Final Fantasy XIV Will Have Things To Do Even After You Hit The Level Cap

By Ishaan . July 25, 2013 . 1:20pm

Completing the main story of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will get you to level 50, but things won’t end there, says the game’s producer, Naoki Yoshida. Since Final Fantasy XIV is an MMO, naturally, Square Enix have future updates planned. That said, even without the updates, there will still be things to do once you hit the level cap.


Yoshida provides an example in a new Letter from the Producer column:


Completing the main scenario will get players to level 50, but the adventure doesn’t end there. Being an online game, there’ll be regular updates to continue the story. So even if you reach the level cap shortly after release, there’s no reason to think you’ve hit the top. Considering all the plans we have for the game, you may want to get comfortable and prepare for a long stay in Eorzea.


Let me use the phase 3 Ifrit battle as an example. Although this battle is a level 20 encounter in the main story, after reaching level 50 you can take on a harder version. Anyone looking to earn weapons from the primals will have to overcome these higher level fights.


Another example is the Titan, who is pictured above. When you first encounter him in the game’s story, it’ll take four players to bring him down. In a harder version of the battle, however, you’ll need eight players to accomplish the same feat.


Square Enix are preparing to launch the fourth and final phase of the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn beta. Following that, the full game will be released in August.


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  • VitaminC

    There is also working towards player housing, which I have heard requires a lot of gil.

  • Longsun_Zhao

    I’m hoping for a difficult, punishing, nasty grind for nice things in this game. I don’t play MMOs to have nice things, I play them to work my ass off earning things to enjoy.

    • Crevox

      The thing is, while I do too, not everyone does; and if they don’t accommodate for those other people, they will be losing a lot of customers.

      • Longsun_Zhao

        Having played the beta, I assure you just playing the main story quests make the game worth your time, and they’re all fairly easy.

        EDIT: Nice Rappy.

        • Crevox

          This is true. I am a legacy player. ;)

          Also, Rappy is best.

          • Ferrick


            also, come here rappy, lemme… just photon blast you, i need your rares

    • riceisnice

      However, this is the birth of elitism. You don’t know how annoying it is having people stick their Garuda weapons all over your face.

      • Longsun_Zhao

        I’ve spent more time on the bottom in MMOs than I have on the top, I know how it is. Elitism is a player problem, not a game problem. They shouldn’t design games to prevent everyone from being a jerk, just because people are jerks.

  • Vash bane

    o.o that ui looks complicated

    • Andrew H.

      How is that complicated?

      You have your standard HP/MP bar , Party/members. then the skills hot bar, in this case its a controller set up. And the chat box. And the target’s health bar.

      • Vash bane

        well for starters I don’t play many mmo and this is the first mmo I every seen with that many icons on screen at ounce.

        so yeah im intimidated by it

    • It really isn’t. I’m in the Beta so I would know. The one displayed in the picture is for the controller users (Like myself) and it couldn’t have been any easier to get used, and adapt to.

      You should sign up for the upcoming phase and try it out for yourself =)

      • SuperSailorV

        It’s a total shiz-fest compared to what it was just before they took the servers down. Most 1.0 players will gripe, but continue to play with a “deal with it” mentality, because we have no choice.

        The game may LOOK complicated, but like most things, you get used to it. They tried to make it as braindead as possible ironically, so every little thing is explained to you in real-time on a silver platter (skill cooldowns, buff timers, a freakin enmity indicator… sigh)

        all hail the casual gamer

        • But it doesn’t even LOOK complicated in the first place. Above are just pictures. When the actual UI is sitting in front of you on your screen you will pick up on things rather quickly.

          As for the game being “Brain Dead”, that’s not really true at all. Yoshida did mention that the first 15 levels are so you can get used to and take the time to learn the classes. So basically the did this on purpose.

          Higher level content and content to come will makes the game harder and more challenging. I’m not sure how long you played the Beta, but I don’t see how you can judge the game so hastily when it’s not even really out yet lol

          • SuperSailorV

            For a newcomer, of course it’d look complicated. That particular screenshot has most of the menus minimized, too (which isn’t done initially). And yes, you merely reiterated what I said; ‘you get used to it’. Still not pretty.

            I am a legacy member and I’ve been with the beta since the very beginning, so now you know. I don’t know the difficulty of whats to come, obviously – every event could end up being as bad as 1.0 Garuda, remember that? were you even there? – but there is so little brainwork involved now. That’s not judgment, that’s factual. Things that previous players had to learn for themselves and just KNOW just doesn’t apply anymore, because they’ll tell you. Who likes figuring things out for themselves anymore, right?

            I’ve been with XIV since alpha testing of the first iteration. Maxed on all jobs, have darklight pieces, garuda/ifrit/mog weapons and 2 relics. I’m not saying I’m omnipotent, but I’m certain I’m in a better position to judge than you.

            all hail the casual gamer!

          • I’ve been in since Alpha as well, and yes Legacy. I did say when you are actually in game looking at the UI that it really isn’t. I know things are diffreent from 1.0, but I honestly don’t see the game as being all that horrible as some say. To each their own I guess lol.

        • Blue_MD

          I thought the FFXI-2ers were sad enough lol. “Most?” Don’t hold your breath. Face it old man, no one thinks a game being tedious is a “feature” anymore.

          • SuperSailorV

            I am of the same mind, although I don’t know what you mean when you say FFXI-2ers. I mentioned 1.0, not FFXI. Looks like every one of your assumptions were incorrect, for I am also not an old man. Stay hostile though, really helps build your character!

      • Vash bane

        ok i’ll try to sign up again but atm I cant seem to get pass that not registered SE acc(someone told me I needed it in order to play)

        • Andrew H.

          Unfortunately phase 4 sign ups are closed until they re-open it. It should be close to early to mid August.

          • Vash bane

            I actually tried in the middle of phase 3

        • I could be mistaken, but I’m sure you need a Square-Enix account, and an actual Final Fantasy XIV account. Should be able to create them both.

    • Draparde

      In addition to what everyone else said, you’re able to manually move just about any of the stuff you see on the screen to wherever you want it to be.

      and most of it only shows up when it needs to be there.

      • NewestType

        So glad you mentioned that. Not only that, but if you go into the settings menu, you can clearly see that post-BETA, they will also give you the ability to remove the displays as you see fit.

      • Vash bane

        ok im just really new to seeing so many icons on the screen at ounce lol

  • This is good to hear =)

  • Kevi Johnson-el

    After playing the Phase 3 beta I know that it will take alot of grinding to get to level 50 I played alot an got to about LV25 hopefully at some point they will increase the LV cap

    • The Level Cap increments will probably happen once per Expansion Pack.

  • karasuKumo

    I thoroughly enjoyed the beta, I’ll be picking this up as soon as I have the free time to play it because I know when I start there’s no going back haha.

    I’m interested to see what summons will make it as bosses. I’d love to see a large scale Alexander fight. I’m also really curious about what amazing loot you’d get from fighting Odin! 0_0

  • Jesse Thompson

    I’m…honestly not trying to be a troll here, but…did anyone else literally LOL at this headline?

    “Final Fantasy XIV Will Have Things To Do Even After You Hit The Level Cap”

    Being a MMO veteran, if this WASN’T the case…I wouldn’t even consider picking this title up. Even EQ strived to add content for players that had capped out, 15 years ago.

    Regardless, thanks for the laugh Naoki and Siliconera. (~.~):b Totally looking forward to FFXIV:ARR!

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