link

    Im looking through the screens and my god does the stage look gorgeous. I’d probably play there nonstop just to enjoy the scenery. And I hope this song makes it back into the game too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7aHRLYQlvYA

  • Slayven19

    Who’s that characters? Its olimar! per dit do!

  • Kaihedgie

    Awwwww yeah

  • Ixbran


    : D

    good to know hes coming back. i never played as him, but good news for those who do use him!

  • KHSoraKeyBlade

    I’m glad to see he’s back. I refer to him as my troll character whenever I play against by brother. Mainly because *throws pikmin everywhere and wins*
    Others are probably disappointed by this announcement but eh.

    I just wish they’d confirm Marth to return already :l

    • JuhRo

      I haven’t even played the game much.. but I’d like “Marth” from FEA. :)
      And maybe the guy protagonist..

      I also would like to see.. since Nintendo is backing FE x SMT, an SMT character(dude with the ponytail). :D

      • Virevolte

        I think that Chrom and Marth are safe bets.

        For the Strategist, it’s more uncertain. ^^

        • KHSoraKeyBlade

          Chrom and Marth are great shouts. I just don’t want them replacing Marth with Lucina or something.

          • Josephl64

            I would rather they keep Marth and replace Ike with either Lyndis or Lucina

  • anthony apduhan

    So is there a trailer coming out for Olimar in Smash Bros 4? Maybe in EVO at Melee Tournaments

  • ZEROthefirst

    I would have been more surprised if Olimar didn’t make it in the game. With him being fairly popular and Pikmin 3 on its way.

    • Hopefully he’ll have some rock pikmin in his arsenal too :D

  • Well its cool to see him again, i guess i can throw pikmin at people again and watch them latch on like a case of pubic crabs

  • JustThisOne

    Oh man! I wonder if they’re going to incorporate some of the new pikmin too!

    I wanna throw rocks at people. :V

  • Lucius

    I wonder if he will get to use the new pikmin fro pikmin 3

  • Göran Isacson

    Neat, Olimar! Might be too late to say that the rumour of all the old Brawl-characters returning is true, but it’s definitely nice to see Olimar back- I liked the tricky little devil in Brawl.

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    He was my 2nd choice to play as if I was fighting seriously against someone…. if Marth failed me.
    Happy to see him return. Hopefully he gets some of those new Pikmin in Pikmin 3.

  • Grape Monet

    That Pikmin stage is beautiful.

  • kaizin

    kinda sad that this link might not be the skyward sword link I think it would be awesome to have that version of link in this new smash bros but seeing as that put Olimar back in ill just wait and see what else they got coming.

  • 4shiki

    Welcome back Ollie!

  • Spirit Macardi

    Awesome to see a familiar face return :3

    Granted I’m still more interested in new characters that will be added, but considering Olimar has only been in one Smash game it’s good to have some confirmation that he’ll be in this too.

    Now when they eventually reveal returning characters like Captain Falcon, Luigi, and Jigglypuff, the reaction will be a big: “no duh!”

  • Eder García

    Reggie confirmed… i mean Purple Pikmin confirmed

  • KingGunblader

    Looks like no Flying / Rock Pikmin for this game. I suppose this could change between now and release.

  • RisukuAozora

    Yay, Olimar. I remember the difficult fights I had against him, lol.

    On an almost unrelated note… why hasn’t Yoshi been shown yet? I hope Yoshi makes a appearance considering his status as one of the originals, and I don’t even use him… her… it.

    • Ben Sylvia

      Could indicate some kind of significant change to Yoshi’s gameplay.

      So far we know Bowser has some major changes, along with Pit, they might be overhauling some things about Yoshi’s gameplay and aren’t at a point they want to show it yet.

  • You know you want this to happen. xD

    • Josephl64

      oh god yes!

    • Tonton Ramos

      He should be Final Boss…

    • grevlinghore

      Seeing as there was a very pronounced Toy Story-influence behind the original Smash Bros, I wouldn´t exclude the thought :p

  • Dylan Neill

    Awesome, here’s hoping Lucas sees a return.

    • Daniel Jeanbaptiste


  • TruSpindash

    Oh wow, I was looking at the screen shots for a good second before I even realized that this was a character reveal for Olimar returning, forgot he wasn’t confirmed yet. Good to see him back.

  • Kavyn

    Why are there never any 3ds screen shots? I understand the Wii U version is meatier and more visually stunning but 3DS owners want to get hyped too!

  • A little too early but let me beat the crowd. Chrom! Chrom! Chrom!

  • Gilgamesh2025

    Welcome back, Olimar! ^^

  • Andres Pena

    am I the only one who wants to see lucina in this

    • Ben Sylvia

      No you are not, Marth is over done, time for someone else to step up.

  • Ben Sylvia

    And at least myself rejoiced.

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