Ultra Street Fighter IV’s 5th Character Isn’t Asura Or Bad Box Art Mega Man

By Spencer . July 16, 2013 . 12:18am


Ultra Street Fighter IV has six new stages and five more characters. Capcom revealed four of them – Rolento, Poison, Hugo, and Elena all of which were also in Street Fighter X Tekken. The fifth character will be brand new to the Street Fighter series. I thought it might be Asura since Capcom made a battle with the enraged hero and Ryu as DLC for Asura’s Wrath.


Asura is going to be angry because Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono ruled that out on Twitter. He also said the extra character is not Bad Box Art Mega Man either even though he was in Street Fighter X Tekken. I guess regular Mega Man is still in the running and if Mega Man EXE can be in an Onimusha fighting game it wouldn’t be that strange to have the Blue Bomber in Street Fighter.


Ultra Street Fighter IV will be released for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC. Ono also tweeted that the game won’t be available on Wii U.

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  • Vash bane


  • Christopher Nunes

    It’s Mega Man X! XD

    Probably not, but if he IS IN I will no doubt buy this SF game! I didn’t buy the Arcade Edition and I only brought the SSFIV game.

    This might be the version I will buy another version of the same game with upgrade features.

    Come on! Every version of Megaman, except for X, has been in a fighting game… it’s time he got his due!

    • Hunts Rattata

      Star Force Mega Man hasn’t been in a fighting game, either. Not that anyone cares; Star Force is like the red-headed step child of the franchise’s black sheep (I still like it, though).

      • Christopher Nunes

        Oh! I forgot about Star Force Mega Man, but I do like him.

        But X has been around for a LONG time and only Zero gets into fighting games will X doesn’t? I don’t count the X skin for Zero in UMvC game as I feel like X himself should’ve been in the game itself and just insulting even if the skin is good.

    • Fayt

      X does know how to use Hadoken. Hmm…I would totally be down for that.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Somebody suggested Haggar before, which would jive with all of the other Final Fight characters. I want Kyosuke though.

    • anthony apduhan

      It might be Batsu since Sakura was in Rivals Schools before… Wait did you say Kyosuke you mean the guy also from Rivals Schools?

      • Solomon_Kano

        I do indeed.

      • HerrBorja

        you may refere hinata, not sakura

    • Haseyo

      Hideo would be hella funny. Gouken and Gen need someone else in the old dude club.

    • Setsu Oh

      ….doesn t rival school happen in the future? if sf3 happens during the end of the nineties, sf4 is a prequel with gen still alive in it, sakura being what, 22-25yo, she might be 30+ in justice gakuen so …..how those teens would be in sf4? i wanted akira in it but in sf4 she must be 2 or wasn t born yet.

      • i think rival schools happens at the same time as SF series but i could be wrong.

        • Setsu Oh

          it says future in the text at the begining of justice gakuen.
          sf0 80s sf1 end 80s sf2 early 90s, sf4 is in the 90s, sf3 end of them,rschool 15?years after sf4

          • I don’t think that much time has past in the sf series, I think sf3 was the only time the story skipped a few years

      • AverageGamers

        If I recall correctly, Sakura is still a teen (or at least wearing her uniform) in Rival School… o_O

        • Setsu Oh

          aaaaaaaaand you have porn with 40yo wearing HS uniforms.
          same for chunli who wears her same circus apparel from BEFORE her father was killed!

        • Setsu Oh

          they just wear whatever they feel comfortable for a fight.

    • Chris Cruz

      What if.. Capcom pulled another SNK and added someone from… the Resident Evil franchise, like Mind Controlled Jill, just without the guns? Just a thought.

      • Solomon_Kano

        That’s a possibility. Lots of different ways they can go here.

    • Vesperion

      It would be weird if they add another grappler like Hagger along with Hugo

  • Time Sage

    It’s Megman Volnutt… right? RIGHT?…

  • Logan Moll

    What a waste. After all the SFIV stuff in Asura’s Wrath, it should have been a gimme that he joined the proper game. Boo!

  • fermented


  • epy

    Maybe it IS Megaman, his assets taken directly from the new Smash Bros. Gotta reuse those assets!! A whole new character you say? Prepostreous!

  • ivanchu77

    Haggar please, it´s about time he finally appears in a street fighter

  • TheFoolArcana


    • Fitzkrieg


  • Chee Yang

    We had Gouki/Akuma, Ryu, Ken, and in SF4 they put Gouken in. What better way than to complete the shoto lineup and add Goutetsu.

  • Ouryu

    i would like Kyosuke from rival schools.

    • AkuLord3

      Kyosuke would be cool, any rival school character (sorta not Batsu, he’s cool but i like someone else to shine but eh)

  • Freud_Hater

    No Asura, no purchase.

    And no, I didn’t even know that Asura was even considered for a Street Fighter game roster, but that definitely would’ve made me buy it.

  • d19xx

    It’s Ono dressed as Chunli! Doh it Capcpom!

    • artemisthemp

      I already said that :P and his special attack is taking all money and laughing ad you.

  • XiaomuArisu

    Asura would be awesome!
    Im afraid that he will be buried and forgotten by Capcom…

    • Setsu Oh

      no asura. confirmed.

      • XiaomuArisu

        …..thats why I said “Would be”

  • Showmeyomoves

    Slightly off-topic perhaps but… Whatever happened to Tekken X Street Fighter? I haven’t heard ANYTHING about it since it was announced alongside Street Fighter X Tekken.

    • Fidelis

      I think it was canned

      • doubleO7

        Its not canned, but it is on the back burner. Harada is looking at a possible next-gen release instead.

    • AverageGamers

      I asked the same thing in another forum. Probably because of all the negative DLC issue with SFxTK, fans expectation about it suddenly went oblivion as well

  • Syn

    I was hoping against all hope is was going to be Kairi, figured its about time he was brought into the main series to give some diversity over the Dark/Light Hadou and its effects on the characters that use them……But SF has never been much for the story even with all its potential.

  • TheHolypopeofgaming

    Leaked pictures say it’s Alex.

    • Fidelis

      Alex isn’t new to the Street Fighter series

  • Shadowman

    Batsu from Rival Schools

  • edomon007

    Hopefully Mike Haggar from Final Fight

  • Fidelis

    I’m feeling really sure that it’s a darkstalkers character to use for “interest measuring”

  • roockie112

    they should add cody’s brother from final fight street wise

    • AkuLord3

      Plz no…though i doubt Capcom ever remember that game

      • roockie112

        why not I don’t see the problem its personal opinion anyway

  • Bloodios

    It’s Zero (in Mega Man costume.)

  • SlickRoach

    I’m (wishfully) thinking Q, but that’s too farfetched of a character choice unfortunately ;_;

    • AverageGamers

      Kinda wish that as well, or any other fighters from the SF3 series…
      but I think it was already said, that the new character has never been in a SF before, so that basically ruled out everyone *sigh*

  • Skode

    Ive waited long enough for Hagger to feature in streetfighter, my patience has to pay off eventually and i think this is now the time.

  • Tony Xu

    It’s strange but nobody has talked about the Main Character from Capcoms latest published game that Ono help promote and the inclusion of Street Fighter moves. That game was Remember Me and I got high hopes of it being Nilin then anyone else. She’s a perfect fit for Street Fighter as well. With this I got a feeling it’s going to be her and then everyone’s going to be like who the hell is she?

    • Chee Yang

      It wouldn’t progress SF4’s story-line though.

  • Dynami

    I hope that it’s an RS character or another FF character. Someone that’s not a “guest”, basically.

    Batsu, Kyosuke, or perhaps even Akira (since she’s been considered for x-over games in the past) for RS. For FF… I dunno who else but Haggar or Edi E. I wish they’d conveniently forget they put Maki in like a single port of Alpha 3….

  • Monterossa

    I want it to be one of my favorite, Karin.

  • yellowmage

    if not Asura… maybe it’ll be Augus! After all, he’s the only character even more awesome than Asura!

  • haku67

    guys its the baz. ZUBAZ! lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsCN7bkvL_k
    first dive kick now this.

  • AverageGamers

    So now everyone is basically clamoring for either Mike Haggar or any of the Rival School’s boys. Then again, it is said that the new character never been in any SF game… and I’m not sure if it counts, but does Capcom vs SNK and/or Marvel vs Capcom can be considered as an SF game? If yes, then those names must be ruled out as well… ;_;

  • xxx128

    Damnd from Final Fight would be damned cool.

  • Jean Alcantara


  • Edwin Chung

    maybe is sheng long

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