DanganRonpa Gets Trigger Happy, But With Words Not Bullets

By Spencer . July 25, 2013 . 11:22pm

DanganRonpa: Trigger Happy Havoc is kind of like Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney’s court scenes done at a breakneck pace. During cross examinations you have to figure out who is a murderer by rapidly sorting through statements during mock trials. It’s part logic game, part reflexes. DanganRonpa 1 + 2 Reload has both PSP games from Spike Chunsoft with enhanced graphics, new story scenes, and touch screen controls. Japan gets teh compilation on October 10.


NIS America will localize the first game, DanganRonpa: Trigger Happy Havoc, for North America and Europe which is slated for early 2014. You can catch scenes from Hope’s Peak Academy which are labeled with a red logo. In the first game you play as Makoto Naegi who is accepted into the high school made for the best and brightest. When Makoto arrives Monokuma locks down the school and tells the students whoever gets away with murder will be set free. Who is Monokuma (aside from being a guest character in Conception II and Terraria) and how can you get free?

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    “Japan gets teh compilation on October 10.” typo!

    • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus


  • Highasthesky

    ?: We’re getting the first game on Vita right? so are we getting the PSP version of the game or are we getting the reloaded version of the first game?

    • Raze

      The reloaded ver.

      • Highasthesky

        Thanks for the reply, i’m looking forward to it’s release even more now.

  • Waiting 2014

  • Ferrick


  • TheExile285

    Vita version of Happy Trigger 1 has School Mode right? Looking forward to that…

  • JunHoward

    People who enjoyed 999 should play this, they won’t be dissapointed.

    • SlickRoach

      I never had any interest in games like Phoneix Wright or Prof. Layton but I liked the couple hours I played of 999 a lot. I’m playing Zero Escape right now and will definitely get this game day one. After all it’s not every day we get games like this in the West.

      • Smooosh

        Do you mean Virtue’s Last Reward? :o
        If so, you should finish 999 first to get the full experience.

        • SlickRoach

          Unfortunately I sold 999 before I beat it. I heard Virtue’s Last Reward was an indirect sequel so I didn’t think I would miss out. I’ve only solved the first room so far so I can always put it on hold and pick up 999, it should be relatively cheap by now.

          • British_Otaku

            Not only is 999 cheap now, VLR is a better experience (though not impossible to follow and still damn good) when you have been introduced to the leads from 999.
            At this point, I wouldn’t say go and finish 999 first but you should do yourself that favour and see it instead of getting a “Cliffs Notes” understanding from the events of VLR and the golden/silver notes.

            On that note, DON’T READ THE NOTES YOU UNLOCK. Aside from discussing 999 in great detail, they can spoil announcements in VLR before you get the part aside from not making any sense (umm, exclusive plot information Sigma picks up which he NEVER reads or shares with the others, the others are never curious – It’s very gamey in the bad sense for a VN).

            That aside, have fun. Look at 999 later, it’s shorter and better built I think, even if it isn’t as approachable.

          • Smooosh

            You could understand VLR without 999, but there are some connections between both of the games and you also get a lot of great moments in 999 spoiled in a really boring way if you play VLR.
            It’s hard to say without spoilers, but I really would recommend reading 999 first, its not 100% needed though. :)

  • Anonymous

    “Not bullets”


    • Artraira

      It’s Bullet Confutation, not “Not Bullets”.

    • DyLaN

      The bullets are words instead.

  • Mirai

    If Happy Trigger is the reloaded version then its worth a buy for people who’ve already completed the game cause of “school mode”.

    • neocatzon

      Woah, school mode sounds neat. I’ll let Naegi date Kirigiri.

      • アティ

        Unfortunately… Kirigiri made the first move xD

  • admeister

    The anime adaptation of the first game is currently airing in Japan. It’s really good so far!

    • mike dickson

      i khow ep 4 just came earlier im going to enjoy it

  • Junko Enoshima

    The video got removed…

    • Raze

      I know you’re the one that make it removed Junko…

      Put it back!

  • mike dickson

    when this gets localized day 1 buy for me

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