• new_tradition

    I’m real curious how interactions with Apollo will play out xD

    • Bur

      Maybe that’s what really caused the court explosion.

  • DemonShadowX

    I still need me some Dick…… Gumshoe.

    • DanteJones

      It’s alright, we ALL want the D.

      • http://darkesword.com/ DarkeSword


  • Barrylocke89

    I’m honestly not sure how I feel about this new Detective yet. I mean, we all started with Dick Gumshoe, and while Ema Skye was a “new detective” too, she wasn’t a new character to the series so it was great to see what sort of stuff was going on with her (especially since she was one of the few returning characters in AJ).

    This guy is completely fresh, and from what can tell, very hammy. He’s going to have to warm up to me at the very least.

  • Pockystix

    I do still wanna know what happened to Gumshoe and Maggey

    • DemonShadowX

      I imagine that somehow, someway Gumshoe is now Chief of Police but still screwing up so badly that his salary is nonexistent, so Maggey is making bank somewhere before she gets charged for Murder…. Again…

  • SwiftWind

    He reminds me of Damon Gant, and I DON’T think that’s a good thing…

    This series has made me wayyyy too suspicious of people :P

    • Dexward

      Let’s go for a swim.

  • Hours

    I like his design, and he seems like a cool characters, but I still really hope we see Gumshoe. I’d actually like to see the two of them team up.

  • Maia Kasoya

    Justice for all!

  • Strain42

    Okay, I wasn’t exactly expecting Dick back, that’s fine, I can accept that. He’s probably moved on. Maybe retired, maybe got shot two days before retirement (retirony) maybe he ended up with Maggey, maybe he didn’t…that’s fine.

    …BUT WHERE’S EMA!? She seemed so bummed out when she was talking about how she found out Phoenix wasn’t a lawyer anymore. When it was announced that Phoenix was coming back for this game, the first thing I wanted to see was Ema and Phoenix reuniting.

    Maybe they still will but…I dunno.

    Fulbright, as the detective character you’ve got some big shoes to fill. Everyone loves Dick, and Ema is cool AND most fans find her incredibly sexy. You’ve gotta have a serious ace up your sleeve to win people over.

  • AverageGamers

    I totally need to say this… I MISS MY GOOD’OL GUMSHOE!!!
    The Ace Attorney game just didn’t feel the same without that dimwit yet loveable big lug, which is yet another reason why I’m continuously waiting for Ace Attorney Investigation 2 to have US version *sigh*

    Hopefully with Edgy-poo in this game, we’re going to see this trusted partner/sidekick/comic-relief of his (along with Kay Faraday) somewhere in the game as well.

  • Azurelegance

    So is it confirmed that all detectives and prosecutors come in pairs?

    (Edgeworth + Gumshoe
    Klavier + Ema
    Blackquill + Fullbright)

  • Alex

    New favorite character.

  • porkiewpyne

    Dick Gumshoe will be missed.

    But the bigger question is…….. Where’s Wendy? ;O;

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