• MrJechgo

    Wait… is that Celica on the Limited Edition box?

    • Thatguy

      Isn’t it Tsubaki Yayoi?
      Edit: Nevermind, made a mistake

      • Pavis

        It’s in order from left to right Noel, Rachel, Celica

      • Nightmare637

        nope thats celica.

        • Himiko

          I thought this was Izayoi.

          • RichyGaming

            Tsubaki and Izayoi(That character) are the same thing. Well… yes and no. Because Izayoi is Tsubaki’s weapon. But that character you see in the standard edition is in fact Izayoi, but that’s Tsubaki’s body so technically its Tsubaki probably just taken over by Izayoi or something. But Tsubaki and Izayoi(That character) are the same thing. Well… yes and no beca-

          • Thatguy

            (insert gif with exploding head)

          • MrJechgo

            Tsubaki Yayoi and Izayoi the robot girl are the same person. Tsubaki becomes Izayoi due to the Imperator’s mind-controlling spell AND the fact that Izayoi, her ars magus, has taken over her, although the transformation into Izayoi somehow dispelled the spell. Since the weapon took over the master, the character has been branded with the weapon’s name.
            That would be like if Arthur wielded an intelligent sword called Excalibur and that the sword takes over his mind and body; it would be called Excalibur now, not Arthur.

          • RichyGaming


          • MrJechgo

            It’s all in the description already, be on the official website or on the wikia.
            Famitsu is king at spoiling stuff anyway…

          • RichyGaming

            Well you know what? I should have known that too, after the events of Continuum Shift. I just didn’t know how where the entire Izayoi character and the gear came from. :L

  • Ardus

    I really need to get my hands on the limited edition.

    Watching replays online is a nice touch.

  • xXDGFXx

    >Limited Edition Box Art

    You had my attention at Noel

  • Go2hell66

    so thats what they meant by the chibi characters in the lobbies?
    they sure are ugly though,surely they could have made them look just little bit better?

    • Shizumasa

      Would’ve been better if they used the “Teach me, Litchi” chibi sprites.

      • Go2hell66

        yea even the ones from the DS game look better

    • Luke Blackwood

      As I believe that, although no one said a thing about a PSP release, these screenshots are not from the PS3, I believe the PS3 will have better chibi graphics xD

  • Himiko

    Anyone know who the artist is for the LE box? been trying to find out, but it’s definitely not Katou Yuuki or Mori.

  • RichyGaming

    If I actually pre-order the limited edition (And im mostly likely going to because I fcking love BlazBlue in general), im gonna feel awkward if the box comes in looking like that…

  • Lord Búho

    I had no interest in Blazblue before I got Continuum Shift for Vita, then played it and now I’m a fan looking forward to this game. Well done Aksys.

    • TheExile285

      Yeah I started with CSII on my PSP and now I have Extend on both Vita and PS3.

      I this comes to Vita but I’ll still most likely be buying it on PS3 day one, lol. Great games.

      • Lord Búho

        Great indeed, the last fighting game I had played before this was MvC 3 and hell, it was barebones… the amount of content on CSE blew my mind.

      • RichyGaming


  • Mister_Nep

    That’s an interesting way to do lobbies this time around.

    Now I just need to know if the JP version will have english text or not. If it does this makes it a no brainer import.

  • Tyler Beale

    So what the fuck is the box art on the right for?

    • DyLaN

      The limited edition case cover I guess.

    • Tee Niitris

      I’m guessing it’s a wallpaper or something.

    • Kelohmello

      It’s the cover the entire limited edition package comes in. The package is larger than just the game.

  • Herok♞

    I really don’t like the standard edition cover it looks like Extends or CS IIs which were nice, but it doesn’t these characters as well, I hope we get the LE cover with the LE this time

  • TheExile285

    So what is the LE?

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/EnvyMizuhashi Garyuu of Spades

    Now THAT is a what a 64-player lobby looks like. I’m glad Namco Bandai’s lobby models from Soul Calibur 5 and TTT2 are rubbing into at least one other developer.

    And more glad that there’s a glossary for Blazblue lingo. Hope it’s more abundant than it says.

  • Ni

    that’s a lot of content to translate for a fighting game :0

  • KaiYamato

    Limited Edition Box Art sure make it look like it isn’t a fighting game…

    • MrTyrant

      Blazblue dating sim when!?

      • Ni

        I can already see that happening. And Mori probably has the date sim planned already

        • RichyGaming

          Noel, Celica, Tsubaki… decisions decisions

          • MrTyrant

            We need more characters! Litchi….or Bullet for example, because delicious brown.

          • Michael Connell

            What? No love for Tao? lol

          • RichyGaming

            lol Consider Luna a super hard mode for those Lolicons out there.

      • Vsin

        XBlaze Code: Embryo?

        • MrTyrant

          That’s a normal visual novel and all the characters are new/different.

  • fireemblembeast

    T_T Noel isn’t on the standard edition cover?! But…but…she has to be!

  • ResidentMetroid

    Wish this was coming to NA for 360 :(

  • Will John

    I neeeeddddd that art boxxxxx…

  • Demeanor

    DAT LE boxart… I know what edition I’m getting when it comes here… I wonder if my brain cells will survive the plot this time… XD

  • Raltrios

    Stop making me want this. Because I’d first have to spend money on the previous games, and there’re already too many good ones coming out soon for that.

  • SlickRoach

    As soon as I saw the lobby screenshot I imagined a ClaDun style game starring BlazBlue characters.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/Leafy_Cam Leafhopper

    The LE doesn’t even look remotely like a fighting game and the art is a little off to me, but hey I can see the appeal of it I guess.

  • Neppygear

    To be honest, I don’t really like either one of the covers, but I guess they aren’t horrible. What’s Celica doing on the LE cover, though? Bitch isn’t even playable. Did they just forget about all the non-Noel/Rachel female characters in the game?

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